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Mass Murder Incorporated?

Compiled from 16.05.97 Investigation
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    • “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities,
      against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
      against spiritual wickedness in high (places}”. — Ephesians 6:12.

Right after the Port Arthur investigation, the chief police official for Tasmania, Commissioner of Police John Johnson retired, and has apparently disappeared. A police source was reported as saying “You can’t find him, because he doesn’t intend to be found”. There are a number of other significant anomalies to be noted in this investigation. Perhaps the most significant of them is that the judge, despite official pledges to “get to the bottom of the case, so such a tragedy would never happen again”, ordered all evidence about the case to be sealed. In addition, an expose which had been produced by the TV show “Four Corners”, on the Tasmanian Mental Health Department, was suddenly cancelled, just before it was to go to air. The Tasmanian Mental Health Department had extensive contact with Martin Bryant from the time he was a child.

'Oversights' At The Highest Levels

Why did the Tasmanian police repeatedly overlook Bryant’s activities? Why did a person of the professional calibre of Police Commissioner John Johnston, who was also Head of the prestigious Australian Bureau of Criminal intelligence somehow manage to miss all of the anomalies recorded below.

Johnson commanded the police team which carried out a 15-week investigation into the Port Arthur events. Johnson was just one of the heavy weights, who came to backwoods Tasmania, and were in touch with the Bryant case. Johnson is reported to be the first prominent Australian police official to call for the legalisation of drugs, in 1995. As has been documented extensively, those pushing for decriminalisation and legalisation of narcotics in Australia, are precisely those ‘City’ of London linked financial circles who are deriving considerable benefits from narcotics-money laundering. George Soros is a major funder of legalisation campaigns.

Some Significant Anomalies.

As will become clear in some detail further into the record of the investigation, Bryant was well known to Tasmania’s Tavistock networks. But what Johnson appears to have missed is that Bryant was also well known to the police, despite post-Port Arthur protestations to the contrary. The following evidence clearly supports the contention that the police was fully aware, or should have been fully aware of the great danger to the community presented by Martin Bryant:

1. He had repeatedly threatened to kill some of his neighbours in Tasmania. At least, several incidents had been reported to the police.

2. On one of his frequent international flights, he had been arrested at Melbourne Airport on suspicion of being a drug courier, in part because he travelled without luggage. He was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, examined and released. On another occasion, pornographic videos depicting bestiality were found in his luggage. According to one police source reported, Bryant’s police records indicated a profile of a “psychotic multiple killer”.

3. The profile accorded well with what his neighbours thought of him. Not merely because of his frequent threats against them. There was intense suspicion among them that Bryant had killed, first his spinster friend and protector, wealthy heiress Helen Harvey, and then ten months later, his father Maurice Bryant. Eyewitnesses had seen Bryant wrench the steering wheel from Harvey while the two were out driving. Harvey told the mayor of Tasman council, not long before the fatal car crash that killed her and seriously wounded Bryant, “Oh, he’s a worry to me sometimes. He grabbed hold of the steering wheel coming down today, and nearly pulled me off the road, going silly. What would you do with him?

On 16 August 1993, Maurice Bryant was found, wearing weight belts, dead at the bottom of a darn on the property formerly owned by Harvey, which she had willed to Martin Bryant. Bryant had had numerous arguments with his father, who moved onto the property the same night that Harvey was killed. Martin was particularly bitter that his father was getting rid of the menagerie that the younger Bryant and Harvey had collected.

After his father disappeared, but before his body had been found, Martin ran into neighbour Marian Larner outside the local hospital. Lamer reported to the police shortly thereafter, that Bryant had accosted her excitedly, grabbing her by the shoulders: “Oh, Marian, it’s so exciting. So exciting! ” She asked, “What are you talking about, Martin” “Dad is at the bottom of the dam”, he replied. “You’ll hear all about it soon. You’ll read all about it”. The police never questioned Larner further. And, when the elder Bryant was soon after pulled from the dam, “the searchers were amazed to see Martin walking back from the dam laughing”, according to local journalist Mike Bingham. Several days before, another neighbour, John Featherstone, had run into strangers inquiring about a boat which a man named “Martin” had advertised for sale. When asked why he was selling the boat, Martin Bryant had told them his father had just recently passed away. After recounting the incident to his wife, Featherstone told her, incredulously, “I saw Maurice just this morning! “

But, it was not only local police who noticed Bryant. In early 1994, on one of his trips to the United Kingdom, he checked into a hotel in Hereford, the super-sensitive home of Britain’s elite Special Air Services [SAS]. Bryant started acting so strangely, that the hotel management notified the police, who notified Interpol, which in turn put in inquiries to the police in Tasmania, who replied that Bryant’s “slate was clean”. (Bryant’s presence having been logged in the vicinity of Britain’s SAS establishment raises further questions, particularly when the comments of military and police experts are taken in consideration).

Bryant Exhibited Advanced Military skills

Beyond all these and other run-ins with the police, which strangely never resulted in any official action, another irreconcilable fact is the obvious planning and skill which went into the commission of the mass murder itself. Bryant exhibited capabilities well beyond someone diagnosed as “borderline intellectually disabled” i.e. in the lowest 1-2% of Australia’s population. He was deemed unable to manage his own affairs.

