-AVALANCHE OF FAKE CBD OIL HITS UK MARKETS CONTAINING LITTLE OR NO CBD AND PLENTY OF CLASS A AND B DRUGS CAUSING EUPHORIA, PARANOIA AND SERIOUS POISONING TO PETS- • Reblogged from source with thanks Via: https://beyondvisualgeopoliticcom.wordpress.com/2019/11/01/avalanche-of-fake-cbd-oil-hits-uk-markets-containing-little-or-no-cbd-and-plenty-of-class-a-and-b-drugs-causing-euphoria-paranoia-and-serious-poisoning-to-pets-as-uk-unregulated-market-exceeds-300m-p/

As an individual that smoked what we fondly knew as “Pot” 30 years ago, with an education and plenty of experience in  the field of illicit drugs and how they are sold in the UK, noticing the number of people who rave about, prescribe to their friends, family and children the past few years CBD Oil has left me with a feeling of swimming against an Atlantic rip tide when dishing out warnings to disbelieving British the past few years, that the CBD Oil they are all buying is probably THC.

I gave up occasional use of smoking Hashish in the UK in the early 1990’s when the new highly cross-bred THC Weed started to mushroom bomb the market, and the first strain of it I heard about and tried was called “Northern Lights”. Smoking that made me feel entirely different and I couldn’t function normally on it. So I stopped smoking it. Having read the banned publication “Psychodelics Handbook” in the late 1980’s (a book which I maintain should not be banned, should be updated to include every new drug on the market and held in every town and city library as a resource), I was already more than well aware of the fact that there are two substances in Marijuana, the first of which blows your head off and is more akin to a small dose of LSD, causes euphoria and paranoia, and another which has the beneficial benefits that everyone is talking about today. THC and Cannabinoids.

High strength cross-bred THC “Skunk” weed has zero cannabinoids in it and has been bred to increase the levels of the THC. I tracked down a character named “Big Buddha” in 2010 in Birmingham UK to have a chat with him about it. Big Buddha is a well known ‘brand’ of skunk weed in the UK, and spends a lot of time in the “Damn(ed)” or rather Amsterdam as it is known as, developing the seed, to plant the crop, importing the seeds which a loophole in the law didn’t cover, as in it is legal to import the seed apparently according to him. This was in 2010. He explained to me that indeed, he and other developers of the seed in Amsterdam had bred out all the Cannabinoid and increased by vast amounts the amount of THC, and this rubber-stamped what I had already concluded when I gave up smoking occasionally in the early 1990’s. I could no longer easily get Cannabis Resin (the only source of Cannabinoid, or it’s an acronym “CBD”) as the market had completely changed, and the hard sell of Skunk Weed easily grown using aquaponics in growing houses in the UK had overtaken the more risky business of importing pure Hashish.

Cannabinoids are produced by collecting the RESIN from the bud of the Cannabis Plant, where a chemical reaction with oxygen in the air converts the oil in the resin to the chemical known as “Cannabinoid” or “CBD”.  Not only is the resin collection a lengthy process that most illicit weed growers don’t want to be doing, it really doesn’t grow in the UK with aquaponics, it requires a much hotter climate. Plus the resin producing part of the Cannabis plants grown in the UK have been bred out as the THC has been increased to immense levels and the seed and the plant are rendered totally useless for producing resin, Cannabinoids or as we have become widely accustomed to in the UK the label “CBD”.

Earlier this year I met a “Businessman” with a degree in Humanities from Oxford University, a long-time career in B2B Business Development for a local Engineering company and his fingers in many pies regarding making huge amounts of money. He had decided that CBD was a great market for him. So I asked him the process of extracting the CBD for his products. (He invited me to try some from his very large and expensive steel Vaping thingy which looked to me as if it had been produced at a local engineering firm and resembled a Kosh, and looked absolutely perturbed when I stated that my diagnosed CNS Disease would deteriorate with real CBD Oil and that Vaping was BAD because inhaling microdroplets of heated oil ruined your lungs and contained as many toxic chemicals as cigarette smoke). He was flaunting his Kosh looking super huge Vape CBD Oil thingy with a huge flourish. He then went on to tell me how the process of extracting the CBD Oil is carried out. “Leaf is put into a centrifuge and spun to spin the juices out” he stated. “Oh I thought so” I said. He looked confused and interested. (He’d already established I am quite in intelligent chica). “And where does this Leaf come from?” I said. He looked doubtful. So I filled him in on what I had learned from experience and from Big Buddha. And gave him a very hard stare. Because he was smoking weed. As we had this conversation.

