Queen Elizabeth’s genealogy chart according to Harold’s of London traces her blue bloodline back to Abraham who many modern scholars believe was Pharaoh Amenemhat I. By connecting twenty two dots the true Hebrew and royal Egyptian identity of Queen Elizabeth II comes into focus.

Queen Elizabeth II – Genealogy Chart
English / Scottish / Irish Kings
Vikings Kings
Ptolemy Kings
King Solomon (Siamun)
King David (Psusennes I)
Moses (Thutmose I)
Hyksos Kings
Abraham (Amenemhat I)
There are many parallel between the modern British monarchy and the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.
The stone of Jacob Is beneath the Queens Throne chair.
Queen was crowned at her coronation ceremony on top of an Egyptian step pyramid.
The Queens crown has twelve stones (jewels) at the base of it, representing the twelve Hebrew tribes. The twelve stones of the twelve tribes were also warn on the breast plate of the Hebrew priests in Canaan.
The Union Jack represents the reunion of the united twelve tribes of Jacob or Jack(ob).
The royal sceptre originated in Egypt, it was carried by the Egyptian god Amen and Egyptian Pharaohs, who called themselves the sun of god. Queen Elizabeth’s sceptre carries the world’s largest cut diamond, the star of Africa.
The Queen’s punishing flail or whip is partially hidden under her arm at the coronation, was also carried by the Pharaohs of Egypt.
The symbol of the bee can be found within the Queens royal wardrobe, in ancient Egypt bees were the symbol of royalty, as well as the symbol of Egypt.
The symbols on the British Coat of Arms reveal Britain’s Hebrew origins. According to the Bible the harp symbolises King David. The Biblical lion and unicorn holding up the shield represent the nation of Israel.
The motto “Dieu Et Mont Droit” means god at my right, indicating the divine right of a British monarch to an eternal throne.
The headdress worn by judges and the Queens high ranking officials originates in ancient Egypt.
Kilts like the one worn by Prince Charles originated with Egyptian Pharaohs who wore white kilts.
The hymn ‘Zadok the Priest’ performed by Handel at the Queen’s coronation in 1953, Zadok the Priest was a biblical priest who anointed King Solomon, while the people cried “God Save King Solomon! May he live forever! Amen.” At Elizabeth II’s coronation they cried “God Save Queen Elizabeth! May she live forever!”
During the coronation ceremony the Queen turns to face the four corners of the globe. The orb carried by the Queen represents the world which the Queen rules over.
The monarch’s coronation gifts of a rod, bracelets and a ring are a re-enactment of the Bible story Judah and Tamar.
Royal Jubilees originated in Egypt royal Pharaohs celebrated their jubilees after thirty years of rule. In pharaonic tradition the Queen has celebrated her silver and golden jubilees.
Incest was practised by Egyptian royalty, mothers married sons, and brothers married sisters to keep the power and the money all in the family. Like their pharaonic ancestors the British royal family have a long history of inbreeding.
The corpses of deceases Pharaohs were embound and entombed beneath the pyramid temples. The corpses of nineteen deceased monarchs are preserved in marble tomb slabs beneath Westminster Abbey.
The ancient Pharaohs advertised their power with their image on coins and stone monuments. The power of Elizabeth II is advertised worldwide with her image printed on more coins and stamps than any other head of state in history.
The structure of government in ancient Egypt was a step pyramid model with the grand vizier and priest hood below the Pharaoh. Today’s monarchy reigns using a much more suffocated pyramid model of authority.
The Pope’s headdress is strikingly similar to the crown of pagan god Amen. His bent cross resembles the sceptre of Amen.
Like the Egyptian Pharaohs the British Monarchy wear signet rings through the millennia they have been passed down through their Hebrew ancestors. The British mint recently printed legal tender coins with Queen Elizabeth’s picture on one side and on the other side a ring. The ring is called the one true ring or the ring of power. The inception on the ring reads one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness of their ignorance find them.
The covenant that the Biblical god gave to Abraham was to make his name great and to make for him a great nation. Today Great Britain is the only nation called great in Hebrew the word Britain literally means land of the covenant, and British means man of the covenant. 
Officially Diana is the daughter of 8th Earl John Spencer (1924 – 1992) he was a descendant of the 5th Earl John Spencer (1835 – 1910) he was a groom of the stool. That is the royal arse wiper. The 5th John Spencer wiped Prince of Wales from 1862 – 1966. Charles would not have married Diana if she was from a family of lowly arse wipers.