An Expert's View

One of Australia’s counter-terror experts, who had himself investigated the case, after reading the report by Melbourne-based British forensic psychiatrist Dr. Paul Mullen, is reported to have observed on the issue of Bryant allegedly having learned all he knew about weaponry and tactics from “survival magazines” that if Bryant had learned weapon and survival skills from magazines, then that is in conflict with his learning difficulties. “How could Bryant understand the magazines in the first place? With such a low IQ and poor reading skills? Any decent lawyer could have a field day with this report. They could pick it to pieces. Bryant worked out the military aspects of the shooting. Most soldiers could not do on their own that which Bryant did. What’s more, he outsmarted police by doubling back to Seascape. That is not a low IQ. Then look at the planning of the assault, the equipment required, the weapons stash, the most effective weapon to use, how much ammunition to take with him, how to use the weaponry, planning an escape route, creating havoc in multiple areas to keep authorities guessing, and so on.” The conclusion was that Bryant had received military training. (A question raised by this trait of events, is: did Bryant receive his military training at Hereford?”)

Police Evidence Supports
The Military Conditioning Thesis

Tasmanian Deputy Commissioner Lupo Prins, who directed the overall police operation at Port Arthur on 28 April 1996, observed dryly to an investigator in mid April 1997, that Bryant had “set up six different areas of activity – he had the police running around in circles. That is pretty good for a guy who’s a slow learner”. Prins also told the Courier Mail on 28 April 1997, that he believes Bryant was playing out some prearranged script. “What that script was, we don’t know”, because even though Bryant, unlike most mass murderers, did not commit suicide and was not killed, and thus is “able to tell the story … he hasn’t, it’s really frustrating (Did Bryant attempt suicide when he set himself alight at Seascape Cottage?)

That Bryant’s actions, and even his very words, had been choreographed, was also the assessment of the police negotiator, Sgt. Terry McCarthy, who dealt most closely with him during the siege at Seascape. McCarthy recalled with some amazement how very calm Bryant, who was calling himself “Jamie” was throughout the siege. Bryant did show signs of Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD]. The “occasional sudden change in the direction of Mr. Bryant’s discourse” which Mullen recorded, are characteristic of MPD, as different personalities emerge. Notably, Bryant’s interviews with police after the slaughter, in which he denied that he had even been at Port Arthur and seemed genuinely astonished at the charges against him, are also consistent with MPD.

Monarch and Related Conditioning

Documentation on Monarch and related mental conditioning projects indicate that telltale signs are left in its victims;

1) Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD]; 2) bizarre sexual behaviour and, frequently, 3) involvement in Satanic cult activity. The normal healthy personality can not be “programmed” without first being subjected to degrading conditioning regimes, which involved or resulted in the above.

The existence to controllers in Monarch and related projects, such as mentioned below, is that the different personalities, whose existence is not even known to the main personality, may be “programmed’ to carry out distinct tasks, but unless those personalities are later “accessed” the main personality will have only a fragmentary idea, if any at all, of what really has happened.

As for bizarre sexual behaviour, besides the pornographic videos depicting bestiality, Bryant brought back home to Australia, he was known for sleeping with a pig in his room. Although Satanic activity has not been reported, his favour- ite video, Child’s Play, depicts a satanic manifestation, a doll which comes to life and which proceeds to slaughter people.

British psychiatrist Paul Mullen stated at the outset of his psychiatric report for Bryant’s new lawyer, “This report is intended to clarify for the court why an insanity plea was not considered appropriate …” The response from a police source was amazement:”That’s wild! If Bryant is not insane, who is?” Bryant originally pleaded “not guilty” to 72 counts of murder and mayhem. With a new lawyer, and under pressure, he changed that to “guilty”, which ensured that there would be no trial! The decision to find Bryant sane, together with his sudden change of mind to plead “guilty”, is of enormous benefit to those who want to make sure that the truth never comes out.

The Undoubted Outcome of Being Found insane

If Bryant had been found to be insane, under Australian law, he would be monitored and periodically re-evaluated. If eventually he would regain his sanity, he would then be put on trial – and the likelihood that Tavistock’s handiwork would be exposed to the light of day, could be considerable.

The Outcome of Bryant's "Sanity"

The Tavistock-sponsored form of “blind terror” to which Bryant is said to conform, has the great advantage to its sponsors, that its programmed killers almost invariably kill themselves, or are likely to be killed in the course of the events. Little or no evidence is then left.

Mullen while defending Bryant’s “sanity” admits to “One of the essential elements … is they are looking to kill and be killed”. (This is commonly perceived as a particular queer description of a “sane” personality!)

It seems that the self-immolation part of Bryant’s conditioning has not been wholly successful. Bryant has made two unsuccessful attempts to kill himself, but prison authorities appear confident that a fellow inmate will kill him. Again, we are struck by the callous indifference of authorities who are apparently determined to ensure that Bryant’s secrets will never come to light.

The Tavistock Connections

In the 1950s, Brigadier General Dr. John Rawlings Rees, the head of Tavistock in the 1930s sent two psychiatrists, Dr. Eric Cunningham-Dax and Dr. Fred E. Emery to Australia. Dax had written a chapter for Rees’s 1949 book, Modern Practise in Psychological Medicine, and had trained in the same hospital where Rees had practised. Dax was also a protege of Sargant (sic). Sargent had initiated a brainwashing technique called “deep sleep” in which patients were given massive doses of drugs, to keep them asleep for 20 or more hours per day. This increased their susceptibility to “programming”. Under Sargent’s tutelage, Dax performed 1,300 experiments in deep sleep, and rapidly became one of Britain’s top practitioners of so-called “physical methods” of psychiatry, which included prefrontal lobotomies, on which Dax wrote a monograph, and electrical shock treatment, which was often administered during “deep sleep”. The acknowledged problem with “deep sleep”, was the high risk factor to the patients. 2% of patients subjected to “deep sleep” died; those who lived were frequently psychologically destroyed.

