The Many Reasons Why Snoop Dogg is a Flimsy Hypocrite and a Total Sell-out

January 19, 2017The Narrator

Snoop Doggy Dogg aka Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion aka Calvin Broadus aka Big Snoop Dogg, recently came out and said that any artists’ or any African-American that supports Donald Trump, is automatically an “Uncle Tom”. Let us now point out many interesting incidents over the years, when Calvin could’ve been called a major “Uncle Tom” or could just be mistaken as breaking this so-called “code of culture”; by being a “sell-out” as Snoop “Doggy” truly means here, with this term; by acting like a little hypocritical “messenger”. But first, here’s that guy himself, looking like a divisive man, with his latest politically guided message.

Snoop “Doggy” was outraged at Kanye West for supporting Donald Trump, as well as Floyd Mayweather and Steve Harvey for visiting President Elect, Donald Trump at Trump Tower. Let’s now take a look at all the times Snoop “Doggy” sold out, as he would’ve called it, but perhaps, he did not realize that he did, in fact, sell-out so many times. Or maybe it’s not selling out. First here, he is doing the “dougie” dance, because it’s a joy to watch him pushing these dance fads that keep coming up. What a distraction they are!

Now, for this glorious list of Snoop’s biggest hypocritical moments in no particular order, in the light of trying to label respectful people, as ‘Uncle Tom’s’ because of supporting Donald Trump, “Come We Go!”

It’s good to have had Johnny Cochran in your corner, but perhaps, it was even better to have Lawyer, David Kenner in your corner, to basically save you from a murder charge in 1993. David Kenner is a good lawyer too, so did Snoop sell-out or did he just get lucky there? Watch here, for some of the classic footage during the case. He was very close to being “shutdown” in 1993.

Snoop didn’t back up 2Pac as a respectful friend, amidst the reported involvement of Puff Daddy, Bad Boy and government operatives sent to have Tupac killed in 1994 at Quad Studios (rumors). Perhaps, cult-related in making a shift in the music industry behind the scenes in the mid-nineties. Tupac was upset about how Snoop said that he didn’t have any issue with anyone from Bad Boy Records. Sell-out or just weak, perhaps? Remember, Tupac’s first posthumous album was called, ‘The Don Killuminati’, so there were some definite problems there? We found this next video on Youtube (not us), about how Tupac and Snoop, sort of fell out, so if you look at the bigger picture, there are many good points in here. Visit that person’s YOUTUBE channel below. A must WATCH, Snoop’s other cousin makes an appearance, you know, ‘Lil’ Half Dead’. I guess that’s how that artist ever got to release an album in the first place? Anyway, Detective Russell Poole who investigated the Tupac and Biggie murders for many years, before his death, incidentally, when he had new evidence that suggested that Snoop’s cousin ‘Lil’ Half Dead’ was in the Cadillac car in Las Vegas that shot at Tupac and Suge Knight. In turn, Detective Russell Poole mysteriously died later on, in a meeting from a heart attack, where he was to disclose this new evidence. True or not? “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, as they say. Or, maybe not? Just rumours….

Let’s have a look at what Suge says about Snoop “Doggy” in that Nick Broomfield documentary, about singing like a bird and informing for a “free pass”, to get out of trouble. A dog should never bite the hand that fed them, maybe? David Kenner is a good lawyer. Maybe, that’s a “sell-out” thing? Probably not, though, it just means you had a great lawyer, right?

Signing over to the “Devil” and selling out your former boss to save yourself from whatever danger might come next. Some call it, “snitching”. That’s maybe understandable, or not? Let’s have this hot music video, break it down for this “LIBERAL” puppet, the kind that Snoop “Doggy”, truly is. (Doggy whistle! Here boy!)

Making an E! TV Show called ‘Fatherhood’ in 2007, sort of for protective purposes of “one kind” or another, to go mega-mainstream and sell-out his family for a reality TV show and get that protection in the mega mainstream. Does this make him an “Uncle Tom?” We don’t know….But, it really stinks of it! Whooo-Wheeee! Uncle who?

