FEDERAL LAWSUIT VETS COVID CONCEALMENTS INCLUDING CHARLES LIEBER’S CONNECTIONS TO THE PLAGUE, THE PLOT, and PSYCHOTRONIC WARFARE (i.e., WIRELESS MIND-CONTROL) Reblogged from source with Thanks Via: https://medicalveritas.org/charles-lieber-and-covid-vaccines/

Mar 31, 2021

charles lieber




Michele Riley and Anonymous Contributors

(MedicalVeritas.org–March 30, 2021) New discoveries filed in the U.S. District Court of Middle Florida against COVID-19 vaccine makers, advertisers, and distributors by a Harvard-trained public health expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, reveal an enterprise secreting critical information about the actual activities of Harvard’s indicted nano-chemistry professor, Charles Lieber, his connections to the alleged “plandemic,” and the “conspiracy theory” embraced by the consensus of best-informed most-honest scientists. 

In recent days, leading government and industry officials have confessed their conclusions that the “novel” virus “leaked” from the Wuhan lab where coronavirus “gain-of-function” experiments were ongoing. Among the growing consensus is the former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield, who informed CNN. Former Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Senior Ebola Program Manager and later Head of the Vaccine Development Office for the German Center for Infection Research, Geert Vanden Bossche, created a firestorm of controversy by publishing the new COVID vaccines are “likely to become the biggest and most tragic mistake made in the history of public health in general and in the field of vaccination in particular.” 

But vaccine advocates and accidental “leak” theorists are dead wrong, according to Dr. Horowitz. Instead, the overwhelming evidence filed for review by Judge John L. Badalamenti, and Magistrate Nicholas P. Mizell, strongly presumes the Wuhan “leak” was intentional and the vaccines that deliver untested genetic material via nano-bioelectric silver-infused hydrogels that impact nerve cells (not exclusively immune cells) is recklessly irresponsible, even unconscionable. Genocide and population control exclusively justifies such advancing “science.”

According to Dr. Horowitz’s 20-page opposition filing in Horowitz v. Pfizer et. al., 21 exhibits evidence the most complete story under seal in the FBI’s criminal case against Charles Lieber. Most of this is being censored by the press.

charles lieber

Horowitz’s evidence examines the interplay between the Defense Department (especially DARPA) and private companies, Pfizer, and Moderna. The drug industry and U.S. military has invested heavily in Lieber’s largely secreted neuroscience experiments at Harvard and MIT. These featuring nano-particle silver-impregnated vaccine “hydrogels.” 

The “game-changing” patents enable more than the transfer of genetic material from drugs and vaccines to human immune cells. Brain cells are highly susceptible to the wave-frequency manipulations, according to much published science. 

Dual Chinese-American military and commercial interests have worked to master this secreted science that promises an array of population control patents and products merging brain function with electronics–the focus of Lieber’s expertise and concealed activity in China.

Resulting bioelectric technologies, and opposition to what amounts to a “globalist plot,” is fundamental to Dr. Horowitz’s complaint. He charges the federal government and complicit corporations with covertly-operating a global enterprise leveraging bioterrorism, corrupted science, media censorship, and competitor disparagement. 

All of this is being done to advance the latest U.S./Chinese military-financed neuroscience technology fostering the “transhumanist” movement promising optimal control over civilization through cyberspace, solid research evidences.

FBI-indicted chief biochemistry and neuroscience professor Lieber’s classified activity with military officials in the U.S. and China reveals this Anglo-Asian complicity as the true source of the COVID-19 “plandemic.” 

“I know that the Lieber Research Group has received more than $15,000,000 in grant funding from NIH and DoD since 2008,” wrote FBI Special Agent Robert Plumb. This money was paid for a “component of the United States Department of Health and Human Service”–the “NIH is a government agency responsible for biomedical and public health research,” Plumb explained in his charging affidavit. . . . LIEBER traveled to [Wuhan] in mid-November 2011 ostensibly in order to participate in a Nano-Energy Materials Forum.” 

The purpose of Charles Lieber’s trip, among other things, was to “Conduct national important (key) projects, or international cooperation projects that meet China’s national strategic development requirements or stand at the forefront of international science and technology research field,” Plumb revealed.

In other words, Lieber was employed to secure China’s military and national security interests, and undermine U.S. National Security interests on behalf of globalist governors, by transferring the most advanced nano-scale bioenergetic methods and materials to China. This, allegedly, advanced the field of vaccinology, genetic ‘therapies,’ and brain-to-cloud transhumanism.

Concealing these certainties regarding Lieber’s actual bio-electrical intellectual property, neuro-science transfer activities, FBI affiant Plumb obfuscated Lieber’s value to China. Plumb charged Lieber with Chinese espionage activity thusly: “The stated purpose of the agreement, which had a five-year effective term, was to ‘carry out advanced research and development of nanowire-based lithium ion batteries with high performance for electric vehicles.’” 