The 'Brainwashers' Arrive

In 1952, Dax arrived in Australia to set up the Mental Hygiene Department of Victoria, which in turn set up the entire mental health care system for Australia. Brigadier General Dr. Rawlings Rees wrote in the introduction to the book he had asked Dax to write, Asylum to Community: The Development of the Mental Hygiene Service in Victoria, Australia: “The Mental Hygiene Service of Victoria, may, indeed, have provided a major training ground in psychiatry and mental health work for all the English speaking populations of the South-Western Pacific region, and this is a matter of great importance “.

The second of the Tavistock “psychological shock troops”, a term Rees himself employed in 1945, to arrive in Australia, was Dr. Fred Emery. Emery set up shop as Senior Research Officer in the Department of Audio Visual Aids in Melbourne University. There, Emery began conducting experiments on school children. He described these experiments in his article Psychological Effects of the ‘Western’ Film”, to see how “Oedipal patterns” could be induced in schoolchildren. (In the classic tragedy Oedipus killed his father, and unwittingly married his father’s wife, his own mother). The subject has some relevance since Bryant is also suspected of having killed his father, and fell into a relationship with a much older woman. (Frequently referred to as an Oedipal pattern”.)

The Battle For The Mind

Tavistock’s methods were outlined by Dr. William Sargant in his 1950s book, The Battle for the Mind: A physiology of conversion and brainwashing. A pioneer in the study of “shell shock”, Sargant also emphasised the work of Soviet psychologist Pavlov in the 1920s and 1930s. In particular an incident in which a rising flood trapped some of Pavlov’s dogs in their cages. The water rose to their heads, before receding. Pavlov found that the intense fear the dogs experienced had “wiped clean” the tricks they had been taught. Following this event he found they could be “reprogrammed”. Further experiments by the Special Air Services/Secret Intelligence Services [SAS/SIS] during the 1950s, including in Malaya and Kenya, showed Tavistock that such stresses, with resultant “reprogramming” could be applied to entire societies.

Reporting Back To Tavistock

By the early 1960’s, Emery, together with the chairman of Tavistock’s governing council, Dr. Eric Trist, was giving lectures to select audiences at Tavistock on methods to brainwash entire societies. In this new age of communications, they said, a series of short, universal shocks would destabilise a targeted population, plunging it into a form of “shell shock”, a mass neurosis. If the shocks were repeated over a period of years, a more and more infantile pattern of thinking would develop. (At last, some understanding as to why the electorate keeps on voting for its executioners?)

And, The Tavistock Agenda?

Emery elaborated these concepts in his 1976 article in Tavistock’s magazine Human Relations, entitled, “The Next Thirty Years: Concepts, Methods, and Anticipations” and in his 1975 book “Futures We Are In”. In the latter he outlined three stages of a process:

1) People would “lose their moral judgment”
2 ) next, ” segmentation ” – societal disintegration – would begin, in which the individual’s focus moves from the regard for the nation-state to a preoccupation with the local community or family; and finally,
3) “disassociation” would set in, “a world in which fantasy and reality are indistinguishable”, in which the individual becomes the mere ‘societal unit’. Emery called this final result “Clockwork Orange” after the Anthony Burgess novel, in which habitual, random violence by gangs of youth is the order of the day, while adults retreat to their television sets and other forms of “virtual reality”.

A Retreat From Reality?

For example: What level of public reaction involving parents of young children, occurred when the ‘discussion’ paper “Sexual Offences Against The Person” prepared by the Model Criminal Code Officers Committee of the Standing Committee of Federal, State, and Territory Attorneys General proposed to lower the age of sexual consent to the age of ten, and to “allow” incest involving children above the age of 10? So far hardly a ripple, have these young parents also retreated before the onslaught?

Is Tavistock Over-Confident?

In 1980, Trist looked back at the last two decades of the assassinations of the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, the Vietnam War, the Oil shocks, the Iranian hostage crisis, etc. and announced that the process that Tavistock had predicted, had indeed begun, and would now accelerate.

Dax and "Aggression", "Turbulence",
"Deep Sleep" and "Brainwashing"

On 14 August 1962, Dax had brought Sargant to Melbourne to lecture on “The Mechanism of Brainwashing and Conversion”. The Sydney based psychiatrist Dr. Harry Bailey, was a protege of Sargant and was a fanatical practitioner of “deep sleep”. A number of patients were killed during experiments at the Chelmsford Private Hospital in the 1960s and 1970s. The resulting scandal led to the convening of an investigatory Royal Commission in to “Deep Sleep”, and to Bailey’s own suicide. The book Deep Sleep by Bromberger and Fyfe-Yeomans, chronicled Bailey’s experiments. It reported that Bailey and Sargant “remained in constant contact for almost 30 years, and … Bailey often spoke of the competition between them to see who could keep their patients in the deepest coma without killing them”.

Dax pushed ahead with research on “turbulence”, “aggressions, and “brainwashing” – all from the Reesian “community psychiatry” perspective – using psychiatry to shape society as a whole. His speech at the University of Melbourne on 20 July 1964, “Some Observations on Psychiatric Research” exemplifies this: “It is no more than a few years past when psychiatry started to move into the outpatient diagnostic centres … The mental hospitals may be likened to the grandmothers of community psychiatry … Within a span of a single generation, psychiatrists have been thrown from the protective, circumscribed and alienating walls of these hospitals into a (turbulent) restless, changing, and aggressive community seething with turbulence, which (aggression) struggles to adjust to the gathering speed of mechanisation and the disrupting torches of a disordered society. (In other words we must do something about ‘helping’ this 1960s society, and Tavistock certainly did!) “Most of us are more experienced in the treatment of individuals than in cor- recting the pathological behaviour of groups {“groups” [society of the 1960s] is deemed pathological}, though there may be an increasing tendency to seek our advice in these and related matters. For instance, the frightening implications of individuals at one level and communities on the other are closely related to our speciality. Yet almost paradoxically we are driven to consider as to whether modifications of such methods of indoctrination can be used in the treatment of some of the psychoses”.

