Russian Ministry of Defense: the Kiev regime has seriously considered using biological weapons against Russia and Donbass – Reblogged from source with Thanks Via: –

Resistance. Most of the information. 

Russian Ministry of Defense: the Kiev regime has seriously considered using biological weapons against Russia and Donbass.

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© AP Photo / Damian Dovarganes

The Russian army spent weeks shedding light on the search for deadly pathogens conducted in Ukrainian laboratories under the direction of the Pentagon and with American funds.

Washington initially denied the information of the Ministry of Defense, calling it “Russian disinformation”, but officials and the media have since corroborated many of its claims.

The Ukrainian authorities have seriously considered the possibility of using biological weapons against civilians in Donbass and Russia, and the army will hold a special information meeting on the issue, said Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

“The facts that have been uncovered show that the Kiev regime has seriously considered the possibility of using biological weapons against civilians in Donbass and the Russian Federation,” said Mr. Konachenkov during a briefing on Wednesday.

The spokesman said that the Russian army is continuing its analysis of documents received from employees of biological laboratories based in Ukraine, including secret military biological activities carried out in the country by the United States.

“Following the analysis of new materials by experts from Russian radiological, chemical and biological defense troops, specific officials who have been involved in the creation of biological weapons components have been appointed.

These include heads of departments and employees of the United States Department of Defense, as well as its main contracting companies.

As the ongoing journalistic investigations in the Western press show, these campaigns were directly related to Hunter Biden, the son of the American president,” said Mr. Konashenkov.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Defense did not specify when this new information would be made public.

The Russian army spent last month slowly lifting the veil on the extent of US-funded research on dangerous pathogens in laboratories based in Ukraine.

Last week, the Ministry of Defense cited documents involving an investment company linked to Hunter Biden in the financing of the military biological program in Ukraine.

The Western media initially rejected Russian reports, with the British newspaper The Daily Mail accusing the Ministry of Defense of “intensifying a savage propaganda campaign” on biological weapons laboratories.

However, an analysis carried out by the newspaper on the basis of emails extracted from the laptop that Biden Jr. left behind in a computer repair workshop in Delaware quickly confirmed that the president’s son “HAD (sic) helped obtain millions of dollars in funding for [a] American entrepreneur in Ukraine specializing in research on deadly pathogens” and that Russia’s allegations “could well

A report by the New York Post, the same newspaper that revealed the story of Biden’s mobile phone in the fall of 2020, corroborated Daily Mail information about Hunter and Ukrainian biolabs.

The pro-White House media continued to defend the president in a context of growing issues related to his family’s activities in Ukraine, with the Washington Post publishing a “fact check” explanation suggesting that the laboratories referred to were “biological research facilities focused on better detection, diagnosis and monitoring of infectious disease outbreaks”, and not “biological weapons laboratories”.

In addition, the Post suggested that “random emails can easily be misinterpreted without further reporting” and said, without evidence, that its competitors’ reports were false.

Other media bodies and organizations, including the Daily Beast, NPR and Media Matters for America, continued to describe the Russian Ministry of Defense’s communiqués and the reports of Western bodies as “crazy” conspiracy theories, despite remarks of Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland during a Senate hearing earlier this month, confirming that “biological research facilities” were in operation in

In a presentation on March 6, the Ministry of Defense published a letter from the Ukrainian Minister of Health, Viktor Liashko, dated February 24 (the very day of the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine), ordering the destruction of deadly pathogens scattered throughout the Ukrainian network of biological laboratories.


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