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The media has shown us that Prince William is beloved throughout the world, especially for his diplomacy and charity work.  Is it possible we’ve been propagandized?  As portrayed in the media, he demonstrates the attributes of intelligence, clean living, service, and bravery.  The purpose of this research article is not to suggest William is a bad person or guilty of any crime whatsoever.  To the contrary, William’s public life appears to be scripted by powers-that-be larger than him, and so William has been setup for ‘guilt by association’.  This predicament is all the more reason to pray for William’s salvation and comfort.

Now, with that said, William and/or Wales definitely appears to match the characteristics of the “little horn” described in the bible…


The World Loves the Guy – Suspicious

Prince William of Wales is presently beloved and revered throughout the world.  He and/or Wales is a fine candidate to be “the little horn” described in Revelation and Daniel.  Here is the evidence…

In Daniel 8:23, the little horn is referred to as a ruler (ܡܠܟ = king/sovereign). See also, Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 11:28-45 suggesting the ‘false messiah’ will be a ruler.  In Revelation 13, the text uses the word “diadem” (jewel) to imply he is also royalty.

William’s ‘royal’ crest contains all the animals from Daniel’s vision of the four-fold creature: lion, bear, leopard, and dragon. Daniel 7:3-7, Rev. 13:2 (“And the living being I saw being the image of a leopard and his feet as of a bear and his mouth as of lions and the Dragon gives him his power and his throne and great kingdom.”

William’s crest has a lion’s head with a leopard’s body and bear feat, and a red dragon. There is also a unicorn on William’s crest with eyes like a man, and with its tongue sticking out, that correlates to the ‘little horn’ of Daniel 7:8 (“another little horn ascends between them; in front of whom three of the first horns uproot: and behold, in this horn, eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth uttering greatly.”) The design around the unicorn’s neck is called the “eldest-son label” and has been described as three parallel horns which are, in a manner of speaking, ‘plucked out by the roots’ (i.e., turned upside down).

As for the red dragon, the symbol of Wales (William’s hometown) is the dragon, and the symbol of London is the dragon. Another noteworthy fact is that Prince William’s nickname in the Royal Navy is “Dragon”. The layout of the crest (on Charles’ coat) reads, “I serve the red dragon” as it says “ich dien” (meaning “I serve” in German, or “your man” in Welsh) immediately beneath a picture of the red dragon. Indeed, the unicorn (little horn) is chained to the image of the red dragon.

The occult connections of his ‘royal family’ have been extensively documented.  At age 25, Prince William became the 1,000th member of Britain’s most exclusive secret society, the “Order of the Garter,” parts of which are useful to the military Order of Malta, Committee of 300, and Freemasonry. William’s dad Charles is a 33rd degree mason, which provides the highest level of occult opportunity. Charles appears to have been grooming William for the ‘occult life’.

His mother may have had a different plan of sorts – here is a noncontroversial quote from the late princess Diana,

“I believe Wills can rebuild Camelot and I will be his Merlin. We will return to the chivalry, pageantry and glory of King Arthur’s court. William will re-make the Monarchy by showing love, leadership and compassion.”

If William/Wales is the little horn then he is part of the beast of the sea – the lion on his coat of arms has a seashell on the collar. Also, William is/was in the Royal Navy (the helicopter he flew was called the Sea King), and the U.K. is an island nation.  His nickname in the Royal Navy was “the dragon”.  Check this out:
The British monarchy emerged directly out of the same Roman empire that crucified the Messiah. This happened when Britain became a Roman colony in approximately 55 B.C. (although warring with Rome continued well into the 2nd century). The name “Britain” is derived from “B’rith-ain” which means “covenant land,” and “British” means “covenant man.” The British empire eventually exceeded even the Roman empire in size, which is the reason for the infamous colonialism expression, “the son never sets on the British  empire”. 


There is also some interesting pseudo-legal evidence that the two empires are actually the same empire, such that London is still a Roman city, and its crown is superior to the crown of Great Britain. It has also been said that the British monarchy has been subservient to the Catholic Church since the Treaty of Verona in 1213. And see The 1215 Magna Carta, English Translation by Xavier Hildegarde. The operative provision in the Magna Carta is section 13 (“And the city of London shall have all its ancient liberties and free customs, by land as well as by water.”)

