Pope Francis says he has thought about when it’s time to ‘take leave’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Pope Francis says he has thought about when it’s time to ‘take leave’

PHOTO Pope Francis said he did not envisage a long papacy.


Pope Francis says he has thought about when it might be time to “take leave” of his flock.

Key points:

• The Pope made the comments when reflecting on St Paul discerning to leave his flock

• He said Pope Benedict XVI ‘opened doors’ for popes by resigning, all bishops must decide to leave

• He might have been referring to Chileans bishops implicated in a sex abuse cover-up scandal

Pope Francis made the comment during his morning homily on Tuesday; the Vatican did not release the full text.

The Pope was reflecting on St Paul discerning when to leave his flock in the care of others, a decision he said all bishops must make.

He said: “When I read this, I think about myself, because I’m a bishop and I’ll have to take my leave.”

Pope Francis has said retired Pope Benedict XVI “opened a door” to future popes by resigning.

While the 81-year-old Pope has said he does not envisage a long papacy, he has not said explicitly if he will retire.

Pope Francis may have also been referring to Chilean bishops implicated in a sex abuse cover-up scandal.

‘Overhaul the Chilean church’

PHOTO Pope Francis admitted he made ‘grave errors of judgement’ over Chile cover-up scandal.


Chile’s Catholic bishops said Monday (local time) they were open to whatever Pope Francis proposes to overhaul the Chilean church, including the removal of bishops, reforms of seminaries and paying financial reparation to victims of a clergy sex abuse and cover-up scandal.

Pope Francis summoned the bishops to Rome for an emergency summit after receiving a 2,300-page report on the abuse cover-up scandal.

During a visit to Chile in January, Pope Francis strongly defended a bishop, Juan Barros, who was accused by victims of Chile’s most notorious predator priest of having witnessed and ignored their abuse.

Pope Francis admitted he made “grave errors of judgement” in the case and blamed a “lack of truthful and balanced information” for his missteps.

Representatives of the Chilean bishops conference told reporters they were heading into three days of meetings with Pope Francis humbled, pained and shamed for their own errors in handling abuse cases.

They said they wanted to listen to Pope Francis and would follow his lead in asking forgiveness of the victims they had discredited.

A conference spokesman, Bishop Juan Ignacio Gonzalez, said “it’s possible” some bishops would offer to resign, but that it was up to the pope.

“We’ll respect what he says … If he asks, we’ll do it,” he said.

Source: http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-15/pope-says-he-thought-about-when-to-take-leave/9764822?pfmredir=sm


Facebook Announces Partnership with Think Tank Connected to NATO, Military Industrial Complex – Reblogged from Activist Post With Thanks to @ https://www.activistpost.com/2018/05/facebook-announces-partnership-with-think-tank-connected-to-nato-military-industrial-complex.html?utm_source=Activist+Post+Subscribers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=89bd3613a6-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_b0c7fb76bd-89bd3613a6-388151545

Facebook Announces Partnership with Think Tank Connected to NATO, Military Industrial Complex

May 18, 2018

By Derrick Broze

Facebook has announced a new partnership with the Atlantic Council, a think tank with close ties to the Military Industrial Complex and Defense Department.

On Thursday Facebook announced a new partnership with the Atlantic Council, a think tank which officially claims to provide a forum for international political, business, and intellectual leaders.

The social media giant said the partnership is aimed at preventing Facebook from “being abused during elections.”

The press release promotes Facebook’s efforts to fight fake news by using artificial intelligence, as well as working with outside experts and governments.

Today, we’re excited to launch a new partnership with the Atlantic Council, which has a stellar reputation looking at innovative solutions to hard problems.

Experts from their Digital Forensic Research Lab will work closely with our security, policy and product teams to get Facebook real-time insights and updates on emerging threats and disinformation campaigns from around the world.

This will help increase the number of “eyes and ears” we have working to spot potential abuse on our service — enabling us to more effectively identify gaps in our systems, preempt obstacles, and ensure that Facebook plays a positive role during elections all around the world.

Facebook goes on to describe how the Atlantic Council’s Digital Research Unit Monitoring Missions will be monitoring traffic during elections and other “highly sensitive moments.”

Facebook claims this will help the company monitor for misinformation and foreign interference.

