Julian Assange, the product of the year. Assange assaulting the world by “surprise” as a lone ranger of transparency (at least the face of transparency).

WikiLeaks leader, no doubt, is the closest thing the media, counter-culturally, Che Guevara, that icon iterated and used to sell just ideal for those the “ideal” originally fought. Che Guevara is a post-mortem capitalist.

Assange, involuntarily or voluntarily, appear likely to meet the same fate and work to freedom of information is celada ( encouraging new control laws on cyber networks ), precisely a trap, a trap of freedom … will work for the same system whose injustices and human violations reported in Afghanistan, in Iraq and within the embassies, to advance its totalitarian plan.

Perhaps Julian Assange also is the new Osama bin Laden, former CIA agent, trained in Pakistan, then become public enemy 1 in the world, and whose terrorist organization provoked laws like the Patriot Act, which allows eavesdrop on citizens and make that airport security will increase the limit of the evil.

WikiLeaks may be what it says, the Wikipedia of secret information, a collective effort nonprofit, whose interest is to contribute to freedom of information.

Formed by hackers, whose mantra was always “information wants to be free” and in the specific case, as suggested by internal mails WikiLeaks published on the site Cryptome turncoat, John Young, intending to fuck all “fuck them all “.

Apparently a sincere attempt to bring to light the political cesspool that corrodes the veins of the planet.

You may only be the unbelief of the conspiracy media, paranoia and the resintimiento, do not allow anything but confirm his more radical theories:

that there is a single, all-embracing conspiracy that controls the planet.

And anything that comes from the media that apparently would be supporting this monolithic conspiracy, has to be a trick hidden agenda.

How do you think the Prisa Group, or the New York Times, seriously attack the system and the status quo that feeds them, which somehow are attacked themselves?

Why in the case of climategate, some media objected that it could not publish information hacked, but in the case of WikiLeaks no such ethics?

What it is not true that the same Assange has accepted that the cables are reviewed and edited by the media that he entrusted them ?

Assange himself has said that people who asked about the attacks of 9-11, only distract attention from real conspiracies.

Why no cables this conspiracy or aliens or Israel?

You would have to if any cables to WikiLeaks were a real effort against the political mainstream?

This is what reason some conspiracy bloggers, for those revealed by WikiLeaks does not enter into his narrative of what the hidden truth should be.

The truth is that Assange is the center of the projection of fantasies and fears, both the conspiracy, as millions of people with a slight tendency to the left, looking for a new hero, a blow for freedom.

And the media, ready with Assange, they give them.

The truth is that beyond a level of sociological and psychological interpretation, we can not access the truth, no doubt, that everyone would like to discover, according to our view of the world:

we can not say that Julian Assange is an agent of the CIA or Mossad working for or being used by the Illuminati, but say the opposite, that Assange is a sincere modern fighting the oppressive system hero, it would also be naive.

In that muddy field in which information moves currently always between information overload and misinformation among the hidden agendas and paranoia, we try to present what is a reason to suspect the authenticity of WikiLeaks or that this organization is being manipulated.

LSD, MK-Ultra and programming WikiLeaks

In the Wikipedia entry Assange read that his mother, Christine, married in 1979 (Julian was born in 71) with a cultist new age Australian Sanitniketan Park Association (also called The Great White Brotherhood), which was led by yoga teacher Anne Hamilton Byrne.

This group was characterized by recruiting mentally ill, doctors and nurses to their ranks and housed in Kew hospital, where administered LSD and electroshock therapy to patients.

Ann Hamilton Byrne, “acquired fourteen children between 1968 and 1975,” some of which were natural children of members of the group, others were adopted through obscure legal process, something that later proved.

According to Wikipedia, the children are dosficaba drugs as Anatensol, Diazepam, Haloperidol, Serepax, Tegretol and others. When they reached adolescence they were dosed with LSD.

There is no reliable information on whether Assange lived in this environment with the husband of his mother from 1979 to 1982 or simply the husband of his mother, a musician, had these beliefs.

Assange had grown up in Magnetic Island and his parents were part of a traveling theater company; his life would be from the beginning of a modern nomad.

Moreover Webester Tarpley journalist, interviewed by Alex Jones, said that Assange meets perfectly with the profile of a “child MK-Ultra”, ie, the mind control program CIA used LSD.

Webster Tarpley inference is based only on their percecpión of what these children MK-Ultra and the fact, as he tells Alex Jones, who sees an ASD style WikiLeaks agenda.

Tarpley said that actually the WikiLeaks documents not attacked anyone who was not a CIA agent or just did to people like Putin and Berlusconi, which are beyond the control of the elite.

Tarpley added that the information disclosed could have easily been known by anyone perstara attention to local media.

In this sense WikiLeaks would be a typical strategy of intelligence agencies, which eset case work fighting leaking secret information leaking information that drowns the others and with greater legitimacy, suggesting that filtered WikiLeaks is it is top of what is hidden.

A strategy that reminds the advisor to the Rockefeller family, Ivy Lee, a media crisis that almost 100 years ago, leaked internal documents of the family to bias the opinion públic.