Moreover, modern day Israel emerged out of Britain when the British military ‘won’ Israel around 1917, and then turned it over to Jewish authorities in 1948.

The primary financial agent and secular control center for the Vatican is the City of London, which is also the Rothschilds’ banking epicenter. The Rothschilds have been the ‘official’ bankers for the Catholic Church since 1823 – but the breadth of evil produced by the unholy alliance between the Vatican and Britain is well documented. William’s mentor has been David Manning. William especially has Rothschild connections through Diana’s side.

Prince Phillip and Evelyn Rothschild recently established an Interfaith Declaration for the creation of one world religion.

Arguably, William’s name is blasphemous. Rev. 13:1, Rev. 17:3. “Will” means self or self-determinism, and “I am” is one of the names of the Creator. The name William means “conqueror”, which is what the first horse of Revelation does. Compare John 16:33, where the Messiah is said to have conquered the world.


William’s full name is “William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor.” Phillip means horse lover (which may correlate to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse). Louis means famous warrior; William is in the military and has not really been shy about his ambition to fight. Arthur means bear, stone or eagle (all of which imply the typology of the fierce warrior king Arthur – the once and future king. Windsor means riverbank with a winch, which is relevant to the ‘living beast of the sea’ connection from Rev. 13.

“King of the United Kingdom” sounds similar to “King of Kings,” which is one of the Messiah’s titles. (Rev. 17:14, Rev. 19:16). From 1030 B.C. to 931 B.C., under both King David and King Solomon, Israel was referred to as the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah. William and family claim to be descendants from the line of King David (the bible says the Messiah comes from the line of King David). See e.g., 1 Chron. 22:9, 1 Chron. 28:4-5, Ps.132:11, 2 Samuel 7:12, John 7:42.


On June 2, 1953, with the Knights of the Garter carrying the canopy over her head, Elizabeth II was anointed and crowned as “Queen of thy people Israel”. The monarchy claims the throne in the Throne Room in England is the actual throne of King David. On the British coat of arms, under the shield is a motto, “Dieu et mon droit” meaning “God and my right,” their attempt to refer to a birthright to the throne. Indeed, the monarchy’s coronation ceremony revolves around a chair they claim has the “stone of scone” fitted into it (that would be the same stone Jacob used as a pillow on the night he dreamed of the ladder into heaven with angels ascending and descending).

If these self-proclaimed royals’ coronation and investiture ceremonies are any guide, it bears mentioning that on July 1, 1969, standing up from her dragon-adored throne, Queen Elizabeth gave Charles regalia with a dragon featured on the rod, ring and sword. Charles then says, “I, Charles, Prince of Wales, do become your liege man of life and limb and of earthly worship and faith and truth I will bear unto you to live and die against all manner of folks.” Read all about it in the popular book by Tim Cohen at pages 198-204 (side note for researchers: an often misquoted section of this book claims the queen said, ‘This dragon gives you your power, your throne, and your authority’ – that’s an internet rumor, and Cohen didn’t write that; I never found such a quote after a long search of books and videos).

William was born at St. Mary’s hospital in the U.K. The comparison is that the Messiah’s mother was named Mary (English translation obviously).

Prince William was born on the Summer Solstice – June 21, 1982. The occult have tried to hijack the significance of this day for dark purposes. Perhaps it’s also notable that this birth date would give William the astrological sign of Gemini, which mystics and many others associate with being two-faced (or a twin).

In 1996, Prince William voluntarily accepted an RFID tracking chip in his right hand. Coincidentally, the bible says the mark of the beast is given in the right hand or forehead. Rev. 13:16-18.

Look at this little horn on “Holyhead Island”, the place where Prince William had his primary residence for years while working as a helicopter pilot:

William’s brother is named Harry, which reminds of the power struggle between Esau (meaning “hairy”) and Jacob (meaning “he who supplants”). William would be Jacob, who is the usurper (supplanter), a substitute. The history of Jacob/Israel has much to offer for its symbolism and meaning.

It is often said that Antiochus Epiphanes (who loved art) foreshadows the antichrist. Prince William majored in art in college at St. Andrews.