Of course, there is also the obligatory reference to protecting democracy and “free and fair elections across the world.”

So who is the Atlantic Council and what is The Digital Forensic Research Lab?

The Atlantic Council of the United States was established in 1961 to bolster support for international relations.

Although not officially connected to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Atlantic Council has spent decades promoting causes and issues which are beneficial to NATO member states.

In addition, The Atlantic Council is a member of the Atlantic Treaty Organization, an umbrella organization which “acts as a network facilitator in the Euro-Atlantic and beyond.”

The ATA works similarly to the Atlantic Council, bringing together political leaders, academics, military officials, journalists and diplomats to promote values that are favorable to the NATO member states.

Officially, ATA is independent of NATO, but the line between the two is razor thin.

Essentially, the Atlantic Council is a think tank which can offer companies or nation states access to military officials, politicians, journalists, diplomats, etc. to help them develop a plan to implement their strategy or vision.

These strategies often involve getting NATO governments or industry insiders to make decisions they might not have made without a visit from the Atlantic Council team.

This allows individuals or nations to push forth their ideas under the cover of hiring what appears to be a public relations agency but is actually selling access to high-profile individuals with power to affect public policy.

Indeed, everyone from George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton to the family of international agent of disorder Zbigniew Brzezinski have spoken at or attended council events.

In 2016, The New York Times wrote “The Atlantic Council, which has seen its annual revenue grow to $21 million from $2 million in the last decade, offers access to United States and foreign government officials in exchange for contributions.

Individual donors, like FedEx, have also helped fund specific reports that align with their agendas.”

The Times wrote that giving financial support is rewarded with “an ‘unprecedented level of information and access,’ including the chance to have a corporate executive, if the company donates at least $50,000 a year, speak at an Atlantic Council event ‘with top U.S. and foreign leaders’ present.”

In another report, The Times describes the relationship between FedEx the Atlantic Council and European governments.

According to documents obtained by The Times, the Council helped FedEx “to build support for a free-trade agreement the company hoped would increase business. Six months before the Atlantic Council report was issued, FedEx and the think tank worked on plans to use the report as a lobbying tool.”

The Atlantic Council helped organize “a public report launch with member(s) of Congress from one of the relevant committees.”

FedEx and the Atlantic Council, working with the European American Chamber of Commerce, also told companies being asked to participate in the study that the goal was to ’emphasize the positive impact that a comprehensive agreement would have on American and European small businesses.’

According to their website, “The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) has operationalized the study of disinformation by exposing falsehoods and fake news, documenting human rights abuses, and building digital resilience worldwide.”

The DFRLab tracks global disinfo campaigns, fake news stories, and “subversive attempts against democracy while teaching the public skills to identify and expose attempts to pollute the information space.”

Despite the promise to document human rights abuses, one would be hard pressed to find a single item on The Atlantic Council website mentioning the human rights violations of the United States or any of their allies – some of whom are financial supporters of the Atlantic Council.

In addition, the Council has a publication under the “disinformation” category called “Breaking Aleppo.”

Disinformation is a fitting title for the publication because it largely repeats the narratives pushed by Western Media – President Assad is a horrible dictator who won’t stop using chemical weapons on his own people and anyone who questions that narrative is buying into Syrian and Russian propaganda.

The report also promotes the work and credibility of the discredited White Helmets.

The list of financial supporters reads like a who’s-who of think tanks and Non-Governmental Organizations.

The Atlantic Council receives funding from the Brookings Institution, Carnegie Endowment, Cato Institute, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Rand Corporation, to name a few. In addition, various members of the Military-Industrial Complex are benefactors of the Atlantic Council, including Huntington Ingalls, the United States’ sole maker of aircraft carriers; Airbus, the plane manufacturer; Lockheed Martin, the shipbuilder and aviation company; and Raytheon, which makes missile systems.

All of the companies have contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense and offer financial support to the Atlantic Council.

The Council also receives support from Chevron and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Finally, the Atlantic Council receives direct financial support from the U.S. Departments of the Air Force, Army, Navy and Energy and from the U.S. Mission to NATO.

It is clear that despite what Facebook says, this partnership will further align the goals of Facebook with the Western Military-Industrial Complex.

