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Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain and the Jesuits

Dear Brother Eric,

Joseph Biden is a native of the Jesuit stronghold of Scranton and he and his first wife were married by a Jesuit priest in the UN Chapel, I learned this on C-SPAN which televised a candid interview with Obama’s running mate. Just as VP Freemason Richard B. Cheney was the actual President, Roman Catholic Biden would be the real President making him the third Roman Catholic President (JFK and George W. Bush) being the first two. Rome’s upcoming PR move will be Bush’s public conversion to Roman Catholicism just as SMOM Masonic Tony Blair had after leaving office. I recently read on Craig-Oxley’s “The Unhived Mind” that one of Biden’s sons, serves the Jesuits of the University of Scranton as a lobbyist for 70 or 80,000 FRNs a year. U.S. Senator Joseph Biden received an honorary degree from his political Jesuit masters in 1976.…8000000-to.html

The Jesuit Boston College Freshman Convocation Speakers of 2005 and 2006 Barack Obama and CFR John McCain respectively are also the planned keynote speakers for the American Pope’s Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner in late October.

Interesting short article, Edward A. Reece SJ, president of Broph College Prep in Phoenix, Arizona will be giving the invocation at the fascist Republican National Convention in two days Sept. 3. A nun of the Congregation of St. Joseph which was founded by a Jesuit priest Jean Pierre Medaille, making her a Jesuitess, gave the closing prayers one night of the also Roman Catholic-dominated Democratic National Convention). This short article provides more evidence why CFR/CIA/ pseudo-Baptist John McCain will most likely be the next U.S. emperor and total slave of the Jesuits’ Vatican and their Papacy. Interesting to note, Edward Cardinal Egan gave the invocation at a past RNC.

“Two sons of Cindy and John McCain went to Brophy Prep, and Mrs. McCain is a member of Brophy’s board of regents.”

“The McCains have been generous supporters of Brophy,” said Father Reese. “I am also pleased by his support of vouchers for Catholic schools like Brophy.”

Employing the Jesuit tactic of mental reservation, this son of Loyola lies about his support of a particular political candidate.

“Catholic priests should pray for anyone and everyone, but I don’t think we should endorse or campaign for political candidates.”

Brother Nick

Dear Brethren and Friends.Here is the American Empire’s next Holy Roman Emperor—John McCain—whose wife is a most devoted Roman Catholic and whose two sons were educated by Jesuit priests, one of those priests having spoke at the Republican National Convention. McCain will further betray the American peoples into the hands of our coming Sino-Soviet-Moslem-Roman Catholic-Latino invaders at the direction of his papal masters in New York City and Washington, D.C. Those masters are the Jesuits at Fordham University controlling the Archbishop of New York City, Edward Cardinal Egan (the mastermind behind 911) and the Jesuits of Georgetown University controlling the Archbishop of Washington, DC. The coming destruction of America will parallel not only the destruction of the once great Protestant Prussian Empire (1871-1918), but the destruction of Khazaria by the Russians, the Roman Catholic Byzantine Empire, the Moslems under the Baghdad Caliphate and later the Orientals led by Ghengis Khan. (All three kingdoms were noted for their large Jewish population—targeted by the Devil for destruction.) The iniquity of the American peoples seems now to have “come to the full” as was the case with the Amorites when Israel invaded Canaan after the Exodus.Russian Bombers in Venezuela; Chinese intelligence ops in Cuba and throughout the Carribean; Chinese throughout Central America; Chinese control of Long Beach Naval Port; Roman Catholic Alien Latino Invasion; deliberate fuel shortages; debasing the currency; NATO troops preparing to invade once a new CIA “Al Qaeda” terrorist event occurs in Washington; Russia on the border of Iran via Georgia; the UAE (hosting Dubai, the pope’s new, commercial world emporium to replace New York City) to be given a missile system by the US for its protection along with one US Carrier Group; the pope’s Hamas in Gaza being incited by Rome’s Masonic Jewish Labor Zionist government to further attack and destroy Israel in order to bring war to the pope’s revived “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem,” the endgame being to bring down Jerusalem’s two Temple mosques; White Middle Class peoples being driven into a more desperate state of existence via ceaseless Black-on-White crime, ceaseless Latino-on-White crime, food shortages, job losses, gun confiscation, loss of manufacturing infrastructure, McCain/Palin preparing for war on Iran; domestic Roman Fascist infrastructure set in place during the pope’s Cold War, that infrastructure now perfected with the Jesuit Order’s Department of Romeland Security (DHS), the Patriot Act, Concentration Camps, etc.; potential Civil War II, i.e., a Race War, now in the making with the leaders of both sides controlled by Rome via high-level Freemasonry; Freemasons Clinton/Gore giving high-tech, nuclear, military secrets to the Black Pope’s Jesuit-directed Communist China preparing that invading force by 2015 according to Chinese sources; the Chinese practicing for invasion of the West Coast in the South China Sea; the pope’s medical profession and SMOM-led big pharma having killed millions of patriotic, truly nationalistic, White Anglo Saxon Protestants and Baptists over the last 100 years via Rome’s Rockefeller-financed “Medical Inquisition;” foreign, no-win wars further killing off the White Middle Class males—Catholic, Protestant and Baptist alike; the pope’s American Bar Association-controlled legal profession “hiding justice in the law” (as stated in the movie The Star Chamber,”starring” actor Michael Douglas); the pope’s private collection organization called the IRS intimidating workers in the private sector to pay the indirect, excise-on-federal privilege, income tax on wages earned in the private sector with no attorneys to plead the cause of these White Middle Class victims; the IRS policies enuring to the benefit of the pope’s Cartel Capitalist International Corporations controlled by the Knights of Malta; the IRS destroying the White Protestant Middle Class and building the pope’s White Fascist Cartel-Capitalist Corporate elite; etc.All of this spells the end of the once grand and glorious Protestant Reformation including once Protestant America now totally apostate save for a minute remnant of believers. As it was in the days of Elijah, so it is now in America—the Lord having his remnant who refuse to bow the knee to Baal—and now the present high priest of Baal, the pope of Rome.Further, we are witnessing the final building of our invaders, the Russian and Chinese war machines to be accompanied by millions of fanatical Moslems into the US after the pope’s American fascists have murdered nearly all the “liberal” true nationalists, all the “accursed” Bible-believing Protestants and Baptists, and the “perfidous” racial Jews. Rome is expecting to reap a great harvest and, to give the Devil his due, the Jesuits have put all their ducks in a row.The amazing part of this deplorable scenario is not one in ten thousand Americans preceives this grand design. The all parrot the line, “I am not a conspiracy theorist; I trust my government.” The do not put their trust in the Lord, but rather in “princes.May the Lord bless those of us who continue to sound the warning of our impending doom at the hand of that man of sin in Rome.Sincerely in faith,Brother Eric

Jesuitical Ledochowskiesque Set Up [for the U.S. to loose a major future war]

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