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Mon 15 Feb 2010



Summary: During its 22 years of life, the UN’s NGO, the IPCC, had an incredible career:

It was fathered in 1988 by the couple Rothschild-Maurice Strong, who was head of the Rio Summit and the UN Environment Program (UNEP), which declares to wanting environment vye with religion for people’s hearts – in order to shape them and countries.

The IPCC managed to make climate undisputed gospel despite the exposure of manipulation after manipulation until the members` own cynicism and arrogance was laid bare in the Climategate scandal.

Then events sped up.

A seemingly well-organized group of bright journalists and scientists are revealing one error after another in the IPCC AR4 Report from 2007 for the world’s media and politicians.

Coming up are a Himalayagate, an Africagate, an Amazongate, a Hollandgate, Russiagate etc.

These blatant errors were to scare in order to achieve political aims in the direction of world government, corporate income increase, and global redistribution of wealth.

Figures from IPCC suppliers have been downright lie to lie, they used students´ theses, which were not even published, unfounded rumors from popular science magazines.

The members have formed an exclusive club alleging that their works were peer-reviewed – where they were each other’s peer reviewers and only took to the IPCC, what claimed global warming.

IPCC was born after a U.S. Senate hearing, where the sweat was dripping from the brows of NASA GISS’ James Hansen, on a day they knew would be very hot, his cohorts having even stopped the air conditioner!

Then everybody screamed: Global warming!

In connection with the Rio meeting in 1992 the Agenda 21, which will direct people from cradle to grave in concentrated urban areas to save the climate, was passed by 179 nations.

But now comes the point. 

The IPCC was created by illuminists and has been faithful to illuminist nature: They spirited the medieval warming period  (and the 1930-50 period, too) away – to call the latest decade the warmest ever!

I.a. because the chairman, Pachauri, is also an illuminist on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation.

This makes the thesis of illuminist Hegelian tactics.

The antithesis was now disclosed by The Independent: According to Rockefeller´s Exxon Oil’s reports, the IPCC critics are massively financed by – Rockefeller’s Exxon!

(Not I!).

Apparently disputes are now to arise that might pick up as CO2 taxes and fees are rising.

Synthesis: Introduction of more dictatorship and police state – as  after all crises now. I.a.license and “driving card” for using the internet are under way – according to U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller´s desire.


Express retreatThe IPCC (The UN International Climate Change Panel) was fathered in 1988 by the couple Rothschild-Maurice Strong, who was head of the Rio Summit and the UN Environment Program (UNEP), which declares to want environment to vye with religion for people’s hearts – in order to shape them and countries.

After the Climate Conference in Copenhagen, the climate ideology/religion has suffered  severe blows due to the many acts of fraud committed by the IPCC and its purveyors – revealing the whole idea of manmade global warming as an immense hoax.

Now, The Telegraph on 6 Febr. 2010 reveals a fresh series of errors in the IPCC´s AR4 Report to world governments from 2007 – based on not-reviewed students dissertations – even unpublished ones – and from the WWF and additional biased organisations.

U.K. Professor Phillip Stott: “Capitalism has read the runes, with carbon-trading posts quietly being shed, ‘Green’ jobs sidelined, and even big insurance companies starting to hedge their own bets against the future of the Global Warming Grand Narrative.

The break in the ‘Media Wall’ began in the tabloids and in the ‘red tops’ like The Daily Express and the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, but it is today spreading rapidly.

And, the political, economic, and scientific consequences will be profound.” 

But now its real purpose emerges: The New World Order Hegelian tactics over IPCC, final section.

Canada Free Press 5 Febr. 2010:  Dr. Tim Ball, consultant and former climatology professor etc.”
Strong-goreThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was specifically designed by Rothschild friend, UNEP Secretary General for this event, Maurice Strong, trustee to the Rockefeller Foundation, member of the Club of Rome.
About the CRU of the University of East Anglia and its “scientific method”

Early stories from the leaked emails identified the obvious illegal and unacceptable activities that do not require understanding of climate science.

These related to the work of the CRU members whose objective was to prove their hypothesis that human CO2 was causing global warming and subsequently climate change.

Nearly all of their work was concentrated in Working Group I (WGI).

This Report is then accepted, without question, by Working Group II (Impacts, Adaptation and Variability – cost British tax payers 3 mio pounds + contributions from additional nations) and Working Group III (Mitigation of Climate Change) and becomes the basis of their research.

Working Group II is the Report that has the greatest number of works that are now being exposed as non peer-reviewed and in some instances unpublished. 

They assume warming is going to occur and the rate will increase

Glaciers will melt rapidly.

Sea level will rise quickly. Drought will increase in intensity. 

This last argument is an example of how wrong these reports are.

Increasing droughts is counterintuitive because with warming evaporation increases putting more moisture in the atmosphere and increasing the precipitation potential.

