Obituary – Lord Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

The lost art of conversation

March 19, 2033


Our green and pleasant land has been graced with only a few great Prime Ministers since the title was bestowed on Sir Robert Walpole, but none have been as unequivocally successful as Tony Blair. Following his death yesterday a nation is in mourning. Now is a time to grieve, yes, but also a time to celebrate his life. After we have paid our respects he will no doubt, be accepted into the pantheon of the greatest leaders that England, Europe and The World have ever known.

A day of internet silence was called for and impeccably upheld by the nation, save for a handful of so-called ‘lefty’, so-called ‘comedians’ who felt it appropriate to excrete bile-filled character assassinations towards the dead body of one of the greatest men these isles have spawned. Scum, sub-human scum.

For the youth of today it might be hard to imagine political…

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