According New York Times, bestselling Author Tina Brown: Sir James Goldsmith, a member of the European Parliament is Diana’s real father. He had a long term affair with Diana’s mother, Frances Ruth Burke-Roche, during her marriage to John Spencer. Multiple news source maintain that Goldsmith and Diana’s mother were lovers when Diana was conceived. Frances Ruth Burke-Roche was deeply unhappy during her marriage to John Spencer. She finally divorced him and married Peter Shand Kydd in 1969.
Goldsmith was a Jewish bankster and one of the twentieth richest men in the world. Despite his criminal money laundering and bankruptcy schemes. He was never charged with anything because he was above the law. James Goldsmith’s family were neighbours of the Rothschilds in Germany. The Goldsmith and Rothschild families intermarried. Diana bore a striking family resemblance to James Goldsmith’s other children: Zac, Ben and Jemima Goldsmith.
Prince Philip’s mother was Alice Battenberg, granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and committed to a mental institution in Switzerland. Philip’s Germany father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, ran off with a wealthy mistress. Philip’s uncle George Mountbatten became Philip’s guardian.

Like her husband Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth come from a long line of name changers. For the same reason, to cover up their German identity. Before 1917 the British royals bore the name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. They changed it from the German name to the more British sounding name of Windsor. The Queen and Prince Philip are both the great, great grandchildren of Queen Victoria. Like Victoria they married their first cousins.
The Queens first cousins, Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon were severely mentally handicapped and were incarcerated in a state run asylum in 1941. Nerissa is now deceased but Katherine was still alive, she is neglected and never visited. The Queen also has three second cousins who were sent to the same mental hospital on exactly the same day as Katherine and Nerissa. Burkes Peerage is prestigious directory that record the who’s who of British aristocracy. It falsely records that Katherine died in 1940 and Nerissa in 1961. A hidden camera by journalist filmed Katherine in the institute proving that she was still alive and that she looks like Queen Elizabeth II.
The Queen’s great uncle Victor, was mildly retarded. He was also a suspect in the Jack the Ripper killings. The Queens Grandfather George V, had an epileptic son. When the boy suffered a seizure at age four, the King put him in a farm house. The boy never saw his royal parents again and reportedly died in his sleep.
The goat head is a symbol for the ‘Goat of Mendes’ which represents Baphomet or Satan, the goat head appears inside a five pointed star with pentagram in the middle. The Baphomet is the deity worshipped by the Knights Templar. Today the Baphomet pentagram is the official symbol of the Church of Satan. In black magic the Baphomet is the source and creator of great evil. It is portrayed as half human half goat. The symbol can be traced from ancient Sumer right through to today.
The ancient Sumerians made clay tablets of the ancient God Enki who genetically engineered the human race with his demon seed. The symbols for Enki are the same. The goat and the snake which are significant occult symbols. The goat symbol played an important role on 911. George W Bush was reading a story about a pet goat to a group of school children, when he was told that a second plane had hit the WTC.
At Prince Williams wedding a hymn called Jerusalem was sung by the royal family ♫And was Jerusalem builded here, Among those Satanic mills, Bring me my bow of burning gold, Bring me my arrows of desire, Bring me my spear o’clouds unfold, Bing me my chariot of fire, I will not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, Til we have built Jerusalem, in England’s green and pleasant land ♫. Why were the royal family singing about the fight to rebuild Jerusalem?
The Union Jack is steeped in symbolism. There is the Knights Templar cross. It is also called the Union Jack after Jacob. Jacob is the patriarch of the Jews. According to biblical history, Jacob laid his head on a stone, and dreamt about a ladder reaching to heaven. It’s called the stone of Jacob. The stone of Jacob is placed beneath the throne of the British ruling monarch. The Union Jack represents the reunion of the twelve tribes of Jacob, it is also Red, White and Blue the colours of the three crowns of Egypt.
According to the Bible story, Jacob fathered twelve sons. Manasseh, Naphtali, Issachar, Ephraim, Benjamin, Simeon, Asher, Zebulon, Gad, Dan, Reuben and Judah. They invaded the land of Canaan. Canaan was the home of the Philistine people. After defeating the Philistines the twelve Hebrew tribes carved up the land into twelve tribal districts. They then named the land of Canaan after their three favour gods, Israel or:
Is = Isis
Ra = Amen Ra
El = Elohim
By 69 AD Roman soldiers had burnt Jerusalem to the ground and destroyed the temple of Solomon. All that was left was a wall, it still stands today, known as the Wailing Wall, in the Jerusalem today. After the twelve Hebrew tribes fled from the land of Canaan which they had named Israel, the Romans gave the land back to Philistines and they called it Palestine. Palestine was the Romanised word for Philistine. Today the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza are the descendants of the Philistines. Where did the twelve tribes go once they left Canaan?
