We are what you seek….
The great (old Ones) Ancient.
misunderstanding is that the Dragons are the “evil ones” , when in fact it was the Dragons who created the Universe—they are the Goddess’ “bloodline.” They are called “Dragons” here on Earth because they breathe “fire” and are “serpents of “Wisdom.” The fire they breathe is the “fire of life,” and not fire which will burn everything it comes in contact with. The dragons in the folklore are distortions of the Dragons of Creation, and in the Regime’s usual manner, they have instigated fear in something that could be awed as extraordinary positive and beautiful.

(also called the “Nephilim
bloodline”) Aryan – Anunnaki the “Serpent line,” or the “Holy Grail,”

This solar system, Ti-ama-te, had been a primary Kadištu base, under the guidance of the extraordinary multi-dimensional Namlú’u primordial humans who had been developed here. The system was named after Tiamata, the Ušumgal queen of the Gina’abul of Margíd’da, who was the one most responsible for it.

The KHAA starts in the 12th and 13th Dimension and goes on from there. The KHAA, or the VOID, is also called the Orion Empire. No technology whatsoever is required there to travel between stars and planets. You travel in your thoughts and manifest with your avatar.

Your everlasting soul is your Fire – the Fire of the Mother Goddess.

Our Oversoul grows, restoring all the wisdom of the different soul fragments. This Oversoul exists outside of time as we know it, dwelling in the 96%, and is thus also reporting back to the Goddess, who is learning about herself from the fragments of souls operating in the 4%. The purpose of our whole existence is to experience and learn so that the Goddess can learn more about herself by letting fragments of herself operate randomly without any set outcome.

These fires are borrowed by the Founders directly from the Goddess. The Goddess/Spirit (the 96% or the Universe) lends her energy from the ‘ocean of consciousness’ to the Founders to use when creating new Fires. Therefore, the fire is feminine in nature (you can even see this when a baby is created in a woman’s womb. The baby is always a girl to begin with and the gender may stay the same throughout he pregnancy and the baby becomes a female, or the gender changes before the baby is born and the newborn ends up being a male).


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