The initiates of the secret society network have always had a code of communication through certain phrases, words, funny handshakes and symbols. There are also a series of Brotherhood ‘signatures’ which form their secret language and these are all around us every day. They are obsessed with their rituals and symbols because of their reptilian brain and I cannot overstress this point. It is a means through which they can be tracked and read.

Their most used symbols are the lighted torch, the symbol of knowledge and the Sun. When an initiate reaches a certain level in the pyramid they are said to be ‘illuminated’, more symbolism of the lighted torch. One of the recurring stories in the ancient world is of a hero figure who takes fire (knowledge) from the ‘gods’ and gives it to the people – the chosen few people, that is. The Watchers called Azazel and Shemyaza were among those who gave advanced knowledge to humans, according to the Book of Enoch.

The most famous symbol of these Watchers is the Greek god, Prometheus, who was said to have emerged from the Caucasus Mountains. In many ways he was another Jesus’ figure who died for the people and it is not inconceivable that the story of Jesus was inspired, in part, by the legend of Prometheus. At the Rockefeller Center in New York today is a gold statue of Prometheus (gold, the solar metal of the gods) and he is holding the light, the fire, in line with the legend (see picture section).

To the Rockefellers this is not just a statue, it is a symbol of the whole scam they are involved in. The Statue of Liberty is another Brotherhood symbol highlighting the lighted torch. The Statue of Liberty is actually the Statue of Liberties the liberties perpetrated on the American people by the Brotherhood. There she stands on her island in New York Harbour holding her torch of ‘freedom’ and Americans believe she is the symbol of their liberty in the Land of the Free. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The Statue of Liberty was given to New York by French Freemasons and her mirror image stands on an island in the River Seine in Paris (see picture section for this and other symbols in this chapter). These statues of liberty are representations of Queen Semiramis and Isis et al, with the rays of the Sun around her head. The ancients symbolized the Sun in this way. And they are not holding the torch of liberty, but the torch of the illuminated ones, the reptilian-Aryan Elite. The Statue of Liberty is a Brotherhood symbol which says:
“We control this country and we are telling you so, but you are too stupid to see it!”
The torch is the most obvious Brotherhood signature.

When the Brotherhood assassinated President Kennedy in 1963, they put a lighted torch, the eternal flame which has burned to this day, on his grave in the Arlington Cemetery After the murder in Dallas the Freemasons erected an obelisk in Dealey Plaza a few yards from the spot where Kennedy was shot.

At the top they placed a depiction of the lighted torch. When Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered in the Pont de L’Alma Tunnel in Paris, the ‘shrine’ to her, where people left flowers, was a large gold symbol of the very ‘eternal’ flame held by the two Statues of Liberty, which just happened to be on top of the tunnel where her car crashed into the 13th pillar. Just a coincidence! On the island where she is said to be buried, they have placed yet another depiction of a lighted torch. The Brotherhood are telling us that they killed Kennedy and Diana, but unless you understand their symbolic language, you don’t know.

The lighted torch in the Olympic Games has the same meaning. I have to laugh when I see the different cities holding their breath to see which of them has been selected to hold the next Olympics. It was all decided years before, in line with what is most appropriate to the Brotherhood Agenda and its symbolism. You would have thought that the centenary Olympic Games would have been held in its original home of Greece, but instead it was given to Atlanta. Why the hell Atlanta, especially when the United States had only recently hosted the games in Los Angeles?

One reason for this decision by the symbol-obsessed Brotherhood was the symbolism of the legendary, Atlanta, the goddess and huntress, who was said to be such a great athlete that no man could beat her. Everyone she defeated in a race had to suffer death and many were killed before one managed to trick her into losing a race by dropping golden apples to divert her attention. It was said that she and her bridegroom were turned into lions and pulled the chariot of the Great Mother of the Gods.1 The Olympic Games in Atlanta also allowed multimillions to be spent on roads and infrastructure in a city reported to be a major centre for the New World Order after the Millennium.

Another key Brotherhood symbol is the pyramid or the pyramid with the capstone missing. The street plan of Dealey Plaza where Kennedy was killed is shaped like a pyramid with the capstone missing and Dealey actually means ‘Goddess Line’ as in Dea (goddess) and ley (ley line).

The pyramid with the capstone missing, or the pyramid and all seeing eye, is most famously depicted on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and the dollar bill. The all seeing eye is the eye of Horus, Lucifer, Satan, whatever name you want to use, and also relates to the so-called ‘third eye’, the chakra vortex in the centre of the forehead through which we connect with our psychic sight.

Figure 28:
The All Seeing Eye on the dollar bill.
Is it reptilian?