Diana referred to William as the future King Arthur who would usher in Camelot. Written on Arthur’s tomb is “Hic Jacet Arthurus, Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus,” which says, “Here lies Arthur, the Once and Future King.” According to some sources, Diana’s death occurred in the same place as an ancient ‘goddess Diana sacrifice’ location – the location of the Pont D’Alma Tunnel as a sacred site dedicated to the Moon Goddess Diana.  Some other circumstances of the death suggest occult connections: crashing into the thirteenth pillar of the tunnel; the event occurred on August 31 (festival day for goddess Diana was August 13).

In the world today, there is a huge movement called ‘British-Israelism,’ which claims the lost tribes of Israel are scattered throughout the globe and primarily located in modern-day Europe, America, Africa, and so forth. Unfortunately, researchers of these historical questions often affiliate with hateful white supremacist or black supremacist movements and cults. Some people actually believe this stuff – they drink from that Roman ‘holy grail’ through their chosen belief system.

Take it all together, and William/Wales sure looks suspicious. But hey, these things are complex and we can still keep an open mind — I suppose it’s possible William is only foreshadowing the real antichrist, or perhaps just being setup to look like the anti-christ as part of Satan’s great multi-layered deception. In any case, followers of the Messiah should pray for our enemies, and return good for evil. (Matthew 5:44, Luke 6:27-36).  Perhaps William’s lonely fate is prophesied in Daniel 11:45, “and he plants the tents of his pavilion between the seas in the holy mountain of splendor; and he comes to his end and no one helps him.” This is all the more reason to pray for William’s salvation and comfort.

On July 1, 1969, standing up from her dragon-adored throne, Queen Elizabeth gave Charles regalia with a dragon featured on the rod, ring and sword. Charles then said on public television, “I, Charles, Prince of Wales, do become your liege man of life and limb and of earthly worship…”

Whenever Charles’ dies this generation, William is scheduled to become the head prince/king of Wales, and those same words “of earthly worship” will be his to utter before the dragon-adorned throne.

Matthew 24:4-5, “Yeshua answered and said to them, “Beware that no man will deceive you. For many will come in my name, and they will say. ‘I am the Messiah’, and they will deceive many.”

Matthew 24:21-25, “For then there will be great suffering, which has not been from the beginning of the world even until now, neither will be. If those days are not cut short no one would live, but because of the chosen ones, those days will be cut short. Then if someone will say to you, “Behold, The Messiah is here or there”, you should not believe. For false Messiahs will arise and Prophets of lies, and they will give great signs so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have told you beforehand. If therefore they will say to you, “Behold, he is in the desert”, you should not go out, or “Behold, he is in an inner room”, do not believe it.”

Excerpt from William 2015, by Grace Powers:

1. Until recently, the “Stone of Jacob” was stored beneath the Queen’s throne chair and was included in her 1953 coronation ceremony. Jacob is the Hebrew patriarch whose name was changed to “Israel” (IS-RA-EL).

2. Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at her coronation ceremony on top of a platform with descending steps on all sides that duplicate an Egyptian step pyramid. (Fig. 13)

3. The British Monarch’s crown has 12 colored stones at the base, each representing the 12 Hebrew tribes of Israel. These stones are identical to the twelve colored stones worn on the breastplate of Hebrew high priests in ancient Israel.

4. The Union “Jack” flag represents the re-union of the twelve Hebrew tribes of “Jacob” (Jack) in the British Isles after they were forced to disperse from Israel. The Union Jack is red, white and blue – the same colors as the three Crowns of Egypt.

5. The symbols within the British Coat of Arms reveal Britain’s Hebrew origin. According to the Bible, the harp symbolizes the Hebrew King David. The Biblical lion and unicorn holding up the shield symbolize the nation of Israel. The motto “dieu et mon droit” means “God and my right” indicating the divine “right” of the British Monarch to an eternal throne.

6. The “royal scepter” originates in ancient Egypt. It was carried by the Egyptian God Amen and by Egyptian Pharaohs who called themselves the son of God (Amen). The royal scepter is carried by Queen Elizabeth II and contains the world’s largest cut diamond called the Star of Africa (Egypt).

7. The symbol of the bee can be found within the Monarch’s royal wardrobe. In ancient Egypt, bees were a symbol of royalty and the symbol of Egypt.

