Public Rallies to Secure Vindication for Fiona Barnett

Pedophiles Down Under

I would like to thank all those fellow child abuse victims and victim advocates for supporting me. People have supported me in different ways according to their ability and resources. Many had the capacity to lodge complaints with the NSW Police Commissioner and/or the NSW Victim Rights Commissioner concerning the mishandling of my case.

The concerned public’s efforts have produced a result. Victim Services decided to divide my claim up and make a ruling on just one of the incidents of crime, leaving me free to make further claims if I choose. How the system works is, when a single perpetrator is responsible for multiple crimes, those incidents are lumped together and treated as one incident.

Victim Services chose to rule on one incident, the abuse I experienced at the hands of my sadistic step-grandfather Peter Holowczak. They decided on the balance of probabilities that Peter Holowczak did sexually and…

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