Figure 29:
The Pyramid and All Seeing Eye, the ancient Brotherhood symbol,
on the dollar bill and the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.

According to Egyptian legend, Osiris was murdered by Set and Set was killed by Horus who lost an eye in the process, hence the Eye of Horus. For me it also symbolizes the reptilians looking into this world from the lower fourth dimension and if you look at a magnification of the eye in Figure 28 you will see that the skin texture even looks reptilian.

The 33rd degree Freemason and Black Nobility president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had this symbol printed on the dollar bill from 1933. It was a symbol of secret societies in Europe long before anyone heard of the United States and it is awash with Freemasonic and secret society symbolism going back to the ancient world (see Figure 29). The number of states in America at the time of independence, 13, was no coincidence.

Thirteen, the sacred twelve and one, is an ancient mystical number as we have seen throughout this book.

On the two sides of the Great Seal you find 13 stars above the head of the eagle. The motto E Pluribus Unum has 13 letters, as does Annuit Coeptis. The eagle holds 13 leaves with 13 berries in its right talon and 13 arrows in the left. There are 72 stones (another mystic number) on the pyramid arranged in 13 rows. The eagle evolved from the symbol of the phoenix, the sacred Sun bird of the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians and the Native American version is the thunderbird.

Manly P. Hall says that the original seal included the phoenix and it is known that one design for the Great Seal submitted by William Barton in 1782 included a phoenix sitting on a nest of flames.2 The symbol of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is the double eagle with a head looking in both directions – the symbol of Nimrod.

This same symbol appears in at least two portraits of George Washington. The eagle is a widely used Brotherhood symbol and it can be found on the coats of arms of many countries, including Egypt, Libya and Iraq. It was a major symbol for the Nazis in Germany and it appears in the designs of pulpits and lecterns used by the Christian Church. Seals like the one used in the Great Seal of the United States can be traced back to at least 4,000 BC in Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and India. Our old friends, in other words. The first English Royal pendant seal was that of Edward the Confessor, who ruled between 1042 and 1066. This became a model for all future British and American seals.

The Latin words above and below the pyramid on the Great Seal/dollar bill announce the arrival of a new secular order. The New World Order is the insider name for the Brotherhood Agenda and George Bush used the term profusely when he was president. The date written in Latin on the bottom of the pyramid, 1776, is thought, understandably, to relate to the American Declaration of Independence in that year. But something else happened on May 1st (a date beloved by Satanists) in that same year of 1776.

A very significant strand in the Brotherhood network was officially launched called the Bavarian Illuminati by the German professor, Adam Weishaupt. This was quite a year for the Brotherhood because also in 1776 the House of Rothschild was formerly founded and the Brotherhood-controlled economist from Scotland, Adam Smith, published his highly influential work, The Wealth Of Nations. Like I say, dates matter to these people because they represent energy flows and cycles. Weishaupt used his Illuminati to further infiltrate Freemasonry.

Weishaupt was trained as a Jesuit, the Society of Jesus. The founder of the Jesuits, the Spaniard Ignatius Loyola, formed a secret society within this apparently ‘Catholic’ order and the initiates were called the Alumbrados, the ‘enlightened’, the ‘illuminated’. Weishaupt created 13 degrees of initiation in his Illuminati (the same as the number of levels on the Great Seal pyramid) and the key personnel were to be found in the top nine degrees.

The obelisk and the dome are common sights in the monuments and buildings of the Brotherhood. The obelisk is an ancient phallic symbol of the male energy and solar energy and the dome represents the female or moon energy. Often they are placed together or close to each other. This is the symbolism of the Oval Office (the womb, female) in the White House which looks out on the Washington Monument, the vast stone obelisk (phallic, male). These symbols attract and generate the energy they represent: they are a physical thought form.

The obelisk also symbolizes the penis of the Egyptian Sun god, Osiris. According to legend, after Osiris had been sliced into pieces by his rival, Set, the Queen Isis found all the pieces except his willy. An obelisk claimed to come from Alexandria in Egypt stands in Central Park, New York, and its twin was erected in the 19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria, on the former Templar lands alongside the River Thames not far from the Houses of Parliament.

It is known as Cleopatra’s Needle and originally stood in On (Heliopolis), the Egyptian City of the Sun, from at least 1500 BC, before it was moved to Alexandria (see picture section). A sphinx has been placed on either side at its London location. Another Egyptian obelisk which was built in Luxor 3,200 years ago now stands in the Place de Concorde in Paris, less than a minute’s drive from the scene of Diana’s crash.

