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This general idea was something on the mind of the Kulterkampf Revenge Black Pope (Jesuit Order Superior General) Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski (1915 – 1942), perhaps since he was a child.

According to Tupper Saussy:

War resulted from the famous Zimmerman Telegram, which the Rothschild press sensationally published in America on March 1, 1917.

In the telegram, supposedly decoded by British interceptors, German foreign minister Arthur Zimmermann proposed to the German ambassador in Mexico a German-Mexican alliance against the United States in which Germany would support the Mexican recapture of territory in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. A German official talking secretly of invading Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico brought the war suddenly home!

Normally, when the alleged proponent of such an explosive notion—true or not—is asked for verification, he follows good diplomatic form and categorically denies responsibility. Not Arthur Zimmermann. At a Berlin news conference on March 3rd, a reporter for the Hearst papers—which columnist George Seldes terms “the most pro-Catholic press in America”—caught Zimmermann’s attention and stated: “Of course Your Excellency will deny this story.” Zimmermann replied, “I cannot deny it. It is true.” Is this a script, or what?

Post Martin Luther
Pomerania, Silesia, East Prussia
Protestant Majority in Pink

The Kulterkaumpf Revenge was against Protestant led and populated Germany, for the anti-Vatican policies of German-Prussian 2nd Reich leader Otto Von Bismarck, cir. 1872-1875, including Bismarck’s 1872 expulsion of the Jesuit Order from Germany.

This revenge was via setting that nation up to start and loose a vicious war, and to loose its eastern provinces that were almost entirely Protestant majority, of Germans, many of who were genetically part Slavic/Polish, with such populations driven off their lands. As this was to be Germany’s punishment for a war where that nation’s armed forces would murder the better educated Polish Roman Catholic nationalists “modernists” and Poland’s Jewish peoples, this Ledochowski scheme would achieve multiple objectives of the criminal Jesuit Order.

Key to this setting up of Germany to start and lose a brutal war was its transformation and debasement into the 3rd Reich.

Wlodimir Ledochowski’s Plausible Counter Reformation Strategy

A check-list for the U.S. to start and loose a brutal war:

Criminals With Badges, such as the debasement of the police by their adaptation of unjustified debasing of those they arrest, such as unnecessary strip searches ostensibly for enforcing the criminal immoral, socially subversive and unconstitutional pharamacratic inquisition. This debasement of the police extends to military intelligence officers with the adaptation of torture as an acceptable means for eliciting information from captives, such as the waterboarding favored by the criminal administration of GW Bush, described in a recent Washington [a]Post[ate] article as the U.S.’s 1st Roman Catholic President. It also extends to such criminal activities as the initial assault, the siege, and the final assault on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

Wars of Aggression, such as upon Iraq and that being threatened upon Iran, promoted through Jesuit run Georgetown University.

REX 84 concentration camps, to inter such persons as immigrants, such as those from Mexico- hence setting up the justification for such a border change.

Protestant Prussian manhood had to go if the pope was to unite Europe under a new Roman Catholic Holy Roman Empire after WWII and the Cold War.
America will experience the same disaster; fascist concentration camps, a two-front war killing our best sons; betrayal of our troops; and a massive invasion by several nations who will then partition the Empire for decades.
Brother Eric

The Black Pope’s Plausible Scenario For WW3
The Revenge of the Jesuits?
May 12, 2008 Prison Planet article
America’s Coming Secret Police Force- Be Warned!

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Jesuitical Ledochowskiesque Set Up? Reblogged from source @

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