The tribe of Dan, with the snake and dragon with the crest of an eagle on a red and black shield, became Pirates. Since vowels could be interchangeable in the Hebrew language Dan could be pronounced Don, Den, Din or Dun. It was imbedded in the names London, Scandinavia, Sweden and Denmark. Denmark literally means the mark of Dan. The Viking ships had red and white striped sails, just like the red and white stripes on the British East India Company, which also had the Union Jack (ob). That flag design became the design for the United States.
By 1016 AD, the Viking King Cnut the Great, seized control of the England, Denmark and Sweden. Today’s British royalty are descendants of from the serpent tribe of Dan. Prince Charles’ Coat of Arms has a red dragon on it, from the Viking whose symbol was the dragon. The Coat of Arms also has the German words “Ich diene” on it which means ”I serve” written across the bottom of it. I serve the Red Dragon, I serve Satan.
There was a checkered floor on Westminster Abbey in London, where William and Kate Middleton guest sat for their wedding. The checkered pattern is the known symbol of Freemasonry. Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams is a known Druid member. Druid ceremonies include pagan sun worship in stone circles. On the back of the Archbishops robe at Prince Williams wedding, was a sun symbol.
Prince William and the royal family claim descent from King David and the Jewish tribe of Judea. However the evidence shows they are descended from the tribe of Dan and the Viking Kings whose symbols are the snake and the dragon. 
It took nearly one thousand years for the tribes of Israel to reunite after fleeing from Jerusalem in 70 AD. They reunited in the British Isles under the flag of their Jewish patriarch Jacob. It took another thousand years to reclaim the land that the Romans had given to the Palestinians. In 1917 the British Earl of Balfour signed the Balfour Declaration promising to give the nation of Palestine to Lord Rothschild the Jewish Zionist. This criminal declaration was made even before the British had conquered the nation of Palestine at the end of World War One.
By the end of WWII the British conquered and turned the nation of Palestine over to the Rothschild Zionist as promised. The Zionists populated the land with boat loads of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. By 1948 the name of the Muslim nation of Palestine was changed to the Zionist state of Israel.
According to Jewish historian and best-selling author Simon Schama: Rothschild Zionists financed illegal settlements on Palestinian land. They now own 80% of the Palestinian land that they renamed Israel.
Zionist are a minority of Christians and Jewish extremists who believe that the Jews have a god given rite to the land of Israel. Because according to the Judaeo-Christian Bible gods said so. Gods Promised Land to the Jews spreads far beyond the current Israel borders, it encompasses: Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordon, plus parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
Ultimately the grand scheme is to reclaim Jerusalem and ‘rebuild’ Solomon’s temple. Today, Israel’s Jews pray at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The design and corner stones for Solomon’s Temple have already been completed.
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the most sensitive piece of land on the planet. Jewish leaders have already established a training centre in Jerusalem, where temple priest are now learning how to offer the required blood sacrifices and to conduct the daily temple services. There are limits on the type of sacrifices they do due to the state of impurity we’re in.
The Dome of the Rock is stopping the Jews from rebuilding Solomon’s Temple. Built in 691 AD right over the top of Solomon’s Temple. It is one of the Muslims holiest sites. This valuable real estate is one of the most dangerous places on earth. For the Zionist plan to rebuild Solomon’s Temple on scared ground it must be necessity reduce the Dome of the Rock to rubble. A manmade disaster to destroy the dome would be the spark to ignite WWIII.
When a British monarch is crowned, an elaborate ceremony takes place. It resembles the ritual crowning of King Solomon. King Solomon had extensive knowledge of the Kabbalah, which he used to communicate with demons. King Solomon is the single most important figure in the occult teachings of world international Freemasonry.
The ancient Goetia, is a book of powerful invocations and spells written by King Solomon. These ancient spells and invocation were used to summon spirits who would then psychically tortured and forced to serve King Solomon. The Goetia contains descriptions of seventy two demons. Some of whom control their own army of lesser demons. King Solomon invoked and imprisoned these spirits in a bronze vessel using magic symbols.
The Goetia explains how the spirits can be compelled into obedience. The Goetia describes a demonic royal hierarchy of spirits many of which are referred to as Knights, Princes, and Kings. King Solomon ruled ancient Israel from the year 970 BC to 928 BC. Satanists, Occultists and Freemasons worldwide venerate the memory of King Solomon.
King Solomon owed a magic ring. It is engraved with a symbol called the seal of Solomon. This gave him power over the invisible monarch of demons. This Seal of Solomon is better known as ‘The Star of David’. It is this symbol that is encoded into the American one dollar bill, it is also the flag of Israel.
Magicians and mediums who consult with spirits have always been employed by the royal elite.
