First Nations Massacre’s

Share It          First Nations Massacre’s List of massacres of Indigenous Australians From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The colonial Australian frontier war was unofficial, undeclared and unrecorded, and the official actions of government forces was typically veiled as “policing” and “law-enforcement” although a police force normally is not constitutionally allowed to engage in acts of warfare. Frontier … … Continue reading →

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Billionaire Financier (((Soros))) Continues to Fund Anti-Trump Protests

Originally posted on saboteur365: The fate of George Soros bears watching. This rat turd has fanned the flames of violence worldwide, while escaping any penalties for his mischief. Contrary to what you may read elsewhere, I have found no credible evidence that there is any arrest warrant out for Soros. The relevant legal question…

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One Nation candidate Peter Rogers’ blog claims drowned Syrian toddler photo, Port Arthur massacre fake – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

One Nation candidate Peter Rogers’ blog claims drowned Syrian toddler photo, Port Arthur massacre fake

By Patrick Williams and Francis Tapim Updated Thu Jan 12 22:17:25 EST 2017
Aylan and Galip Kurdi
Aylan (L) and Ghaleb Kurdi died when their boat sank off the coast of Turkey in 2015.
A blog post on the website of One Nation candidate Peter Rogers says images of a three-year-old Syrian refugee washed up on a beach in 2015, along with Tasmania’s Port Arthur massacre, were fabricated.

The comments on both incidents come from an undated article on the far north Queensland candidate’s website titled “The drowned boy, the lie that changed the world”.

The website said images of a three-year-old Syrian refugee washed up on a beach in 2015 were fabricated and the boy is “alive and well”.

Peter Rogers
Photo Mr Rogers is running as the One Nation candidate for Mulgrave in Queensland.

Facebook: Peter Rogers – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body washed up on a Turkish beach in 2015 amid Europe’s migrant crisis.

The toddler died after his family, sheltering in Turkey from the war in Syria, decided to make a desperate bid to reach Greece from Turkey in a flimsy inflatable boat.

Aylan’s mother Rihana and brother Ghaleb, four, died in the same incident.

Images of Aylan sparked outrage around the world and helped spur European nations to seek an effective response to the growing migrant crisis.

“The whole photo thing was fabricated, as it turns out this kid was alive and well,” the post read.

Warning: This story contains graphic images that some readers may find distressing.

The post went on to target Aylan’s father Abdullah Kurdi over what was called varied accounts of the drowning.

“His story is made-up. He was never on that boat to watch his wife and children drown,” the post read.

“Listen to all the contradictions and holes in his story. This is an attempt to send his wife and children before him, while he never lived in a war zone.

A man holds a placard with a photograph of three-year-old Syrian refugee boy Aylan Kurdi.
Photo A man holds a placard with a photograph of Aylan.

Reuters: Paul Hanna
“After leaving from what they say was a war zone (Syria is huge and the entire country is not a war zone) the Kurdi family was given FREE housing in Turkey and had been there for THREE years. Abdullah Kurdi was not in any war zone! He was safe, he had food, he had over $4,400 in cash, which is over 13,000 Turkish Lira – so why did he leave?

“Frankly the whole story simply doesn’t add up.”

The blog references numerous news articles, claiming they each contradicted Mr Kurdi’s initial story.

“It’s all fraud. All of this explains his dry crocodile tears. They’re intentionally frauding the system. And now they also push propaganda to open the floodgates to the rest of these fraudsters,” the post read.

More than one million refugees and migrants came to the European Union in 2015, including more than 970,000 who made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean, the UN refugee agency said on Tuesday.

Port Arthur massacre ‘total lies’

The blog also made mention of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre.

“The greatest social changes that happen in Australia are founded on total lies and a fabricated incident. Look at Port Arthur,” it read.

Tasmanian Greens senator Nick McKim said the statement was politics at its absolute worst.

“They should result in him being disendorsed as a One Nation candidate and Pauline Hanson apologising to the people of Tasmania for what is a really grievous insult and big lie,” Senator McKim said.

The ABC has contacted Mr Rogers and One Nation for comment.

Posted Thu Jan 12 20:43:50 EST 2017

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Will Nemesis Approach Earth From the Constellation Orion? – PAN


Will Nemesis Approach Earth From the Constellation Orion?
Av Hellwege
feb 1, 2011
I’m about to show you something amazing. What you are about to see is either the biggest run of coincidences, or, our Nemesis will be coming from Orion.
To start out this quest, we are going to have to take a trip in time all the way back to December 30th, 1983. On that that day The Washington Post revealed to the public that NASA had found something of great significance.
In the article titled “Orbiting eye reveals mystery space monster” the Washington Post describes how the IRAS telescope has found something as big as planet Jupiter on the western edge of the constellation Orion. Here is how the article starts.