IPCC-CRU-litterPretended science
First the IPCC claimed they only used such peer reviewed articles, then peer reviewing each other’s work. 

They used the issue to divert skeptics by telling them to get peer reviewed publications knowing they could control it.

When one article by-passed their guard and was published by Geophysical Research Letters they got the editor fired.

Now we discover they used a multitude of non-reviewed articles often from very biased sources such as the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace as references. 

Pachauri´s involvement is so bad that even Greenpeace are calling for his Pachauri-blomst


To this Pachauri´s “Himalayagate“,  “Africagate” and “Amazongate”,  Hollandgate, Russiagate absurdities must now be added.

IPCC boss Rajendra Pachauri: “many of the issues now raised by CC are more to do with energy and money, than natural science.” 

The deceptions need to be carried over to the political and economic arena. 

Pretended attempts to put fingers in the dam

The University of Pennsylvania has a whitewash (of Michael Mann) with an internal review committee.

They also announce they are conveniently not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

They did not interview major players in the fiasco including Steve McIntyre who discovered Michael Mann’s hockey stick fraud. 

In England the temporary director of the CRU says Jones will be completely vindicated and reinstated.

And who pays for and influences the IPCC?

The Telegraph 6 Febr. 2010 – Christopher Booker:

A key player in the setting up of the IPCC in 1988 was Dr John Houghton, then head of the Met Office.

He persuaded Mrs Thatcher to fund him in launching the Hadley Centre in 1990, which has played a central role in the IPCC ever since.

Part of the price we pay for Hadley excercising such disproportionate influence in the IPCC  is that Britain has made a similarly disproportionate contribution to the cost of running the panel’s operations.

The Parents of the IPCC
American Thinker 6 Febr. 2010: 

The U.N. signaled its intent to politicize science as far back as its Conference on the Human Environment (UNCHE – led by Maurice Strong) in Stockholm in 1972.

There, an unlikely mélange of legitimate environmental activists, dyed-in-the-wool Marxists, and assorted anti-establishment ’60s leftovers were delighted to hear not only the usual complaints about “industrialized” environmental problems, but also a long list of international inequities.

From that marriage of global, environmental, and social justice concerns was born the IPCC’s James-hansenparent organization  the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) — and the fortune-cookie like prose of its socialist-environmentalist manifesto, the Stockholm Declaration.

 NASA GISS´James Hansen. Now he states the last decade to be the warmest on record.

Several times caught red-handed manipulating global temperatures.

Stated to be  Bribed by George Soros and Al Gore.  A look at the graphs below shows that while that decade was 0.2 centigrades warmer than in 1980 – temperature in the USA was 0.5 centigrades higher in 1920-1950 than  in 1980! 

Now NASA RSS has just made January 0.72 centigrades warmer than normal!!! Why should we believe that?

It was seven years later that UNEP was handed the ideal villain to fuel its counterfeit crusade.

That was the year (1979) in which NASA’s James Hansen’s team of climate modelers convinced a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) panel to report that doubling atmospheric CO2 — which had risen from 280 ppmv in the pre-industrial 1800s to over 335 ppmv — would cause nearly 3°C of global warming.

The figure was wildly speculative, but many funding-minded scientists — including some previously predicting that aerosols and orbital shifts would lead to catastrophic global cooling — suddenly embraced  global warming.  

And the 350 ppmv have now obtained religious significance. 

On 8 Febr. 2010 The Street Journal 8 Febr 2010: Snow and ice delay US Government´s launch of a global warming propaganda office. 

The perfect Theatre
The year was 1988, and Colorado Senator Tim Wirth had arranged for Hansen to testify on the subject before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to help sell the dire need to enact national environmental legislation.

As Wirth has since admitted, he intentionally scheduled Hansen’s appearance on what was forecasted to be the hottest day of the hearings.

And in a brilliantly underhanded marketing ploy, he and his cohorts actually snuck into the hearing room the night before and opened the windows, rendering the air conditioning all but useless

This is how climate hysteria and its 2 stars were born
Imagine the devious beauty of the scene that unfolded in front of the cameras the next day — a NASA scientist preaching fire and brimstone, warning of “unprecedented global warming”and a potential “runaway greenhouse effect,” all the while wiping the dripping sweat off his brow.

That is how climate hysteria and not one, but two of its shining stars were born.

For coincidentally, that was the same year 1988 the IPCC was established (by Maurice Strong of the UNEP and The World Meteorological Organisation).

Holdren2The UNEP now had the perfect problem to its solution: anthropogenic global warming (AGW). 

After all, both its abatement and adaptation require huge expansion of government controls and taxation. It helps promote the promise of international wealth redistribution to help less fortunate nations adapt to its consequences.

Obama´s Science Tsar, John Holdren, Obama´s climate tsar, was worried about global cooling in the 1970´es.

In 1977 he warmed to the idea of a global regime.

