The Mask Of Truth” by Brian Froud

It is midnight, and the faeries are gathering. The Faery of Aspiration welcomes us with upraised hands into our spiritual potential. Dour gnomes watch from the shadows, called from the deep regions of the earth. Silvanus, guardian of the woodland and its creatures (a faery of physical fecundity and fruitful thought), holds the golden-winged emblem of spiritual journey. This mask, decorated with the wings of Hypnos, facilities the understanding of dreams, deep thought, and meditation. It is a mask of truth, for to wear it is to look inward- toward a true reflection of yourself. Yet some of us can bear to hold the mask for only one brief glimpse.

The faery Kundrun holds one of the many sacred swords of Faeryland. This one, forged long ago by mysterious dwarves, is laid across the cliff of the Otherworld as a bridge to Faeryland. The-edged sword symbolized the union of the human world with the world of Faery, as well as the union of the outer world of nature with the inner world of the psyche. It is the sword clear-cut understanding and sharp perception. But once we cross into Faery it becomes the sword of courage and noble service. 

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