I then explained how the term “CBD” was an anacronym of “Cannabinoid” after he spent a full two minutes all hailing the medical benefits of THC, before explaining how CBD is produced from the “Brown Oil” collected from the “Brown Resin” of unadulterated UNCROSS BRED Cannabis Plants and how it doesn’t matter how long you spin Bud and Leaf in a Centrifuge the juice obtained is never going to contain CBD in anything but microscopic amounts if you are extremely lucky and how only high levels of THC will be extracted using this method. I additionally asked him what sort of source was growing the plants, as if they are illegal and grown with aquaponics in growing houses in the UK then there will be no chance that they would be able to even produce resin or the brown oil from the resin to chemically react with oxygen to produce Cannabinoid or “CBD”.

When explaining this to people who annoy me everywhere I go in life who recommend the use of CBD Oil for every disease known to humankind, I am met with every type of denial from abuse to ignorance, with only a handful of people to this day understanding what I am telling them. It’s become a depressing and pointless exercise, and as a friend said to me an hour ago:

“If people were told to pee on a cannabis leaf and smell it to cure all they’d do it in their millions”.

I suffer from a disease diagnosed in 2011 which affects my circulation, and actually the worst thing I could do is take CBD, even the real stuff – which is now £300 a gram (which gives anyone a fair idea of what’s fake and what is not, by the retail value of the fake stuff), and anyone who has any type of illness needs to consult with their GP or Consultant before taking any type of medication. Anyone indeed on any type of heart medication, or for example who has liver or kidney problems needs to stay away from real CBD Oil as well as the fake, the fake which is purely high strength THC in the main with zero levels of CBD. Couple that with “vaping” and the newly released dangers of vaping in general, with toxic poisons in each vape matching levels of cigarette smoke and you maybe prescribing your loved one with advice which will make their lives a hell of a lot worse. ( I am lucky enough to be allergic to vaping, my body has an intelligence all of its own. Although even if I wasn’t allergic, the concept of inhaling superheated droplets of oil into my lungs doesn’t actually sound like something that would be good for lungs in general, and I still wouldn’t do it after I had come across it the first time and thought about it for a while).

Fake CBD is being marketed to pet owners now too and when you take the FACT that THC is highly toxic and poisonous to animals (as are many herbs and pure essential oils – fatal in some cases) and this US Medical Marijuana Scam developed in Israel is a tidal wave of yet more toxic substances to add to the list of thousands of banned products from the US in the EU.

I have to this day, despite researching this for years and campaigning, never seen anything in the British Media covering this Crime Wave of Fake Products, and in fact what is emerging as a new market for Drug Barons to shift their wares – 300 million per annum in an unregulated market with their fake THC Products labeled as CBD Oil lining shelves from market stalls to legitimate and well known Health Food Stores as well as online, what is actually happening is top class banned and illegal drugs being repackaged and rebranded, to end up stocking your high street, and friends and family cupboards. However, a Which Magazine that arrived in the my post today has done just that and is blowing the lid off the misconceptions of the population around me and around everyone else in the UK these days. Entitled “CBD: snake oil or miracle cure” I felt a tidal wave of relief wash over me as finally what I have been saying to people around me for many years is put into print, and no, I didn’t and have not made any mistakes in my statements over the years at all.