On the other side of the crash scene is the Eiffel Tower, another gigantic obelisk in disguise. The Washington Monument in Washington DC is a colossal obelisk. The dome (from a Greek word meaning Place of the Gods) draws in and harnesses energy, as does the pyramid. So often you find that the great cathedrals are built around a massive dome because their builders and designers understood the power of geometry to focus energy in one spot. The vast golden dome on the ‘Islamic’ shrine on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the dome of St Peter’s at the Vatican in Rome, and the Church of Santa Maria which dominates the skyline of Florence, are obvious examples of this.

Look around the major Brotherhood cities and you will find they have at least one major domed building. In the City of London you have St Paul’s Cathedral designed by the initiate Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London had destroyed the original city. The mirror of St Paul’s Cathedral is in Paris and known as the Pantheon. Look at the Congress building in Washington DC and you will find that it is another St Paul’s (see picture section).

In London’s Leicester Square there is a dome-shaped skylight with concentric circles in the strangely named Notre-Dame de France built in 1865 on a site with Knights Templar associations and rebuilt in the late 1950s.3 The building includes a stone slab from Chartres Cathedral and a mural of the crucifixion scene, full of occult symbolism and sacred geometry, by the French artist Jean Cocteau (1889-1963), a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion.

His mural includes a black sun, a classic Brotherhood symbol, casting its rays into the sky, and a man with an eye drawn in the shape of a fish, which could well be symbolic of the Babylonian Nimrod. In Rome there is the dome at the Vatican, that ancient site of Mithra (Sun) worship, and alongside the dome you find obelisks in St. Peter’s Square. In London, as I write, the Millennium Dome is being built next to the Greenwich zero longitude time-line which runs through the nearby Greenwich Observatory, which was also, incidentally, designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

It is to this point in the world that all the watches, clocks, and time zones (therefore the collective human mind) are tuned and we view the universe from the same time-perspective. The measurement used in the Greenwich time-grid is solar time. On the other side of the River Thames, opposite the Millennium Dome, is the biggest building and obelisk in Europe, the Canary Wharf building. Again in the Brotherhood cities you will invariably find a skyscraper shaped like an obelisk because of the effect that has on the energy field and the harnessing of solar energy. Big Ben, the famous clock at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster is also an obelisk.

The word ben is Cymric and Gaelic for mountain and in ancient Egypt ‘Ben’ related to the sacred ben ben stone on the top of the pillars in On, the city of the Sun. These pillars became symbolized by the obelisk and it was said to be the point where the gods descended to the Earth. The bennu bird – the inspiration for the Phoenix – sat on the ben ben stone, according to legend.4 There is also another significance for the Millennium Dome and Canary Wharf which I will explain later.

The street plans of major cities are designed under the laws of sacred geometry in the same way that the great cathedrals, temples and stone circles were. As with the City of London after the Great Fire of 1666, the new city of Washington DC was designed according to these laws. Symbols, shapes and angles generate different energies and if you understand these principles you can vibrate the energy field of a place to the vibrational range you deem most suitable for what you wish to achieve there. Anyone living or working within that field will be affected by it. You can also focus solar and other astrological energies in that place.

I found Washington one of the most unpleasant energies I have ever encountered outside the Square Mile in the City of London. A French Freemason, Major Pierre Charles L’Enfant, was engaged to create the new Washington, and his work was based on plans officially prepared by leaders like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, although others with greater esoteric understanding would have been the real architects. Jefferson, however, had deep esoteric connections and when he died a code system which was very similar to ancient Rosicrucian secret manuscripts was found among his possessions by the Rosicrucian, Spencer Lewis.5

Some researchers say Jefferson was a Grand Master of the Rosicrucians. He was an expert in astronomy and astrology, as was Benjamin Franklin who wrote a best-seller on the subject called Poor Richard’s Almanac. L’Enfant had fought in the War of Independence and he, like Washington, was a member of the highly secretive and exclusive grouping called the Society of Cincinnati. It was officially a secret society for American and French officers in the War of Independence and it introduced hereditary membership which is passed on to the eldest son. Washington was its president for life.

The diary entries of Washington and letters by Jefferson relating to L’Enfant and the street plan have ‘disappeared’. L’Enfant was dismissed after a year, but the street plan continued. In 1909 his remains were exhumed and taken by military escort to Capitol Hill to lie ‘in State’ for just three hours.

Thousands went to pay their respects and he was reburied at the Arlington National Cemetery. What goes on? The Arlington Cemetery was formerly the grounds of Vernon House the home of George Washington and the American Order of the Knights Templar hold their annual sunrise ceremonies in the amphitheatre there.6

Forty boundary posts were established a mile apart to mark the boundary of the ten square miles of Washington and in the centre was built the Congress building, Capitol Hill, named after the sacred place of the Roman secret societies called Capitoline Hill.

