The Sphinx” by Brian Froud

At night, when worry keeps me awake, the faery Sphinx appears, luminous and perfumed in the darkness. At all moment of daily decision making I find that she is also present. What is the best thing to do? What path should I take? Should I- yes or no? These are the urgent questions I ask her- but she’ll answer only when she chooses. The faery sphinx is very proud, for her lineage is aeons old. 

As the aspect of the moon goddess, the sphinx is a custodian of primal secrets, full of questions, riddles, rhymes, and clever tests of initiation. She crouches on an owl, a sacred bird of the night and a symbol of the moon. Opposites are brought together and united in this faery’s powerful form; thus she unites and meditates between the upper and lower worlds, combining animal natural impulses with the human rational intellect. Untamed and free, the faery sphinx is poised at the crossroads of our lives, speaking in riddles, demanding that we know the answers that lie beyond. The sphinx is the dark destroyer of all old patterns and outmoded ways of thought- and yet she is also the creator of new insights and new directions. She awakens our sleeping potential with her sharp gaze, her riddles, and her roar. She guides our path into Faery with the radiance of her wings.

*In the folklore of many cultures, the owl is the spirit guide to the Underworld, often associated with the Goddess, an embodiment of her wisdom. Minerva, Lilith, Blodeuwedd, and Athene all claim the owl as their totem bird; and nearly Sumerian moon goddess figures have the all-seeing eyes of the owl. There can be no lies before its gaze piercing through the black of the night and deep into our very souls. The owl brings penetrating, sometimes ruthless wisdom to bear upon our lives, along with moments of illumination and prophecy. As a bird of death, the owl symbolizes transformation and profound change.

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