Travelling the world with Justin Bieber, spotted on a South East Asian and or Oceania tour, at a few nightspots after his short show in 2013, but with “Beebs” joining in, who was not even on a music tour, he was just kicking it with Snoop “Doggy”! Is this selling out? I mean, travelling with the “Beebs”, is that also being an “Uncle Tom” of sorts? Probably not…But, maybe, with Snoop’s rhetoric, it could be seen by some people to make him a big ‘Uncle Tom’, because Snoop seems to have a problem with president, Donald Trump, because he’s been a liberal pawn, a huge sell-out, since the mid-nineties now. But, here down below, he’s loving his trip to the White House when Obama is President, cozying up to John Kerry and anybody else that’s in there. Did he give Hillary a kiss on the cheek, too? Only he knows. Bliss! Amazing! A horseman who thinks everyone is like a horse, with flaps over their eyes, so we wouldn’t expect no less from him. Snoop will do whatever “S*t*n” tells him to say. They have him on retainer, as they say.

Like Tupac said, “I’m not going anywhere with them sell-outs” in response to Snoop asking him if he was going to Las Vegas in 1996, shortly before he went. Hmmm? Who knows? Then, years and years later, Snoop Dogg makes a ‘Pot-Luck Dinner Party’ TV series with Martha Stewart and continues to work with Martha Stewart until today. Does this make him an “Uncle Tom?” Super Stoned Astronaut Theorists say, “YES”. Watch a slice of reality here, when he gets roasted, a tiny bit. Good sport!

Is Snoop Dogg a “hypocrite”? Why so upset, Snoop? Or is he just sad that he didn’t do enough to get Hillary in office, post-Obama? Oh and there’s Martha Stewart, again? We do love their friendship, very much. It’s actually cool!

So, who is Snoop to call anybody out as an “Uncle Tom”? Nobody knows, apart from him being a celebrity social justice warrior nowadays, for that “LeftSide”, not the “Westside”. (See, what we did there?) Of course, apart from some curious hypocritical activity as seen here within this piece on him, since “it’s okay”, as long as you choose the delusional “Leftside”, whilst, complaining and then claim that you’re not an “Uncle Tom” yourself. Hmmm? Maybe, he and other likeminded people should stop throwing that divisive term around town, so much? Okay, “Superman”, dancing out!

Snoop; maybe you just need to grow up a little? Stop smoking so many weeds, you gettin’ crazy faded, man! Have just a little per day, a couple of joints; perhaps, it’s better that way? No? You might not be so deluded if you cut down and then you can partly live in the “real world”.

We are now going to be using your old CD’s as coasters and or Frisbees’ this coming summer, because your entire music legacy is now worth much-much less than it ever was. We might even delete all your music from the past now, because nobody likes a hypocrite.

Sam Moore of ‘Sam & Dave’ said in response to people like Snoop “Doggy”, calling him an “Uncle Tom” for accepting to perform at Trump’s inauguration on Friday the 20th of January,

“I am not going to let them, the left side, intimidate me from doing what I feel is the right thing to do for the country and that [presidential] seal.”

Snoop “Doggy”, has said that Donald Trump is a “reckless motherf*cker” that doesn’t deserve to be in The Oval Office, but evidently, counting the vote ballots in America has already clearly spoken for the U.S.A. So Calvin, maybe Trump’s gonna’ do a great job, as we’ve already seen so far, perhaps?

Seems like Snoop might have been a little reckless in the mid-nineties, in hopes that nobody would notice years down the line. We like Snoop “Doggy” Dogg, especially when he sticks to what he knows, which is making music and pushing dancing fads out into the mainstream of public consciousness. But, we’re not sure anybody will like him anymore. Luckily, he can retire.

We will seal the deal with one of his best songs, “Ain’t No Fun”, since apparently, it’s not fun if his “homies” can have some, too?

Totally contradicting the message of this wonderful song, released on the 23rd of November, on ‘Doggystlye’ of Death Row Records, the label that made him into a rising star. Please enjoy this video below, with accompaniment of ‘The Muppets’! Respect to all the other artists on the track, though. We thank Death Row for all the music, truly. Somehow, Snoop’s verse has been omitted in this video below.

“Phony” might just be the best word to describe Snoop “Doggy” Dogg, these days. Every “Dog” has their day, as they say; so what we’re wondering is how many more “Dog” days are left now? But, Snoop could easily redeem himself, by just making music instead, which is why he’s an artist, even if he’s just said things that didn’t make any sense. Maybe, he should give Donald a chance, instead?

We’d like to see Floyd Mayweather fight Snoop “Doggy” in the latest craze of celebrity boxing matches. That be fun to see!

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