It was no surprise, therefore, that the United States Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, the high priestess of American politics, should make a pilgrimage to Capitoline Hill on her first official visit to Europe after her appointment. Capitol Hill is not a political building, it is a temple to the Satanic Brotherhood and underneath its ‘St Paul’s’ dome is a crypt room. Beneath the floor of the crypt, marked by a pentagram star, is a vacant tomb. They say this was meant for George Washington, who decided to be buried elsewhere, but there is more to it than that. The bodies of Kennedy, Lincoln, McKinley, Garfield, Harding, Taft, Hoover, Wilson, Stevens, Dewey, Pershing, MacArthur, UEnfant and two unknown soldiers have all been placed on the catafalque found in the tomb.7

A catafalque for those, like me, who had never heard the word, is the structure on which the body is carried during a funeral procession or placed on for lying in state. The same format of a tomb under a dome is the ‘tomb of St Peter’ beneath the Basilica at the Vatican.

The Congress building is a temple to a secret society which, under many names, originates in the ancient world. Within the Washington street plan, centered on Capitol Hill and the White House, are astrological symbols (which relate exactly to where certain constellations appear in the sky), hexagrams, Satanic pentagrams, squares, a Masonic compass, a ‘Spear of Destiny’, a skull and bones and scores of others.

For more information and illustrations I strongly recommend an excellent book by Charles L. Westbrook Jr called The Talisman Of The United States, Signature Of The Invisible Brotherhood. Roads in Washington relate to the points where the Sun rises at the winter and summer solstice, just as the ancient mounds, temples and stone circles like Stonehenge, were designed to do (see Figure 30).

Figure 30 (left):
The street plan of Washington DC, like all the major Brotherhood cities,
is a mass of esoteric symbolism. The streets around the Congress Building are
designed to mark the places the Sun rises and sets at the winter and summer

There is also a hexagram or Star of David -Figure 31 (right).

Other streets cross at precisely 33 degrees and still others mark the precession of the equinoxes, and there is a hexagram or Star of David (see Figure 31).

I described earlier how the Elite of America and further afield gather at the Bohemian Grove in Northern California and take part in ceremonies under a 40 foot stone owl. The owl is symbolic of Moloch or Molech, the ancient deity to which children were, and are, sacrificed. The Sumerian goddess, Lilith, known as the Lady of the Breasts, was also symbolised as an owl.8

Lilith is symbolic of the bloodline. The Pagan religions knew her as the enchantress. In the picture section you will see the ‘grovers’ performing a ceremony at Bohemian Grove before the giant owl. How interesting that when I was looking at a map of Washington I found that the roads within the grounds of the Congress Building make the very clear symbol of… an owl! You also find that the owl is sitting on a pyramid. The pyramid and all seeing owl (see Figure 32 overleaf).

The collective word for owls is a parliament of owls, which is uncannily appropriate. The same owl symbol can be found hidden on the dollar bill if you know where to look and you have a very powerful magnifying glass. I also understand a new pedestrianisation scheme around Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, London, is going to look like an owl from above. There are at least three Satanic pentagrams in the Washington street plan. By ‘Satanic’, I mean pentagrams pointing downwards or with the lines made of different lengths to distort the shape.

Figure 32:
The Pyramid and All Seeing Owl The roadways within
the congress grounds and the two main thoroughfares leading
away create an owl sitting on a pyramid around the congress
Building. The owl is symbolic of Moloch, to whom children have
been sacrificed for thousands of years.

These reverses and distortions of the pentagram are Satanic signatures in the same way that the Nazis reversed the swastika. One pentagram points down into Capitol Hill (see Figure 33), another into the White House (see Figure 34), and a third extends out from the giant obelisk called the Washington Monument and covers a large area of the inner city. At its centre is the sign for Aries, the ram or lamb.

Similar Satanic pentagrams can be identified in the street plan of Rome, the old city of Jerusalem, the land around Rennes-le-Chateau, the pyramid site at Giza, and no doubt over London and other cities and sites. Across the Potomac River from Washington is the home of the United States military – the Pentagon Building which was aligned to the constellation of Taurus.9

A pentagon, of course, is the centre of a pentagram. If you drive through the centre of the White House pentagram you come to a remarkable building at 1733 16th Street. Note the number: 1733. The number 17 recurs over and over in the story of Rennes-le-Chateau, and 33 is the official number of degrees in the Scottish Rite. This building has the feel of an Egyptian temple with two depictions of the Sphinx outside and a massive image of the rising Sun. A similar symbol was on the ‘sun chair’ of George Washington.

