Sun photoshopping … Fairfax pay wars … Reblogged from author and source of this great article by Crikey with Thanks!!

Reblogged from author and source of this great article by Crikey with Thanks!!

Sun photoshopping … Fairfax pay wars …
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Sun photoshopping … Fairfax pay wars …

Here at Crikey, we noticed something strange about the photo of Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik that appeared next to the masthead of today’s News International newspaper The Sun.

Plus other media news.

At News, the eyes have it.

Here at Crikey, we noticed something strange about the photo of Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik that appeared next to the masthead of today’s News International newspaper The Sun:

The eyes, they’re devlish:

But has there been some demonish photoshopping done here?

The same picture of Breivik leaving court was used by the New York Post (a fellow Murdoch publication), sans red eyes:

Crikey couldn’t help but think back to the Australian media’s coverage of the 1996 Martin Bryant Port Arthur massacre where Australian newspapers were accused of a similar touch up job.

From Wikipedia:

“Newspaper coverage immediately after the massacre raised serious questions about journalistic practices.

Photographs of Martin Bryant had been digitally manipulated with the effect of making Bryant appear deranged.

However, this was not the intent on the part of the newspaper concerned[citation needed], but was an unanticipated side-effect of the standard image separation and enhancement methods in use at the time.

Unfortunately, it was not caught until early editions had already hit the street.”

Leigh Josey

Pay wars at Fairfax: new offer. The battle over pay continues at Fairfax, after Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance members voted overwhelmingly last week to unlock their right to take protected industrial action (65% of members took part in the ballot and 96% voted “yes”).

Yesterday, Jack Matthews, CEO of the metro media division, dispatched the company’s latest offer:

I am writing to update you on the current status of the EBA negotiation.

You have received a lot of communication recently about the EBA, but I urge you to take a moment to read the Company’s latest EBA offer below.

The Company made a decision from the outset to make a very fair and reasonable offer.

Despite the challenging economic conditions across the industry and the broader market, the Company did not propose to remove any terms or conditions from the current EBA.

Our proposal was simple and, like the MEAA, we had the expectation of an agreement by the expiry date of the current EBA, June 30, 2011.

This has unfortunately not occurred.

Since the initial proposal was made by the Company, a number of concessions have been made and I now want to remind you of the key aspects of the current Company offer.


The Company has made a fair and reasonable wages offer (see table below) which will:

1 Deliver guaranteed pay rises to all staff.

2 Deliver faster wages growth for the lowest paid.

3 End the wages threshold cap.

4 Enable high performers to gain greater rewards.

5 Enshrine a more open and transparent merit based process.

This is a significant change from the current situation whereby lower grades do not have accelerated annual progression — and the higher paid do not have any automatic increases.

Proposed wage offer (excluding Newcastle and Illawarra)

Cadet to Grade three 2.5 per year, no merit budget.

It is proposed that cadet to grade 4 have accelerated progression after 12 months subject to satisfactory performance

• Grade 4 – Grade 10 (<$150K*)

• Year 1 2.5% with 0.5% merit budget

• Year 2 2.5% with 1% merit

• Year 3 2.5% with 1% merit

• Grade 10 >$150K*

• Year 1 2% with 1% merit

• Year 2 1.5% with 2% merit

• Year 3 1.5% with 2

* $150k is the total package value (TPV)


The Company wants the EBA to reflect the new alignment of the Company’s regional and metro mastheads into different groups.

We have expressed a willingness to discuss the inclusion of Federal Capital Press and Fairfax Digital editorial staff into the Metro agreement, but we wish to move Newcastle and Illawarra into a separate agreement.

The proposal to separate Newcastle and Illawarra is going to an informal vote this week to provide management an instructive view on how to progress this.

Other matters

1. The flexibility clause, consultation clause and disputes procedure clause will be consistent with the requirements under the Fair Work Act.

2. We have proposed a new training and equipment clause, which recognises the new environment in which our editorial employees are doing their work.

3. The EBA will also include any other changes required by the Fair Work Act.

Next steps

As we previously stated, our offer expired when the EBA nominal term expired (on June 30, 2011) and we reserved the right to submit a new proposal unless there was a realistic recognition of the compromises the Company has made to date.

We now propose the following:

1 Await the result of the Newcastle / Illawarra vote proposed to be conducted on Wednesday July 27, 2011 which will impact on our approach to coverage.

2 Have a small delegation from management and the MEAA (no more than 3 on both sides) to discuss the current Company and MEAA proposals later next week.

3 The Company wages offer, if agreed, will be backdated to July 1, 2011 but only if in-principle agreement is made by September 1, 2011

After this date, there will be no back-dating.

4 If there is no agreement, we reserve our rights to submit a new proposal.

We understand the need to resolve these negotiations in a timely manner in order to continue with our plans to transform the Metro division and build a sustainable future.

Our proposal is designed to achieve that.

In the current economic environment I believe our proposal is both fair and reasonable. I will keep you updated of any developments.

Jack Matthews

CEO Metro Media

Front page of the day.

Norway’s newspapers continue to cover the aftermath of the weekend attacks. Tønsbergs Blad‘s headline simply says “Sammen” (together) …

Greens declared: there WILL be an inquiry

“The Greens have pre-empted the Prime Minister, declaring there ‘will’ be an inquiry into Australia’s media examining privacy, ownership and alleged ‘bias’ of news outlets.” — The Australian

Hack Work: a tabloid culture runs amok.

“On March 21, 2002, a thirteen-year-old English schoolgirl took the train home.

Usually, she took it all the way to Hersham, seventeen miles from London, where she lived, but on that day she got off one stop before, at Walton-on-Thames, to get something to eat.

From that decision flowed two events, one terrible and final, the other more ambiguous and by no means complete.” — The New Yorker

WSJ committee critical of Murdoch coverage

The Wall Street Journal ‘could have done a better job’ when it published an interview with proprietor Rupert Murdoch in which he said News Corporation had made only “minor mistakes” in managing the phone-hacking scandal, according to the paper’s special editorial committee.” — The Guardian

How the NY Times got its groove back

“Though the Times’ circulation dipped during the crash years, much of the lost revenue was made up for by doubling the newsstand price, from $1 to $2 — evidence, the paper insisted, that its premium audience understood the value of a premium product.

In March, after several years of planning and tens of millions in investments, the Times launched a digital-subscription plan — and the early signs were good.” — New York Magazine

Johann Hari, Orwell might wants his prize back

“The organisers of the Orwell Prize are investigating whether to withdraw the journalism award won by Johann Hari in 2008, after controversy surrounding his use of quotes.

In a statement on its website on Thursday, the Orwell Prize’s organisers said: ‘Given the seriousness of the allegations that have been made, we feel we have no choice other than to investigate further.’” — The Telegraph

More Americans have Facebook page than a passport

“A fun new infographic from social travel platform Tripl that illustrates the ways in which social media is impacting the travel industry reveals this and other interesting facts.” — SocialTimes


Who Is The Roman Catholic Church Really Worshiping?

Who Is The Roman Catholic Church Really Worshiping?

Who Is The Roman Catholic Church Really Worshiping?
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ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION Pope John PauL II just came back to life from 2005

Something is going on–Vatican-TV-director-says-yes.html

Thieves Stole Pope John Paul II’s Blood

Billy Graham Exposed

Billy Graham Exposed – Reblogged with thanks to source @

Billy Graham Exposed

March 9, 2011

Are You an Idolater?

The first thing we must do is deal with the sin of spiritual adultery where one Christ has previously saved has since alienated the affections of their heart away from the divine Person of Jesus Christ and onto something, someone, anything else (Colossians 2:18-19; 1 John 5:20-21, etc.).

Check this out before you react in anger due to your heart idolatry of a mere sinful man. The Bible commands:

“Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?” Isaiah 2:22

Mariaan Pretorius writes: “Billy Graham …Forerunner of The Antichrist.

Installed by the Jesuits to make him look Christian so he can then deceive the masses and bring them back to Rome.”

“For starters, Billy Graham has worked for the Vatican ever since he came out in the 1950’s.

He has met with every single pope during his time of ministry, with the exception of the current pope, along with every single president, with the exception of Obama, and NONE of them have professed Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

He has come out and made some VERY heretical statements that are not biblical at all. He’s a high-ranking Freemason as well.

Fast forward to today, and look at how many professing Christians worship Billy Graham, as well as how many of them actually believe and think that the Catholic church is of God, and are so desiring to unite with the Catholic church.” L.R.

What’s interesting is that because Billy Graham said or did something, gullible dupes bought it hook, line, and sinker.

They could care less to study God’s Word diligently themselves to truly follow Christ. Idolatry! Treason!

If you are upset about the idea of any mere man being exposed for his falsehoods and deceptions, you are a consummate idolater and in need of repenting.

“For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:” Exodus 34:14

ALL idolaters are as sure for hell as if they were already there:

“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and IDOLATERS, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” Revelation 21:8

What Billy Graham has done and is doing is the highest form of treason against the Son of God.

He is unrepentant as Judas was. Billy Graham has openly betrayed Jesus Christ and would be much better off being a drunkard and whoremonger than the betrayer he has chosen to be (see Matthew. 21:31; 2 Peter 2:20-21). The Bible tells us he’s a “traitor.” (2 Tim. 3:4).

Billy Graham has clearly and openly defied and denied the very Son of God just like Judas did and anyone who can’t see this is themselves blinded or ignorant of the facts.

Now, some reading this have the soul-damning sin of idolatry in their hearts, holding Graham up as some protestant pope (Ezekiel 14:3).

All idolaters will have their part in the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8, 27).

Those who have made an idol of this mere man, will lash out at the messengers of this truth that infuriates them because they are in the gall of iniquity by idolizing this mere, sinful man.

If this fits your state, the LORD is calling you to repent before it’s too late.

You are not right with God. Jesus Christ is the only nailed-scarred, risen Savior.

Billy Graham is but dust as you and I are. In his very best state, Graham is “altogether vanity.” (Psalms 39:5)

Videos Below … but first:  Before you begin to make excuses for this mere man and say “Well, Billy Graham is getting old.” Consider this:

The Bible never gives us a concession on old age.

If Billy Graham is aware and capable enough in his old age to publicly deny Jesus Christ, calling the very Son of God a liar, Graham had just as much aliveness and ability to preach that Christ is the ONLY way to God.

Billy Graham has never repented of denying Christ and is clearly in danger of hell fire (Luke 12:8-9; 2 Timothy 2:12).

Billy Graham – What’s Going on?

Billy Graham – What’s Going on?!


Billy Graham – Jesus is not The ONLY WAY to God

in your browser.</div></di

Billy Graham and

Deceptions: Graham, Peale & Schuller

“Billy Graham and His Friends” – Who Gets The Decision Cards?

Billy Graham – The Facts – Pamphlet

Sir Billy Graham?

Billy Graham Believes Catholic Doctrine of Salvation Without Bible, Gospel, or Name of Christ


Billy Graham

Below is an excerpt taken from the site below:

Schuller then extolled the virtues of his mentor, the late Norman Vincent Peale, and the late Roman Catholic Archbishop Fulton R. Sheen, asking Graham what he thought of these men.

To this Graham replied:

I knew both of them, as you did, and loved them both.

And I have in my book a story of how Fulton Sheen came to my apartment on a train once, and we had two or three hours together.

And when I went to his funeral they took me right up to the place of burial.

And I felt I had lost a very dear friend.

And since that time, the whole relationship between me and my work, and you and your work, and the Roman Catholic Church, has changed.

They open their arms and welcome us, and we have the support of the Catholic Church almost everywhere we go.

And I think that we must come to the place where we keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, and not on what denomination or what church, or what groups we belong to.”

Graham: The Tragedy of

A Compromised Ministry

By Ingrid Schlueter

The American media came out in force for what was hailed as the last crusade for 86-year-old Billy Graham this month.

Called the most influential Protestant evangelist of modern times, Graham is said to have preached to 210 million people in 185 countries.

Newsweek’s headline was, “A Prophet in Winter” as he came to New York. Associated Press called him, “An American Icon” and on and on the praise went leading up to the crusade.

But many evangelical Christians watching Graham’s New York crusade on television gave a collective gasp Saturday night (June 25) when 86-year-old Billy Graham brought former President Bill Clinton to the platform where Clinton informed the audience, “I love this man.”

Graham took the opportunity to announce that he was a lifelong Democrat and then gave a veiled endorsement to Hillary Clinton in the audience.

It was a sad moment in the long ministry of Dr. Billy Graham.

The question that should haunt all of us who say we follow Christ is this: How could a man who has spent his life traveling the globe to bring the message of Jesus stoop so low?

This was Bill Clinton, the same President who vetoed bills five times that would have banned the butchery of partial birth abortion.

Does Billy Graham even grasp the magnitude of the slaughter that has taken place in this land for the last 32 years, a slaughter justified and defended by Bill Clinton and his wife and their Democratic Party?

This was Bill Clinton, the man whose lust converted the Oval Office into a cheap brothel and who desecrated the Office of the President by his lies and his treachery?

Yet this is the man Dr. Graham chose to bring to the platform to close out his storied ministry career.

It is not just Billy Graham’s unconditional statement of support for the party of abortion and gay rights that should be cause for weeping. It is his denial of the true Gospel that should break our hearts.

It was May 31, 1997 that Graham appeared on the Hour of Power with Robert Schuller and the following exchange took place. This is an exact transcript.

• SCHULLER: Tell me, what do you think is the future of Christianity?

• GRAHAM: Well, Christianity and being a true believer — you know, I think there’s the Body of Christ. This comes from all the Christian groups around the world, outside the Christian groups.

• I think everybody that loves Christ, or knows Christ, whether they’re conscious of it or not, they’re members of the Body of Christ … I think James answered that, the Apostle James in the first council in Jerusalem, when he said that God’s purpose for this age is to call out a people for His name.

• And that’s what God is doing today, He’s calling people out of the world for His name, whether they come from the Muslim world, or the Buddhist world, or the Christian world, or the non-believing world, they are members of the Body of Christ, because they’ve been called by God.