It’s time for people to stop supporting these platforms – both Facebook and Government. It’s time we opt-out of these systems and opt-in to our communities.

Only by organizing on a local level to protect and defend those closest to us we will thrive in the coming totalitarian American state

Engineers of War (Knights of Malta)

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FEBRUARY 3, 2018


Engineers of War (Knights of Malta)
The Sovereign Military Order of the Malta (SMOM) is the oldest knighthood in the world and its headquarters is located in Rome at the Palazzo Malta and Magistral Villa of Malta.

The SMOM is considered a sovereign entity under International Law and under the United Nations.

The SMOM also has extraterritoriality within Italy similar to an embassy.

The Knights of Malta and Orders of Saint John are the engineers of war.

Many members of the royal families and heads of constitutional monarchies are members of the SMOM.

What makes the SMOM different from all the other knighthoods is that it is a sovereign entity.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has a higher authority than the Vatican which is why most monarchs are members. Members include Juan Carlos the former King of Spain, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Karl von Habsburg of Austria, King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Paola of Belgium, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy the Prince of Naples, Duke Franz of Bavaria, Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, Prince Louis Alphonse of Bourbon, Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Princess Elizabeth von Thurn and Taxis, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia, Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia, Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, Prince Mariano Hugo of Windisch-Graetz and Prince Jaime the Count of Bardi. Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg are monarchies ruled by royalty.

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is a Knight of Malta. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of the island of Malta and she runs the related Protestant branch called the Order of Saint John.

The Bailiwick of Brandenburg Order of Saint John also related to the Knights of Malta is run by Prince Oscar of Hohenzollern-Prussia.

Peter Freiherr of Furstenberg is the Vice President of the German Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Another Order of Malta connected with the Island of Malta and Spain is headed up by Prince Thorbjorn Paterno-Castello-D’Aragona.

The Vatican and Knights of Malta established the Mount of Piety for profit loan-pawn company claiming to be a charity which has become an international institution that has created various banks with it’s headquarters in Valletta, Malta.

Prince Carlo Massimo is the President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta and is covertly overseeing the SMOM from Rome.

Prince Carlo Massimo is extremely militant and murderous.

The Massimo family are part owners of the Holy See and Order of Malta.

The Austrian Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein is the current acting leader of the SMOM.

Rumerstein is a military commander.

The Massimo, Torlonia, Lucchesi-Palli, Pallavicini, and Odescalchi families control the Order of Malta and grant a form of “sovereignty” in society to high level members like the monarchs.

The Austrian Nobility are in league with the Italian Nobility and help to manage the Knights of Malta.

The Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta is a top military council in the world which engineers wars.

Prince Ludovico Chigi-Albani-della Rovere was the Grand Master of the SMOM during WWII and his mother in law was a Rochefoucauld.

Current administrative members of the SMOM include Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, Grand Chancellor Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Grand Hospitaller Prince Dominique de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, and the Receiver of Common Treasury Count Janos Esterhazy de Galantha.

The Boeselager family were Nazis involved in the fake “failed plot to assassinate Hitler” known as Operation Valkyrie.

They made a movie about it with the Knight of Malta Tom Cruise who was knighted when he got married at the Odescalchi Castle in Rome.

The Rochefoucauld family is French nobility.

The Esterhazy family is a Roman Catholic Austrian Nobility.

Richard Fitzalan Howard is President of the British Association of the Order of Malta and Ian Scott is Grand Prior of the Grand Priory of England an ancient British branch of the Knights of Malta.

Prince Erich von Lobkowicz is the President of the Association of German Knights and his relative Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz is also a Knight of Malta.

The Austrian nobility have always been connected with the SMOM and most of them are Roman Catholic.

The Austrian Prince Galeas von Thun und Hohenstein was a former Grandmaster of the Order of Malta.

William F. Buckley Jr. was a Knight of Malta and Conservative political commentator in the United States.

Pat Buchanan is another Conservative political commentator and Knight of Malta. J. Peter Grace was an American businessman, politician, member of the Council for National Policy and a Knight of Malta.

The Nazi Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen was a Knight of Malta.

The Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen was a Knight of Malta and he also ran German intelligence for the United States after WWII. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the only officially known Knight of Malta that has been President of the United States.