This strange building is the Supreme Headquarters of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The 33rd degree is known as the Revolutionary Degree and most heads of government are 33rd degree Freemasons even though they will be keen to deny this or keep it quiet. It is an honorary degree and they will have made an oath of loyalty to Freemasonry that overrides their oath to their nation. In the garden behind this building I saw through the hedge a bust of George Washington celebrating him as the first Freemason President of the United States. This building is home to the biggest collection of Freemason relics in the world (and that’s only the members).

In the Smithsonian Museum, just down from the White House, there is a remarkable marble statue of George Washington which was once displayed at Capitol Hill. It was commissioned by Congress in the 19th century and sculptured in Florence, Italy, by Horatio Greenough. When the statue was unloaded at the Washington Navy Yard in 1840, people were horrified at what they saw. Washington was depicted sitting in a chair, naked to the waist, with a sheet laid across his nether regions.

General Henry Wise, the Virginia statesman, remarked that:
“The man does not live, and never did live, who saw Washington without his shirt”10
So why portray him like that? And why was his right hand pointing up and his left hand pointing down? If you look again at Figure 21 (page 152) you will understand. They made the statue in the image of Baphomet of Mendes or Asmodeus, the Satanists’ symbol of the ‘Devil’. Asmodeus is said to have been the guardian of Solomon’s Treasure and a portrayal of him was found among the possessions of Abbe Sauniere, the mysterious priest at Rennes-le-Chateau who placed a statue of Asmodeus at the entrance to his church.

Asmodeus is named as the chief demon in the Hebrew Talmud. A painting of Washington by ‘Caduceus’ is a mass of
esoteric symbolism and geometry. Two examples are that his hand is raised at the angle of the rising moon and his sword is at the angle of the Sun at the winter solstice.11

The Washington street design has been expanded over the years, but this has been done in keeping with a plan which appears to have been decided at the start. The same thing seems to have happened with some structures in the ancient world, most notably the site at Giza.

Figure 33:
The inverted and distorted pentagrams in the Washington streets, one points into congress…
…the other into the White House -Figure 34 (below).

Figure 35:
The ancient sun, circle, and cross symbol and it is portrayed in…
Figure 36:
The celtic cross,
Figure 37:
The NATO logo and
Figure 38:
The cross and sun of the CIA badge.

The Jefferson and Lincoln memorials were added to the Washington street plan in the early 20th century. The Jefferson building, historians believe, is based on a design of the Pantheon in Rome. Like all of these key buildings, they are built alongside water or ‘reflecting pools’. The building represents the Sun and the water is the Moon reflecting the Sun.

The Washington monument, at 555 feet, the biggest stone obelisk in the world, was completed in 1885. The cornerstone had been laid by the Grand Freemasons Lodge of the District of Columbia. While travelling and speaking in the United States I saw a television item which said the authorities intended to build a memorial in the Mall, the heart of the street plan, to those who died in the Second World War. It would include at its centre, they said, a depiction of a lighted torch. The locations of the cities and centres of the Brotherhood relate to places where solar and other cosmic energy can be most powerfully harnessed.

Charles L. Westbrook Jr, the author of The Talisman Of The United States, received some anonymous correspondence after his book was published. It consisted of a map of the USA and a piece of paper on which were written the words: “It’s bigger than you think.”12

Lines drawn on the map revealed similar geometry to that in Washington, but on a much larger scale. Some of the points connecting the geometry, or highlighted by it, were Mount Vernon, Illinois, where George Washington is buried; Miami, which was dubbed the ‘magic city’ as early as 1820; and a place called Pike’s Peak in Jefferson County, Colorado, just across the border from Arkansas. Pike’s Peak, of course, is named after Albert Pike.

The ancient symbol of the circle and the cross I described a few chapters back, is still used today in the secret language. It is the one symbolizing the Sun’s progress through the 12 months and the 12 signs of the zodiac, the cross and circle with the Sun on the cross (see Figure 35). This has inspired the Celtic cross (see Figure 36), the logo of NATO, the world-army-in-waiting (see Figure 37), and the emblem of the CIA (see Figure 38). In the City of London financial district opposite St Paul’s Cathedral, I also found the symbol in Figure 39. It is a zodiac circle with a black sun at the centre.

This building was designed originally for the Financial Times newspaper and the face on the black sun is that of Winston Churchill. The black sun is more reverse symbolism which indicates the negative use of solar energy and the galactic sun around which the solar system orbits. The Nazis also spoke of the black sun. I feel the black horse symbol of that Brotherhood operation, Lloyds Bank, is a similar code. The white horse was a Phoenician Sun symbol.