Before I delve into that report here, a quick synopsis of where Activists dealing with Geo-Political Matters on social media have seen the source and the bulk core of the marketing and promotion for this for years and years. Those fake Activist Pages, Posts and Groups on facebook that factually “Trawl” for new Political Activists who want to see what is going on in their Country, and in fact around the world, and the ‘distraction/discrediting’ techniques used. This is where the bulk of the fake news regarding the powers of fake Medical Marijuana come from along with “Flat Earth” and anything else really stupid “Zionist” comes from. And for anyone who wants to argue that those facebook pages and groups that promote “Flat Earth” are not Zionist, well they obviously don’t know that the earth is flat in the Torah and Talmud and some Zionists are really passionate about their new “Jewish State” and the new ancient laws that go with with it. I’ve seen some of them who actually believe that if enough people on earth “believe” the earth is flat then that mass consciousness will make that happen, as well as “Distracting” people from NASA and anything “Science” as they don’t like their Torah and Talmud being discredited that way. Promoting THC Weed and THC CBD is a good way of ramming the lies home to unsuspecting young and budding Activists. Their brains end up as mush, their friends and families can see it, or in this case a much more sinister result. Their friends and families can’t see it and go along with it. Despite their loved one promoting Flat Earth and/or having dubious strangers on their friendlists who are doing just that, they actually go along with their ideas that Weed and THC is good and medical and beneficial.

I’m going to point out here that this is not an “Anti Semitic” view at all, I am not Anti Jewish, a “Semite” is FACTUALLY by definition any human with genetics from the Assyrian Empire of the Levant (Including Palestinians) and just like any other cultural or religious population, there are the dumb, the dumber, the intelligent and the academic. Yes, there are some extremely dumb and dangerous Zionists, to make out they are all superbrains and academics as well as carrying large amounts of Integrity in their hearts and minds is to start worshipping them all individually as Gods, which is certainly very Anti-Jewish and against their religion. Personally, I don’t agree that Zionists are Jews, and I know that the global population of Jews, many of whom belong to Anti Zionist organisations would agree with me. So call me Anti Zionist as much as you like, I’ll own up. Call me Anti-Jewish and I’ll certainly be able to out debate and articulately too. Because you are wrong.

I’m going to also make a point here that after the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and it’s source with Zionists, actually that scandal is the tip of the iceberg, and we as Activists and Social Media, Geo-Political Analysts have seen so much over the years, more needs to be made of the fake news all over social media and it’s origins, as personally I’ve traced back the Flat Earth Pages and Groups  to some very powerful Zionists that make a pest of themselves all over facebook – directly linked to the Hasbara Trolls and MOSSAD itself.

I was told recently by a source that the American Promotion of Fake Medical Marijuana and legalising what is effectively THC Weed all over the US is a “PsyOps” for getting the Guns off the population – when a US Citizen registers to buy fake Medical Marijuana (THC Weed, Cannabinoids are present only in the brown resin) – they get their Gun Licence removed, and as the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution apparently allows all Civilians to carry some killer weapons which account for a large amount of their GDP, getting the population on drugs is seen as a really good way of getting their guns off them. And of course if they are increasingly “Euphoric” and “Paranoid” then they won’t pay much attention to what is really going on. As in Politics and Geo Politics. They clearly in huge numbers are not noticing there are no benefits from the CBD (which doesn’t exist in what they are smoking) so if anyone wants to argue with me that indeed you can function normally on high THC or even low to medium THC then I will ask you to read this sentence again and get back to me. If you do read that sentence again and get back to me to further argue against what is clear to me and anyone else (who doesn’t smoke or vape THC) then you are either:

  1. Smoking or Vaping THC and your brain isn’t functioning normally
  2. Involved in some way in making shed loads of money from Fake CBD
  3. Maybe should see your doctor about your psychosis (Can be caused by smoking or vaping THC).
  4. You are probably angry about the criminals who have taken advantage of an unregulated market to sell you a lie and feel that shooting the messenger is the way to go. In which case I’ll give you a good piece of advice, don’t shoot the messenger, start lobbying the British Govt to regulate it. Although just lately with BREXIT its safe to assume that most British Politicians aren’t capable of sorting a piss up in a brewery let alone doing anything about this, so maybe you should just circulate the TRUTH instead of continuing to circulate a lie. Or as individuals in MENA like to say, stop being a flock of sheep, lead by a stubborn and stupid donkey. Nobody likes being lied to. It creates Mental Illness (Fact), and if you couple that with copious amounts of THC (£25 per month per household in the UK in Fake CBD Products possibly according to Which Magazine) it is one hell of a huge lie. And just remember, there are so many diseases that don’t benefit from the real McCoy, Medical Grade CBD at £300 per gram, so as well as killing your pets when you administer it and causing them some excruciating CNS symptoms (seizures and pain of the nervous system) you are probably shortening the life of your loved one or friend if you do keep promoting it to them as actually regulation needs to include “Prescription by a Qualified Medical Practioner” – which means “VETINARY as well as Human Medicine”. And as far as Pets go you shouldn’t be using Essential Oils anywhere near your pets either. Until you know which ones make them ill and kill them and which ones don’t. (Ask your Vet, always).