• They may not even know the name of Jesus, but they know in their hearts that they need something that they don’t have, and they turn to the only light that they have, and I think they are saved, and that they’re going to be with us in heaven.”

• “SCHULLER: What, what I hear you saying, that it’s possible for Jesus Christ to come into human hearts and soul and life, even if they’ve been born in darkness and have never had exposure to the Bible. Is that a correct interpretation of what you’re saying?

• GRAHAM: Yes, it is, because I believe that. I’ve met people in various parts of the world in tribal situations, that they have never seen a Bible or heard about a Bible, and never heard of Jesus, but they’ve believed in their hearts that there was a God, and they’ve tried to live a life that was quite apart from the surrounding community in which they lived.”

These remarks by Graham illustrate how tragically far he has come from the faithful message of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone.

If what Dr. Graham said is true, then foreign missionaries who have sacrificed their lives to share the name and message of Christ with the “lost” could have saved themselves a great deal of trouble.

If God sovereignly calls people out for salvation outside of His own Son, it makes a mockery of Christ’s suffering and sacrificial, substitutionary atonement for our sins.

Further, it renders absurd God’s Word itself which clearly teaches salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. (2 Peter 2:20-21, John 10:7-9, John 14:6)

On Sunday night following the New York Crusade, Graham appeared on Larry King where he announced that in his “early” years he preached Hell and damnation.

Now, he said, he prefers to preach on love. Has Hell ceased to exist because Billy Graham prefers to talk about love?

Are the words of Christ recorded in Scripture that warn repeatedly about Hell and the Lake of Fire to be downplayed because the man called “America’s Pastor” has changed his ministry philosophy?

Should people stake their eternal destiny on some undocumented act of God that will allow them to enter heaven as a Muslim or a Buddhist because Billy Graham says so on the Hour of Power?

The sad fall from truth by Dr. Billy Graham is a sober warning to all of us. God’s Word instructs us to be Bereans.

Like those early Christians, we are to search the Scriptures and we are to compare all that we hear with the

unchanging, inspired Word of God.

Following after a man, no matter how much good he has done at some point in his ministerial career, is risky business.

The Apostle Paul warned repeatedly in the Epistles about those who would change and subvert the true Gospel. He said,

But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ. (Galatians 1:8-10) KJV

God’s Word is plain. You cannot have the accolades of a sinful world and the approval of Jesus Christ.

You cannot sup in the halls of power by toning down your Gospel message and expect to be found faithful.

Dr. Graham has sadly chosen a path that deviates from the narrow one laid down by Christ himself. We would do well to learn from his example.

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Mike Ovitz and Ron Meyer Reconcile for “Powerhouse” – Reblogged from source

Mike Ovitz and Ron Meyer Patch Things Up in ‘Powerhouse’ Talk

Gene Maddaus

After months of anticipation, Ron Meyer and Mike Ovitz took the stage at the DGA Theater on Thursday night and opened up about the history of CAA.

The co-founders of the agency rarely speak on the record — much less in an open forum in front of several hundred industry members.

But they agreed to do it to help promote James Andrew Miller’s new book “Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency.”

Miller, who moderated the discussion presented by Live Talks Los Angeles, said it was the first time Ovitz and Meyer had appeared together in more than 20 years.

The discussion lasted nearly two hours, and at times felt more like a couple’s therapy session than a discussion of the inner workings of the entertainment business.

sMiller walked them through their unlikely friendship at the William Morris Agency, their total mutual dependence and deep bond from the founding of CAA in 1975 through its tremendous success of the 1980s, and the ultimate crumbling of the relationship when they parted ways in the mid-90s.

Ovitz said that through much of his career, Meyer was the only person he felt he could truly confide in.


Ron Meyer, Tom Hanks, Ted Sarandos Among Academy Museum Trustees

Art Dealer Who Scammed Mike Ovitz Sentenced to Six Months in Jail

“I trusted him completely,” he said. “We talked 30 times a day.”

The pair shared tremendous ambition, though Ovitz famously was the more aggressive of the two.

The pair reminisced about working long hours, seven days a week, as they went about stealing clients from other agencies.

“For better or worse, it was a more gentlemanly business before we started,” Meyer recalled, to laughter.

“Ron and I had a goal, which was to have 100 percent market share,” Ovitz said. “I was laser-focused on the win. Ron was eminently more sensitive than I was.”

CAA rocketed to success, but by the late 80’s Ovitz was spending much of his time abroad, courting corporate clients and consulting on mergers and acquisitions.

The agency business was largely left to Meyer, and their bond began to fray.

“I felt that our relationship had changed,” Meyer said.

“Whether it was me not feeling worthy — it sounds silly to say that. I’m not sure what it was.

I felt disenfranchised from our relationship.”

Ovitz, who walked in with the aid of a cane, acknowledged that now that he’s “an old man” he can reflect on some mistakes he made during that period.

“We were on such a roll in every aspect of the business, that I was oblivious and insensitive to a lot of the people issues,” he said.

While he was spending time courting Japanese executives, “I didn’t realize that I was sacrificing relationships that were more important to me.”

Meyer acknowledged that he didn’t tell Ovitz that he was growing increasingly unhappy, but he didn’t want to disrupt the business and didn’t think Ovitz would have heard him out anyway.

“If I confronted Mike, he wouldn’t have handled it well,” Meyer said.

“Relationships get sour.

Things go wrong. That’s what happened.”

Ovitz acknowledged that he might have been better off if he cut back his schedule by 10 or 15 percent.

Ultimately he said both he and Meyer got burned out.

“I wanted to win,” he said. “When you look back on your life, [you] realize that winning at all costs is not necessarily a great thing.”

Meyer announced that he would be leaving the agency. Ovitz feeling betrayed.

Miller prodded Ovitz to talk about the parcel in Malibu that he bought, knowing that Meyer wanted to buy it, in apparent retaliation.

Ovitz acknowledged that the move was “incredibly stupid and short-sighted.”

“I was pissed off,” he said. “I was getting a divorce from someone I didn’t want to get a divorce from.”

He noted that Meyer subsequently bought the property and is living there now.

Asked why he bought the property, Ovitz said it was rooted in their relationship.

In earlier days, he would rely on Meyer to put the brakes on his bad ideas.

“It was a giant mistake on my part,” he said. “One of the reasons I made the mistake was that I didn’t have him there to tell me not to do that.”

Complete Cooper MP3 Collection :: Hour of the Time

Complete Cooper MP3 Collection
Here are the Hour Of The Time audio broadcasts of Bill Cooper, in MP3 format. We have had to post them in a reduced quality format due to bandwidth constraints, but they are all complete broadcasts. Should you prefer to obtain the broadcasts in their original studio quality format, you may as always donate for these broadcasts on CD or DVD. With some legal constraints and holds being finally off our back as of the 10 year anniversary of Bill Coopers murder on November 6, 2001, we were finally able to move full speed ahead on many of the projects we have wanted to complete…and this is one of them.  Below you will find the complete catalog of William “Bill” Cooper’s Hour Of The Time broadcasts, linked to an MP3 version for your listening, research and study.  Besides the recent posting of the BAPH Audio Book and the MP3 collection posted below, you will be seeing a lot of projects released in the coming weeks and months. Please remember, Hour Of The Time is completely donor supported and without your continued support, we cannot bring you projects like this, speaking engagements, seminars, workshops and publications.

Part 1 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 1 through 400

Part 2 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 401 through 800

Part 3 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 801 through 1200

Part 4 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 1201 through 1399

Part 5 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 1400 through 1926

— Read on

Was Alberto Really Who He Claimed To Be? Reblogged from source with thanks to @

Was Alberto Really Who He Claimed To Be?

As soon as Alberto Rivera went public with his testimony, the Roman Catholic Church began its damage-control operation.

Alberto knew too much! Having been prepared for leadership in the Jesuit order, he had been briefed on things too sensitive to put in writing.

Now he was telling the world!

Alberto was immediately denounced as having never been a priest, even though he possessed clear documentation.

Christianity Todayprinted an article written by Gary Metz, attacking Alberto and accusing him of all sorts of things.

Alberto refused to spend his life arguing with his accusers. Instead, he just pushed on, preaching the gospel, and trusting God to defend him.

The Lord raised up other Christians who examined the charges against Alberto, and found him to be exactly what he claimed to be. Below is an abundance of evidence. Read it for yourself.

Photos and ID papers:

See the photo ID card that the Spanish authorities issued to Alberto as a young priest.

• Photos of Dr. Rivera as a young priest when he was the Director of the Parish School in San Lorenzo, Tarrasa, Spain.

Photos taken at various meetings where he preached the gospel, after being saved and leaving Catholicism.

View the letter he received from the Archbishop of Madrid-Alcala giving him permission to travel in foreign countries in the service of the pope. See the original, in Spanish and an English translation of the letter.

Statements of other Christians

• From other former Catholics who, after meeting him, recognized immediately that he was who he said he was.

• Read a letter to Christianity Today, in which author James Houston provides many pages of historical evidence that support the claims of Alberto Rivera.

– It makes interesting reading, and will help you see that Alberto was truly genuine. It won’t be hard to see why Christianity Today never dared print it.

• Read a short online book, “Is Alberto For Real?,” written by Sidney Hunter.

He answers the charges against Alberto one by one.

Read what Jack Chick had to say about the accusations against Alberto, and why he knew he had to publish Alberto’s story, even though he knew the attacks that would come. This is a real eye-opener!

Once he was freed from the oath of celibacy imposed on Roman Catholic priests, Alberto started a ministry, the “Anti-Christ Information Center,” dedicated to promoting the truth about the false christ in the Vatican.

He then married his wife, Nury, and fathered a son, Alberto Jr.  Since Alberto went to be with the Lord on June 20, 1997, Nury has continued the ministry of A.I.C.

In this personal message, Jack Chick promises to keep Alberto’s message alive, and shares an example of what many Catholics say after reading this testimony.

Return to Frequently Asked Questions About Alberto’s Message

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What did Vatican II really change? — Protestants!

Chick Publications

“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”
Gal. 4:16

What Did Vatican II Really Change…? Protestants!

Issue Date: March/April 1984

Many Protestants believe that the Roman Catholic “Church” has undergone immense changes since the great Vatican II Council.

It is widely believed that sweeping changes took place in both doctrine and practice among Catholics.

But the Second Vatican Council was really just a facelift whose real success lies in the changes it brought about in Protestants!

An important aspect of the Second Vatican Council is often overlooked.

It is best expressed by this excerpt from Roman Catholicism by Loraine Boettner:

An official document, “The Constitution on the Church,” prepared by the Council and promulgated by the pope, reaffirms basic Roman Catholic doctrine precisely as it stood before the Council met…

The doctrine of papal infallibility is restated. We are told that when ‘by a definitive act he proclaims a doctrine of faith and morals… his definitions, of themselves, and not from the consent of the Church, are justly styled irreformable (Article 25).

The pope has lost none of his power. He remains the absolute ruler in the Roman church.

But if papal decrees, past and present, are “irreformable,” what hope is there for reform in the Roman church?

The change made by the Second Vatican Council, ending in 1965, were in liturgy, administrative practices and, most important, in ecumenism.

While admitting that other churches contain “elements” of truth, it repeated that the Roman Catholic “Church” is the only true church.

Great care was taken to emphasize that no changes would be made in the doctrinal structure of the “church.”

However, Pope Paul did add one new doctrine, that Mary is the Mother of the church.

The Council updated liturgy and church administration to make it more acceptable to the twentieth century world.

With the introduction of the “New Mass” in 1965, for example, Latin is no longer required except in certain instances.

But to Protestants is matters not whether the mass is said in Latin, English, or Swahili.

The problem is not with the language but with the idolatrous teachings of the Mass and the required worship of the wafer-god, the cookie turned into Jesus.

Roman Catholicism has not, and in fact cannot change her gross errors regarding salvation.

And the Council did not remove the more than one hundred anathemas (curses) pronounced by the Council of Trent on the Protestant churches and beliefs.

The Second Vatican Council brought an important change in methods.

It had been decided that Protestantism could be better eliminated by ecumenical unity than by the sword and the inquisitor’s torch.

No longer calling the Protestants “heretics,” but renaming them “separated brethren,” the stage was set to woo Protestants into ecumenical unity.

Where once all Catholics were called to oppose and exterminate all “heretics,” the new method was to absorb them into the Roman Catholicism.

Special offices and commissions were set up on a global basis to work to bring about this unity.

Catholics were even taught the vocabulary of the evangelical Christian, although the words were given different meanings that would not conflict with their relic and Mary worship.

The effect has been dramatic. Weary of the struggle against Rome, Protestant leaders have abandoned the warnings of the Scriptures, and rushed pell-mell toward sharing a yoke with the idolaters of Rome.

The Second Vatican Council continues to be a global success, a stroke of genius to disarm and deceive the true believers in Christ.

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The Daily Mail Snopes Story And Fact Checking The Fact Checkers

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Dec 22, 2016 @ 12:37 PM

Yesterday afternoon a colleague forwarded me an article from the Daily Mail, asking me if it could possibly be true.

The article in question is an expose on, the fact checking site used by journalists and citizens across the world and one of the sites that Facebook recently partnered with to fact check news stories on its platform.

The Daily Mail’s article makes a number of claims about the site’s principles and organization, drawing heavily from the proceedings of a contentious divorce between the site’s founders and questioning whether the site could possibly act as a trusted and neutral arbitrator of the “truth.”

When I first read through the Daily Mail article I immediately suspected the story itself must certainly be “fake news” because of how devastating the claims were and that given that was so heavily used by the journalistic community, if any of the claims were true, someone would have already written about them and companies like Facebook would not be partnering with them.

I also noted that despite having been online for several hours, no other major mainstream news outlet had written about the story, which is typically a strong sign of a false or misleading story.

Yet at the same time, the Daily Mail appeared to be sourcing its claims from a series of emails and other documents from a court case, some of which it reproduced in its article and, perhaps most strangely, neither Snopes nor its principles had issued any kind of statement through its website or social media channels disclaiming the story.