This same symbol of the circle and the cross was used by the Phoenicians and can be seen in their depictions of their goddess Barati, as it can on the shield in her British version, Britannia. The street plan of Paris, dominated by the Arc or ‘arch’ de Triomphe, is the same symbolism. The arch itself is a Brotherhood symbol. It is the meaning behind the name of the Royal Arch lodges in the York Rite of Freemasonry and relates in part to the key stone at the top which holds the arch together and gives it strength. The earliest record of such a lodge is in the annals of the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, on December 22nd 1753.

Fredericksburg was the location of the House of the Rising Sun, the Masonic meeting place where people like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and other Founding Fathers used to gather. The arch symbolism of Freemasonry is also the inspiration for a vast concrete arch at St Louis, Missouri. The Arc de Triomphe is placed at the centre of a circle from which 12 roads go out across Paris. On the road circle around the Arc de Triomphe are 12 points on the road making a 12-pointed star.

Again the sun at the centre of the circle broken up into 12 segments (see picture section). The main road going through this pattern is the famous Champs Elysees and when you follow this line you can see how planned it all is. When you stand underneath the Arc de Triomphe next to the ‘eternal flame’ of the unknown soldier, look in one direction, dead straight, and you see a big modern concrete arch in the distance. When you turn and look the other way, again dead straight, you look down the Champs Elysees to the 3,200 year old Egyptian obelisk in the Place de Concorde.

Beyond that in the same direct line you find another arch, similar to the Arc de Triomphe, but much smaller, and that, in turn, is in direct line with the big black glass pyramid built outside the Louvre Museum during the presidency of the 33rd degree Freemason, Francois Mitterrand. People were flabbergasted that anyone could build such an out-of-keeping structure alongside the beautiful architecture of the Louvre. The reason had nothing to do with architecture and everything to do with adding more power to the geometrical design of the city.

A similar and vast black pyramid has been built with a massive Sphinx and an obelisk in that Brotherhood city, Las Vegas.

Figure 39:
The sun and zodiac circle at the entrance to a financial building in the city of London,
near St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of the Brotherhood Spider’s Web.
The Black Sun represents the malevolent use of solar energy and the ‘galactic Sun’,
and this one includes the face of Winston Churchill.

Figure 40:
The Maltese cross.

Figure 41(left):
The United Nations logo in Freemason blue with 33 sections within
the circle in line with the 33 official degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
The ‘frame’ is also directly from Freemasonry as you can see in Figure 42 (right).

The lion is seen so often in heraldry and flags because it is an ancient symbol of the Sun, as is the Sphinx most probably. The fish symbolizes the sign of Pisces and also the legendary King of Babylon, Nimrod, who was depicted as a fish. The dove symbolizes his partner, Queen Semiramis, and it is more reverse symbolism. While the dove means peace to most people, it symbolizes death and destruction to the Brotherhood.

This reversing allows them to use their symbols in the public eye in a way that no-one understands. Sinn Fein, the political wing of the Provisional IRA in Northern Ireland, has a dove as its symbol for this reason. It is this dove symbolism which gives us the fictitious name of Christopher Columbus who in fact used to sign his name Colon.

The name Columbus was invented as yet more Brotherhood symbolism. The Romans used to worship a deity they called Venus Columba, Venus the Dove. Venus and dove are associated with Queen Semiramis in Babylon. The word dove in French today is still Colombre. Columba is also an ‘Aphrodite’ goddess which symbolizes the negative, death and destruction, aspects of the female energy.

Hence we have British Columbia, Columbia Pictures, Columbia University, Columbia Broadcasting (CBS), the Space Shuttle Columbia, and District of Columbia in which they placed Washington DC. You’ve only got to look at some of the names for places around Washington to see where their originators were coming from. The most obvious is Alexandria just over the border from the District of Columbia, in Virginia (the virgin – Isis, Semiramis).

And, by the way, look at the logos of those Columbia organizations. Columbia Pictures has the lady holding the lighted torch, Columbia University has the lighted torch, and Columbia Broadcasting (CBS) has the eye, the all seeing eye. Doves can be seen standing on Maltese crosses on the sceptres held by the Queen of England in her ceremonies and there are Maltese crosses on the crown of the British monarch (see picture section).

Sceptres and rods were symbols of power in ancient Egypt. The Maltese or splayed cross (see Figure 40) was found in caves in the former Phoenician lands of Cappadocia, now Turkey, dating back many thousands of years and it became the cross of the Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta), the Knights Templar, and the Nazis.

If you look in the picture section at the Nazi soldier you will see that he has the whole set – the Maltese Cross, the reversed swastika, the skull and bones and the eagle!