Was Dax foreshadowing his Work on Martin Bryant, when he said: In many of these fields, the consideration of aggression is of the greatest importance. There is no more useful subject for research studies at the present time, whether it be in the individual or in the group. Here, from the individual, the psychiatrist has much to learn. It may be that the aggression is turned inwards, ultimately resulting in suicide, outwards in homicide, or more specifically in hostility towards the community, in causing death on the road. (emphasis added) “Moreover many a murderer has the inability to postpone his strong emotional reactivity to thwarting, and this often has an association with a past history of repeated frustration of a variety with which he has been unable to deal. Or again, the person who uses a motor car as an extension of his own aggressive body image may be using it in escaping from his anxieties and supposed rejection by the community.”

“Yet it seems that none of these aggressive manifestations would be of the same magnitude were it not for the effect of alcohol. It releases these strains by depressing the inadequate control which spreads its thin veneer over the underlying, aggressions”. (Emphasis added)

The above description is a fairly accurate description of the elements which were to arise in the Martin Bryant’s case.

Why Tasmania?

In 1969, Dax left his prestigious, highly influential position in Melbourne to go to the backwater state of Tasmania. An island of only some 300,000 people off Australia’s southeast coast.

A prominent US psychiatrist who specialises in ritual abuse, and who is intimately familiar with Australian psychiatry over the past three decades, when queried by the investigators as to why Dax would move to Tasmania, replied: “Tasmania is the Appalachia of Australia. There is a lot of alcoholism, a lot of incest. It is the poorest of all the states, very primitive, with a lot of descendants from very violent criminals in the British days. You will find many people there with no value system, no super-ego. It is the perfect place for Manchurian candidates, and for all sorts of experiments. He could do whatever he wanted there”.

Something of Great interest

Something of great interest must have been taking place in Tasmania, because two of Tavistock’s leading international operatives, the Melbourne-based Dr. Alan Stoller, – a past president of the World Federation of Mental Health and a close associate of General John Rawlings Rees and of Dax, – and Dr. John Bowlby, went to Tasmania for extended visits in 1971 and 1972, respectively.

Dale and Bryant

From early childhood, Martin Bryant was a very disturbed individual, as British psychiatrist Paul Mullen could not help but record in his evaluation for the defence: Mr. Bryant was assessed on a number of occasions by psychologists and psychiatrists … He was noted to be aggressive, destructive and very difficult with other children … There are references to him stealing, to him having violent outbursts and to tormenting vulnerable children … There are records of Bryant torturing and harassing animals and of tormenting his sister”.
(Yet, “an insanity plea was not considered appropriate”!)

Bryant was notorious among his schoolmates for carrying a green can of gasoline, which he constantly threatened to pour on things and set them alight. He once did so on himself. The frequent remark among his schoolmates was: “Here comes silly Martin with his can”. (The defence in Bryant’s case considered “insanity . . inappropriate”!)

Before long, this behaviour brought him to the attention of Dax, as Mullen noted: “In February 1984 Mr Bryant was assessed by a very experienced clinical psychiatrist, Dr. Cunningham-Dax”. The evaluation set the parameters for all further treatment of Bryant. Contacted by an American academic on 16 April 1997 about his evaluation of Bryant, Dax said: “I left Tasmania in 1983, I think it was, and I had seen him a few times before that, but I had no notes on him, except that I thought that he was below normal intellectually and that his father was very permissive about him. And I wondered about the boy (16 at that time), whether later he might have some schizophrenic features. But that is as far as I went”.


Dax was being singularly unobservant, judging by the impact Bryant made on another psychiatrist who examined Bryant soon after. Dr. Ian Sale, psychiatrist for the prosecution, recalled in a discussion on April 16: “When he was about 16 or 17, he was examined by a government doctor for purpose of a pension assessment. It was to that doctor that he made some reference to having a wish to shoot people. She still remembers that to this day. (emphasis added) (But the court accepted Bryant’s “sanity”).

Dax's Records Destroyed

Dr. Sale noted that, not only did Dax have “No recall of the assessments but that, “unfortunately, the clinical notes that were made, were destroyed”. Given the subsequent trail of developments this is a highly disturbing and questionable, (and “convenient”) gap in the evidence.

Dax was practising in the rooms of another psychiatrist. When that psychiatrist died, it was the provision of his will, that his notes be destroyed, apparently, which is remarkable. And not only were his notes destroyed, but also Dr. Cunningham-Dax’s notes were also destroyed. (emphasis added)

The psychiatrist, Dr. THG Dick, was also British, and had served as Tasmania’s medical cornmissioner beginning in 1969, the year Dax moved to Tasmania. Shortly after, Dax joined Dick on the Medical Advisory Committee to Tasmania’s Mental Health Commission.

Despite Dax’s fascination with aggression, suicide, and murder, the singularly unobservant Dax claimed he knew very little about Bryant. When asked to comment on the relevance of his associate Emery’s “theory of turbulence” for the Port Arthur events, Dax replied, guardedly, “I don’t think I can answer your question usefully”.

