Winter is coming. All men must die. And Game of Thrones is back!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Catch up on all the episodes here.

Best. Game of Thrones. Season. Finale. Our final medieval art recap features a range of manuscripts, from devotional texts to history and chronicle. We once again find interesting pairings between a mysterious hermit in a cave and a man seated lofty in a tree surrounded by birds; or a man and a woman beating each other and spice merchants setting sail; or a suggestive juxtaposition of adulterous lovers and a man preparing an arrow in a bow. We were as frightened by armed and as a group of wealthy boys were in a popular medieval legend of “The Three Living and the Three Dead.”

In war, while some negotiate terms, others are forced to surrender. Saddest moment: when the Mother of Dragons was forced to tame her winged, fire-breathing children. True medieval moment: examining the bloody content of a side wound. Cannot wait for the next season!


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