Three major symbols of the Brotherhood are the lighted torch, the red rose and the dove. The symbols of the three main political parties in the United Kingdom which serve the structure headed by the Queen are the lighted torch (Conservatives), the red rose (Labour) and the dove (Liberal Democrats)! At the time of writing their three leaders are Tony Blair (Bilderberg Group), William Haig (Bilderberg Group), and Paddy Ashdown (Bilderberg Group). Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about.

The laurel leaves in the United Nations symbol are mirrored by the Freemasons (see Figure 41) and there are 33 sections in the circle. The logo is blue, a Freemasonic colour, as in the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry. The symbol of the European Union is also blue. The inspiration for the ‘frame’ around the UN logo can be easily seen in the Freemasons symbol in Figure 42.

You find the black and white squares of the Freemasons and the Templars (and endless other Brotherhood groups) on the uniform of British and American police forces (and many others), as well as on the floors of great cathedrals and the church at Rennes-le-Chateau. When American presidents put their hand on their breast while listening to the national anthem they are performing part of Freemasonic ritual. Americans who oppose the Freemasons do the same because they don’t understand the symbolism.

Another hand signal for the Brotherhood is to put your arm in the air with the two outer fingers pointing upwards and the two middle fingers held down by the thumb. This is the symbol of the Devil or Baphomet, the horns of Nimrod, and this is the sign that Bill Clinton made after his first inaugural speech as president in January, 1993.

Baphomet is also symbolic of the Watcher-reptilian, Azazel, the ‘goat’. The double square, one square on top of another in any form, is more secret society symbolism. In the secret language, one square by itself means control of what is right and just.

From this we get phrases like “fair and square” and a “square deal”. One square on top of another means control of all that is right and all that is wrong, all that is just and all that is unjust, all that is positive and all that is negative. In other words “we control everything”.

The double square, or eight pointed star, can be seen in the lobby at the heart of the British Parliament and a long list of world police forces surround their badge with the same symbol (see Figure 43). The chevron is another version of this (see Figure 44).

Figure 43:
One square placed over another in any form means “we control
everything”. Appropriately we see that here in the badge of Sussex Police in England.

Figure 44:
Chevron. You need to look at this as a three-dimensional, not a
one-dimensional image. There are two boxes, symbolising one square on top
of another. We control everything.

You need to look at this as symbolic of two three-dimensional boxes, one above the other, and not as one-dimensional ‘ticks’. This is the logo of the Brotherhood oil company, Chevron, and the other oil and transnational corporations are a maze of symbols featuring the secret language of the force which controls the world. The double cross of the House of Lorraine is the origin of the phrase to ‘double cross’ someone, to manipulate them.

This same symbol can be found in the Rockefeller-guided oil giant, Exxon (see Figures 45 and 46). Texaco has the pentagram inside a circle with the T square of Freemasonry (see Figure 47). The symbol of Atlantic Richfield Oil (ARCO) is a pyramid with the capstone missing looked at from above (see Figure 48) and Amoco has the lighted torch (see Figure 49). Look at the names of some of the Brotherhood’s insurance companies: Sun Alliance, Sun Life, Britannic Assurance, Eagle Star.

The Sun Alliance building in Piccadilly Circus, London, is decorated with two pillars, two flames, and a statue of Britannia (Barati) holding her circle and cross shield, the ancient Sun symbol! Note also the names given to space craft, military aircraft, and naval ships like Hermes, Nimrod, Atlantis, and Columbia. All symbolic to the Brotherhood.

The Fleur-de-lis is another ancient symbol which is widely used today, particularly by royalty, and you find it on the fences around many buildings. It can be found on one of the gates to the White House. It was used by the Merovingians in France and, apart from its connection to them, it symbolizes the Babylonian god Nimrod, and Lilith, the name symbolizing the reptilian bloodline.

Figure 45 (left):
The double cross of the House of Lorraine which can be seen today in the logo of the Exxon Oil company – Figure 46 (above).

Figure 47:
Texaco. The pentagram in the circle with the Tau cross, the T-square of Freemasonry.

Figure 48:
Atlantic Richfield Oil and the
pyramid with the capstone missing seen from above.

Figure 49:
Amoco, now merged with British Petroleum. The lighted torch.

Figure 50:
Liberty? Then why the fascist symbols at the bottom
which stand for anything but freedom.

The red rose is another Brotherhood signature and the bell, as in the American Liberty Bell, is symbolic of Bel, Bil or Baal, the Aryan Sun god of the ancient world. The most obvious symbol of the Brotherhood’s intent is the fasces, from which we get the word, fascism. You can see it at the bottom of a United States ‘liberty’ symbol and in the Congress Building (see Figure 50). It was a symbol used widely in the Roman Empire and it consists of rods bound together around an axe.