OUTRAGEOUS! Beyond reasonable doubt the only “electric vehicles” in Lieber’s labs were humans, who ‘volunteered’ to submit to experiments examining, inter alia, “Precision electronic medicine in the brain.” 

“In fact,” Science Magazine reported, “one U.S. nanoscientist and former student of Lieber’s says: “I have never seen Charlie working on batteries or nanowire batteries.” (The scientist asked that their name not be used because of the sensitivity surrounding Lieber’s case.)”

Accordingly, the FBI’s “lithium battery” story is a smelly and transparent ‘red herring.’ 

This diversionary obfuscation indicts federal agents and the Department of Justice for advancing a deadly fable concealing irrefutable ties between Harvard’s Lieber, MIT’s Media Lab, advancing nano-neuroscience, COVID-19, and the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that apply Lieber’s DARPA-funded hydrogel research and developments for “precision electronic medicine in the brain.”

‘Globalist capture’ has apparently tainted the DoD’s and DoJ’s competence in securing U.S. National Security in favor of globalization and China’s predominant role therein.

The “Event 201” ‘predictive programming coronavirus preparedness conference held at Johns Hopkins University six weeks before the Wuhan outbreak provides more compelling evidence of institutionalized foul play. Analyzing the Event 201, including its Chinese commercial representations and concerns, compounds compelling evidence of the obvious globalist plot. Click to freely view

That conference was co-sponsored by the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Horowitz’s court filings recall.

charles lieber

Classified military “neuroscience” technologies best explain why the World Health Organization, the “WHO,” largely financed by the Gates Foundation, whitewashed the entire matter of COVID’s lab origin. Gates and the WHO partnered with Google’s Alphabet parent, Verily Life Sciences, Galvani Corporation, along with multiple intelligence agencies. They hid the truth about the lab coronavirus weaponization and the availability of alternative therapies that would otherwise block their ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ by the ‘captured FDA’ for the Pfizer and Moderna hydrogel-mediated neuro-electric “vaccines.” 

Clearly now, the world scientific consensus has awakened to the fact that COVID-19 didn’t emerge from a bat, a pangolin, or even a “leak” from the lab in Wuhan by accident. The compelling evidence of the cover-up presumes foul play and the guilt of the agents and agencies complicit. Most certain is the intentional deployment of the virus to achieve geopolitical and economic objectives–such as the “Final Solution” as well as the “Great Global Reset“. 

Mass-mediated threats are now transparent. The news networks and presses have been used to advance bio-terror and economic espionage. The clear-and-convincing evidence of biological sabotage involving vaccines to further globalists’ geopolitical and economic objectives are frighteningly consistent with Chapter 10, verse 19, of the FBI’s true and correct copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Sion shown below.

Indeed, the new evidence filed by Dr. Horowitz with the federal court in Florida includes the use of bio-electric nano-silver hydrogel infusions crucial to the functionality of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines. The silver-impregnated, water and pH driven docking, determines the transmission of the genetic information to nerve cells, as well as immune cells. These facts are established by Lieber and his colleagues’ published science, and the functionality may be presumed to link human brains to the Cloud. 

Summarily in conclusion, this little-known, government-secreted, military technology is central to Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA delivery systems, and Dr. Lieber’s pioneering influence. 

Described by Harvard Magazine as “a much-honored leader in nanoscale science and bio-compatible electronics,” Lieber’s classified activity with his students and military officials in China, favoring his financiers’ bio-defense and National Security enterprise, is capriciously ignored by the complicit press and Justice Department.

Dr. Horowitz’s standing before the federal judges in Horowitz v. Pfizer, et. al., derives from having been damaged for pioneering and marketing a much safer, and arguably much more effective, competing technology called “OxySilverTM with 528.” For this, Horowitz has been, and continues to be, disparaged as a “tin foil hat” “conspiracy theorist” and worse by Lieber’s backers in government and industry. 

Horowitz is an internationally known award-winning author of the best-selling longest-enduring text in the field of emerging viruses and communicable diseases. He is also the producer of the “Best Film-2016” at the World International Film Festival in London and Geneva, exposing the military secrecy and media malfeasance underlying the global vaccination agenda. 

Horowitz’s lawsuit opposes the potentially disastrous implications to civilization brought by pharmaceutical nano-bioelectronics intertwined with covert lab virus enhancements for allegedly “disease control” that he argues is actually “population control.”

CLICK LINK to view Dr. Horowitz’s complete filing in Horowitz v. Pfizer et. al., of “Plaintiff’s Opposition to Defendant Schein’s Motion to Dismiss 3-29-21

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