A Subject of "Research"

Emery died in early April 1997, and thus could not answer the question either. But, Dax said, “The person who knows a good deal more about Bryant is in the University of Tasmania, at the hospital there, the Royal Hobart. They did a great deal of study of Bryant at the time. Professor Jones is his name, but the person who knows more about him was the research person, who was particularly interested in Bryant”. Dr. Jones, who is British, and who, until his retirement, headed the two floors of Royal Hobart Hospital which are devoted to psychiatric studies, was unavailable for comment. (What is clearly established here is that according to Cunningham-Dax, Bryant was the subject of “research”. The “research” went horribly wrong. That information as to the kind of “research” conducted on Bryant appears not to be available to the public, will undoubtedly raise more questions, in the light that all this work done by highly qualified and experienced psychiatrists, led to the horrific slaughter at Port Arthur on 28 April 1996).

Tavistock 'Shock Troops' of Psychiatrists

Bank of England chief, Montagu Norman, in 1944, suddenly quit his banking post in order to start a Tavistock spin-off called the National Association for Mental Health (NAMH). Norman’s philanthropy calls to mind George Soros, another financier involved in “turbulence, aka “philanthropic” activities, such as narcotics legalisation promotions. Norman at the apex of the international financial oligarchy supervised the banking arrangements which put Adolf Hitler in power. One of Norman’s proteges was HC “Nugget” Coombs, longtime head of the Australian Reserve Bank. Coombs speaking of Norman, called him “the head of a secret international freemasonry of central hankers”. (Of interest here is that nobody in their right minds would call Coombs a “Conspiracy theorist” ) .

A Financiers' Project

Norman appointed his Bank of England assistant, Sir Otto Niemeyer, to be the National Association for Mental Health [NAMH] treasurer, and Niemeyer’s niece Mary Appleby, to be general secretary of the association. Neimeyer is well known to Australians: He headed the infamous ” Niemeyer Mission” to Depression-wracked Australia in 1930, to tell Australia to savagely cut its health and welfare spending, in order to pay the British bondholders. (It was the economic and financial impositions of this establishment which caused the depression in the first place. There are good grounds to accept that this bad management was deliberate. The demands for these repayments are also seen as a deliberate strategy to keep the Australian ‘colony’ in debt bondage.)

The World Federation of Mental Health

The NAMH soon gave birth to the World Federation of Mental Health [WFMHl, one of the first innumerable anti-nation-state “non-governmental organisations” spawned by Tavistock. Affiliated with the United Nations, the WFMH was “one-worldist” from the outset. To head the new organisation, Norman chose Brig. General John Rawlings Rees, the head of Tavistock in the 1930s, and the chief of Britain’s World War II Psychological Warfare Directorate.

Rees commanded 300, mostly Tavistock-trained Army psychiatrists. Since World War II, Tavistock has been almost indistinguishable from the various wings of British Military intelligence (Ml-5, MI-6, SAS, … ). (The relevance of the connection is difficult to dispel, when confronted with the military precision with which Bryant, a supposedly “borderline intellectually disabled” subject, conducted himself to achieve, despite the great difficulty of the operation, what he set out to do. Furthermore, the fact that Tavistock is regarded as a virtual wing of British Military intelligence, implies that the psychiatrists associated with General Rees, are in fact British intelligence operatives, and that British intelligence experts controls over mental hygiene departments in Australia.)

A Call For "Psychiatric Shock Troops"!

At the war’s end, in a speech to US Army psychiatrists in 1945, General Rees called for the creation of “psychiatric shock troops”, who would move out of the military and psychiatric institutions, in order to shape society as a whole: “If we propose to come out into the open and to attack the social and national problems of our day, then we must have shock troops and these can not be provided by psychiatry based wholly in institutions. We must have mobile teams of psychiatrists who are free to move around and make contact with the local situation in their particular area … in every country, groups of psychiatrists linked to each other …[should] move into the political and governmental field” . (Given Brigadier General John Rawlings Rees position in the Psychological Warfare Directorate command of 300, mostly Tavistock trained psychiatrists, and the virtual Psychological Warfare Wing of the United Kingdom Secret Intelligence Service [UKSIS], what Rees proposed here resembles a structure for infiltrating politics and governments with agents of the UKSIS ).

The “mission” Rees outlined, was to create a situation “where it is possible for people of every social group to have treatment when they need it, even if they do not wish it, without the necessity to invoke the law”. (emphasis added)

Psychiatric Shock Troops in Action

Such Tavistock methods were outlined in Dr. William Sargant’s 1950s book “The Battle For The Mind”. Intense fear experienced by subjects had the effect of “wiping” their minds “clean” of moral and ethical values, following which they could be “reprogrammed”. Starting with Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atom bombs, a further series of such intense shocks actually occurred. Society was assailed by the 1950’s nuclear threats, the 1960`s Cuban missile crisis, assassinations of political and national leaders, the Mutual Assured Destruction [MAD] exacerbated by the Oil Hoax ‘Crises’ of the 1970`s, the Cambodian “Killing Fields” Holocaust, Massive De-industrialisation and Unemployment due to interest Hikes of up to 35%, of the 1980`s, the Balkan and Gulf “Wars”, and Maastricht Financially imposed Economic Contraction of the 1990`s, with 41 million European unemployed and 20,000,000 dead as a result of IMF-conditionalities in Eastern Europe. Thus intense fear created induced (nightmares in children) “shocks”. Experiments during the 1950`s in Malaysia and Kenya had shown Tavistock that such stress, with resultant “reprogramming” potentials, could be applied to entire societies.

