Melbourne Car ATTACK FAKE?? PeeKay Truth’s VINDICATION (Feb 11, 2017) With thanks to source – Car ATTACK FAKE – Melbourne Hoax Star Actor, and PeeKay Truth’s VINDICATIONSource:
Austrailian ‘authorities’ stage another conventional “car attack” drill (similar to the Berlin Christmas Market Market Hoax, the Nice Truck Hoax, etc. etc.) prompting PeeKay Truth to personally investigate.

But rather than allowing PeeKay to act as a journalist, he is apparently now being maliciously harassed by the Aussie court and police.

What do they have to hide?
Was this ‘attack’ more fake news?
Obviously PeeKay has done nothing wrong – and, if he is telling the truth in this case (that the “victims” are once again crisis actors), then that truth would be an ABSOLUTE DEFENSE for him under law.
Added: Feb-11-2017 by livingonplanetZ @

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