He also proposed, putting chemicals in the water supply to ensure decline in fertility and chipping people to control their reproductive capabilities

“Repent, you climate sinners, for the end is nigh!”.

At the 1992 U.N. Conference on Environment and Development (aka Earth Summit) in Rio de Janeiro, the event’s Secretary-General, Maurice Strong, told the opening session that industrialized countries had “developed and benefited from the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption which have produced our present dilemma.”

The veteran U.N. puppeteer blamed the “lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class,” which included “high meat consumption and large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and workplace air-conditioning, and suburban housing” for the world’s environment ills.”

From that meeting sprouted the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) treaty Klima-menings-barometerand the Agenda 21 and here: a global contract that bound governments around the world to a U.N. plan to change the way people “live, eat, learn and communicate,” all in the name of “saving the earth” from mankind’s mistakes, particularly global warming. 

Again we saw a U.N.-crafted convergence of climate “science” and social “justice.” 178 governments voted to adopt the Agenda 21 on the spot.

The long, steep uphill road to convince Europeans of the global warming being a fake.

Here is a BBC poll from 3–4 Febr. 2010. 

In Denmark after the Copenhagen Climate Conference, 50% no longer believe in the fairy tale of manmade global warming.

Back in 1989, future Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) Working Group 2 (WG2) IPCC- lead author Stephen Schneider disclosed several tricks of the trade to Discover magazine:

To capture the public imagination, we have to offer up some scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements and little mention of any doubts one might have. Each of us has to decide the right balance between being effective, and being honest.

Already facing the threat of disappearing grant funds and derision as industry stooges — physicists were also met with ad hominem attacks from IPCC “coordinators” if they refused to tone down criticism of faulty climate models or otherwise IPCC-1990-7c first reportquestioned AGW dogma.

I suppose that’s one way to achieve the “consensus” the IPCC loudly boasts of.

How the IPCC manipulated its own global temperature data The 1990 IPCC First Assessment Report used this Figure 7c (right)  to represent last millennium’s dramatic temperature swings.

The first step was taken in the 1995 Second Assessment Report. 

Then in 2001 this graph 2.20 (left) in chapter 2 of the  page 134 of the Working Group 1 (WG1) Fig2-20report – now completely eliminating the medieval warming period – which later on also CRU´s  Briffa was exposed as having fraudulently eliminated by means of his Jamal tree rings.  

Then the AR4 in 2007 raised not only the threat level, but also the degree of anthropogenic certitude (to 90%), and the IPCC’s word was all but gospel.

Fighting climate change became a foregone and inarguable conclusion.

UAH_LT_1979_thru_Dec_09The Force of lie is strong when money is involved Council on Foreign Relations  Joëlle Chassard manager of the World Bank’s carbon finance business:

The trend is going to be that the price of carbon will go up.
Right:Updated satellite global temperature measurements from the University of Alabama Huntington showing same temperature in 2009 as in 1989.  

Below left: OSS graph of US temperatures 1880–2000. Temperature in 2000 the same as in 1880.

Note the period 1930–1950 is the warmest on record. Where is Prof. King´s (below) overwhelming global warming increase of 0.8 centigrades?

It only arose due to CRU, NASA GISS, NOAA and Al Gore´s tricks:

Us-temp.Here is from The Telegraph 6 Febr. 2010

An article by former Government Science Chief, Prof. David King. He starts by discrediting the IPCC (because Pachauri and Co´s lies are too blatant to be denied). “But that does not change the fact that the evidence for global warming is overwhelming. 

That’s why I believe that this set of so-called scandals will be little more than a temporary setback to the state of climate science.

We know from thermometers and satellites that temperatures have risen at least 0.8C. Let’s work to create a new, smart manufacturing sector in this country that is fit to tackle the carbon challenge while stimulating our economy back into growth” 

 Ah!! Here we have it: The Climate lie can still serve one of its purposes: Making money out of thin air – letting consumers and tax payers foot the bill: Smart? It is the essence of communism.

Now the IPCC lies are being used by Rockefeller for NWO Hegelian tactics 

On 7 Febr. The Independent, had its contribution to defend the climate hoax:

Its critcis are all being paid by Rockefeller´s Exxon Oil – according to the company´s reports!!

Well, I am certainly not!

We may here have an example of  the illuminists – among them the EU (explanatory statement)  using Hegelian tactics once again:

Thesis: IPCC Chairman, Pachauri, is on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation!! 

Antithesis: Rockefeller´s Exxon Oil supports some climate sceptics.

Synthesis: Raising people against their corrupt leaders – just as they managed the French Revolution – to have more police state, including  licensing after the Indian model or a “driving license” for the internet, in accordance with Jay Rockefeller. 

Of course.

Who would give up these  fat titbits  due to such trifles as truth and democracy – without suppressing the truth?

Worldgate, The Incredible History of the IPCC: The Science of Lying Reblogged from source with Thanks Via:





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