This axe is the origin of the term Axis Powers for the fascist countries in the Second World War. The symbolism is of people and countries bound together under a common centralised dictatorship, the axe. That is a perfect description of the European Union in which the nations of Europe are subordinate to common laws decided and imposed by the unelected dictatorship in Brussels. The European Union is truly a fascist state in accordance with the fascist symbol.

Another form of symbolism is known as reverse speech or word inversion. A great deal more research is being done into this today and it is one of the mysteries held by the Brotherhood since ancient time. Under this system, for instance, the car hire company, Avis, becomes Siva, one of the gods in the Hindu triad or trinity. The symbol of Siva is the penis and, like Neptune and Satan, Siva is usually pictured with a trident.13

Avis, which is owned by the Brotherhood’s International Telephone and Telegraph, have formerly registered the words ‘Wizard ’ and ‘Golden File’ as trademarks, as in ‘The Wizard of Avis’. Sun and sex rite symbolism is constantly used in advertising by the Brotherhood corporations. These words and symbols communicate with the human subconscious and affect people without them being aware of it.

But symbolism does not have to be negative. It is simply a form of communication and it has also been used to keep the knowledge alive by those who have a positive intent for humanity. Knowledge is neutral; it is the use of it that is positive or negative.

Tarot cards, the forerunner to our playing cards, were used to pass on suppressed knowledge. Hence the reason why the church has so condemned the tarot cards and dubbed them evil. In the centuries which followed the elimination of the Cathars in France, the Tarot was circulated by traveling entertainers and gypsies. Some researchers say the Tarot cards were introduced to Europe by the returning crusaders who had acquired them from mystical sects in the Middle East and that is certainly true to an extent. But what is often forgotten is the role played by the gypsies and why they have been persecuted so often, not least by Adolph Hitler.

There is the legend, I believe based on truth, that priests from Alexandria saved whatever they could when the great esoteric library at Alexandria was burned by the Roman Church and they became wanderers, a people apart, with their own language and they symbolized their knowledge in the Tarot. When gypsies are first mentioned in English records at the time of Henry VIII, they are described as ‘outlandish people, calling themselves Egyptians’14 The term, Tarot, is believed to be derived from two Egyptian words, Tar meaning road, and Ro meaning royal.15

The royal road to wisdom if the knowledge is used properly and not malevolently. The Tarot consists of the Minor Arcana, four suits called swords (blade), cups (chalice), pentacles and sceptres, and the Major Arcana or ‘Great Secrets’, known as trumps. Among the trumps was the ‘Joker’ which has survived in modern playing cards. The Joker is the jester who used humour and clowning to pass on the message. The Joker also connects to the Trickster, a term you find in native American myth.

Today’s playing cards are an abridged form of the Tarot. The colours black and red represent the two great divisions of the year, Winter and Summer, when the Sun is in the north or south. The four suits are the seasons. The 13 cards in each suit are the 13 lunar months of the year and the 52 cards in the deck are the 52 weeks of the year. If you count the joker as one point and the Jack, Queen, King, as 11,12 and 13, the sum value of the 52 cards is 365, the days of the year.

There is astrological symbolism in there, too. The highly symbolic game of chess, the ‘royal game’, was played in China and India long before it arrived in Europe. A form of chess, more like draughts, was played by the Pharaohs in Egypt. The chess board consists of 64 black and white squares, symbolizing the floor of the House of Mysteries. The black and white chess ‘teams’ symbolise the eternal battle between negative and positive, light and dark, among much else. The 64 squares on a chess board relate to the Chinese esoteric system known as the I Ching, which consists of 64 hexagrams. It is all the same knowledge hidden or presented in different ways.

The singers and song writers known as the Troubadours of 12th and 13th century France sang the praises of their ‘lady’. The name troubadour itself leads us back to North Africa because it comes from the Arab term ‘tarab dour’, meaning House of Delight, a remnant of the Muslim occupation of southern France. They hid their ‘lady’ behind the biblical Mary in order to stay alive, but the true meaning of their ‘lady’ was Isis. Later would come the stories of King Arthur and his search for the Holy Grail, stories that would clearly echo the themes of the Gospels, Mithra, Horus, etc., in their symbolism of the Sun, Isis and the astrological Round Table.

There you have just some of the symbolism which non-initiates, or those who have not taken the trouble to find out, simply cannot see. If you are new to this language of symbolism, I hope that now you will be able to read more easily the signs and signatures of the Brotherhood and therefore be more streetwise to their games and aims.

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