HAARP/IRI Family Operations Continue Centered in Esperance, Australia


Esperance, Australia Spiral Vortex Operations continue. These Scalar Bottle Paradox 2.0 experiments based in negation of matter, or the equivalent of space/time dissipation in this, the labeled third dimension is Tesla mysticism put to negative ends. Technocracy has, through its efforts, been the orchestrator of our current state of damaged environment, contaminant pollutants, and elevated radiation levels; both natural and manmade. To construct the equipment currently in usage has devastated the planet and it continues through their operational saturation. The continued propaganda which the talking heads disseminate, blaming the populous for pollution, resides squarely on their shoulders. Think of the scorched earth remnants form mining, drilling, and all manor of harvest needed to create the raw materials for theses many varied systems. From NASA with its GHS emissions, to the manufacturing of goods, products which are not! -the Corporate Industrial and Military Complex continues to devolve the Frequency of Humanity. Changes in ionization balance, ozone negation resultant plasmicradiation penetration, and the disbursal of…

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