Huxley's Key Role in MK-Ultra

in a series of lectures at the University of California Medical School, one of Sargant’s closest collaborators, British novelist Aldous Huxley, assessed the notorious MK-Ultra mass drugging and brainwashing experiment which had been under way since the early 1950`s. Huxley was the author of the 1952 book, The Doors of Perception, which first popu- larised LSD usage; he had long fictionalised the results of such experimentation in his novel Brave New World. Huxley himself played a key-role in MK-Ultra. With such methods, Huxley held, in 1961 lectures titled “Control of the Mind”, there will be a ” method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorships without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any real desire to rebel – by propaganda, or brainwashing or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution”. (emphasis added)

(However events in Europe indicate that Huxley’s theory is by no means safe or infallible. The human toil caused by the progressively more brutal manipulation of society, has produced massive demonstrations against the “controls” imposed. In Asia a deep distrust of the “Great Satan” of the West, has produced strategic economic and political developments designed to expose and counteract the “Great Game” of geopolitics designed to subject nations to the would-be masters of the “Brave New World”.)

The Somatotonic Personality

The creation of the “somatotonic personality” (one who would not hesitate to murder), was another pet project of Huxley’s from the 1930`s on. The Tavistockians operate with a construct of the human mind as a tabular rasa (a mind like an erased tablet), that can be imprinted, or, a mechanical system that can be manipulated by such techniques. Since, on the contrary, the essence of the human mind is its inherent creative capability, Tavistock methods work only if the brainwashers can create a “controlled environment”, in which the victim sees only the alternatives presented by their tormentors.

On the larger scale, it has shown to be unreliable despite the obvious successful development of certain “infantilistic” tendencies in the majority of people. Recent development indicate that it could yet prove to be extremely hazardous to the instigators.

The 'City' of London Tavistock

The 1944 sudden takeover of Tavistock operations by Montagu Norman at the apex of the international financial oligarchy, is one of the most striking features of the agenda behind the mission to provide psychiatric “treatment for people of every social group when they need it, even if they do not wish it, without the necessity to invoke the law” (Rees) and the “producing of a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies” (Huxley) by means of applications of “intense fear” to “wipe clean” minds, with the resulting reprogramming potentials, which could be applied to “entire societies” (Sargent).

“Coincidentally” London is perceived as the “command centre for world terrorism today”. Fund raising and organisational headquarters of almost every terrorist (aka “freedom”) group exist in London, despite the frequent diplomatic protests from nations such as France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Pakistan … The Douglas and Sharp investigation brings to the surface the need to inquire into the dozens of mass murderers, who have exploded into the world’s headlines over the last decades or so. The trail of events plainly points to the existence of a special capability within the ‘City’ (aka the ‘Crown’) arsenal.

"Blind Terror" Methodology

Already in May 1996, after an initial review of the discussions with Australian police and counter-terror specialists, the authors of this investigation charged that the Port Arthur massacre “bore all the hallmarks of the ‘blind terror’ cam- paigns pioneered by the Tavistock institute in London, an arm of British intelligence which .. has conducted precisely the kind of experiments necessary to create and manipulate damaged personalities such as Martin Bryant”. The evolution of the Tavistock institute, which was founded on the basis of the study and research in “shell shock” victims, into a premier psychological warfare unit of the 1930s and World War II, and which then became the virtual property of the ‘City’ in 1944, has to be kept in mind. The dissolution of the “Empire” was at hand, and psychological methods were seen as a means to achieve that which gunboat diplomacy, colonial armies, and war no longer could achieve. The $600 million funding of the Central African ethnic cleansing by the IMF, indicates that there is still scope for colonial (neo-colonial) armies.

Hysterical Denials

It comes therefore as no surprise that the “financially controlled main stream media”, became hysterical in their denouncement of what could have made sensational investigatory journalism” which would have boosted circulation and profits. The British Broadcasting Corporation felt it was necessary to broadcast the thesis all over Europe, in order to deny the thesis. Australia was largely kept in the dark.

Hallmarks of Tavistock Coordination

Further investigations over the past years supplemented by files on Tavistock compiled since 1973 have established the following:

1.) The Port Arthur massacre was indeed coordinated by persons closely connected to Tavistock, the premier psychological warfare unit of the British financial and intelligence establishment. The documentation provided above illustrates that Tavistock’s strategic mission is to replace a civilisation of self-ruling, industrial nation-states with a “post-industrial”, globalised world ruled by a small but powerful oligarchy. Tavistock has found that its “speciality”, of what its own psychiatrists call “brainwashing” – the use of stress-induced fear to artificially create neurotic states of mind, which may be “programmed” as desired highly successful. For instance, Tavistock offered the stress-induced-anxiety-ridden American youth of the 1960s, shocked into this state by the Cuban missile crisis, assassinations of political leaders, and TV’s incessant bloody images of Vietnam, a retreat from this horrifying reality – the `consolations’ of rock music, drugs, and sex”. The ‘consolations’ turned out to be an instrument of “re-programming”, and the future leaders of America and other nations regressed into an infantile preoccupation with self. A hedonistic obsession with “my body”, “my feelings” – a counterculture -, replaced patriotism, and an agapic concern (fellowship, brotherly love) for the “common good”.

Infantile Regression of Whole Societies

More generally, Tavistock’s “theory of turbulence” specifies that entire populations may be driven into such infantile regressions by repeated terrorist shocks. The recent bombings of the Trade Centre, and the Oklahoma Federal Building, the Sarin gas subway attacks in Japan, and the dozens of Martin Bryant-style mass murders around the world over the past decade, serve to provide the terror. It is precisely the “blind” nature of such events that makes them psychologically so devastating. To the answer, “WHY?” the average mind has no answers. Apparently, there is little that can be done to prevent terrorism. (The infantile mind does not question that funding of terrorism is facilitated by ‘deregulated’ [secret] financial transactions. The application of the US Presidential Decision Directive 42 to UK banking has been greeted with frenzied protests [27 April]. On the terrorist front, Osman Bin Laden, a UK financier cum terrorist, from his Afghanistan headquarters, broadcast, on Ted Turner’s Cable News 11 May, a threat to kill President Clinton. Another London-based terrorist group Al-Jamma Al-Islamia had already on 5 May vowed to kill American citizens anywhere, including the President.)