Tarpley and Jones believe that Assange may not even know you are working on the agenda of the elite; will only seep appropriate information and behavior be predicted through his psychological profile programs disrupted by the CIA.

Moreover, Tarpley points out that the name of hacker Assange is “Mendax”, which basically means “the liar”.

Both John Young the site’s founder Cryptome, as Daniel Domscheit-Berg (alias Schmidt) founder of OpenLeaks, both former WikiLeaks, have left the organization because of differences with Assange, saying he lost ground and is extremely self-centered (ego Assange that time receives the catering medium could be just the way to manipulate the WikiLeaks project).

Berg also who handled the finances of WikiLeaks, according to these documents , it is concerned about secret funds. “I assume Danie smelled a rat Schmidt, or a failed payment, and confronted Assange.

What led to the break,” Young writes. Young had to suspect that something was wrong because he made an official request to the Open Society Institute of George Soros to being informed by the Freedom of Information Act if the institute had granted funds to WikiLeaks.

The Open Society Institute received only answer him but did not answer their questions. Assange has denied any connection with the speculator Soros .

John Young, publishes on its website Cryptome (which some call a WikiLeaks unedited) the following link to an article theorizes that WikiLeaks is a CIA operation (the CIA has formed a panel to deal with WikiLeaks, under the acronym WTF acronym also what the Fuck !, what some call an inside joke at the possibility that they operate WikiLeaks).

According to the website Syria Truth, Daniel Domscheit-Berg told his correspondent in Berlin that Assange received money from Mossad to protect Israel from the leaked cables.

The Rothschild connection and relationship with WikiLeaks mainsteam media

Among the suspicions of the affair WikiLeaks, is the love relationship with mainstream media, such as the New York Times (or magazine the New Yorker) has interviewed Assange a couple of times, including an interview with Raffi Khatchadurian member the Council on Foreign Relations, a powerful political organization led by David Rockefeller.

Assange also was interviewed by Richard Stengel, the magazine Times, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The director of the company’s New York Times, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and his family has been a member of the Rockefeller Foundation.

A good question would be why journalists pertenencen to political organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and attend meetings like the Bilderberg Group?

What it reveals the close relationship between the political and financial elite and journalism.

The Operation Mocking Bird CIA was formed in the 50 to influence foreign and domestic media communication.

As with such groups it is accepted that existed but is said to have ceased to exist, which is highly unlikely considering how to operate the CIA and the importance of the media and the easy access they have to them through almost monolithic large corporations.

Assange himself has accepted that the media that gives them the cables edit and write the information .

Across New York, in London, the equivalent of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds are a family that to some extent invented the modern banking system.

Perhaps no coincidence that The Economist gave Assange New Media Award in 2008. The Economist belongs to The Ecnomist Group, half of which belongs to the Financial Times, a subsidiary of Pearson PLC.

An international group of shareholders, including The Rothschild Banking family of England owns the rest.

Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild was a director of The Economist from 1972 to 1989. Coincidence that the Rothschild family, whose patriarch Mayer Amsel in 1790 said “let me check and print the nation ‘s money and I care not who makes the laws” , control the two most influential financial publications printed?

The connection to the Rothschild family extends Julian Assange’s lawyer, Mark Stephens of Finers Stephens Innocent, who is also the legal adviser to the Rothschild Waddesdon Trust of.

Is it coincidence that Assange has spent the months before the leak of the embassy cables, which had already been announced, in London, in the jurisdiction of the Rothschild?

The Rothschild family, although now part of the British nobility, has a clear Jewish origin (like the Rockefellers), and was instrumental in the formation of the state of Israel.

Recently the Rothschild built the Supreme Court Isarel a clear Masonic architecture building, which even has a pyramid with one eye.

When we talk about the Illuminati generally it mentions the Rothschilds as one of the bloodlines in power.

It is possible that the Illuminati, as such, does not really exist, or have existed only in the late eighteenth century, founded by Adam Weishaupt, who are just the facade to distract the conspiracy.

But it is hard to deny that the Rothschild and Rockefeller families eminently bankers and oil do not exert a higher turn of politicians in power. His influence is not limited to a choice, it extends for decades affirming its empire in the shade.

In this sense it is hard to think they have no hand in the affair of WikiLeaks, but what is their agenda?

In 2008 and l Larry Lessig Stanford professor he said “It will be an i-9/11 event” that will serve as a catalyst for a radical restructuring of laws related to Internet (one Patriot Act mail).

It is curious that in 2000, the Project for a New American Century, a think tank, in which participating Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, wrote in a report that a new Pearl Harbor type event was needed.

One year after the event occurred Twin Towers (which does not consider Assange a conspiracy)

Are we seeing a paradoxical staging where the hero of the internet, voluntarily or involuntarily, just with the freedom of the network that motivates his crusade?

It may not be coincidence that the Federal Communications Commission United States passed a law this week that would end the net neutrality in regards to wireless access.

Or that the UN has begun talks to form a global Internet governance . WikiLeaks, 9-11 Internet?

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