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Today, scrolling through some old youtube videos, I found one of a man named Dan Wallace.
Dan, a 23 year old whose father was in one of the world trade center towers on 9/11/01, had been trapped in a elevator.
As Dan had been making a speech he stated that on September 11th, 2001, his dad called home to say that he was trapped and that
he was going to try to hack his way out. Unfortunately his dad never did come home that day.

With that on his plate, he seemed to most recognizably reject the government’s narrative of what happened that day.
Dan was an ardent activist who showed no fear when confronted by police at street actions near WTC Building 7 and at the New York Stock Exchange.

Dan was an eloquent speaker, both on videos of the street actions and at St. Mark’s Church, where he gave a moving oration before a packed crowd in a Sunday night presentation.
He demanded answers as he started an organization that still runs today, by the name “We Are Change.”

WeAreChange.org is now ran by a man named Luke Rudkowski.          Luke, a friend of Dan’s, at least before Dan was found dead on the morning of Monday, January 29th, 2007.
Son of Lieutenant Robert Wallace, Dan’s intent to bring truth to a community of people who needed it, would nearly go without credit.

As Luke took to Facebook to describe his feelings as they pertained to Dan’s death, he wrote,

“We carry on the fight in the memory of Dan Wallace. He is in our hearts now, as his Dad has been in our hearts already. We continue the mission that Dan felt so strongly about: to strive to expose the truth of 911, and to bring the real 911 criminals to justice. Dan, you are with us, we’ll never forget you, and we promise to make you proud.”

Today if you look at the WeAreChange.org website and the surrounding properties of the We Are Change organization there is no mention of a Dan Wallace. People like Emy and Justin Maclachlan aka Aaron Kessel        Who either worked for or are still working for We Are Change, seem to not even know he existed.

Sabrina Rivera, Dan’s girlfriend at the time of his death, according to reports, had a long 2 year relationship with Luke after Dan had passed away.  It also seems she did not even wait to enter into this relationship after the day of Dan’s death.
Is that alone enough to cause us to sound an alarm?

Luke Rudkowski, An American investigative journalist, political activist, and conspiracy theorist, Is who now owns and operates WeAreChange.org. Dated December 10, 2012 was an Indictment that accused Rudkowski of fraud for under false pretenses, collecting money from individuals who were led to believe that the donations were going to be allocated towards the 9/11 first res-ponders’ medical expenses as well as the equipment expenses for We Are Change.

Back in March 2009, Luke and 2 others were arrested for attempting to question Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Luke set up a chip-in to pay for the legal costs for all three people. However, it quickly changed to just be the Luke Legal Defense fund. According to the chip-in widget Luke was able to raise $4,241.55.

On the New York State Court Unified Court System, a search for Lukasz Rudkowski brings up another serious question:

If Lukasz was able to raise $4k for the legal defense fund, why does he have a legal aide lawyer? What has he done with the money he raised for a lawyer?

On December of 2009 in a Facebook status post Luke Rudkowski’s ex-girlfriend, Sabrina Rivera, speaks out on his exploitation of the late Dan Wallace. In the status updates Sabrina also went on to explain that Luke used Dan Wallace’s name for his own fame and still has his belongings.      In actuality, the real founder of WeAreChange is Dan Wallace, stated the author of a post written on cryptome.org under the name spartacus@reborn.com.

Luke Rudkowski routed all donations totaling over $85,000 (according to the chip-in flash application gauge) to his PRIVATE BANK ACCOUNT.
Proof has been located in the indictment filed in the state of New York, where you can see he was also paying college tuition at Brooklyn College.
Luke Rudkowski withdrew $20,000 from We Are Change’s PayPal account. It is interesting to see that We Are Change stopped using the Chip-in app which showed how much was collected and a description of purpose of the donation. They have replaced it with the non-transparent PayPal payment button.

In a post on his website WeAreChange.org he stated,

“All expenditures will be presented to the group with statements presented on the first meeting of every month detailing expenses and money accrued.” (cite has been removed www.wearechange.org/?page_id=33)

At this time investigating this claim, there are no such records present.
Where does the money go? It seems he has made a trip on “Business” to Mexico to report a story as of late.
In a video on YouTube.com he even mocks what he calls “Trolls” as he flaunts fake stacks of notes basically acting on the claims that he is a fake news reporter and money thief.
A statement made by members state that We Are Change New York has allowed Luke Rudkowski to become a dictator and allowed him to overrule democratically voted will of the members of We Are Change. This breaks the rule in the code of conduct that this is a leaderless movement.
The Crotch Shot Radio Show has obtained Luke’s financial records from Dallas Carter.
The only deposits came from the WE ARE CHANGE PayPal account. This is the money supporters donated going into his private bank account, where he paid for personal things.

As if that is not enough, Luke Rudkowski has more than six open lawsuits he has filed against companies even as large as Fox News, for copy-write infringement because apparently he does not want anyone able to use the We Are Change banner without his permission to do so.

Some might ask “If he is a journalist that supports free speech(most of them do) how is this practicing it?” Suing someone for copy-write issues actually hurts the story as other media outlets are not able to report on the things he is covering.

Dan Wallace founded this very organization, in memory of his father               with the intent to spread truth surrounding 9/11, That being                         Because he did not believe the story at all.

So that brings another question. Why is Luke on Their YouTube channel spreading the official narrative given by the united states government?

Because infiltrators typically do all they can to gain your trust in them.

When they have achieved their goals in that they tend to scream           “Lets Go This Way!” Then leading everyone into a metaphorical detached agenda from the original movment, which restricts all of the progress.

Since the start of our investigations Luke has not even remotely tried to answer any questions against him and when they are asked people like his own organization get taken off of his website and oppressed in some way to keep them quite. Not one time has he tried to bring the facts to the table.

We Are Change seems to be needing exactly that… Change.


This is dedicated to The family and Friends of Dan Wallace.

We advise WeAreChange.org,

Do not overlook.
Do not Disbelieve.
Do not misunderstand.
Be afraid.

Unknown Delivers.

As always

Expect All of Us!

Project Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtsGUcgYl_I

WeAreChange.org Co-oped by The Illuminati Reblogged from source with Thanks Via: https://iamanonymous.com/wearechange-org-co-oped-by-the-illuminati/

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