8. Dressed in royal attire, the Queen carries a tassled flail or whip which is partially hidden under her arm. The punishing flail or whip also originates with the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

9. During the Queen’s coronation ceremony in 1953, she turned to face the four corners of the globe – north, south, east and west. The orb carried by the Queen represents the globe over which the Monarch rules.

10. The headdress presently worn by judges and the Queen’s high ranking officials originate in ancient Egypt.

11. The hymn, “Zadoc the Priest”, written by Handel was performed at the Queen’s coronation ceremony in 1953. Zadoc the Priest was the Biblical priest who anointed the Hebrew King Solomon while the people cried “God save King Solomon. May the King live forever.” Today, the rendition is “God Save Queen Elizabeth, May the Queen live forever”.

12. The Queen’s coronation gifts of a rod, bracelets and a ring are a re-enactment of the Bible story of the Hebrew ancestors of Jesus Christ named Judah and Tamar whom she is a descendant of.

13. Incest was practiced by ancient Egyptian royalty. Mothers married sons. Brothers married sisters to keep the power and money all in the family. Like their Egyptian royal ancestors, the British monarchy also practiced incestuous inbreeding.

14. The Pope’s headdress is strikingly similar to the headdress of the Egyptian God Amen. His bent cross resembles the scepter of Amen.

15. Royal jubilees originate in ancient Egypt. Egyptian Pharaohs celebrated their jubilees after 30 years of rule. In the same tradition, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her silver and golden jubilees.

16. Like the Egyptian Pharaohs, British monarchs wear signet rings which, over the millennia, have been passed down from their Hebrew ancestors

17. Pleated kilts with aprons like those worn by Prince Charles originate with the Egyptian Pharaohs.

18. The structure of government in ancient Egypt was a step pyramid model with the grand vizier and priesthood one step below the Pharaoh. Today’s Monarch reigns with a grand vizier. His name is Rothschild.

19. The corpses of deceased Pharaohs were preserved and entombed beneath their pyramid temples. The corpses of 19 deceased British Monarchs are also preserved in marble tomb slabs beneath the modern day temple called Westminster Abbey.20. The ancient Pharaohs of Egypt advertised their power with their images on coins, in temples and on stone monuments. The power of Queen Elizabeth II is advertised worldwide with her image printed on more coins and stamps than any other Head of State in history.

21. In 2003, the British mint printed legal tender gold coins called “The One True Ring” and “The Ring of Power”. Queen Elizabeth II appears on one side of the coin. On the flip side of the coin is the ring from “Lord of the Rings”. These legal tender coins printed by the British mint raise the question, “Who is the real Lord of the Rings?” The inscription on the ring reads, “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness (of their ignorance) – bind them.”

22. The covenant that the biblical God gave to Abraham was a promise to make his name “great” and to make for him a “great” nation. Today, Great Britain is the only nation named “Great”.

But what about the Vatican?

It seems logical that the Pope (specifically his office over the centuries) would be part of the Beast of the Land in Revelation 13.  By contrast, the Beast of the Sea is different – the body of that beast is the Roman masses (you and me) as we trample the world with military and consumerism etc.  It’s all service to the man-god Caesar ultimately, which traces a direct lineage to the Crown of England –  the British royalty are the only institution in the world today that openly claim “earthly worship” along with “the throne of Israel” and the title of Roman Caesar “IMPERATOR”, which you can read right on their own coins this very moment in the United Kingdom.  Click here for my research paper that goes into embarrassing amounts of detail to track the history here from Egyptian Pharaoh to Roman Caesar to British King, a direct line of evidence.

But what about Islam?

Many Christians have suggested the “antichrist” will be a Muslim. And many today are considering men like Resep Erdogan as candidates.  Personally, I think Islam is just a tool that doesn’t realize it is a tool.  The powers that be are allowing and empowering Islam to be the grossly ugly enemy it is in order to justify eventually unleashing the West’s latest arsenal of weapons (i.e., sonic weapons, cyber attacks, global governance, biometric ID).

