Is George Soros Funding Extinction Rebellion? | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT – Reblogged from source with thanks Via:

By Paul Homewood


An enterprising individual has got hold of a lot of documents from Extinction Rebellion’s computer database.

I must stress that these have not been hacked. As he/she explains:


[I have tried to log into the Finland site, but get a warning message about an insecure server]

There are all sorts of files on show, containing so much detailed information that they must be genuine. Many contain details on tactics etc.

The one below caught my eye, particularly the third aim, which rather gives the lie to XR’s defenders who say that they are not a bunch of anarchists.


But the real thing I wanted to focus on is the funding side.

There is one spreadsheet file, which keeps track of fundraising projects:


And on the Team 2 tab, listing major donors, we find an entry for George Soros. Intriguingly, the amount has been blanked out, the only donation where this has happened.

One wonders what they want to hide, if the amount is to be kept secret even from their own staff!


In fact, XR are remarkably open about their financing, as their own website links to their list of bank transactions (see “our payments to date”:



The first thing which stands out is just how much money they have raised, for such a Rag, Tag and Bobtail outfit. In just over a year, they have raised over a million, and still have half left in the bank.

About half of their income seems to come via Pay Pal and We Pay. This ostensibly is crowd funding, but could also give major donors confidentiality.

But some major donors do stand out:

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation – £121140

The CIFF like to give the impression that their purpose is to tackle ill health and malnutrition amongst the world’s poor. But they also give out millions each year for climate change projects.

It’s funders might be surprised that their money is going to an anarchist group, determined to send Britain back to the dark ages.

Joe Corre – £50000

Corre is the son of the potty eco warrior and dress designer, Vivienne Westwood and one time manager of the Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren.

He co-founded the lingerie outlet, Agent Provocateur, in 1994, before selling out to 3i.

According to The Richest website, he is worth $48 million.

With that sort of money, he can indulge his silly fantasies, safe in the knowledge he won’t suffer from their impact.

Interestingly, the funding spreadsheet we looked at earlier says “JC *Keep Anonymous”. I wonder what they are trying to hide?


Furka Holdings – £50000

Furka are a little known Swiss asset management company, owned by a guy called Alasdair Breach, who is also a Director of the Bank of Georgia.

According to the latter’s write up about Breach:

His previous career was in research in investment banks, principally in Russia. In January 2003, Mr Breach joined Brunswick UBS (later UBS Russia) as Chief Economist, and later was appointed Head of Research and Managing Director until October 2007. From 1998 to 2002, Mr Breach was a Russia and FSU (Former Soviet Union) economist at Goldman Sachs, based in Moscow.

It is not clear why Furka would want to give £50000 to an anti-capitalist mob. One is entitled to wonder whether they are just a front to channel money from third party sources, particularly given Breach’s close connections to Russia. 

European Climate Foundation – £20000

The ECF was established in 2008, and principally funnels money from far-left American philanthropic foundations to European climate projects.

Greenpeace – £10000

Say no more!

Tides Foundation – £7454

The Tides Foundation is another of those far-left American charities, which funds a wide range of left wing causes, often in very controversial fashion.

George Soros?

We are left with the mystery of George Soros.

As the funding spreadsheet showed, an entry was made on Jan 25th to the effect that payment had been received from Soros.

Yet no such payment is recorded on the banking spreadsheet. 

Was the money funnelled via a third party front? Or did it came via Pay Pal? Or maybe the receipt was deliberately left off the spreadsheet.

And why all of the secrecy? Is the amount so large?

Are XR worried about the PR implications of taking money from such a controversial source.

XR claim that their finances are “public and transparent”. If so, they now need to come clean about George Soros’ involvement.

Above all, the British public have a right to know why so much foreign money is being sent to XR, with the express purpose of disrupting our lives and economy in an attempt to influence public policy, not to mention overthrowing our democratic system of government

Is George Soros Funding Extinction Rebellion? | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT – Reblogged from source with thanks Via:

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