On the surface this looked like a classic case of fake news – a scandalous and highly shareable story, incorporating official-looking materials and sourcing, yet with no other mainstream outlet even mentioning the story.

I myself told my colleague I simply did not know what to think.

Was this a complete fabrication by a disgruntled target of Snopes or was this really an explosive expose pulling back the curtain on one of the world’s most respected and famous fact checking brands?

In fact, one of my first thoughts upon reading the article is that this is precisely how the “fake news” community would fight back against fact checking – by running a drip-drip of fake or misleading explosive stories to discredit and cast doubt upon the fact checkers.

In the counter-intelligence world, this is what is known as a “wilderness of mirrors” – creating a chaotic information environment that so perfectly blends truth, half-truth and fiction that even the best can no longer tell what’s real and what’s not.

Thus, when I reached out to David Mikkelson, the founder of Snopes, for comment, I fully expected him to respond with a lengthy email in Snopes’ trademark point-by-point format, fully refuting each and every one of the claims in the Daily Mail’s article and writing the entire article off as “fake news.”

It was with incredible surprise therefore that I received David’s one-sentence response which read in its entirety “I’d be happy to speak with you, but I can only address some aspects in general because I’m precluded by the terms of a binding settlement agreement from discussing details of my divorce.”

This absolutely astounded me. Here was the one of the world’s most respected fact checking organizations, soon to be an ultimate arbitrator of “truth” on Facebook, saying that it cannot respond to a fact checking request because of a secrecy agreement.

In short, when someone attempted to fact check the fact checker, the response was the equivalent of “it’s secret.”

It is impossible to understate how antithetical this is to the fact checking world, in which absolute openness and transparency are necessary prerequisites for trust.

How can fact checking organizations like Snopes expect the public to place trust in them if when they themselves are called into question, their response is that they can’t respond.

When I presented a set of subsequent clarifying questions to David, he provided responses to some and not to others.

Of particular interest, when pressed about claims by the Daily Mail that at least one Snopes employee has actually run for political office and that this presents at the very least the appearance of potential bias in Snopes’ fact checks, David responded “It’s pretty much a given that anyone who has ever run for (or held) a political office did so under some form of party affiliation and said something critical about their opponent(s) and/or other politicians at some point.

Does that mean anyone who has ever run for office is manifestly unsuited to be associated with a fact-checking endeavor, in any capacity?”

That is actually a fascinating response to come from a fact checking organization that prides itself on its claimed neutrality.

Think about it this way – what if there was a fact checking organization whose fact checkers were all drawn from the ranks of Breitbart and Infowars?

Most liberals would likely dismiss such an organization as partisan and biased. Similarly, an organization whose fact checkers were all drawn from Occupy Democrats and Huffington Post might be dismissed by conservatives as partisan and biased.

In fact, when I asked several colleagues for their thoughts on this issue this morning, the unanimous response back was that people with strong self-declared political leanings on either side should not be a part of a fact checking organization and all had incorrectly assumed that Snopes would have felt the same way and had a blanket policy against placing partisan individuals as fact checkers.

In fact, this is one of the reasons that fact checking organizations must be transparent and open.

If an organization like Snopes feels it is ok to hire partisan employees who have run for public office on behalf of a particular political party and employ them as fact checkers where they have a high likelihood of being asked to weigh in on material aligned with or contrary to their views, how can they reasonably be expected to act as neutral arbitrators of the truth?

Put another way, some Republicans believe firmly that climate change is a falsehood and that humans are not responsible in any way for climatic change.

Those in the scientific community might object to an anti-climate change Republican serving as a fact checker for climate change stories at Snopes and flagging every article about a new scientific study on climate change as fake news.

Yet, we have no way of knowing the biases of the fact checkers at Snopes – we simply have to trust that the site’s views on what constitutes neutrality are the same as ours.

When I asked for comment on the specific detailed criteria Snopes uses to screen its applicants and decide who to hire as a fact checker, surprisingly David demurred, saying only that the site looks for applicants across all fields and skills.

He specifically did not provide any detail of any kind regarding the screening process and how Snopes evaluates potential hires.

David also did not respond to further emails asking whether, as part of the screening process, Snopes has applicants fact check a set of articles to evaluate their reasoning and research skills and to gain insight into their thinking process.

This was highly unexpected, as I had assumed that a fact checking site as reputable as Snopes would have a detailed written formal evaluation process for new fact checkers that would include having them perform a set of fact checks and include a lengthy set of interview questions designed to assess their ability to identify potential or perceived conflicts of interest and work through potential biases.

Even more strangely, despite asking in two separate emails how Snopes assesses its fact checkers and whether it performs intra- and inter-rater reliability assessments, David responded only that fact checkers work together collaboratively and did not respond to further requests for more detail and did not answer whether Snopes uses any sort of assessment scoring or ongoing testing process to assess its fact checkers.

This raises exceptionally grave concerns about the internal workings of Snopes and why it is not more forthcoming about its assessment process. Arguing that because multiple fact checkers might work on an article, reliability is not a concern, is a false argument that shows a concerning lack of understanding about reliability and accuracy.

Imagine a team of 50 staunch climate deniers all working collaboratively to debunk a new scientific study showing a clear link between industrial pollution and climate change. The very large team size does not make up for the lack of diversity of opinion.

Yet, David provided no comment on how Snopes does or does not explicitly force diversity of opinion in its ad-hoc fact checking teams.

A robust human rating workflow must regularly assess the accuracy and reproducibility of the scores generated by its human raters, even when they work collaboratively together.

Typically this means that on a regular basis each fact checker or fact checker team is given the same article to fact check and the results compared across the groups.

If one person or group regularly generates different results from the others, this is then evaluated to understand why. Similarly, an individual or group is also periodically given the same or nearly identical story from months prior to see if they give it the same rating as last time – this assesses whether they are consistent in their scoring.

More troubling is that we simply don’t know who contributed to a given fact check.

David noted that Snopes’ “process is a highly collaborative one in which several different people may contribute to a single article,” but that “the result is typically credited to whoever wrote the initial draft.”

David did not respond to a request for comment on why Snopes only lists a single author for each of its fact checks, rather than provide an acknowledgement section that lists all of the individuals who contributed to a given fact check.

One might argue that newspapers similarly do not acknowledge their fact checkers in the bylines of articles.

Yet, in a newspaper workflow, fact checking typically occurs as an editorial function, double checking what a reporter wrote.

At Snopes, fact checking is the core function of an article and thus if multiple people contributed to a fact check, it is surprising that absolutely no mention is made of them, given that at a newspaper all reporters contributing to a story are listed.

Not only does this rob those individuals of credit, but perhaps most critically, it makes it impossible for outside entities to audit who is contributing to what fact check and to ensure that fact checkers who self-identify as strongly supportive or against particular topics are not assigned to fact check those topics to prevent the appearance of conflicts of interest or bias.

If privacy or safety of fact checkers is a concern, the site could simply use first name and last initials or pseudonyms.

Having a master list of all fact checkers contributing in any way to a given fact check would go a long way towards establishing greater transparency to the fact checking process and Snopes’ internal controls on conflict of interest and bias.

David also did not respond to a request for comment on why Snopes fact checks rarely mention that they reached out to the authors of the article being fact checked to get their side of the story.

Indeed, Journalism 101 teaches you that when you write an article presenting someone or something in a negative light, you must give them the opportunity to respond and provide their side of the story.

Instead, Snopes typically focuses on the events being depicted in the article and contacts individuals and entities named in the story, but Snopes fact checks typically do not mention contacting the authors of the articles about those events to see if those reporters claim to have additional corroborating material, perhaps disclosed to them off the record.

In essence, in these cases Snopes performs “fact checking from afar,” rendering judgement on news stories without giving the original reporters the opportunity for comment.

David did not respond to a request for comment on this or why the site does not have a dedicated appeals page for authors of stories which Snopes has labeled false to contest that label and he also did not respond to a request to provide further detail on whether Snopes has a written formal appeals process or how it handles such requests.

Putting this all together, we simply don’t know if the Daily Mail story is completely false, completely true or somewhere in the middle.

Snopes itself has not issued a formal response to the article and its founder David Mikkelson responded by email that he was unable to address many of the claims due to a confidentiality clause in his divorce settlement.

This creates a deeply unsettling environment in which when one tries to fact check the fact checker, the answer is the equivalent of “its secret.” Moreover, David’s responses regarding the hiring of strongly partisan fact checkers and his lack of response on screening and assessment protocols present a deeply troubling picture of a secretive black box that acts as ultimate arbitrator of truth, yet reveals little of its inner workings.

This is precisely the same approach used by Facebook for its former Trending Topics team and more recently its hate speech rules (the company did not respond to a request for comment).

From the outside, Silicon Valley looks like a gleaming tower of technological perfection. Yet, once the curtain is pulled back, we see that behind that shimmering façade is a warehouse of good old fashioned humans, subject to all the same biases and fallibility, but with their results now laundered through the sheen of computerized infallibility.

Even my colleagues who work in the journalism community and by their nature skeptical, had assumed that Snopes must have rigorous screening procedures, constant inter- and intra-rater evaluations and ongoing assessments and a total transparency mandate.

Yet, the truth is that we simply have no visibility into the organization’s inner workings and its founder declined to shed further light into its operations for this article.

Regardless of whether the Daily Mail article is correct in its claims about Snopes, at the least what does emerge from my exchanges with Snopes’ founder is the image of the ultimate black box presenting a gleaming veneer of ultimate arbitration of truth, yet with absolutely no insight into its inner workings.

While technology pundits decry the black boxes of the algorithms that increasingly power companies like Facebook, they have forgotten that even the human-powered sites offer us little visibility into how they function.

At the end of the day, it is clear that before we rush to place fact checking organizations like Snopes in charge of arbitrating what is “truth” on Facebook, we need to have a lot more understanding of how they function internally and much greater transparency into their work

Bronze Honorary Statue for Innocent X Pamphilj | Musei Capitolini

Bronze Honorary Statue for Innocent X Pamphilj

Inv. Scu 1199

In March 1645, in view of the Holy Year celebrations, the Secret Council and Public Council of the Conservators deliberated to erect a bronze honorary statue to the reigning Pope, Innocent X Pamphilj (1644-1655).

Its designated location was Palazzo Nuovo, a building that was being completed upon the wishes of the same Pope in Piazza del Campidoglio, across from the 16th century Palazzo dei Conservatori.

The statue was completed in 1650 and placed in the great Hall of the Palazzo dei Conservatori. Later on, prior to 1671, the bronze was placed in its final location in the main Hall of the recently finished Palazzo Nuovo.

Having been miraculously saved from the ravages during the French occupation at the end of the 18th century, the bronze was transferred in 1818 to the Hall of the Horatii and Curiatii upon the wishes of Pius VII.

It was placed on its original pedestal, on the short wall in the back of the Hall, between the two doors.

The casting has several imperfections, some gaps for casting problems and limited cold finishing of the surfaces.

The latter, rather than being a defect, gives the bronze an extraordinary strength. Even if it was not the sculptor’s intention, the non-finished effect enhances the extremely high quality of the work, considered by critics as one of Alessandro Algardi’s masterpieces.

Initially, the commission to create a statue in honor of Innocent X was assigned to Francesco Mochi, a master bronze caster and very famous sculptor who was paid 400 scudi in advance by the depositary of the Capitoline Chamber in early February 1646.

However the commission fell through and on 13 March 1646, the bronze was commissioned from the Bolognese sculptor Alessandro Algardi, who was already working in Rome in that period.

On 13 January, Algardi received the first down payment of 500 scudi against the entire amount of 2500 scudi allocated for the statue.

The first casting of the work, most likely done by the sculptor himself in the Vatican foundry, was defective. Disappointed by the lack of success and taking full responsibility for the event, Algardi was aided by his friend Cardinal Virgilio Spada.

The latter on 28 October 1648 “indemnified” him with the amount of 200 scudi that allowed the sculptor to pay for another casting attempt.

The second casting satisfied the purchasers and, even though its surfaces were not perfectly finished and the casting marks not removed, given the urgency to place the statue on the Capitoline Hill for the Holy Year celebrations, the large bronze statue was transported and placed on a temporary pedestal in the great Hall of the Palazzo dei Conservatori where, on 9 March 1650, Innocent X went to view it.

Reblogged from source with thanks @

Pope Innocent X

Stoneman Douglas alum Blake Israel — son of Broward Sheriff Scott Israel — scores OT goal two days after Parkland shooting, giving PBA first win – Shared from source @ Sun Sentinel

Stoneman Douglas alum Blake Israel — son of Broward Sheriff Scott Israel — scores OT goal two days after Parkland shooting, giving PBA first

Wells Dusenbury

The Stoneman Douglas community has experienced unthinkable heartache in the wake of Wednesday’s deadly school shooting, but a lacrosse alum gave Eagle fans something to cheer about late Friday night.

Stoneman Douglas graduate Blake Israel — the son of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and now a sophomore at Palm Beach Atlantic — scored the game-winning goal versus Montevallo to give the Sailfish their first NCAA victory in school history.

“It’s really emotional with everything back home,” Israel said. “I dedicated this game to everyone back home. All my teammates came up to me before the game and said ‘We’re playing for you’. It’s so emotional to have the game-winning goal.”

The midfielder’s overtime goal helped Palm Beach Atlantic top Montevallo 10-9 in a contest played in Pensacola. The West Palm Beach private school is in the midst of its first season as an NCAA Division II member.

Israel — a Sun Sentinel All-County selection in high school — said the past few days have been incredibly emotional. In Wednesday’s shooting, 17 people were killed and 16 were injured.

Among the victims Israel knew was his former football coach — assistant Aaron Feis, who died protecting students.

Israel’s dad has been through an especially difficult week as Broward County Sheriff.

Blake’s girlfriend, who was at the game, immediately texted Scott after the goal and Blake talked to him after the game.

“I called my dad right after and he was so proud for me,” Israel said. “He knows I played for Douglas tonight.”

Just two days after the horrific tragedy, Israel put together one of the best games he’s ever played, scoring three goals in the win.