So I think the chances of Turkey etc or jihadi Islam winning a war against the Military Industrial Complex are somewhere between 0% and negative 1,000,000%.  Fearing Islam is a real threat is like fearing that Saruman is going to win in Lord of the Rings 2.  It’s not even the last battle and the villain is teamed up with orcs; trust me, Saruman is going to lose.  Seriously, even if the lights go out (worldwide EMP attacks) and nuclear meltdown occurs, the western military industrial complex has surely run countless mock scenarios where they retain power and control from their deep underground military bases stocked with clean water, abundant energy and electricity, and more technology than the general public knows.

The real loser of the this upcoming televised holy war between ‘Christianity’ and Islam will be liberty and the environment. All of this is just worldly speculation and theory though, as things will probably start getting Apocalyptic pretty soon here. In the bible, a recurring pattern is that the Creator promises something to a person or group (e.g., “Israel”), and then Israel eventually transgresses/sins in some major way without repenting, at which point Israel’s enemies are allowed to strengthen and unleash terror, until the Creator saves a remnant of Israel for the next round. Might that same pattern be happening today? In one school of thought, Israel’s enemies today are systemic, they’re everywhere: in islam, in consumerism, in cookie-cutter christianity, in the nation of Israel, Britain, Iran, Russia, in the military-industrial complex, in your Grandma’s spice cake, in Freemasonry, at the UN, etc.

To recap, this little horn is unique in where he comes from and who he is:

  • Skull carries the name of blasphemy (Rev. 13:1)
  • Image of a leopard, feet as of a bear, mouth as of lions, and the dragon gives him his power and throne and sultanship (Rev. 13:2)
    • Receives a sword to the head, but the wound is healed and he comes back to life (Rev. 13:3)
    • Receives his power and throne from the dragon, for 42 months to blaspheme YHVH, and then after that he slaughters the holy and receives power over all tribes and nations and tongues and inhabitants of the earth whose names are not scribed in the scroll of life. Rev 13:4-8.

See also the description of the little horn in the book of Daniel:

Daniel 7:19-27: “Then I will to know the certainty of the fourth live being, who is changed from all the others —exceeding terrifying, —teeth of iron and his nails of copper; who devours, pulverizes and tramples the survivors with his feet; and of the ten horns in his head, and of the other which ascends, and in front of whom three fall; even of that horn with eyes and a mouth uttering ve ry great; whose vision is greater than his companions. I see, and the same horn makes war with the holy; and prevails against them; the Ancient of days comes, and gives the pleading of the cause to the holy of Elyon; and the appointment so happens that the holy hold the sovereigndom.  Thus he says, The fourth live being becomes the fourth sovereigndom on earth which is changed from all kingdoms; and it devours the whole earth, and treads it down, and pulverizes it.  And the ten horns from this sovereigndom are ten sovereigns who rise: and another rises after them —changed from the first; and he abases three sovereigns: and he utters utterances concerning the Elyon and wears out the holy of Elyon; and wills to change appointments and decrees: and they are given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. And the pleading is set, and they pass away his dominion, to desolate and to destroy it to the consummation: and the sovereigndom and dominion, and the greatness of the sovereigndom under the whole heavens, is given to the people of the holy of Elyon, whose sovereigndom is an Ealm sovereigndom; and all dominions serve and hearken to him.”

Daniel 8:5-12, 20-25:―And I discern, and behold, a buck of the doe goats comes from the dusk on the face of the whole earth, and touches not the earth: and the buck has a horn of vision between his eyes: and he comes to the ram master of horns — whom I see standing at the face of the river; and runs to him in the fury of his force: and I see him touch close beside the ram and he embitters against him; and smites the ram and breaks his two horns: and the ram has no force to stand at his face; and he casts him to the earth and tramples him: there is no one to rescue the ram from his hand. And the buck of the doe goats greatens mightily: and when he is mighty, the great horn breaks; and a vision of four ascends toward the four winds of the heavens: and from one of them, comes a little horn which greatens exceedingly, toward the south and toward the rising and toward the splendor: and it greatens to the host of the heavens; and it fells some of the host and of the stars to the earth, and tramples them.  Yes, he greatens, even to the governor of the host; and he lifts the continual and casts down the place of the holies: and he gives a host against the continual by reason of rebellion, and casts down the truth to the earth; and it works and prospers. And I heard a holy one speaking, and a holy one says to such a one who speaks, How long ere the vision of the continual, and the rebellion of desolating, gives both the holies and the host a trampling? And he says to me, Until two thousand and three hundred evening mornings; then the holies is justified.