The Knight of Malta Joseph Schmitz was Inspector General for the Department of Defense under George Bush and also an executive for the private military company Blackwater Worldwide renamed Academi which was bought up by Constellis along with Clayton Consultants which was headed up by Jesuit Georgetown educated Armand Gadoury who I believe is a Knight of Malta and adviser working for the DOD through the company Control Risks.

Joseph Schmitz was a professor at Jesuit Georgetown and worked as a political adviser for Donald Trump during his election campaign.

The founder of Blackwater Erik Prince is a suspected Knight of Malta and referred to his Blackwater mercenaries as Christian Crusaders.

Erik Prince has advised Trump. The Jesuits were kicked out of Iraq in 1960’s.

Other Knights of Malta include former CIA Directors John A. McCone, William J. Casey, and William Colby who was nicknamed the “warrior priest.”

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has a hidden operation at Georgetown University and its School of Foreign Service and work through the Jesuits in overseeing the US Pentagon.

Joel Hellman is Dean of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

I believe the President of Georgetown University John DeGioia is a Knight of Malta.

Joseph Kennedy was a Knight of Malta and married Vatican Countess Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy of the Irish Fitzgerald nobility. Adrian FitzGerald is a Knight of Malta and ran the Irish Association of the Order of Malta.

The Knights of Malta run Maritime Law.

The Knight of Malta Arvid Pardo developed the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The Knight of Malta Alexander Haig was a US Army General, US Secretary of State under Ronald Regan, and White House Chief of Staff under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

Haig was also Jesuit educated from Georgetown University.

He was the one covertly running the Pentagon and White House during the 70’s and 80’s and likely a descendant of the British noble family of Haig.

George Haig the 2nd Earl Haig who died in 2009 was a British Peer, Royal Scot Grey in the British Army, and Knight of the Order of Saint John which is the Protestant Knights of Malta.

His son is Alexander Haig, 3rd Earl Haig. The Vietnam War was nicknamed “Spelly’s War” for Cardinal Spellman because of his support for the war.

The CIA was founded by William Donovan who was nicknamed the “father of central intelligence” and he was knighted by two Vatican orders and likely a Knight of Malta.

Jesuit educated CIA Directors include Robert Gates, George Tenet, Leon Panetta, Michael Morell, David Petraeus and John Brennan and they are overseen by the Order of Malta.

Former CIA Director James Clapper was a professor at Georgetown.

The Jesuit Order was established by the Farnese family under Pope Paul III or Alessandro Farnese through the papal bull called Regimini Militantis Ecclesiae (Military Regiment of the Church).

The House of Farnese lived in a pentagonal fortress called the Farnese Caprarola.

The Farnese bloodline evolved into the Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Bourbon-Parma families.

The Vatican and the Knights of Malta are deeply involved with the US military and intelligence.

The Knights of Malta oversee the Sacred Constantinian Military Order of St. George headed up by the Knight of Maltas Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma and they oversee the Jesuits.

There is an American Association of the Order of Malta with Peter J. Kelly as the President, Richard D. Milone as the Chancellor, and James F. O’Connor as the Treasurer. Margaret Melady is the President of the Federal (Southern) Association of the Order of Malta located in Washington DC.

Ahuwah Zeus

The Sovereign Military Order of the Malta (SMOM) is the oldest knighthood in the world and its headquarters is located in Rome at the Palazzo Malta and Magistral Villa of Malta. The SMOM is considered a sovereign entity under International Law and under the United Nations. The SMOM also has extraterritoriality within Italy similar to an embassy. The Knights of Malta and Orders of Saint John are the engineers of war. Many members of the royal families and heads of constitutional monarchies are members of the SMOM. What makes the SMOM different from all the other knighthoods is that it is a sovereign entity. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has a higher authority than the Vatican which is why most monarchs are members. Members include Juan Carlos the former King of Spain, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Karl von Habsburg of Austria, King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Paola of…

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Elon Musk Unveils His Latest Taxpayer Boondoggle

It works like this:

1) He comes up with a big idea.

2) You pay for it.

3) He takes a huge cut.

4) It never becomes economically sustainable.

But that’s not the point. The point is putting extremely large amounts of money in Elon Musk’s pockets.

Most people don’t take the time to research the truth about companies and individuals.