“It truly is miracle [having this type of game right after the shooting],” Israel said. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a hat trick and a game-winning goal in my career. It’s a miracle for it to happen like this.

“We really needed it and maybe it can boost the morale of the community a little bit and that’s all I care about.”; On Twitter @dusereport

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Alfred Lambremont Webre is a former Fulbright Scholar and graduate of Yale University, Yale Law School (Yale Law School National Scholar), and the University of Texas Counseling Program. Webre was General Counsel to the NYC Environmental Protection Administration and environmental consultant to the Ford Foundation, futurist at Stanford Research Institute, and author.

Alfred Lambremont Webre is a former Fulbright Scholar and graduate of Yale University, Yale Law School (Yale Law School National Scholar), and the University of Texas Counseling Program. Webre was General Counsel to the NYC Environmental Protection Administration and environmental consultant to the Ford Foundation, futurist at Stanford Research Institute, and author. He has taught Economics at Yale University (Economics Department) and Civil Liberties at the University of Texas (Government Department). Alfred Webre has been a delegate to the UNISPACE Outer Space Conference and NGO representative at the United Nations (Communications Coordination Committee for the UN; UN Second Special Session on Disarmament); elected Clinton-Gore Delegate to the 1996 Texas Democratic Convention; and a Member, Governor’s Emergency Taskforce on Earthquake Preparedness, State of California (1980-82), appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Mr. Webre produced and hosted the Instant of Cooperation, the first live radio broadcast between USA and the then Soviet Union, carried live by Gosteleradio and NPR satellite in 1987. Mr. Webre is a space activist, working with non-profit coalitions to prevent the weaponization of space. Alfred Webre’s most recent book is Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact (2000 He is a member of the District of Columbia Bar.

“As Senior Policy Analyst in 1977 at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute (now “SRI International”, Menlo Park, California), Alfred Webre was Principal Investigator for a proposed civilian scientific Study of extraterrestrial communication, i.e. interactive communication between the terrestrial human culture and that of possible intelligent non-terrestrial civilizations. This proposed Study was presented to and developed with interested White House staff of the Domestic Policy staff of President Jimmy Carter during the period from May 1977 until the fall of 1977, when it was abruptly terminated.

“The over-all purpose of the proposed 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study was to create, design and carry out an independent, civilian-led research compilation and evaluation of phenomena suggesting an Extraterrestrial and/or Inter-dimensional intelligent presence in the near-Earth environment.

“The designed outcome of the Study was to have been a public White House report, detailing the compiled evidence and evaluation, together with possible scientific models for the implications of the research. The White House report was to have contained public policy recommendations emerging from the evaluations and conclusions of the Study. These, if warranted, included transformation of secrecy regulations of U.S. military-intelligence agencies.”

“The scientific and public policy goal of the proposed 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study was to fill a substantial gap in civilian scientific knowledge of the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object phenomenon), Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs), and related phenomena. This knowledge gap was created and maintained by excessive secrecy practices and regulations of U.S. Department of Defence and intelligence agencies in the various generations of its UFO-programs since the late 1940s, including but not limited to Project Grudge and Project Blue Book, as well as other alleged secret programs.

“Historically, the U.S. government and research agencies proposed for the 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study were:

• White House – Principal sponsorship and policy coordination of the proposed Study.

• NASA – Consultative line agency regarding UFO and Near Space phenomena, including terrestrial-UFO or EBE interaction.

• National Science Foundation – Advice and consultation by the National Science Board.

• SRI International – Center for the Study of Social Policy – Principal Investigators of Study.

• Scientific experts on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs), and related phenomena – Scientific Advisers”

From ““The 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study” by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd (January 2003).

CONTROLLED OPP PROFILES (002): “AUSTIN BENNETT – Born to Lose!” FEBRUARY 8, 2018 Reblogged with thanks to source ~ T. MATTHEW PHILLIPS, ESQ.





Austin Powers Bennett – “Born to Lose!”


Austin Powers Bennett is a crisis actor.  He plays the role of a Republican candidate running for California Senate — against the notorious Senator Richard Pan, architect of SB277!  What is the role of Bennett’s character?  SPOILER ALERT:  Bennett’s character is gonna lose the Senate race – on purpose — to ensure Sen. Pan’s re-election!  That’s right!  Bennett is gonna throw the match — just like a prize fighter purposely falling to the canvas in a rigged boxing match!  #boughtAF!


Austin Powers Bennett is on a mission — to lose the California 6th District Senate race — in order to ensure Sen. Pan’s re-election.  And Bennett’s a born loser, destined for failure — just like everything else in your moovement!  Remember, the SB277 Referendum?–failed on purpose!  The Sen. Pan Recall?–failed on purpose!  The Whitlow lawsuit?–failed on purpose!  And Austin Powers Bennett will fail on purpose too, not so much because he’s a dingleberry, but because that’s how pharma planned it.  #controlledOP


Regarding the failed SB277 Referendum, Bennett boldly claims that “money was stolen” and “signatures disappeared.”  (Actual quotes!)  But, wait a sec — how the fuck does Bennett know that “money was stolen” or that “signatures disappeared?”  What is the source of Bennett’s knowledge?  And if Bennett knows that money was stolen, when is he going to file a crime report with 5-0?  Srsly!  Bennett is NOT a Good Samaritan!  Just wondering:  don’t elected officials have a duty to report crime when they see it?  Bennett is basically telling voters: “Vote for me because I always look the other way when crimes are committed in the elections process!”  (IKR?!)


What is Bennett hiding?  Who is he protecting?  Ask Bennett about the stolen money and signatures — he dummies-up.  Bennett refuses to “out” the crooks who betrayed the SB277 Referendum — for fear that he (Bennett) will be sued for defamation!!  C’mon!  So long as Bennett tells the truth, he cannot be sued for defamation!  (Trust me, I’m a lawyer.)  All he’s gotta do is tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothin but — but that will never happen — not so much because Bennett is a dirty SOB, but because he’s a smarmy, crooked-ass, politician in a cheap-ass suit ‘n tie.  #Bennet4TrashCollector


When Bennett loses the Senate race, we are going to laugh our asses off!  We’re gonna post GIFs with “middle finger salutes” while dancing in the end zone — and we’ll dance our asses off like Eddie Murphy:  “You dropped your ice cream, you dropped your ice cream!” But, truth be told, our celebration dance will be somewhat hollow — because Bennett’s gonna lose … on purpose!  Yep!  Trust me on this one — not so much because I’m a lawyer, but because I’m a mystical seer too.  #nostradmusAF


For those who are awake, it comes as no surprise that pharma typically controls both political opponents — (D) and (R) — who pretend to be rivals.  (“Wink-wink!”)  C’mon!  Why do you think we have a two-party system? (LoL!)  Because collusion is easiest with the fewest parties involved … two!  Secrets are easiest to keep between two parties, hence, our two-party political system!  #TheMoreYouKnow


Pharma controls both sides of the Facebook vaccine debate!  Half of Facebook is decidedly “pro-vaccine,” while the other half, curiously enough, is not “anti-vaccine,” but instead — owing to pharma’s influence — they call themselves “pro-health” and “pro-freedom,” “pro-choice,” etc. — to avoid offending anyone with the “V”-word (vaccine).  Likewise, pharma controls both candidates in the 6th District Senate race!  Pharma controls Pan (obviously) and pharma also controls Bennett (not so obviously).    #truestory


Bennett supposedly has a business called “BENNETT FINCNCIAL STRATEGIES.”  But according to the California Secretary of State, there is NO such business!  We checked.  In fact, in California, there has never been a corporation, LLC, or partnership called: “BENNETT FINANCIAL STRATEGIES.”  (“Surprise!”)  Bennett’s handlers figured nobody would ever visit the California Secretary of State website to checkup-on Bennett’s fake-ass business!  But Bennett’s handlers never counted on the Truth Hits Investigative Team!   #playersstayUP


Austin Bennett — you’re busted!!  Bennett’s handlers wanted to create an image of a retired investor turned politician.  But it’s all fake!  Bennett is just another crisis actor selling fake news — “The False Promise of Safe Vaccines!”  #controlledOP


Bennett claims he’s going to repeal SB277.  But first, he must propose a bill.  However, after all these months, Bennett still has no bill to repeal SB277!  Why no bill?–apparently, Bennett is incapable of writing a bill himself and he’s too broke-ass to hire a lawyer to write one!  (Loser!)  Dude, where’s your proposed bill to halt SB277?  The dog ate it?  The Russians hacked it?  Schmack’d it?  #crickets


If TMP were running for Senate, TMP would actually write a bill to repeal SB277!  (Yay!)  And then TMP would tell voters:  “Elect TMP, and the day after election, TMP will march onto the Senate floor — bill in hand — to sweep away mandatory vaccination!”  #hallelujah


The Truth Hits Investigative Team has confirmed rumors that TMP will soon announce his California gubernatorial run in 2022!  Our Truth Hits I-Team met with TMP on the campaign trail at Hakkasan, in Las Vegas, to ask about his unique platform, which has but one agenda item.  TMP explains:

“When I become Governor, I shall immediately sign an executive order making it unlawful to print the words Democrat, Republican, or any political party, on any ballot in California!  And once we remove (D) and (R) from the ballots, folks will be forced to think for themselves — and vote issues, not politics — and Californians may then revisit their traditional Spanish roots — as free-thinkers!” #vivacalifornia!


It is mathematically impossible for Bennett to win!  FAST FACT: In Bennett’s voting district, Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans — by a wide, wide margin!  And rest assured — brain-dead zombies cast their votes based only on established (D) and (R) stimulus-response!  For chrissakes!  If they didn’t have (D) and (R) on the ballots, then zombies wouldn’t even know who to vote for in the first place!!


Many celebs, including YODA, support TMP’s agenda to abolish (D) and (R) from the ballots!  Our Truth Hits I-Team met with YODA at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in L.A., where  Yoda softly explained:  “Abandon the left-right paradigm, we must!”


If Bennett really wanted to win, then he would follow YODA’s humble advice and abandon the left-right paradigm!  Are you awake?  Hello?!  If Bennett were to run as a Democrat, then he could oppose Pan in a meaningful way, i.e., the voters would be forced to cast their votes based on candidates and issues, and not solely on the mindless act of selecting either (D) or (R)!


Because he’s not supposed to win!!  That’s why!  Remember, Bennett’s loss will ensure Sen. Pan’s re-election.  (Well-played, pharma!)


Does party affiliation matter?  Some folks think it reprehensible to be a Democrat.  But why?  Is it any less reprehensible to be a Republican?  Besides, in his own words, Bennett says that his “loyalty is to the truth in the interest of the We the People, not to any political party.” (Actual quote!)  In his own words, Bennett has no party loyalties — so why not run as a Democrat?  (“Shh!” Stop asking!)


If Bennett ran as a Democrat, he could then oppose Pan in the June primary elections!  But this won’t happen because that’s not how pharma scripted it!  Bennett’s role is to be a hand-puppet, with pharma’s guiding hand elbow-deep up his ass!  Bennett is obviously a hollow “straw man” because, in real life, he’s totally clueless about vaccine issues!


When it comes to immunology, Bennett is as dumb as a throw pillow!  Bennett writes:  “Our babies do not build antibodies until they are two years old.” (Fuckin poser!)  Srsly?  Babies don’t build antibodies until age two?  Obviously, babies do!  But how would Bennett know about babies?  He’s only got like 9 fuckin kids!  Then along comes Andrew Lebitch — who ain’t got NO kids, (and never will because he’s #fuckugly), but even Lebitch knows the obvious, i.e., babies do indeed produce antibodies!  Much to our delight, Lebitch loudly calls bullshit on Bennett — then bitch-slaps Bennett for his moronic statement!  #priceless


Remember, Bennett is running for office — to become a “leader.”  Pharma knows that the best way to CONTROL an opposition moovement is to LEAD it themselves!  So, naturally, pharma “controls” the “leaders” of your moovement — Del, Andy, Polly, etc., and Austin — this is the “controlled opposition!”  They kinda, sorta oppose pharma, but in the end, they sell the “false promise of safe vaccines,” which plainly demonstrates pharma’s controlling influence.


The sad part is that Bennett does have some sincere (but gullible) followers — who get sucked-in by his chemtrails rhetoric.  But when Bennett loses, it’s gonna demoralize your moovement and crush the hopes of these sincere (but gullible) activists.  #nevergoingaway


Don’t rely on Sacramento lawmakers to fix the SB277 problem — the lawmakers screwed you in the first place!!  Instead, stand and fight!  Go to court and fight for medical custody of your children!  Drumroll … “Ta-da!”  The Truth Hits I-Team presents a “fill-in-the-blanks” lawsuit to halt SB277 — written by none other than legendary California attorney, T. Matthew Phillips!!  Let’s open the floodgates of litigation!!  This lawsuit is designed as a template — you can represent yourself, or better still, go hire a lawyer!  The lawsuit is already written — but feel free to edit or amend as you see fit!  Just click on the link below!  Share widely!! #openthefloodgates

Click Here——>SB277 TEMPLATE

~~ Written, Produced, and Directed by Truth Hits Investigative Team

“Freedom means nothing if you can’t keep the government out of your body.” ~~TMP.



austen bennett Austin Powers Bennett – “Born to Lose!”

Austin Powers Bennett is a crisis actor.  He plays the role of a Republican candidate running for California Senate — against the notorious Senator Richard Pan, architect of SB277!  What is the role of Bennett’s character?  SPOILER ALERT:  Bennett’s character is gonna lose the Senate race – on purpose — to ensure Sen. Pan’s re-election!  That’s right!  Bennett is gonna throw the match — just like a prize fighter purposely falling to the canvas in a rigged boxing match!  #boughtAF!

