Was Alberto Really Who He Claimed To Be? Reblogged from source with thanks to Chick.com @ http://www.chick.com/reading/comics/0112/indefense.asp

Was Alberto Really Who He Claimed To Be?

As soon as Alberto Rivera went public with his testimony, the Roman Catholic Church began its damage-control operation.

Alberto knew too much! Having been prepared for leadership in the Jesuit order, he had been briefed on things too sensitive to put in writing.

Now he was telling the world!

Alberto was immediately denounced as having never been a priest, even though he possessed clear documentation.

Christianity Todayprinted an article written by Gary Metz, attacking Alberto and accusing him of all sorts of things.

Alberto refused to spend his life arguing with his accusers. Instead, he just pushed on, preaching the gospel, and trusting God to defend him.

The Lord raised up other Christians who examined the charges against Alberto, and found him to be exactly what he claimed to be. Below is an abundance of evidence. Read it for yourself.

Photos and ID papers:

See the photo ID card that the Spanish authorities issued to Alberto as a young priest.

• Photos of Dr. Rivera as a young priest when he was the Director of the Parish School in San Lorenzo, Tarrasa, Spain.

Photos taken at various meetings where he preached the gospel, after being saved and leaving Catholicism.

View the letter he received from the Archbishop of Madrid-Alcala giving him permission to travel in foreign countries in the service of the pope. See the original, in Spanish and an English translation of the letter.

Statements of other Christians

• From other former Catholics who, after meeting him, recognized immediately that he was who he said he was.

• Read a letter to Christianity Today, in which author James Houston provides many pages of historical evidence that support the claims of Alberto Rivera.

– It makes interesting reading, and will help you see that Alberto was truly genuine. It won’t be hard to see why Christianity Today never dared print it.

• Read a short online book, “Is Alberto For Real?,” written by Sidney Hunter.

He answers the charges against Alberto one by one.

Read what Jack Chick had to say about the accusations against Alberto, and why he knew he had to publish Alberto’s story, even though he knew the attacks that would come. This is a real eye-opener!

Once he was freed from the oath of celibacy imposed on Roman Catholic priests, Alberto started a ministry, the “Anti-Christ Information Center,” dedicated to promoting the truth about the false christ in the Vatican.

He then married his wife, Nury, and fathered a son, Alberto Jr.  Since Alberto went to be with the Lord on June 20, 1997, Nury has continued the ministry of A.I.C.

In this personal message, Jack Chick promises to keep Alberto’s message alive, and shares an example of what many Catholics say after reading this testimony.

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Reblogged from source with thanks to Chick.com

@ – http://www.chick.com/reading/comics/0112/indefense.asp

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