Only looking at the numbers in they’re bank accounts, they assume that just because someone has a couple more 0′s at the end of his monthly statements that success needs to be attached to that particular person’s name.

Because at the end of the day in this 21st century mind set, it’s all about the money right, not about truth?

If a cat has 9 lives, and some people have insatiable luck at casinos hitting the jackpot more than once, then you know its possible that there are business men in this world who just seem to never lose.

It almost feels like no matter how many times that person looks like he is about to fail, he has luck on his side.

Elon Musk is exactly this person. If you don’t believe me then lets look at his track record for starters.

When we first heard about Elon Musk, we were told that he was a genius.

I mean just look at the data right. He has founded over 6 companies and his first two were both bought out.

Zip2 was bought for $300 million by Compaq and Paypal was bought out by Ebay for 1.5 billion dollars.

But the truth and facts behind any story is what I live for.

Lets take a look at his companies Zip2 and Paypal and what exactly his involvements were in each of them and then we will take a look at his latest ventures Space X , Tesla, and Solar City.

Elon founded Zip2 in 1995 and by 1997 he was about to go under.

Underfunded and poorly managed he was in desperate need of money and sold his majority stake in the company to a venture capitalist for only $3 million dollars.

1 year later the internet bubble began to brew and by 1999 every website with a ” .com ” was being bought out by a neighboring company who had benefited tremendously from their stocks 100 fold increase.

Who benefited from one of these buyouts?

Zip2 of course.

Who bought them out?

Compaq. Elon’s Zip2 was fortunately an internet related business at a time when any company with a .com name was perceived to be worth 1 billion dollars or more.

Zip2 was bought out for $300 million dollars which netted Elon over $22 million dollars.

Think about this for a second. Had it not been for the internet bubble or the ridiculous valuations that companies were being bought out for at the time, if Compaq had considered a buy out of Zip2 at any other time in history they would have been offered 10 million dollars which means Elon would have only netted $22,000 from the deal!

Zip2 being around at a time when target acquisition were being bought out at a thousand times their imaginary values defined the phrase “Being at the right place at the right time.”

So in summary Zip2 was bailed out by a venture capitalist and with the prowess of a couple outside investors they sold the company to Compaq. Elon was part owner so he reaped the benefits.

Where is Zip2 now and what exactly is its use today?

Well there is none, and Zip2 is non-existent to say the least.

And where is Compaq?

Well it was bought out by Hewlett Packard in 2002, and Compaq did very little but lose money for HP.

HP sold its Compaq division off and where is HP today?

Man oh man, I think you get the point.

Just type in $HPQ on one of your charts and see how failure follows failure to the graveyard.

Then with the proceeds of his lucky bailout of Zip2 venture, Elon founded X.com which later acquired Paypal.

The huge misconception about Elon’s involvement in Paypal was that Elon was responsible for Paypal when that is not true at all.

Had it not been for his partners Peter Thiel and Max Levchin the company would still be called x.com and be a very different story than what it is today.

Peter was also at Paypal for a lot longer than Elon and was the leader during the companies crowning moments. Both the IPO and acquisition by Ebay.

When Elon tried to impose some of his horrible ideas into this company like putting it on a Microsoft platform and off of Unix the investors and majority shareholder of the company were fed up with Elon’s antics and they fired him as managing board director.

His partners were loved by the board and elected to lead and they managed to build up and sell the company to Ebay helping Elon once again reap the benefits of outside management. Once again, “right place, right time.”

Then Elon founded Space X and dumped too much of his personal wealth into trying to launch a rocket into outer space and was on the brink of bankruptcy.

He infused so much of his own money that he was nearly broke but again by the luck of the draw and attention by our US government space program, they awarded his company 1 billion dollars using our tax dollars.

How did he manage to get the government to give him money and why would they even do that is the question till this day?

You will begin to get the impression that someone in our government really likes Elon as you read further on.

It’s also rumored that NASA has been receiving scrutiny for spending over 100 billion dollars launching rockets and pretty much getting nowhere so in an attempt to avoid public embarrassment they funded a private company to quiet the government spending hawks.

Well at least with that money he can pay himself a nice paycheck and fill up his coffers back with all the money he wasted throughout the years. Right place, right time.

