NASA: NAZI Academy SS Agency

NASA: Name of the Spaceship

NASA: Navigation and Situation Awareness (lol – goodluck in the CBS-ISS

NASA: National Association of Systemic Assfuckery πŸš€πŸ = πŸ’€πŸ‘Ž

NASA: National Air aint Space Agency

NASA: Need Another Seven Astronaughts

NASA: National Association of Screening Agencies – (Stanley Kubericks πŸ˜‰

NASA: Nazi Alliance for Spaceacting Awards

NASA: National Aviation and Space Actors

NASA: National Aviation aint Space Administration

NASA: Not Another #ShuttleFAIL Association

NASA: NASA’s Aliens Scumsucking Actors

NASA: Nation Aryan and SS Administration

NASA: National Aero Spacefail Administration

NASA: NOUGHT aerospace success Actually

NASA: Nauseating Aktors Space Accident

NASA: National Aryans and SS Abola

NASA: Narcissistic Asshats Say Aurevoir

NASA: National Aerodyanamic Special Amergency

NASA: Non Aligned Space Associate

NASA: National Astrophysics and SHILL Allocation

NASAs Academic Staff Ablaze

NASA: National AeroSNOTics Schutzstaffel Assembly

NASA: No Ass-ociations’ve Speaking AgentSS

NASA: North Atlantean Stoners Allday

NASA: National Aryan Space Activate

NASA: North American SS Alliance

NASA: National Atmospheric and Space Actingagency

NASA: National American SS Agency

NASA: NASA Aint Space Airwalking

NASA: Named in SS America

NASA: NipponINN Amateur Space Association

NASA: Narcissist Astronotomy Spells AllLies

NASA: Nazi Americans Sought AssistanceofOppenheimer

NASA: NASA AmeriNAZi Schutzstaffel Applications

NASA: National Aeronautic and Science Administration

NASA: Now Accepting Seven Actors

NASA: NASA Anal Sex Association

NASA: National Aryan Space Agency

NASA: NationalVAN Allanbelt SIZZLERS Administration

NASA: Not Alien Speilberg Act

NASA: Need Another Seven Astronots

NASA: Neighborhoods Against SPACE ActorsStudio

NASA: National Aerofail Silliness Act

NASA: National Association for Stupid Acceptance

NASA: NAZI Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA: Not as Solid asAdvertised

NASA: National AeroNUTics and Spaceshow

NASA: National Aeronauseatingly Sickly Administration

NASA: Not Another Seven Astronauts

NASA: National Aeronautic Space Acting

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administartion

NASA: National Aeronotic and Space ANONS

NASA: Need Another Seven AstroNOTs

NASA: Never Absolutely Sure of Anything

NASA: Not All Shuttles Arrive

NASA: National Aeronotics and Space AgencyAct

NASA: National Alien Skeptoidreptoid Alliance

NASA: Nasa AssistanceRequired STAT!

NASA: Nazi Ass States Alllies

NASA: Needed Accomplished Sideshow Actors

NASA: North Aldebaran Sirius Association

NASA: NAZI Aryan Stoners Association

NASA: National Academy of Space Avoidance

NASA: National Aerofail Spastic associates

NASA: Nigella A snorting Abomination

NASA: National Aeronautique and SpaZE Actorisation

NASA: Nations Ass-ociate Stoners Arrested

NASA: Need Another Shuttle Again

NASA: Notnew AmeriKKkaNazi Society ALLheilBuzzlightyear

NASA: National Administration for Spastic Asshats

NASA: National AeroNOTspace and Space Administration

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Assylum

NASA: North American Society of Anarchists

NASA: National Aeronautical and Space Acterz

NASA: Nazi A Security Agency

NASA: Northern Arizona Soaring Actors(Studio)

NASA: National Aero Space Aintbeenthere

NASA: National Academy of Space A-NAZi

NASA: National Aeromantics Spastic Assnazis

NASA: National Aero Space Allfuckedup

NASA: National Association for the Storage of Acronyms

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