So, getting back to this superb Which Report which I can’t “Rave” enough about……….The claims of CBD Oil are not without foundation. (There are now 2 NHS Clinics I am aware of in London and Manchester that prescribe it for well researched and trialed uses, which has lead me to believe that buying the stuff is just plain dumb, it’s available on the NHS if you have any illness or disease that is proven to benefit, and this field of medicine is indeed just going to expand in the medical community). Research shows that for Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and Insomnia the medical community are hopeful. There is a total absence of Standards and Standard Testing Methods for CBD Oil. While Hemp plants can legally contain very small amounts of THC (Hemp is not the same species that is used for Cannabis use as a drug or CBD), the legal limit for THC in CBD Oil is 0%. Tests done so far have found varying levels of THC in a high number of CBD Oils on the market.

CBD Oil is currently classified as a “Food Product” (reading this has totally blown my mind, how stupid does stupid actually get?) – although by classifying it as this manufacturers legally cannot make any claims for health benefits. (Which is good, because most of it is far from healthy, and indeed most of it is a classified banned drug in the UK). Here is the most stupid part. CBD does not have to go through any Clinical Trials. when classified as a “Food Product” – and when it shouldn’t be in its real and pure form prescribed to anyone who has a heart condition of any type, and it is being used in the NHS, the oxymoronic stupidity of this subject and UK in general is really hard to bear. I can only assume that a plethora of really stupid British Politicians who imagine that the US is their Best Friend, and seeing themselves so much on their social media how the US has legalised it for SMOKING in high and ONLY THC variety in so many States in the US, they must actually think that it’s all OK if their best friend the United States of Murika is doing it. I’m more in favour of the EU System, where to field for being a candidate for a position in the EU you actually have to have “Qualifications and Experience” in a subject before you can even put yourself forward for elections. After in 2015 and 2016 being Trolled in British Politics facebook Groups, and a long time Labout MP on Twitter stating the same statement at me: “Foreign Policy isn’t Politics” I gave up with British Politics years ago and decided on a plan to leave the UK and never come back. The US System of destroying the education system and promoting the Stupid, as some weird form of Democracy has started to take root here and bloom in the UK, and I was not in the least bit surprised to read recently that British Universities including Oxford are getting shit rankings in Global Statistics of Universities. From the top to the bottom the Ideology of the British is getting more Murikan by the week, or, as I like to state – more and more stupid whilst at the same time purporting to be better than the rest of the world in that “Imperial Hangover”, teeth clenching and face in hands embarrassingly annoying way. The UK has 40% of the Global Cocaine consumption (more actually than the USA) and those not off their faces on that Arrogant, Paranoid and Aggressive stuff appear to be off their heads on copious amounts of THC as well. And I bet there are plenty of Politicians doing not only the white stuff, but also have fake CBD in their house and administer it to their kids and pets too. At £25 per month for the average household in the UK, the mathematical probabilities of this – well, just don’t argue. They are taking the damn stuff some of them and that for me, explains a LOT.

Which Magazine states: “It is important to emphasise the difference between commercially sold CBD Oil and medical-grade CBD, which is produced under strict manufacturing conditions, has a certificate of analysis and goes through rigorous trials” says Mikael Sordergreen, research director at EMMAC Life Sciences and academic clinician at Imperial College London. Vape Oil comes under a different system entirely which makes the subject even more confusing. I also have learned from Which for the first time that there are actually cosmetics and toiletries that have so-called CBD in them too.  This really has gone nuclear in its popularity, hasn’t it? How scary is that? As in “popularity”.


There is no way to tell that what you are buying when it comes to CBD is actually what you are getting, as there is no testing or regulation carried out. Unless of course you buy certified Medical Grade CBD, and at that price, wouldn’t it just be easier to go to your GP and lobby him to send you to one of the NHS Clinics that are prescribing it? If you actually have a medical problem you think would benefit? I think so.

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