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Rumor response, debunking response, and decision makings of misinformed Twitter users during disasters | SpringerLink

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Natural Hazards

pp 1–18 | Cite as

Rumor response, debunking response, and decision makings of misinformed Twitter users during disasters

Authors and affiliations

Bairong WangJun ZhuangEmail author

Bairong Wang1

Jun Zhuang1Email author
View author’s OrcID profile

Department of Industrial and Systems EngineeringUniversity at BuffaloBuffaloUSA

Original Paper

First Online: 11 May 2018

Shares 20


The rapid spread of rumors occurring on social media is a critical problem that poses a great risk to emergency situation navigation, especially during disasters. Many research questions, such as how misinformed users judge potential rumors or how they respond to them, are crucial issues for crisis communication, but have not been extensively studied. This paper fills this gap by originally documenting and studying Twitter users’ rumor and debunking response behaviors during disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. To this end, two rumors from each disaster and their related tweets are documented for analysis. Users who were misinformed and involved in the rumor topic by posting tweet(s), could respond to a rumor by: (1) spreading (85.86–91.40%), (2) confirmation-seeking (5.39–9.37%), or (3) doubting (0.71–8.75%). However, if the rumor-spreading users were debunked, they would respond by: (1) deleting rumor tweet(s) (2.94–10.00%), (2) clarifying rumor information with a new tweet (0–19.75%), or (3) neither deleting nor clarifying (78.13–97.06%). We conclude that Twitter users perform poorly in rumor detection and rush to spread rumors. The majority of users who spread rumors do not take further action on their Twitter accounts to fix their rumor-spreading behaviors.


Crisis information Twitter Rumor response Debunking response Decision analysis

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.



This research was partially supported by the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) under award numbers 1730503, 1760586, 1762807. This research was also partially supported by China Scholarship Council (CSC) to support Bairong Wang. However, any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations in this document are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect views of the NSF, or CSC. We also thank two referees for providing constructive comments.


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Please Help Us Today in URGING for the SWIFT Extradition of Malka Leifer The Pedophile Principle From Israel to Australia to Face Her Victims and Her Many Crimes 🤬#GetLeiferBack

Please Help Us Today with Leifer Extradition #GetLeiferBack @


As at 11:24am WST on Friday 11 May 2018;

4,489 have signed. | Let’s get to 5,000!

MICHELLE MEYER started this petition to The Minister of Justice – Israel Ayelet Shaked Minister of Justice – Israel

Hi everyone,

Let us help Dassi Erlich; Beyond A Survivor in her quest #getleiferback.

This petition will really help her.

But we need your help today.

Malka Leifer is still walking free overseas and escaping 74 charges of child sexual assault – it’s abhorrent.

Please join us today in emailing the Israeli Justice Minister urging for Malka Leifer to be extradited to Melbourne to face charges immediately.

Email this address: ashaked@knesset.gov.il

Thank you.

Please also show your solidarity by considering adding a twibbon to your Facebook page and let these courageous women know that we all stand with them!


Tzedek is a Not For Profit organisation and relies on donations to assist the continue its advocacy work. Please donate through our website:


Michelle Meyer, CEO at Tzedek


Support us to Get Leifer Back
Let us help Dassi Erich to get Leifer back. Leifer was last seen in Meron on Lag Baomer. We cannot rest until she faces justice. Please sign our petition to have…


12 months ago
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Please share and help us get more signatures!

Thank you to everyone for signing this petition! We have had a fantastic response over the weekend, but we still need more…

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#BringLeiferBack – Please Sign & Share @

Please Help Us Today with Pedophile Principle Malka Leifer Extradited back to Australia from Israel

@ https://www.change.org/p/this-school-principal-charged-with-74-child-sex-offences-walks-free-stop-this-injustice?recruiter=302693697&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=des-sm-no_src-custom_msg

For further information on Facebook, please like & share the following page:

Dassi Erlich; Beyond a Survivor

@bringleiferback – https://m.facebook.com/bringleiferback


In support of the cause to #BringLeiferBack to face her Victims.

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#BringLeiferBack 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Protecting Pedophiles is Not Acceptable!

GET HER BACK HERE! #BringLeiferBack

Please help raise awareness to help these girls (And All Victims) get justice