In medieval Britain, Dr John Dee was consulted regularly by Queen Elizabeth I. At the British museum in London you can see the dark mirror which John Dee used to see or scribe faces of spirits. Dee’s ability to communicate with spirits led him to be employed as a spy. Dee used to sign his correspondence with 007. Developing psychic espionage techniques which we now call remote viewing. John Dee attended Trinity College in Cambridge, which became a place where occultists and the world of spies were intertwined.
Aleister Crowley also attended Trinity College, in 1904. He wrote an introduction to an ancient book of spells called ‘The Goetia’. Soon after Aleister Crowley followed in the footsteps of John Dee and worked as a spy for Her Majesties Secret Intelligence Services MI5.
Dr John Dee was secretly initiated into the secrets of the Kabbalah by Rabbi Loew in the 1500’s. The Kabbalah offers a root map which is called the Tree of Life. Dis-calm spirits some angelic, some evil occupy each point on the tree of life. These spirits can be called forth, and invoked to serve the magician.
Medieval Astrologers and Kabbalists such as John Dee are hired by monarchs to plan their wars, or to experiment with alchemy. Trying to transform base metals into gold and thus increase the already spectacular wealth of the monarchy.
There are three texts that predict an apocalyptic third world war; Book of Revelations, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, which would give rise to a one world empire and a one world King.
Albert Pike has a statue stands today on a pedestal in Washington DC at the foot of Capitol Hill. Albert Pike was the sovereign pontiff of universal Freemasonry and a known Satanist. He possessed a bracelet which he used to summon Lucifer. After the American Civil War he was imprisoned for treason but was pardoned by Freemason President Andrew Johnson. By 1869 Pike had become the National Chief Judiciary Officer of and Grand Dragon of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Arkansas.
By 1871 Pike published the Masonic handbook known as Morals and Dogma. Albert Pike was also the author of a military formula for three World Wars. That would advance the one world agenda to its final stage in 21st Century.
WWI must be engineered to over through the Tsar of Russia and make Russia a fortress of atheistic Communism. WWII must be engineered to destroy Nazism, strengthen political Zionism and create a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. WWIII must exploit the conflicts of the Zionist state of Israel and the Islamic states so that they mutually destroy each other. Divided and exhausted by war the masses will receive the light of Lucifer brought finally out into the open.
Albert Pike’s vision for WWIII is now taking shape in the Middle East. Where the engineered conflicts between the Zionists state of Israel and the Islamic nations are coming to a head.
Proof of a World Government conspiracy is uncovered in Denver, Colorado is home to Americas largest Airport called the Denver New World Airport. The airport was built by Freemasons in 1995. It features a Freemasonic dedication capstone in the atrium. A time capsule is buried underneath the stone, to be opened in the year 2094. The New World Denver Airport has a swastika shaped runway. There is reportedly a deep underground military base beneath the airport with miles and miles of secret subterranean tunnels connected to a large network of underground cities.
As passengers drive up to the main airport terminal they are greeted by a sinister looking thirty foot high blue stallion. It has veins popping out of its body and demonic eyes that glow bright red. The sculpture is believed to symbolise the pale white horse of the apocalypse mentioned in the Bible, whose name is death. The sculptor, Luis Jiménez was killed by the horse when a chunk of the sculpture broke loose and came crashing down on him. Locals call the horse Blucifer.
The British throne has been bathed in blood for centuries. At one time Britain contained several small Kingdoms. These small Kingdoms ruled over by an intermarried self-elected elite gradually amalgamated in the single monarchy that rules over Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and secretly controls the United States. 
Ten to twelve corporations run the world’s food supply. They are grouped around Britain’s royal House of Windsor. The Windsor led cartel includes: Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, and Associated British Foods PLC. All dominate grain, meat, dairy, oils and fats, fruits and vegetable, sugar and spices. This cartel is hoarding food, minerals and raw materials. It has the power to shut down food production and export supplies worldwide.
“Depollution should be the highest priority of foreign policy toward the third world” – Henry Kissinger           
“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” ― Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Prince Philip Battenberg and his friends see themselves as inheritors of the earth. Culling the population through eugenics is their answer to freeing up earth’s resources. They say earth’s food is being consumed by what they call racially inferior commoners and useless eater.
“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care & reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” ― Bill Gates, Globalist, Member of the Bilderberg Group. 
The Queen’s Gold carriage alone is made of four tonnes of solid gold. Its values is over 370 billion dollars. British tourism would not collapse if the monarchy was abolished, statistically Buckingham Palace doesn’t make the top 20 tourist attractions.
The media has mislead the public into believe the Queens is symbolic figurehead. With little or no real power. That she is harmless old relic who passes her time sipping tea at the Palace. Nothing could be firth than the truth.
(Egyptian & Hebrew Hyksos Bloodlines origins of the Blue Blood Britain Queen’s throne & Jacob’s)

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