Austin Powers Bennett is on a mission — to lose the California 6th District Senate race — in order to ensure Sen. Pan’s re-election.  And Bennett’s a born loser, destined for failure — just like everything else in your moovement!  Remember, the SB277 Referendum?–failed on purpose!  The Sen. Pan Recall?–failed on purpose!  The Whitlow

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The Rise of the House of Rothschild COUNT EGON CAESAR CORTI Translated from the German by Brian and Beatrix Lunn 1770-1830

Illuminati Under the Microscope: United Nations Plaza located at 666th Root of Pi

Sunday, December 27, 2009

United Nations Plaza located at 666th Root of Pi
Another curiosity just discovered is the address for the famous or infamous UN Building in

New York City. Many believe that the United Nations is the proto-fascist precursor to a World

Government ruled ultimately by the horror known as the antichrist. The reign of evil will not

come through chaos and anarchy but through government…the linchpin of Civilization itself.

See Background articles on UN and the Occult: and .

1. The 666th Root of Pi as noted in the google calculator is: 1.00172029

2. The Zip Code of The United Nations Plaza is 10017

Go to , insert 666th root of pi – for answer.

Go to , insert United Nations 10017 – for verification .


Another odd coincidence or evidence of an extensive matrix-like network at work? Something

hidden in plain sight , reeking of an evil you can feel…but never quite define or quantify – until

now. Can all of these connections be simply happenstance or evidence that the very “reality”

that we exist in is a numerological prison controlled by the Illuminati? You … must decide

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By Steve Cuozzo
October 14, 2008 | 5:35am

IF you needed further proof that the New York Times had it wrong about law firm Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe supposedly deciding to stay at 666 Fifth Ave., here it is: Landlord Jared Kushner and his managing/leasing agent, Tishman Speyer, have brought Cushman & Wakefield in to market the space.

We first reported in August that Orrick Herrington would likely bolt its 200,000 square feet at 666 Fifth when its lease expires in early 2010, and move to 300,000 feet at Boston Properties’ Citigroup Center.

The firm needs more space that simply isn’t available at Kushner’s tower, which is full.

Then, on Oct. 1, the Times said Orrick Herrington had “suddenly pulled out” of a prospective deal at Citigroup and decided to stay at 666 Fifth for five more years.

A subsequent Times correction on Oct. 3 said the firm was “still considering” a move to Citigroup.

Even that seemed to leave wiggle room. But the tapping of Cushman’s Arthur Mirante III and Rob Lowe to find a new tenant for 666 Fifth ought to squelch that idea.

“Kushner and Tishman Speyer know Orrick is leaving in March 2010 and they want to get ready now,” a market source said.

“Orrick is on floors 16-23, which are perfectly built out for law firm use.

They’ll probably get another law firm at an asking rent of $110.”

Kushner declined comment.

But he must be glad his timing on 666 Fifth has so far been impeccable.

He sold a partial interest in the tower’s retail space to Stanley Chera and the Carlyle Group for $525 million last summer, just before the credit spigot went dry.

*Prudential Douglas Elliman is a big operation with lots of little-known parts.

Among them is the Dana Commercial Group, which helps co-op apartment buildings maximize income from retail space.

The unit just negotiated the sale of a 7,300 square-foot retail co-op at 1390 Third Ave., aka 201 E. 79th St.

The buyer, an investor group that owns Venture Stationers at 1156 Madison Ave., paid “in excess” of $20 million for the vacant storefronts, which it plans to rent out.

Dana Group’s Gary Dana, Rick Dana and Arnold Lederman worked on the deal.

All might not be lost for the Emerald Inn, the beloved Irish pub at 205 Columbus Ave. that’s losing its lease in May.

As The Post recently reported, the cozy little bar, which has been there for 66 years, can’t afford an increase to $350,000 year in rent – more than twice what it currently pays.

Owner Charlie Campbell and legions of regulars were heartbroken.

But Walker & Malloy broker Rafe Evans, who’s negotiated scores of Upper West Side retail leases, said he’s willing to help Campbell find another location nearby.

“They have expressed interest in keeping the legend alive,” Evans said.

But it won’t be on Columbus Avenue.

“They can only afford to be on a side street, maybe West 72nd Street,” Evans said, where rents are lower.

Manhattan is be coming an island of big holes in the ground.

The biggest of them is, of course, Ground Zero.

A short block away is the Broadway block that’s supposed to be home to the Fulton Street Transit Center, but is likely to remain desolate until or unless the MTA gets its act together.

The privately owned pits with unclear futures come in many shapes and sizes.

They make a stark contrast to the many marvelous projects nearing completion that were fortunate to start when times were good – like One Bryant Park, 11 Times Square, the Standard Hotel and the apartment tower 24 W. 23rd St.

The biggest collection of empty holes with no sign of any work being done is on First Avenue south of the United Nations, where Sheldon Solow won city approval earlier this year to put up six apartment buildings and one office tower.

Some day, we hope, it will all be beautiful; today, it’s a 9.8-acre expanse of nothing – making us miss, for the time being, the hulking old Con Ed plants.

Then there’s Extell’s big pit on West 57th Street across from Carnegie Hall.

It’s supposed to be a condo/hotel tower.

Extell chief Gary Barnett cleared the site more than a year ago, but no plans have been filed with the Buildings Dept.

Who knows when the former Drake Hotel site at Park Avenue and 56th Street will see something new? Harry Macklowe razed the hotel with plans for a tower that would reach to 57th Street.

But now, the Macklowe Organization is fighting to keep the parcel out of the clutches of Deutsche Bank.

With all the complications, the prime location might remain an ugly open sore for years to come.

Another big question mark is on the west side of Sixth Avenue between 30th and 31st streets, where Tessler Developments and the Chetrit Group leveled an entire blockfront.

A 30-story apartment project is apparently in the works, but – again – no plans have been filed with the Buildings Dept.


Ex-Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera (The Truth)

Alberto Magno Romero Rivera

(September 19, 1935 – June 20, 1997)

This is a 2016 Edit: Anyone doing a google search on Alberto Rivera will see the wikipedia entry for him at the very top of the search results so I’d like to address those lies here and now.

There have been a few gatekeepers who only allow harmful lies about Alberto to be written on that page.

These same gatekeepers keep all the true information about Alberto Rivera out.

Wikipedia will always be a compromised news source for this reason.

There are many Catholic-apologist-trolls on many wikipedia pages cutting truthful information out about Rome and adding lies and using sources that are not valid.

New Page I created proving what I am saying with screenshots.

Here is a graphic I created showing Christianity Today (which carried the Gary Metz article everyone points to to “prove” Alberto Rivera a fraud) being used as a platform to attack Keith Green who wrote the devastating expose’ on Roman Catholicism called “Catholic Chronicles”.

Billy Graham Christianity Today Alberto Rivera Keith Green
View Larger Copy of this image

View above image larger Also read Billy Graham and Rome and Billy Graham and his friends. You can also read Chapter 8 of Smokescreens by Jack Chick.

Alberto Rivera Confronts Gary Metz live on air. Gary Metz fails to provide proof of allegations against Alberto Rivera. Listen:

American intelligence officer/ CIA Officer E. Howard Hunt states, “We have always said, you know, in an admiring way that the Jesuits form the greatest intelligence agency in the world, and always have.”

(This is what Alberto was up against!)

Christianity Today (founded by Billy Graham) published an article by a man named Gary Metz who called Alberto Rivera a fraud. I bought the issue and read it myself.

The article was mainly “he said, she said”. Not one document proving Alberto Rivera is a fraud.

Beside that, you can look at Christianity Today’s Pro-Catholic, Pro-Pope position. Calling Christianity Today Catholic friendly would be putting it mildly.

Also please look at a brief write-up I did on this mysterious man named Gary Metz, aka “Doctorzin” who I believe is possibly a low level CIA agent.

Also Please see: Note From Alberto Rivera Jr.

The Vatican and the Jesuits have denied that Alberto was ever a Jesuit priest.

They did the same thing to Ex-Catholic Priest Bernard Fresenborg.

Read his book here: Thirty Years In Hell by Bernard Fresenborg.

It is alleged that he too was murdered by the Jesuit Order.

They also denied Sister Agatha was a Nun. This is what she said of her experience with persecution from the Catholic cult after she left it:

“Sycophants, masking themselves behind the veil of editorial secrecy, have launched their barbed weapons, seeking to carry my fortress.” (Sounds just like the kind of people who have attacked Alberto Rivera!)

Sister Agatha

The Catholic Cult Always try to deny their history!

Alberto Rivera’s cause of death is allegedly listed on his death certificate as colin cancer. If you automatically believe that means Alberto wasn’t assassinated you should maybe read, “CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer”

7 Part series of Alberto Rivera lecturing at church services:

Day One of Dr. Alberto Rivera Lecture

Day Two of Dr. Alberto Rivera Lecture

Day 3 – Dr. Alberto Rivera and ex Nun Expose the Vatican 8/26/84

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Alberto Rivera – Testimonio de un ex- Sacerdote Jesuita:

Video Title: “The Secrets of the Jesuits” A very Rare Video (well it was rare when I first put it on youtube around 2006.

Since then many have copied it and put it on their youtube channels) of James (Jim) Arrabito interviewing Dr. Alberto Rivera. (Both Died under very suspicious circumstances. I believe its very probable they were both assassinated, along with Keith Green.)

(Killed in a plane crash on September 2, 1990)

Statement by his wife

My statement in response to her’s is, God can protect but he allows His servants to be martyred also.

God allowed everyone from Abel through the New Testament and beyond (Read THE ORIGINAL Foxe’s Book of Martyrs for instance.) be martyred

The report she received could have been false. They know how to make someone’s death look like an accident. I believe they did the same thing with Keith Green.

What are the odds that these two men both died in plane crashes? Along with JFK JR, Senator Wellstone, Beverly Eckert.

And how many others have been murdered in this method? Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lynyrd Skynyrd (just off the top of my head)?.

I believe he was martyred for his work exposing the Whore of Revelation 17 and 18 (i.e. the Jesuits and Vatican).

Keith Green also died in a plane crash, in 1982. At the time Keith Green was issuing a devastating exposé on Rome through his Catholic Chronicles tract

Buy the whole Alberto Rivera comic set here for 16.70 + shipping

Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting

1st: “Alberto” The testimony of a former Jesuit Priest. Learn how this ex-Jesuit priest found Christ and begins to expose Rome’s innermost secrets. (32 pages)

Alberto Series Part 1
2nd: “Double Cross” After his salvation, Alberto is a hunted man.

No Jesuit can leave his order alive! He reveals the infiltration of Protestant organizations, and warns of false “brethren” in our midst.

“…the Vatican planned the infamous Jonestown massacre in Guyana in 1978.

Jim Jones was a Jesuit under that secret oath with instructions from Rome to commit mass murder in order to discredit Christian camps.” ~More

Alberto Series Part 2

3rd: “The Godfathers” Part III of Alberto Rivera’s testimony. Here’s how the Roman Catholic Institution, as the “Mother of Abominations” (Rev. 17), caused many wars.

This is the book the Catholic press is afraid to mention. If you are a Catholic, or have Catholic friends or loved ones, this story is for you.

Alberto Series Part 3
4th: “The Force” This comic reveals how the Vatican is using its occult force to deceive millions. It’s the “habitation of devils” described in Rev. 18:2

Alberto Series Part 4
6th “The Prophet” Part VI of Alberto Rivera’s testimony.

Learn how the papacy helped start Islam, only to have this new daughter rebel against her.

You’ll understand the Arab’s place in Bible prophecy. ~Read Now!

The Prophet – By Alberto Rivera

Proof that Dr. Alberto Rivera was indeed
an Ex-Jesuit Priest:

Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting

alberto rivera spanish jesuit id franco spain

His Spanish-Jesuit I. D.
Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting
This I. D. card was issued by the Spanish government in Spain in 1967, under the rule of the Spanish dictator Franco.

His security forces were equally as strict as the Gestapo had been in Germany.

To obtain this document, Alberto had to supply birth certificate, identification papers and positive proof from his archdiocese of being a priest.

Several security organizations were involved, similar to our CIA and FBI.

The priest, Alberto Rivera, had to be approved by all of these organizations to receive this document. There was no way it could have been a forgery.

There is no question he was a priest. What you see here is positive proof.

This document was granted by a government that had pledged absolute submission to the pope through the concordat signed by the government of Spain and the Vatican. (Quote by Jack Chick’s Book “Smokescreens”)

Additional Links
Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting

1. Here is the letter that Alberto received from the Archbishop of Madrid-Alcala stating that Alberto was a priest in that archdiocese, and giving him permission to travel broad on church business.

2. Was Alberto Really Who He Claimed To Be?

Another Excellent Book
Is Alberto For Real?
Book Cover

Table of Contents
Publishers Foreword
Chapter 1 – 12 Most Frequently Heard Charges
Against Alberto Answered
Chapter 2 – Private Investigation of Alberto
Chapter 3 – Answer To Article In Christianity Today

Other Pictures of Alberto while he was a Priest
Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting

alberto rivera director of parish school san lorazo terassa spain

The Assassination of Alberto Rivera

Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting

We want to inform you that June 20, 1997 the beloved brother in the Lord Alberto Rivera was poisoned, and the church of the Savior lost another saint in the hands of criminals.

Alberto was killed in his own congregation by people He knew.

These people disguised themselves as saints of the Most High and played the role of saints, with the purpose to kill and destroy Bible believing saints.

Michael Cicchese reporting (on Sunday Dec 21st 1997) quoted Nury (Rivera, Alberto’s Wife)as saying, “They (Jesuits) murdered him.

He was poisoned four years ago and was supposed to die right away.

But it was a miracle he lived for four years.

The Lord wanted him to go around the world.”

Alberto told Jack that the guy who poisoned him was an old friend who he thought had also left the church.

He visited the US, insisted on making dinner for Alberto, but then Alberto became deathly ill and had to be rushed to the hospital to have his stomach pumped.

When he got back, his old friend was gone without any note, never to be heard from again.

Alberto had previously claimed the Jesuits had poisons that made people die of Cancer and thus, look like natural causes.)

It was either an unlucky coincidence or grim prophecy that his own death seemed to follow the same M.O.

The Following is a reply I received in response to my posting information on Alberto’s “poisoning”:

Research “Cancer Causing Retro Viruses” – the AIDS viruses were manufactured via retro viruses supposedly and Alberto claimed that the Vatican used retro virus variations to poison people most likely by the description I read at your site now.