A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite.
The mystery body was seen twice by the infrared satellite as it scanned the northern sky from last January to November, when the satellite ran out of the super cold helium that allowed its telescope to see the coldest bodies in the heavens. The second observation took place six months after the first and suggested the mystery body had not moved from its spot in the sky near the western edge of the constellation Orion in that time.
Here we have the Washington Post clearly saying that NASA has found an object on the Western edge of the Constellation Orion and that they saw it twice. I want you to remember Western Edge of Orion for later.

Then in 2009 I stumbled unto this video in which the editor claims to have found a leaked image of Nemesis. On this leaked image there is a set of coordinates.
Here is where it starts to get all strange. The kind of strange that sits in your belly like last week’s enchiladas.
The story goes that a scientist uploaded a leaked video onto Youtube that showed Nemesis and its location. Soon after the video was uploaded the video was deleted and the Youtube account suspended.
That’s not even the crazy part. When you put the coordinates into Google Sky to see what is there, you get something very unexpected.
The image has been blocked out by Google and guess what? It just so happens to be where? Yup, you guessed it, right on the Western edge of the constellation Orion right in line with the original article in the Washington Post.
So here we have a story published in 1983 in the Washington Post that states without a shadow of a doubt that the IRAS telescope has found an object that is as big as Jupiter and that it’s on the western edge of the constellation of Orion, and that they saw it twice. You have a video that shows an image of what is supposedly Nemesis, and the exact spot where the image tells you to go just so happens to be blocked out by Google. It is THE ONLY image blocked out in Google sky.
Now we finally get to the last piece of the puzzle of coincidences, and for me personally, it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. One coincidence is acceptable, two is improbable, three highly unlikely, more than three, well, you figure it out.
There is an article that has been circulating the internet about Betelgeuse going supernova and causing two suns to appear in the sky by 2012. It did not hit me until a few hours ago how significant this article is.
I bet you will never guess where Betelgeuse is located?
If you guessed in the western edge of the constellation Orion, very close to the blocked out image in Google, where the video said Nemesis was, and the Washington Post said that IRAS saw an object twice, you win the million dollar prize.
I suspect that the Betelgeuse supernova story is a cover to have an explanation for when there is an object in the sky that should not be there.
Out of the billions and billions of stars, it would just so happen to be a star on the western edge of the constellation Orion and it will happen in 2012? Do you know the odds of that? I don’t, but, I will tell you it’s astronomical.
I suggest you keep your eyes peeled to Orion from now on out, especially those with telescopes.
The debunkers will try and make you believe that it’s just one big string of coincidences, just like 9/11. You believe what you want, I know what I believe.
Here is a snippet from the story in Time about the two suns by 2012
Will the Earth Have Two Suns by 2012?
By: William Lee Adams

In the Star Wars saga, George Lucas imagined a world where twin suns rose and fell in the horizon. Looks like his vision may not be so far-fetched.

Astrophysicists say that Betelgeuse, the red super-giant that is the ninth brightest star in the sky, is losing mass—an indication of gravitational collapse. Brad Carter, a senior lecturer of physics at the University of Southern Queensland, explained to that the star is essentially running out of the fuel at its core. “This fuel keeps Betelgeuse shining and supported. When this fuel runs out the star will literally collapse in upon itself and it will do so very quickly,” he said. The subsequent explosion will appear tens of millions of times brighter than the sun, meaning 24-hours of light on Earth.

Watching a show on the History Channel called “The Nostradamus Effect” and they are talking about the ancient Egyptians and their belief in a cyclical event and low and behold what they said next blew me away. Orion Again! You have to see for yourself…start the video at 1:30
Below are two images showing the constellation of Orion, the location of Betelgeuse, and the image that has been blocked out of Google sky.

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Across the Universe: Awaiting the stars

This column first ran in The Tablet in December 2010. We returned to Australia in early December [2010], once more trying to find a clear night or two when we could map the southern sky. After being clouded out in August [see an earlier Tablet column here], nine days straight, we’d gone home without seeing the promised stars. Now we were waiting again, as the weather in Sevenhill stormed around us. Wednesday was the first night we could set up our telescopes without getting rained on. The evening started out promising, but an hour after sunset the clouds rolled in once again. It was just like our experience in August. But this time, with warmer weather than in August, we stayed outdoors and waited. Christmas carols warbled through the small speakers of my cell phone. My colleague sipped his cup of tea. Through cracks in the clouds, slivers of starlight peeped through, tantalizing us with a promise of what lay … Continue reading →

Source: Across the Universe: Awaiting the stars

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