“The ram you see — the master of horns are the sovereigns of Maday and Persia: and the buck buck, the sovereign of Yavan: and the great horn between his eyes, the first sovereign; that, being broken, four stand in its stead — four sovereigndoms from the goyim stand —but not in his force.  And in the finality of their sovereigndom, the rebels are consummated, and a sovereign of strong face and discerning riddles stands: and his force is mighty —and not by his own force: and he ruins marvelously and prospers and works; and ruins the mighty and the people of the holy one: and through his comprehension deceit also prospers in his hand; and he greatens in his heart and by serenity ruins many: he also stands against the Governor of governors; and is broken by a final hand.

To highlight another example, note the message to the assembly of Smyrna in the Book of Revelation, “So says the first and the last, he who was dead and lives.  I know your trial and your poverty (but you are rich) and the reproach from those who say of themselves Judeans when they are not Judeans but the assembly of Satan.”

What if Prince William were a usurper:

    • First one = Yahshua.  Compare William’s title PRINCEPS (which means literally “first one”).
    • Crown given to Yahshua’s faithful who conqueror.  (Rev 2:10-11).  Compare William who wears the British crown and whose name means conqueror. See also Rev 6:2 and 13:7.
    • Note the rich versus poor comparison in Rev 2:9.  Obviously William is ‘rich’ on this earth, while the blessed of Smyrna are poor, but Yahshua is calculated to flip that paradigm in the future.
    • Note that the blessed of Smyrna are thrown in prison, which is a power that a sovereign like William has.  Under British law, he can even do so for people who ‘blaspheme’ his crown.  Even to this day, the Crown keeps tight controls on the British media.
    • He who was dead and lives = Yahshua.  Compare the possibility of William fulfilling the prophecy of the beast in Rev 13:3, dying and coming back to life.  Will William become the 7th Caesar to rule Jerusalem? (The 6th was Nero before Jerusalem fell to civil war in 68AD, at which point all legal authority was dead or exiled, and the city was in the control of the lawless). Also on a metaphorical level, the British crown likes to remind its subjects that it ‘reigns’ today but does not ‘rule’, such that it may choose to rule again in the future
    • Judean = Yahshua.  Compare William who claims to be Judean through the British-Israeli propaganda campaign, while at the same time William openly participates in occult groups and rituals.

Just like Julius Caesar, who allowed (after foreign wars) the erection of a statue of himself during his own lifetime with the inscription DEO INVICTO (“Unvanquished God”), Prince Charles welcomed this statuette of himself as a winged god in Brazil.

As the official Prince of Wales, Charles said on public television that the British crown is worthy “of earthly worship”.  I watched the broadcast on YouTube to confirm – yes, he actually said those words, “of earthly worship”.  Do any of us have any intention to worship these people?

Do we see history potentially repeating itself here? This sort of reciprocal family idolatry is exactly what happened between Caesar Augustus toward Julius Caesar during the Imperial Cult; first Augustus worshiped Julius, and then he made everyone else do it!  Back in those days the worship started small (with little ceremonies and statues) and then it grew outrageous — the Roman Imperial Cult started with simple statues and speeches praising Julius Caesar, and then it grew into man-god temples after Julius Caesar’s death, because his adopted son Octavian and his successors were fond of self-indulgent blasphemies.  The British royals are already following these Roman traditions (i.e., Roman titles for themselves, Roman canon law in their countries, Romanesque ceremonies where they claim to be “of earthly worship”).

Accordingly, will anything stop Prince Charles’s son William from following these same traditions that already claim the British Crown is the effective “king” in Jerusalem?!  Remember, these are just their claims; I am not saying these claims are important to anything outside this world, or even worthy of any Christian’s study, just that folks might want to be aware the British royals are both historically and currently asserting claim to the throne of Israel:

Moreover, I don’t want to overemphasize the British throne as some kind of almighty ruling class, lest that somehow downplay or conceal the role of the Jesuits and the ruling bloodline families that utilize and empower the British throne for public consumption of Caesar’s continuing kingdom on earth.