I read some amazing literature on them and did retro virus units in biology classes earlier in my life and its rather simple in theory – a virus injects its RNA into your DNA and then your ribosomes make what the virus RNA says to and your ribosomes can be programmed to make anything!

We make insulin this way. Or you can make MORE viruses this way.

Supposedly the CIA made AIDS, a tumor causing one retrovirus, and a third one when they merged with this research program in the 70’s and all three virus creations are called AIDS by the ignorant public.

The literature I read was on a myspace account but well researched, BUT it said that the government passed it to the public in Manhattan in 1980 first then Seattle and other locations through a fake research experiment asking for gay men to test a vaccine for Hepatitis.

This is definitely a worth researching one day when you have some free time.


Ex-Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera (The Truth)

Vladimir Putin: The Chabad Lubavitch mobster who would be the globalist Messiah

A great many awakening people continue to be in thrall to the cult of personality that’s been built around Vladimir Putin. They have passively and uncritically accepted the endless barrage of Putin-worshiping propaganda put out by sellouts in the alternative media, and they have not bothered to look into things for themselves. If you are one of these people, take a moment to set down emotionally-held beliefs and open your mind. Putin rode into power in the aftermath of a series of apartment bombings he arranged during his stint as Director of the FSB…

It literally takes only a few minutes to see through Putin’s sheep costume to the wolf that lies beneath, so let’s get going by looking at Putin’s ascent to power in a point-by-point way…

1) The KGB got Putin started in politics in Leningrad, where he quickly became the city’s KGB/FSB mob boss.

While many people are aware that Putin was a KGB agent, few are aware of how the KGB got him started in politics and the mob back in 1990. To get a clear picture of what transpired with Putin during that critical 1990-1991 period, one must sift through a number of incomplete, sloppy, and misleading reports written by people with varying degrees of awareness of the “big picture.” Having just completed such a sifting, let me show you what I found, starting with Putin’s heavily sanitized official Kremlin biography

The general public impression of Putin’s personal history is that he left the KGB to enter politics, but as even the Kremlin’s own bio admits, he entered politics while still in the KGB. And what the Kremlin bio fails to admit is that his “international relations” job at Leningrad State University was his new KGB post, where he was assigned to spy on the students…

…From The Washington Post’s January 30, 2000 article Putin’s Career Rooted in Russia’s KGB

As his official bio notes, he also took on the role of “advisor to the Chairman of the Leningrad City Council.” And on what subject did Putin advise him?…

“In May 1990, Putin was appointed Mayor Sobchak’s advisor on international affairs.” [Note: Putin didn’t resign from the KGB until August 20, 1991]- From Wikipedia

“International affairs” was the same job title used in his KGB posting to Leningrad State University, so it stands to reason that his position in the Leningrad government was also a KGB posting…

…From Putin: Russia’s Choice by Richard Sakwa

As for the debate over whether Putin’s role in the Leningrad government was KGB-related or not, I found this interesting tidbit in a Moscow Times review of a book by Putin’s former KGB colleague Vladimir Usoltsev…

“Usoltsev suggests that Putin was working for Sobchak as a KGB officer on a special mission.”

No sh*t, Sherlock.

Now if we look closer at Sobchak and his relationship with Putin, we see this [with my comments added in brackets]…

>>> In April 1990, Sobchak was elected a deputy of the Leningrad City Council, and in May he became the chairman of the Council [so Putin joined Sobchak as soon as he became Chairman]. From the beginning his leadership was marked by a strongly authoritarian bent [as one would expect from a KGB operative taking over the city government].

The Council decided to change the structure of the city governance so as to have a Mayor elected by direct elections. The first of such elections in June 1991 were combined with the referendum on the city name. Sobchak won the elections, and the city voted to return to its historical name of Saint Petersburg…

Sobchak was Mayor of Saint Petersburg in 1991–1996… 

Most of the everyday control of the city structure was handled by two Mayor’s deputies – Vladimir Yakovlev and Vladimir Putin; critics alleged deterioration of city infrastructure, growing corruption, and crime during this time. – From Wikipedia<<<

Going back to Putin: Russia’s Choice, we find a similar narrative of a city being overtaken by corruption during Putin’s tenure…

We also encounter a narrative of the KGB/FSB mafia taking over Saint Petersburg – and later, all of Russia – in another biography of Putin…

…From The Telegraph. Here is a relevant excerpt…

>>> Gessen’s book, The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin, provides a compelling and exhaustive portrait of a man who rose without trace from being a minor KGB and St Petersburg bureaucrat to become what Gessen describes as ‘the godfather of a mafia clan’, who has amassed a personal fortune that in 2007 was estimated by one Kremlin insider to be $40 billion…

Putin returned to St Petersburg, where he became assistant to the mayor, while continuing in the KGB. For all the reforms that were taking place in Russia, St Petersburg, Gessen writes, was ‘a state within a state’: a place where the KGB remained all-powerful, where local politicians and journalists had their phones tapped, and the murder of major political and business players was a regular occurrence.

‘In other words, very much like Russia itself would become within a few years, once it came to be ruled by the people who ruled St Petersburg in the 1990s.’ In other words, Putin.

Having shown you all this, I would be remiss if I didn’t show you one more thing: Putin and Sobchak’s association with Henry Kissinger (who was one of the architects of what would become the BRICS New World Order) during this time. It was done under the cover of “the Kissinger-Sobchak Commission, set up to attract foreign investment”…

…From The Cicero Foundation

Here is another account of their association from The New York Times

The important facts to be noted from these articles are…

I) Putin has a connection with Kissinger (who is a Cabalist Jew) that goes back at least to the 1990s.

II) Putin was being promoted by a Jewish documentary film maker back in the days he was “only” the Deputy Mayor of Saint Petersburg.

Are you beginning to see the Hidden Hand that guided Putin’s rapid ascent to power?

As for the “aw, shucks” narrative that says Putin and Kissinger didn’t know each other as intelligence agents, that is pure hokum for public consumption.

They both work for the globalists, and they knew exactly who each other were. And Kissinger was not in Saint Petersburg to help boost international investment; what the hell would he know about that anyway?

He’s not a financial guy, he’s a geopolitical script writer for the globalists, and he was there to coordinate the Russian side of the NWO implementation plan he helped design back in the 1950’s.

Let’s move on to the next point in our point-by-point review of Putin…

2) Putin was placed into the Russian Presidency by the uber-corrupt Boris Yeltsin

“Much of the Yeltsin era was marked by widespread corruption, and as a result of persistent low oil and commodity prices during the 1990s, Russia suffered inflation, economic collapse and enormous political and social problems that affected Russia and the other former states of the USS

Within a few years of his presidency, many of Yeltsin’s initial supporters had started to criticize his leadership, and Vice President Alexander Rutskoy even denounced the reforms as “economic genocide”.

Ongoing confrontations with the Supreme Soviet climaxed in the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis in which Yeltsin illegally ordered the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet parliament, which as a result decided to try to remove him from office.

In October 1993, troops loyal to Yeltsin stopped an armed uprising outside of the parliament building, leading to a number of deaths. Yeltsin then scrapped the existing Russian constitution, banned political opposition and deepened his efforts to transform the economy.

On 31 December 1999, under enormous internal pressure, Yeltsin announced his resignation, leaving the presidency in the hands of his chosen successor, then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Yeltsin left office widely unpopular with the Russian population.” – From Wikipedia

So after crushing his opposition in 1993, pressure again began building on Yeltsin’s government, and it rose to a critical level by the end of the decade.

Faced with a potentially uncontrollable release of political tension, Yeltsin’s gang faced a question: how do we controllably release all this public pressure and get Russians to rally around us instead? The answer they settled upon was to stage a big false-flag attack and a changing of the guard.

The Russian Apartment Bombings, “Russia’s 9/11,” was the attack they conducted, and Vladimir Putin was the change of guard.

But how did Putin get into position to be elevated to the Presidency? To answer this question, let’s look at the timeline of Putin’s meteoric rise in Moscow…

> June 1996 – After serving as a city bureaucrat and political party organizer in Saint Petersburg, the nationally-unknown Putin arrives in Moscow to become a Deputy Chief of the Presidential Property Management Department in the Yeltsin Administration.

> March 26, 1997 – Yeltsin appoints Putin to the posts of Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff and Chief of the Main Control Directorate of the Presidential Property Management Department.

> May 25, 1998  Yeltsin appoints Putin to the post of First Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff for regions. Less than two months later, Putin is also appointed Head of the Commission “for the preparation of agreements on the delimitation of power of regions and the federal center attached to the President.” In these positions, Putin was in charge of the central government’s relationships with the regional governments, and Putin did not seem keen on making agreements to share power with the regions.

As his Wikipedia bio notes…

“After Putin’s appointment, the commission completed no such agreements, although during Shakhray’s term as the Head of the Commission there were 46 agreements signed. Later, after becoming president, Putin canceled all those agreements.”

> July 25, 1998 Yeltsin appoints Putin to the post of Director of the Federal Security Service (the FSB). Less than 3 months later, he is also made a permanent member of Russia’s national Security Council. and he went on to become its Secretary in March of 1999.

> August 9, 1999 –“Vladimir Putin was appointed one of three First Deputy Prime Ministers, and later on that day was appointed acting Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation by President Boris Yeltsin. Yeltsin also announced that he wanted to see Putin as his successor. Still later on that same day, Putin agreed to run for the presidency.

On 16 August, the State Duma approved his appointment as Prime Minister with 233 votes in favour (vs. 84 against, 17 abstained), while a simple majority of 226 was required, making him Russia’s fifth PM in fewer than eighteen months. On his appointment, few expected Putin, virtually unknown to the general public, to last any longer than his predecessors. 

He was initially regarded as a Yeltsin loyalist; like other prime ministers of Boris Yeltsin, Putin did not choose ministers himself, his cabinet being determined by the presidential administration.

Yeltsin’s main opponents and would-be successors were already campaigning to replace the ailing president, and they fought hard to prevent Putin’s emergence as a potential successor. 

Putin’s law-and-order image and his unrelenting approach to the Second Chechen War, soon combined to raise Putin’s popularity and allowed him to overtake all rivals.” – From Wikipedia

> December 31, 1999 – Yeltsin resigns and hands the Presidency to Putin.

Looking upon this timeline, you notice something quite remarkable…

After arriving in Moscow as an unknown in June of 1996, it took Putin only 3 years and 6 months to rise to the Presidency of Russia. Only 3.5 years!

Needless to say, you can’t achieve such a meteoric rise without powerful forces working in the background to arrange it for you.

The globalists obviously had big plans for Vladimir Putin, and that is why the Russian oligarchs elevated him to power so swiftly. An insight into this is offered in Masha Gessen’s Putin biography, The Man Without a Face

>>>Foremost in the dwindling circle of Yeltsin’s allies and supporters known as ‘the family’ was the oligarch Boris Berezovsky; indeed, many believed Berezovsky to be the real power behind Yeltsin’s throne. Berezovsky knew Putin from the early 1990s in St Petersburg when, in the first flush of buccaneering capitalism, Berezovsky was aiming to expand his car dealership and Putin was a minor city bureaucrat.

Putin arranged for Berezovsky to open a service station in the city, and declined to take a bribe. ‘He was the first bureaucrat who did not take bribes,’ Berezovsky told Gessen. ‘Seriously. It made a huge impression on me.’

Berezovsky began to vigorously promote Putin, among ‘the family’ and to Yeltsin himself. 

He would remember Yeltsin’s reaction on meeting Putin: ‘He seems all right,’ the president said of his putative successor, ‘but he’s kind of small.’ In August 1999 Yeltsin appointed Putin prime minister. <<<

After Putin was installed as the fresh new face of oligarchic rule in Russia, an effort was made to distancehim from the scandals of the Yeltsin era and make him look like “change we [Russians] can believe in” (to borrow a phrase from the American version of the trick). It is for this reason that certain oligarchs took on the public roles of “opponents of Putin.” And due to his close ties to Yeltsin, Berezovsky himself took on such a role.

As his Wikipedia bio states…

“Berezovsky was politically opposed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, since Putin’s election in 2000 and remained a vocal critic of Putin for the rest of his life. In late 2000, after the Russian Deputy Prosecutor General demanded that Berezovsky appear for questioning, he did not return from abroad and moved to the UK, which granted him political asylum in 2003.”

So Berezovsky, who played a behind-the-scenes role in placing Putin into the Presidency of Russia, took on the public role of Putin’s opposition, then ran off to the UK. In doing this, he effectively served as the scapegoat that took the sins of the Yeltsin Administration far away from Putin (so the public would think that Putin’s Administration was a real change from Yeltsin’s).

As we’ll discover later when looking at Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky wasn’t the only oligarch to play the role of fake opposition to make Putin look good.

On to the next point in our point-by-point review…

3) Putin, Yeltsin, and the FSB Mafia planned and executed the Russian apartment bombings in order to elevate Putin to the Presidency of Russia and redirect the anger of the Russian populace.

The smoking gun which proves this is the curious timeline of events surrounding the September 4-16, 1999 bombings.

> 25 July 1998: Yeltsin appoints Putin to the post of Director of the FSB.

If you are unfamiliar with the FSB, here is a brief description…

“The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB)… is the principal security agency of Russia and the main successor agency to the USSR’s Committee of State Security (KGB). Its main responsibilities are within the country and include counter-intelligence, internal and border security, counter-terrorism, and surveillance as well as investigating some other types of grave crimes and federal law violations.” – From Wikipedia

So in the year leading up to the Russian apartment bombings, Vladimir Putin, the FSB mob boss from Saint Petersburg, was the head of Russia’s counter-terrorism agency. This is the public account of what he did while there…

“Putin was reluctant to take over the directorship, but once appointed conducted a thorough reorganization, which included the dismissal of most of the FSB’s top personnel.” – From Wikipedia

In other words, Putin purged everyone who wasn’t part of his criminal subelement of the FSB, and he brought in his goodfellas to take charge. Common sense would suggest that it was also during this time that he and his cohorts planned the apartment bombing operation.