Control of Crucial Networks

2.) Where it has control of the media, psychiatric, police, and intelligence networks, through its masters in the ‘City’, British intelligence can trigger such terrorist events with impunity. It had this control in Scotland, where a paedophile well known to the police murdered 16 five-and six-year-olds and their teacher, in the town of Dunblane on 13 March 1996. It has this control in New Zealand, where five such massacres have taken place since 1990. It has this control in Australia, to which numerous of Tavistock’s top operatives were deployed right after World War II. Australia has been subjected to particularly intense Tavistockian profiling, and manipulation, the dozen mass murders since the infamous “Hoddle Street massacre” of 1987 are, as a consequence, seen, in consideration of the above, as a responsibility the Australian Tavistock psychiatric establishment.

Australia's WWII Revolt

The suggestion has been made concerning Australia’s break with the Empire in World War II, and its alliance with the almost defeated General MacArthur, and America, against Churchill’s gift of Indo-China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Phillipines, and Australia (down to the Brisbane Line) to the Japanese to prolong the war with so as to weaken the US. This is seen in part as an explanation for the intensity of the psychological warfare waged against Australia. To strip it of its industry, and self-sufficiency.

"Controlled Environments"

There is another consideration. As an island-nation, Australia offered the promise of a “controlled environrnent” for further Tavistock experiments, and Tasmania the most isolated part of Australia, the island state of Tasmania, off the continent’s southeastern tip, offered the perfect Tavistock laboratory. Because of the power of the modern mass media, Tavistock specifically states, that no matter where a terrorist attack takes place, the shock is felt worldwide – it is a “global event”.

Tavistock Assets

3.) Martin Bryant was monitored, and according to Dax, a subject of “a good deal of study” and “research” at Royal Hobart Hospital. Thus, in all likelihood Bryant was programmed by Tavistock networks in Tasmania, from at least the time that one of Tavistock’s senior representatives in Australia, the now 88 year old Dr. Eric Cunningham-Dax, first examined Bryant in 1983-84, and set the parameters for all his future “treatment”.

Dax was for decades an associate of Tavistock’s longtime leader and World Federation of Mental Health Chairman, Brigadier General Dr. John Rawlings Rees. Beginning with Rees in the late 1930s, Dax, by his own account, had specialised in “brainwashing”.

To cover any tracks left, Tavistock operatives are thought to invariably circulate through their “highly respected assets”, what might be called the “Lee Harvey Oswald theory of mass murder” – that in each of such incidents a “lone nut” one day just “went crazy”. Such was the “finding” of Melbourne-based British forensic psychiatrist Dr. Paul Mullen, in his evaluation of Bryant for Bryant’s defence attorney. Mullen concluded: “It would be more satisfactory if one could point to simple and direct cause of the tragedy at Port Arthur” unfortunately, Mullen said, one could not. But, notwithstanding that Bryant was a “lone nut”, Mullen confidently predicted to the Herald Sun of 4 February 1997, that there would be “more such massacres because of strong evidence of a copycat elernent”, a warning echoed by other Tavistock assets in Australia and abroad.

Of considerable noteworthiness is, that Mullen himself reportedly participated in the investigations of two mass slaughters in New Zealand, before coming to Australia. The Bryant case provides some guidelines on how this Tavistock capability can be opened to see the light of day, before the next atrocity is unleashed, upon Australia.

Why Should Government
Want To Suppress The Discussion?

The sensitivity of government concerning discussion of the events is shown in several striking ways:

1.) the order to seal all evidence of the case, including the psychiatric evaluations of Bryant;

2.) the cancellation of the “Four Corners” TV show on the Tasmanian Mental Health Department;

3.) the hysterical outlandish accusations of the Deputy Prime minister Tim Fischer, which he foolishly insisted on repeating, that the huge demonstrations against the PM’s draconian gun control laws were organised by the US Lyndon LaRouche organisation.

The fact that Australia has 10,000,000 privately owned firearms, 3,500,000 of which are semiautomatics, 2.25 million firearms registrations, is ample reason for 100,000 irate firearm owners to take to the streets, in protest for being punished for something they had nothing to do with.

The Massacre

On 28 April 1996, 28 years-o1d Martin Bryant entered the Broad Arrow cafeteria in Port Arthur, in the Australian state of Tasmania After eating lunch, he remarked to a patron, “There are a lot of WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants), not a lot of Japs”. He then picked up his bag and walked toward the entrance, where he took out a military-style semi- automatic rifle. Within 15 seconds, he slaughtered 12 people and injured several more. Some tried to escape, he gunned them down systematically, laughing as he fired. He chased one man onto a waiting bus and killed him, then shot the bus driver. Others tried to hide beneath the bus, but he climbed underneath it and killed them, too. A young mother with a six- and a three-year-old daughter begged, “Please don’t hurt my babies”. He shot her and the three-year-old, then pursued the six-year-old behind the tree, where he put the rifle to the girl`s neck, and fired.