What happened in 2012?

There is significant evidence that the London 2012 Olympic ceremonies were designed around Satanic purposes, and if so, they may be the largest Satanic rituals the world has ever known given the billions of people who focused upon them: 2012 London Olympics – Occult SymbolismSee also this.


Further, if it was Satanic, then perhaps the people were right who suggested there was also Satanic blood ritual occurring underneath the stadium as the world was focused on the ceremony.

I don’t claim to know or understand Satan, but the Olympics sure looked Satanic:

This all happened in London in 2012 when Prince William was 30-years old, the same age that the Messiah began His ministry.  It’s been approximately 3.5 years since then, around the same time when the Messiah was crucified by the Romans.  What do you think?  Would you agree with Prince Charles that the English throne is worthy “of earthly worship”…

Approximately one-third of the Book of Revelation deals with kings and war and demons and Satan and man-god blasphemies.  And remember also Matthew 24:4-5, “Yeshua answered and said to them, “Beware that no man will deceive you. For many will come in my name, and they will say. ‘I am the Messiah’, and they will deceive many.”

I’m just trying to echo that admonition here, because the hard evidence shows the British crown is actively claiming “earthly worship” and actively seeking to connect their throne to Solomon through the occult – they are actively claiming the throne of Israel through British-Israelism for public consumption/belief.  And it is currently working on the public!  They have literally spent untold billion$ to make Prince William look like a ‘king arthur’ messiah figure.  And as things stand today, people of all different religious persuasions adore the man, even though the family’s occult and Satanic connections can be traced through the British crown in the most harrowing manner:

The Messiah commanded us in Matthew 24 to watch and beware of false messiahs. Prince William is literally claiming the throne of David.  An entire worldwide propaganda campaign exists to convince people his family comes from the bloodline of Jesus.

Tracking evidence here helps us ensure the reliability of history, and it also protects people from deception.   The Book of Revelation itself (in the message to Sardis) also considers ‘watching’ a valuable trait.

Figuring out where the next anti-christ is coming from is very useful to end-times study.

But what about the United Nations?

The UN was founded in 1945.  It is probably part of the Beast of the Sea in Revelation 13.

I think the UN (especially the ICC with its unprecedented legal authority to judge the entire world) is a much bigger piece of the puzzle than Prince William, but I expect William will still be a key figurehead, and he sure seems to match the description of the little horn specifically.  Time will tell though, so i guess we’ll just wait and see…

As for the European Union, I would probably put them in the same category as Barack Obama — they’re probably just the fall guys, so when things start getting seriously apocalyptic this generation, the powers-that-be can look back and say, ‘oh yeah, all that revelation 13 stuff is behind us, it was the EU, and Barack or Trump, and the late great USA, or whatever national/regional geopolitical stuff anyone wants to believe.

So I think the UN is a huge piece of the puzzle, and they’ll eventually trample Israel with boots on the ground and wings in the air.


Current Events

June 2018: the little horn comes in peace; the white horse?

What if Prince William’s massively historic visit to Israel this summer (the first ever official visit of a British royal to Israel; breaking the UK’s 70-year tradition of non-intervention between Israel & Palestine) was an event marking Revelation 6:2 (white horse)?

Revelation 6:2 states:

“And I heard and I saw and behold, a white horse, and he sitting upon it having to him ܩܫܬܐ (“bow” “arch”), and was given to him  ܟܠܝܠܐ  (“crown” “wreath”), and goes out conquering, and a conqueror, and he will conquer.”

First, the wreath. William was indeed given a ܟܠܝܠܐ  (“wreath”), which had his name on it. He laid down at the Holocaust memorial.  

Second, the bow. It is widely theorized (perhaps even accepted) that the white horse rider’s “bow” without arrows represents “peace”, in particular a military man coming in peace.  William is a military man, and the mainstream media headlines around this historic official visit were repeatedly consistent: “Prince William brings message of peace”.  Another headline was “Prince William plans to bring ‘lasting peace’ to Middle East after visit”.  And at the famous Western wall, William signed the guestbook by writing the words, “May the God of peace bless this region and all the world with peace.”

Prince William the Little Horn described in Daniel & Revelation • Reblogged from source with Thanks Via:

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