He had a year to refine the plan and get all the wrong people in place to carry it out. And when he left the FSB, he left one of his Leningrad / Saint Petersburg goodfellas in charge, Nikolai Patrushev.

> 9 August 1999: This is the day they put everything in position for what was to come…

I) Yeltsin appoints Nikolai Patrushev to the post of Director of the FSB, replacing Putin.

II) Yeltsin appoints Putin to the post of Prime Minister and successor to the Presidency.


Why did they do this, you ask?

They knew that after the bombings, the Russian people would be furious at both the “terrorists” who conducted the attacks and the government officials who didn’t stop it.

By putting Putin into the Prime Minister post, they shielded him from public fury. Any blame for incompetence in not preventing the bombings would fall on Patrushev (the FSB head) and Yeltsin (the head of the government), not Putin. And by taking on the role of the “strong man” during his stint as Prime Minister, Putin would make himself the ideal figure to take over when Yeltsin resigned, just three months after the bombings.

But where is the solid evidence of the FSB’s hand in the bombings, you also ask? You can find that in the Ryazan Incident. Here is Wikipedia’s narrative of the event (another account can be found here)…

>>> At 20:30 (8:30 p.m.) on 22 September 1999, a resident of an apartment building in the city of Ryazan noticed two suspicious men who carried sacks into the basement from a car with a Moscow license plate. He alerted the police, but by the time they arrived the car and the men were gone.

Thea policemen found three sacks of white powder in the basement, each weighing 50 kilograms (110 lb). A detonator and a timing device were attached and armed. The timer was set to 5:30 AM. Yuri Tkachenko, the head of the local bomb squad, disconnected the detonator and the timer and tested the three sacks of white substance with a “MO-2” gas analyser

The device detected traces of RDX, the military explosive used in all previous bombings. Police and rescue vehicles converged from different parts of the city, and 30,000 residents were evacuated from the area. 1,200 local police officers armed with automatic weapons set up roadblocks on highways around the city and started patrolling railroad stations and airports to hunt the terrorists down.

At 1:30 a.m. on 23 September 1999, the explosive engineers took a bit of substance from the suspicious-looking sacks to a firing ground located about 1 mile (1.6 km) away from Ryazan for testing. During the substance tests at that area they tried to explode it by means of a detonator, but their efforts failed, the substance was not detonated, and the explosion did not occur. At 5 a.m. Radio Rossiya reported about the attempted bombing, noting that the bomb was set up to go off at 5:30 a.m. In the morning, “Ryazan resembled a city under siege”.

Composite sketches of three suspected terrorists, two men and a woman, were posted everywhere in the city and shown on TV. At 8:00 a.m. Russian television reported the attempt to blow out the building in Ryazan and identified the explosive used in the bomb as RDX. Vladimir Rushailo announced later that police prevented a terrorist act. A news report at 4 p.m. reported that the explosives failed to detonate during their testing outside the city.

At 19:00 (7 p.m.), Vladimir Putin praised the vigilance of the inhabitants of Ryazan, and called for the air bombing of the Chechen capital Grozny in response to the terrorism acts. He said:

“ If the sacks which proved to contain explosive were noticed, that means there is a positive side to it, if only the fact that the public is reacting correctly to the events taking place in our country today. I’d like …to thank the public… No panic, no sympathy for the bandits. ”

Later, the same evening, a telephone service employee in Ryazan tapped into long distance phone conversations and managed to detect a talk in which an out-of-town person suggested to others that they “split up” and “make your own way out”. That person’s number was traced to a telephone exchange unit serving FSB offices.

When arrested, the detainees produced FSB identification cards. They were soon released on orders from Moscow.

On 24 September, FSB director Nikolai Patrushev announced that the exercise was carried out to test responses after the earlier blasts. The Ryazan FSB “reacted with fury” and issued a statement saying:

“This announcement came as a surprise to us and appeared at the moment when the …FSB had identified the places of residence in Ryazan of those involved in planting the explosive device and was prepared to detain them

FSB issued a public apology about the incident.

So the fifth planned apartment bombing was prevented, and the FSB’s fingerprints were all over the blown operation. As to why the Ryazan explosives didn’t detonate, this is the Google translation of what the Kommersant reported at the time

“A kilogram of the substance seized in the house, explosives were taken to a landfill, located seven kilometers from the city. There they tried to undermine it with a detonator, also made of a hunting cartridge, but the explosion did not happen. Under assumptions of experts, terrorists miscalculated the proportions, mixing explosives with sugar.”

Since sugar is used as a diluent, it stands to reason that if you add too much, the explosives won’t detonate. And this raises a question: were the FSB agents assigned to the Ryazan bombing a bunch of fu*kups, or did they intentionally over-dilute the RDX in order to sabotage the bombing and stop their superiors’ terror campaign?

Switching gears to a more positive note, all of this is not escaping the attention of many Russians. I ran across this article while I was looking into Ryazan…

…From The Moscow Times. I recommend reading the whole thing, but here is an excerpt to get you started…

“Let’s recall the events of these days 16 years ago.

On Aug. 9, 1999, Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin acting head of the Russian government. On the same day, in a televised speech, Yeltsin named Putin as his successor. A week later, on Aug. 16, the parliament confirmed him as the new prime minister, making his role as head of government official. An unwell Yeltsin completely handed over the reins of government to Putin.

That was when security forces came to power in Russia. Since that time, they have destroyed civil society and freedom of the press, taken over and destroyed independent business, eliminated elections, and subordinated under themselves and corrupted all spheres of life, from the courts system to schools, making this country a global outcast…

There may be different theories about these events, but some facts remain the same: the feeling of horror that took over the country in the first weeks and months of Putin’s tenure as prime minister actually helped improve his ratings…

We can no longer dream of the departure of the security forces. They won’t leave. Like a cancerous tumor, metastasizing into all the organs of the body, they will only die now when the entire organism does. This tumor is no longer operable, and there is no more hope for recovery.”

Setting aside the classic Russian pessimism of the last paragraph, it’s good to see that people in Moscow still have the courage to speak out.

And although our adversaries may seem all-powerful and invincible, maintaining our efforts is the only possible path to victory. The outcome of all this is only partially within our control, but our decision on whether or not to be quitters is entirely in our hands.

To see the final section of this Series see:

Trump and Putin: both agents of Chabad-Lubavitch

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Dentist Calls Media Stories on Toddler’s Death Defamatory


AUSTIN, Texas (CN) — A pediatric dentist claims in a defamation lawsuit that TV host Nancy Grace and other media outlets falsely portrayed him as causing the death of a 14-month-old girl through unnecessary dental treatment.

Dr. Michael Melanson sued Nancy Grace – both individually and as principal of the “Nancy Grace” show – as well as Turner Broadcasting System, CBS Television Distribution, and the Daily Mail in Travis County District Court on Monday.

Also named as defendants in the complaint are FHT Media Holding, which does business as Womanista, and Erin Elizabeth Finn, who runs the website

Melanson says the defamatory media reports followed the 2016 death of Daisy Lynn Torres.

He describes her death as an “unfortunate, unforeseeable and unavoidable death of a child due to complications from anesthesia which was administered in accordance with accepted standards of care and as medically indicated and necessary.”

The dentist claims the gist of the media reports wrongfully portray him as causing Torres’ death by treating a dental disease that did not exist.

“When salacious and scandalous allegations are unleashed online they inevitably spread like wildfire destroying reputations, undermining relationships and turning lives upside down.

Such is the case here,” the doctor’s complaint states.

In February, Torres’ parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Melanson, Austin Children’s Dentistry and Texan Anesthesiology Association.

Betty Squier and Elizandro Torres alleged that their daughter died from unnecessary general anesthesia for needless dental work done by Melanson and the clinic.

The parents cited a report by Dr. Robert Williams, an independent forensic odontologist who said he did not see enough evidence of tooth decay or pain in Torres’ records to justify the surgery performed by Melanson.

Williams had been sued for defamation by Austin Children’s Dentistry in September of last year over the report saying it was responsible for Daisy’s death.

Melanson likewise sued Williams for defamation in October 2016.

In Melanson’s latest lawsuit, he again discusses the role of Williams’ forensic report and claims Williams is not a pediatric dentist and does not have extensive history in pediatric dentistry.

He says the report was “alarming, damaging, controversial, inflammatory and scandalous.”

“The statement called into question whether the professional judgment and dental practices of Dr. Melanson met the applicable standards of dental care and were honest and ethical.

The report questioned whether the deceased patient had any dental disease, and whether the treatment by Dr. Melanson was necessary,” the lawsuit states.

Melanson claims the report resulted in a ruling by the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office of an “undetermined” cause of death for the girl instead of a “natural” designation.

He says the publishing of Williams’ forensic report led to a “frenzy” of salacious and scandalous media stories and negative scrutiny about him.

He alleges he was “vilified in the media, including on a national level via various outlets and sources.”

The dentist further alleges that the report resulted in his suspension by Austin Children’s Dentistry, which conducted both internal and independent reviews of the statements in the report.

The clinic concluded in its own review that the treatment provided to Torres was dentally necessary and appropriate, according to the complaint, and outside reviews also reached conclusions in favor of Melanson.

“The independent pediatric dentists concluded that the clear dental necessity for Dr. Melanson’s treatment was obvious and supported in the record entries and radiographs, including some of which were not even noted or referred to by Dr. Williams in the short and brief conclusions contained in his report,” Melanson’s lawsuit states.

Austin Children’s Dentistry then reached out to Williams about alleged problems with his report and referred to the findings by the independent pediatric dentists.

Williams allegedly agreed with the independent findings that Melanson’s dental work on Torres was necessary and appropriate.

“Dr. Williams agreed it was absolutely necessary to amend his report and promised to expedite a revised report to the TCMEO correcting and clarifying his report and statements,” the lawsuit states.

Despite this promise, Williams never amended his report and as a result, neither did the medical examiner, Melanson alleges.

“Accordingly, Dr. Williams’ false and defamatory report, acknowledged by him to be wrong, was not corrected and to this day remains uncorrected,” the complaint states.

While Melanson was trying to convince Williams to correct his report, he says false and salacious stories “continued to spread like wildfire across various media outlets and the World Wide Web.”

For example, on Sept. 1, 2016, the dentist claims an episode of the “Nancy Grace” show repeated defamatory material in Williams’ report and published additional defamatory material by inaccurately “reporting on the report” in a manner that created false impressions and conclusions to increase ratings.

He cites various statements made in the broadcast entitled, “14-Month-Old Dies in Dentist Chair.”

“The Grace broadcast and transcript was defamatory in that the overall gist and impression was to unfairly and falsely portray Dr. Williams’ report as establishing there were no cavities, that no procedure or treatment was necessary, and that a baby died tragically and unnecessarily as a direct result of Dr. Melanson’s egregious and outrageous conduct,” the lawsuit states.

Melanson makes similar allegations about an “Inside Edition” web article entitled, “Baby Dies Under Anesthesia as Dentist Fixed Cavities, but Autopsy Reveals She Didn’t Have Any.”

“In addition to the false and defamatory statement contained in the title, the article also incompletely, inaccurately and misleadingly quoted the autopsy report as saying,

‘One can only speculate as to why any treatment was performed considering no

indication of dental disease or pathology’

when the autopsy report actually stated:

‘One can only speculate as to why any treatment was performed considering no indication of dental disease or pathology was seen in the dental radiographs dated 03/29/16,’” the lawsuit states. (Emphasis in original.)

Melanson makes the same claims about 2016 articles published by the Daily Mail, HealthNut News and Womanista.

The dentist alleges that the overall gist of these articles is that “a baby died while Dr. Melanson fixed cavities when there were none.”

He says the defendants violated the professional standards of journalism and ethics.

“Each defendant broadcast to the world false and defamatory statements about plaintiffs in a malicious and reckless fashion thereby causing harm and damage to plaintiffs’ reputation, economic opportunities, mental and emotional well-being, in addition to harming and damaging plaintiff’s family,” the complaint states.

Melanson demands that Grace and the others correct, clarify and retract their allegedly defamatory statements.

He seeks actual and exemplary damages for claims of libel, slander and business disparagement, and is represented by Warren Westberg of McCauley Westberg in Plano, Texas.

None of the defendants immediately responded Wednesday to email requests for comment


Dentist Defamation – Legal Document

Sex, Drugs, Dead Doctors & Internet Fraud : The Secret Lives of Erin Elizabeth Finn and Dr. Joseph Mercola – Reblogged with THANKS TO SHERRI KANE @ for this fantastic exposé of Giant Proportions!

The reporting here is mind blowing…WOW!

“The “Health Nut” spreading fear about Big Pharma’s adversaries getting assassinated is the perfect cover and covert action for Controlled Opposition to deter Mercola’s and Big Pharma’s competitors.”

Thank you, Sherri Kane!

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Sex, Drugs, Dead Doctors & Internet Fraud : The Secret Lives of Erin Elizabeth Finn and Dr. Joseph Mercola

 Mercola Caught in Another Consumer Fraud Sales Scam While a “Global Ghost Team” Turns the “Linux Lady” from a Hollywood Prostitute into a Dead Doctors “Expert”


Erin Elizabeth Finn, the Highest Priced Hooker in Silicon Valley Turned “Health Nut,” Blows Her Big Pharma “Social Engineering” Cover Vetting “The Art of Deception” Controlling Natural Medicine



(May 2, 2017)

A Review of Facts,  Analysis, Consumer Alert, and Educated Opinion

by Investigative Journalist

Sherri Kane


On April 13, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged Dr. Joseph Mercola, America’s wealthiest online natural health products saleman, on five counts of unfair and deceptive trade through The very next day, according to the FTC Press Release, Mercola agreed to pay out as much as $5,334,067 to more than a thousand defrauded customers who paid between $1,200 and $4,000 each for a falsely advertised “tanning bed.”  The government did not mention fining Mercola, nor adding fees and costs to cover taxpayers’ losses. Barely any media reported on the instant settlement; and business at continued as usual. (1-3)

Now, a year later, new evidence has emerged of Mercola’s enterprise in unfair competition and deceptive trade that outdoes the best Hollywood crime thriller with unprecedented twists and turns.

