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Lionel Murphy files:
The explosive allegations against former High Court judge


The Daily Telegraph
September 14, 2017
Lionel Murphy files: Former judge linked to underworld

The explosive allegations against former High Court judge Lionel Murphy revealed in secret documents.

Allegation 1. Attempting to bribe a Commonwealth officer.

December 1979 at a lunch at Arrirang House, a Potts Point Korean restaurant, Murphy and solicitor Morgan Ryan invited federal police officer Don Thomas to lunch. Thomas was the prosecuting officer in a case alleging social security fraud against a number of people including one of Ryan’s clients. Murphy told Thomas that he would arrange for him to be an assistant commissioner in the soon-to-be-formed Australian Federal Police if Thomas would be his inside man in the AFP and provide convert information about ALP figures. Thomas declines.

Explosive allegations against Justice Lionel Murphy.

The commission shut down after Murphy’s death.
Allegation 2. Looking at bribing another two federal police officers.

Between April 21 and July 23, 1981, Murphy agreed with Ryan and unknown people to make inquiries about two AFP officers, James Lewington and Robert Allan Jones, to see if they “could be bribed or otherwise influenced to act contrary to their duty as police officers”. The officers were investigating alleged illegal activities of Korean nationals in Australia with permanent residence status and what role if any Ryan had played in those activities. Ryan told Murphy the two cops were “very straight”.

Allegation 11. Intimidating Danny Sankey.

Between June 1, 1976 and October 31, 1976, Murphy agreed with Ryan and underworld figure Abe Saffron that Saffron would arrange for then-Sydney solicitor Danny Sankey to be “intimidated” to withdraw his private prosecution against the judge.

Underworld figure Abe Saffron.
Allegation 14. Misbehaviour.

In April 1986, Murphy faced a retrial on a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice by allegedly trying to influence the then-NSW Chief Magistrate Clarrie Briese to help get criminal charges against Morgan Ryan dropped. Murphy was acquitted but during the trial he made an unsworn statement from the dock upon which he could not be cross-examined in which he implied that Briese had recently fabricated his allegations. The commission of inquiry said that had unfairly deprived Briese or the prosecution of supporting Briese’s credibility while Murphy’s own barrister had rejected any such claim.

Allegation 15. Misbehaviour.

Around April 1985, Murphy gave the diaries of Clarrie Briese to a secretary to be photocopied after they had been subpoenaed by his defence lawyers despite not having permission from the court to do so.

Documents relating to the conduct of the late High Court judge Lionel Murphy were tabled in the House of Representatives today. Picture: Gary Ramage
Allegation 16. Perjury.

During his earlier trial in June and July 1985, Murphy lied under oath to the jury when he said that the only thing he had done to help Morgan Ryan on his criminal charges was to speak to Chief Judge Staunton of the District Court to see whether something could be done to get an earlier trial for Ryan. Murphy said he had only spoken to Justice McClelland after this. The truth, said the commission, was that Murphy had approached McClelland first to persuade him to approach Judge Staunton on behalf of Ryan.

Allegation 18. Contravened judicial conduct.

In March 1979, Murphy spoke to then-NSW Premier Neville Wran for the purpose of getting Wadim Jegarow the position of deputy chairman of the NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission. He then told Morgan Ryan that Wran told him Jegarow would get the job. The commission said Murphy entered “into an agreement to influence the making of a public service appointment and actually intervening to achieve that purpose”.

Allegation 20. Contempt of court.

Around March 31, 1979, and again on February 7, 1980, he urged Morgan Ryan to “cause harm” to barrister David Rofe who had appeared for solicitor Danny Sankey in a case against Murphy. The commission said Murphy’s purpose “in urging or encouraging Ryan to cause harm to Rofe was to take revenge upon Rofe for what he had done in the conduct of these proceedings.”

Lionel Murphy accused of bribery and perjury.
Allegation 23. Demand with menaces.

In March 1980, Murphy agreed wo help Morgan Ryan by arranging a meeting with NSW MP Milton Morris to “threaten Morris with exposure of his alleged involvement in a tax evasion scheme” to induce Morris to get the then-Opposition leader John Mason to stop attacking Ryan for his role in relation to proceedings regarding the Cessna-Milner drug syndicate involving 137kgs of buddha sticks.

Allegation 24. Encouraging an MP to make a false statement.

Around April 2, 1980, Murphy said Morgan Ryan should arrange for an MP to state in parliament that he had made inquiries about Ryan and he had “come up smelling like a rose” when in fact no such inquiries had been made and Murphy knew at the time that Ryan had not been exonerated. Ryan was being investigated by the AFP for any role he played in the alleged illegal activities of Korean nationals who had secured permanent residency in Australia.

Allegation 25. Abe Saffron and Central Railway Station.

In January 1980, Murphy made representations to the state government to try and influence the contract for the remodelling of Central Railway Station to go Abe Saffron.

Allegation 27. Abe Saffron and Luna Park.

In early 1980, Murphy made representations to then-NSW Premier Neville Wran on behalf of Abe Saffron to get him the lease over Luna Park.

Allegation 33. Misbehaviour.

The commission said that Murphy abused his office and improperly attempted to influence a judge in the execution of his duties when he asked Chief Judge James Staunton to get Morgan Ryan an early trial.

Allegation 39. Misbehaviour and trying to influence a judge.

On January 6, 1982, Murphy spoke with then-NSW Chief Magistrate Clarrie Briese about the famous “Greek conspiracy” case then being heard by another magistrate. Murphy told Briese that the magistrate would be a hero if he dismissed the case.

Allegation 40. Perjury.

During his 1985 trial, Murphy lied about the extent of his relationship with Morgan Ryan.


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