Aplanetruth Murderous Shill | Reblogged from source @ https://ahuwahzeus.wixsite.com/mysite/single-post/2017/09/18/Aplanetruth-Shill

September 18, 2017

Aplanetruth on YouTube who made several videos using information off of my site is a shill. I have nothing to do with him.

The reason he used my information was to mix my info with the Flat Earth psyop and a lot of his other false teachings and contradictions.

He does not even think the Earth is flat. He is lying. (( Lol ))

None of his other videos touch on the subjects I talk about and the information he puts out has a primary focus on Jesuits instead of Black Nobility and mafia.

In his videos he also mixes his commentary with my information blurring my word with his. He is part of a large group of cyber stalkers that steal information and also track people on YouTube and flag their comments as spam.

By flagging comments it puts a block on the YouTube account from making comments for hours at a time and can even lead to getting channels shut down. I just had several of my channels shut down because of him and other cyber stalkers.

Most of the popular channels like his on YouTube are shills and gatekeepers. They are paid to promote false information.

As gatekeepers they work with hackers who track legitimate people and do all they can to censor them. Their cyber stalking assists in physical peresecution and murders.

Anyone continually claiming Jesuits control the Black Nobility are liars and also shills. These people doing this are just as much criminals as those they work for.

Veritas Aequitas is another shill on Reddit and YouTube who stalks me saying that Jesuits control everything and he works with Aplanetruth.

Joggler66 on YouTube is another lying shill. There are hundreds of shills on YouTube.

The Fugger family are major financiers of shills and use fake charity fronts to pay off their agents.

They also get paid through paypal accounts.

Aplanetruth and others like him use their channels to fish for victims and are involved in persecution and murder.

Aplanetruth is a *Fraud* and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Based on the Facebook comments he left Aplanetruth’s real name appears to be Joe….


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