After executing others in the parking lot, he drove some miles to a bed-and-breakfast, the Seascape Cottage, whose elderly owners he had known for most of his life, and whom he had murdered on his way to Port Arthur. Armed with an extensive arsenal, moving from room to room and firing at police, he kept dozens of members of the elite Special Operations Groups of Tasmania and neighbouring Victoria at bay throughout the night. Finally, at 8:45 the next morning, after setting the building afire, Bryant emerged with his clothes alight, screaming, into the arms of waiting police.

The final toll, including a hostage Bryant had taken with him to Seascape from Port Arthur, was 35 dead and 20 wounded – the greatest mass murder in Australia’s history.

Then, several weeks after the Port Arthur massacre, 23-year-old Dion Garry Yost went on a shooting rampage in the Northern Territory town of Palmerston, in which he wounded one civilian and four police officers. Yost had attended, several years after Bryant had, the same Tasmanian high school!

Why The Reluctance To Open up An inquiry?

We have learned that Emery conducted experiments on schoolchildren, to see how “Oedipal patterns” could be induced in these youngsters. Emery died early April 1997, his secrets die with him. We further find that Bryant was the subject of “a good deal of study” and “research”, but information as to what happened in those “studies and research” is not being made available.

We can also deduce the fact that there are strong implications that Chelmsford’s psychiatric experimentations on “deep sleep” patients, was part of the MK-Ultra project. The patients were under conditions of drug induced loss of con- sciousness, and even coma, subjected to treatment in a virtual fascist concentration camp style do-what-ever-you-like with the inmate, even to the extent of killing the victim.

A world famous psychiatrist who attended to Bryant, has his notes on Bryant destroyed. The police commissioner retires and “disappears”. Doesn’t intend to be found.

And, as if to remind us that Victoria is in the process of becoming Huxley’s “painless concentration camp … making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears”, the alleged previous owner of the Colt ARES Bryant used, Victorian farmer and gun collector Bill Drysdale, was ordered after an interview with police not to talk to reporters any further. The fact that the weapon, Colt AR15, was a “rarity”, and had a unique mark made by a gun smith on the barrel of the rifle, made Drysdale almost certain that AR15 Bryant used, was his. (Herald Sun 23 June 1996).

The judge seals all evidence of the case, and a TV expose is suddenly cancelled. What is so crucial to “national security” that the antecedents of a massacre of 35 and the wounding of 20 by a supposedly “sane” person is not allowed to be made public. Yet the expectation is, that other such massacres will re-occur.

More Troubling Questions

The obvious question not answered is whether the judge’s order to seal all of the evidence, was directed by the permanent unelected bureaucracy, govemment, ASIO, or UKSIS …

That the Head of the Australian Bureau of Criminal intelligence was the first police officer to call for drug legalisation is also very significant in generating curious perceptions.

Finally. Has Tavistock conditioning effectively produced such “infantalistic” minds in the Australian population, that it is incapable of pressuring the authorities to reopen the case and to allow the evidence to be publicly examined? Are Tavistock and its political and government assets in Australia right, in assuming that they can “put this over” the Australian electorate with impunity?

The "Sanity" of Martin Bryant

There will be little doubt in the mind of the reader of this report, that whether or not it was Bryant who committed the massacre, Bryant was indeed suffering from a mental disorder, also known as Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD], that he exhibited a tendency towards bizarre sexual behaviour, and satanic activity. That he was not a “healthy, normal personality”, that he acted as if he was “programmed”.

* The suggestion has been made that Bryant did not have the abilities required to commit a massacre with such meticulous efficiency, ie. that a “double” committed the massacre and successfully evaded capture, leaving Bryant in his place to “take the rap”. Such a thesis would involve the elite Special Operations Group in a conspiracy, of letting the assassin, cornered in a cottage, escape through their highly professionally sealed areas. A fundamentally dangerous error, if absolute secrecy is to be maintained.

That prison authorities are expecting Martin Bryant to be killed by an inmate, has an ominous implication of “secrecy at all costs”. If Bryant dies so will any chance of his “conditioning” ever surfacing. Bryant carries an invaluable key to un- locking a mystery, and also to preventing further massacres of this kind from occurring.



Extras included with the above Newsletter Extract:


A student who took part in an experiment which kept her isolated and without daylight for 25 days has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Kate Alderoft had volunteered for the experiment in body rhythms at the University of Wales-Swansea’s psychology department last Autumn.

Soon after it finished she suffered a panic attack. She was admitted to the hospital, near her home in Wakefield, this month.

The professor in charge of the research denied that lack of daylight and clocks could have caused such a reaction. His department is reviewing its selection procedures for volunteers.

The student, who was 22 at the time, was studying anthropology at the university. During the experiment she “lost” five days as her body clock lengthened without daylight to correct it. Professor Simon Folkard, the psychologist in charge of the experiment, said: “I feel very upset about it. We know that internationally about 500 people have taken part in this type of study.

“As far as we know not one of them has previously had any problems of this sort. Of course, that doesn’t prove that there is no connection.”

Professor Folkard said that to take part in such an experiment, students had to undergo a “battery of psychological tests and a detailed mental examination, although this is by a General Practitioner [GP] rather than a psychiatrist.

When Miss Aldcroft emerged, blinking, through the laboratory door last September she became a celebrity, appearing on television programmes and in magazines.

Professor Jim Horne, a sleep expert at Longhborough University, said: “Such a response is very unusual, very, very rare indeed. It is a most unfortunate event.” – Aisling Irwin, Science Correspondent.



“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is their own existence, but this is only their personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. People do not have the right to develop their own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.” – Dr Jose M R Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School – US Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974.

Mass Murder Incorporated?

Compiled from 16.05.97 Ivestigation
authors names with-held email us if reasons needed

    • “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities,
      against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
      against spiritual wickedness in high (places}”. — Ephesians 6:12.


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