Mercola’s online success has a lot to do with the secret life of his business partner, reportedly his concealed “wife” misrepresented as his “girlfriend”–“Erin Elizabeth”, aka the “Health Nut.”

The Health Nut is supposedly shown below before and after photoshopping the left image’s head and neck to produce, side by side, two different body types claimed to be the same person who lost weight on Dr. Mercola’s products. The photos make it appear that Mercola’s health supplements, in one year, grew entirely different shoulders on Erin. Broad square shoulders appear on Erin’s photo on the right, compared with noticeably slopey shoulders on “Erin” on the left, while both people stand similarly. On the before photo on the left, her head and neck appear off center, conveniently, concealed by a white scarf. Compare it with the perfectly centered neck beneath the turtle-neck (on the right).

Upon closer examination, and by tilting and lowering your computer screen slowly (forward), you can watch the white scarf turn purple and super pixelated. You can actually view the altered pixels beneath the white scarf. In other words, it appears the Photoshop “blending” left behind telltale discoloration of the pixels in Erin’s “cut-out-and-pasted” alteration above another person’s body image. (Observe when you do this test that no other parts of either photo change color except for that white scarf.)

Who is this “Health Nut” who commits fraud to sell Mercola’s health gear and dietary supplements? And what justifies this self-proclaimed “investigative journalist” dedicated to “dead doctors,” Facebooking how nice her new Florida beach house is, and how impressive her new Tesla car stands in her driveway–the things that “Joe” bought her?

Neglect for the moment the $1.5 million Mercola donated to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) that prompted this investigation and promotes Joe’s best-selling book that sells more “health products.” Blind yourself too from the $1,745,000.00 that Mercola donated the same period, 2011-14, to the Organic Consumers Association with many reputable people involved, but that similarly advertises Mercola’s Swine Flu video driving more traffic to his stores. And forgive the implied endorsements of these “national associations” concealing their conflicting financial interests while publishing Mercola’s advertisements. What you are about to read makes Mercola’s discrediting on the most biased propaganda mill in medicine, Quackwatch, appear tame.

Mercola’s money for the aforementioned “donations” was gained by a team of covert Internet “geeks,”  “funneled from, Health Resources LLC, through Mercola’s nonprofit Natural Health Resources Foundation, which showed the following grants on its tax returns,” Quackwatch‘s Stephen Barrett gloated.

New evidence revealed here shows Mercola’s enterprise being heavily supported, sponsored, and largely financed, by Big Pharma through a team of social engineers and investment banks. The “tanning bed” sales scam punished by the FTC, for instance, was heavily touted online by Chicago Magazine, owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group that is heavily invested in Big Pharma through its investors in Oaktree Capital Management (which owns a 23% interest), Angelo, Gordon & Co. and JP Morgan Chase (which both own 9%). Oaktree became the successor in interest to Goldman Sachs and Apollo Global Management in 2011 when they moved Oaktree to the New York Stock Exchange.

Meaning? Mercola’s deceptive trade arrested by the FTC is supported by some of the world’s wealthiest investment firms. Any “negative publicity” Mercola gets (and the Chicago Magazine story was not very negative) sells more products for Mercola’s niche company and his backers. The biggest money comes from keeping natural medicine, and the herbal supplement industry, controlled on every front. So while it may appear that Mercola does “good” work, and is supported by “good” organizations, they are each CONTROLLED by “The Art of Deception.”

And this also best explains Mercola’s savvy online marketing strategies and capacity to leverage the attention even his adversaries, like Dr. Barrett at Quackwatch, give him.

Mercola Company Donations






Consumers for Dental Choice






National Vaccine Information Center






Organic Consumers Association






American Environmental Health Studies Project







Dr. Mercola’s multi-million dollar business built on ploys, like “Photoshopping” Erin Elizabeth’s weight loss, is not even the “juicy” part of this story. The concept of “Controlled Opposition” and the people involved here is.

Mercola watchers have long suspected that his Internet marketing savvy reflected some kind of “double agency”–a form of “Controlled Opposition” as introduced above. Although people don’t (generally) realize that the “PharmaMedia” controls as well as discredits industry competition, assuming Mercola fits this description, his backers have created his niche in natural healing leveraging fraud and discrediting deception. Generating discrediting controversy is ideal for controlling Big Pharma’s Opposition.

Critics of this report might assail me for the same reason. But they overlook two critical facts: (1) Informed consent dictates people have a right to choose to believe or not, or die or not, of whatever. Without “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” being told, people choose blindly whatever, and society remains enslaved–susceptible to dying by the deeds of deceivers; and (2) Public Duty Doctrine demands full disclosure in efforts to prevent more damage. In fact, if I were to censor the information you read here, or you likewise after reading this, we could be held ethically and legally liable by 42 U.S.C. § 1986 for the damage we neglected to prevent, including mass murder or pharmaceutical genocide.

For instance, Mercola and the PharmaMedia has made it a point to falsely promote and discredit the myth that AIDS is not linked to the HIV virus, but to drugs. The fact is, AIDS deaths are due to both. But by generating the diversionary, deceptive, and discreditable controversy, the AIDS drug racket is protected.

Further clarifying, this controversial meme protecting Big Pharma’s AIDS racket–that HIV does not “cause” AIDS–was manufactured originally by Dr. Peter Duesberg et. al. Duesberg’s thesis was totally discredited by many people, among them was Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. Horowitz republished Duesberg’s government contract and research activities with the infamous “AIDS discoverer” Dr. Robert Gallo. Horowitz published secreted government records vetting Duesberg’s fraud; and then repeatedly confronted Duesberg on radio shows and Gallo at the XI International Conference on AIDS. Horowitz vetted Duesberg’s and Gallo’s National Cancer Institute, Special Virus Cancer Program research contracts. Horowitz exposed Duesberg’s conspiracy with his  “Project Officer” Gallo. Mercola and his organization purposely promotes Duesberg’s propaganda, neglects Gallo’s discrediting by Horowitz, and conceals the government documents and arguments Horowitz presented. Mercola thereby garners repeat performances on Dr. Oz.

Sickly and sadly, the nearly 40 million AIDS deaths might have been prevented, had it not been for this “Art of Deception.” Instead of people being aware and outraged over the mass murder, they are in “La La Land.” As Dr. Alan Cantwell recently wrote after publishing several books corroborating Horowitz’s AIDS disclosures, “Don’t worry about the AIDS ‘stuff’ — there seems to be almost no interest in this anymore.” So the genocide continues.

In law, omissions and misrepresentations to deceive people is called fraud. And Mercola’s extraordinary successes driving product sales online by fraud, and media promoted omissions for public diversions, lends probable cause to consider this Controlled Opposition theory.

TheUrban Dictionarydefines Controlled Opposition. It is a simple concept applicable to Mercola’s enterprise in natural medicine. It is “a protest movement” opposing vaccine toxicity and drug-induced mass murder (i.e., “iatrogenocide”). Controlled Opposition aids-and-abets iatrogenocide–an important term made famous by the late great Dr. Robert Mendelsohn.

“Nearly all governments have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries,” the Urban Dictionaryexplains. Notably, Vladimir Lenin said, ‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’” The evidence advanced here says Dr. Mercola operates as a strawman for Big Pharma, leading the opposition into disrepute.


Given the aforementioned trickery, Mercola’s good fortune did not happen by chance, or by further damaging suicidal patients with Prosac as he was sued for in Hochbaum v. Casiano. Nor was Mercola’s vast online network attributable to simply his secreted life with his allegedly concealed “wife,” misrepresented as his “girlfriend”–“Erin Elizabeth”–whose aversion to her last name blew her cover, as detailed below (and more explicitly in the SIDE BAR.)

Controlled Opposition is a function of SOCIAL ENGINEERING and mass mind control in an era of “mass-mediated sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.” And this best explains the twists and turns in this story, as well as a fundamental problem in getting his information to the masses. Here is where the “Art of Deception” including deceptive advertising, widespread organizational support for Mercola, financial payoffs, concealed conflicting interests, and widespread PharmaMedia support for Mercola’s enterprise and “girlfriend,” Erin Elizabeth, come together like puzzle pieces revealing the hidden truth behind the Health Nut’s missing last name. (CLICK HERE to read how I discovered Erin’s last name, her sex service advertising [ADULTS ONLY–warning profane language], and gallery of seductive photos.)

Erin Elizabeth Finn‘s last name links her to an Internet sex service, a Hollywood scandal, and this social engineering operation administered by her “computer savvy” associates. Erin’s “bestie,” her proclaimed “soulmate,” and previous co-host of the show the “Dark Side of the Internet” on KFI AM in Los Angeles, is the infamous Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick is a worldclass computer hacker imprisoned for hacking into DEC’s computer network and Pacific Bell. Mitnick wrote extensively about Mercola’s Health Nut–Finn–in his book The Art of Deception. Finn divulged this too, then deleted it, on her wiki page shown below.

Mitnick’s close association with Steve Wozniak–the co-founder of Apple Computers with Steve Jobs–expands the power of this social engineering “Ghost Team” administering Mercola’s Internet presence and astonishing mastery of online commerce.

These associations raise probable cause to investigate “deep state” involvement in this amazing true story.

My discovery of Erin’s last name revealed Erin’s secreted service to the FBI in prosecuting her convicted racketeer-wiretapper, Anthony Pellicano–the principle defendant in the scandal that rocked Hollywood in 2008.

And akin to a movie script, Erin’s shadowy history as a high priced prostitute in Hollywood and the computer industry, marketing mainly to industry execs and “Linux geeks,” has all the makings of a sexy covert operation. Finn’s secret history of nefarious transactions with organized criminals, the FBI, and the previously-imprisoned master-hacker Mitnick–considered America’s most notable social engineers and population persuasion con artists, raises too many red flags to simply dismiss as “foolish conspiracy theory.”

My discovery of the Health Nut’s last name was not in Mercola’s best interest. Nor does it help the reputations of Mercola’s associates and organizational backers. Finn’s deleted Wiki (shown in the screenshot below), plus Erin’s alluring online sex solicitations becoming public knowledge through this breaking news feature, exposes only the tip of “The Art of Deception”–how public opinion and consumer purchasing behavior in natural medicine is heavily sabotaged and completely controlled.

Mitnick, “once one of the FBI’s Most Wanted because he hacked into 40 major corporations just for the challenge, Mitnick is now a trusted security consultant to the Fortune 500 and governments worldwide. Mitnick and The Global Ghost Team™ now maintain a 100% successful track record of being able to penetrate the security of any system they are paid to hack into using a combination of technical exploits and social engineering.” This was reported on January 7, 2017, by PR Newswire. Those Fortune 500 companies include the largest drug and vaccine makers that control the PharmaMedia, and “hacked” into natural medicine by “social engineering.” They now direct consumer behavior.

Also, the “technical exploits and social engineering” on the Internet collects DATA–names and contacts of Mercola’s and Finn’s customers, for instance. And “The Global Ghost Team” connecting to the “deep state” best explains the Health Nut’s discrediting “handle.” (Why would any respectable intelligent professional brand themselves as a “nut,” at the same time denigrating people who are committed to healthy living? A PSYOPS for social engineering is the only reasonable explanation.) It also explains her exploitation of the “dead doctors,” spreading the fear meme to damage, undermine, and discredit the entire field of natural healing. Her intrusions into health conferences, presentations before professional audiences, and deceptive advertising, lends discrediting illegitimacy to everyone engaging holistic healthcare and “Erin Elizabeth.” We are all susceptible to disparagement as “Health Nuts.” And this serves as “SECURITY” for Mitnick’s “Global Ghost Team”, according this massive new evidence.

The “Health Nut” is a gimmick for Big Pharma’s security and social control.  Her soulmate Mitnick defines “social engineering” as the use of “influence and persuasion to deceive people by convincing them that the social engineer is someone he is not, or by manipulation. As a result, the social engineer is able to take advantage of people to obtain information with or without the use of technology.” [Bold emphasis added.]

Applied in the Mercola-Finn natural health products enterprise, Erin’s deception is a goldmine. Together, with their team of computer accomplices, the couple has effectively “obtained information with . . . the use of technology” that includes the names, addresses, demographic data, and e-mail contacts identifying Big Pharma’s main adversaries–millions of citizens inclined to oppose vaccinations, water fluoridation, GMOs and every other controversial issue in healthcare; and all through the “Art of Deception.”

First Joe and Erin deceive people by implying she is simply Mercola’s “girlfriend” or “better half,” but never “spouse.” Disclosing marriage, as the My Heritage geneology service does, would damage their “mystique,” but also prompt people to search marriage records for her concealed last name, like I did.

Below is how Erin Elizabeth Finn–Mercola describes herself on her website. Keep in mind Mitnick’s Art of Deception protocol involves omissions and misrepresentations (i.e., fraud) to build trust to deliver a “clever con” and “reverse sting.”

Recast as an “author and public speaker,” Erin Elizabeth (Finn), in her own words, “started out in her teens working for a green non profit (company name also concealed).” “Later,” she boasts, “she worked in the tech and entertainment industry in Los Angeles,” but omits her job description of “escort service” operator and prostitute.  Allegedly she advertised her prostitution service with a photo of herself as a seemingly underage prostitute targeting horny Linux geeks as late as May 2007.

“Erin has spoken to over 15,000 doctors at lectures since 2016,” her website boasts. But she doesn’t disclose the professional organizations that invited her to speak about and spread the manufactured “dead doctors” fear meme and social control campaign.


“The age of the High-Class Internet Whore began in 1999, with a lady who popularized the notion of two-day, $12K minimums and favored . . . free local paper[s] for advertising . . .”

Gawker magazine 3-20-08, promoting Erin Elizabeth Finn’s alias, “Anne Marie” (10)


HPB796 Erin Finn, a witness in the Anthony Pellicano trial, leaves Federal Court in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, March 25, 2008. Francis Specker

Clearly, the Mercola-Mitnick network largely manufactured the “dead doctors campaign,” and Erin Elizabeth’s “expertise” on the subject. And they also buried “Finn’s” reputation as a prostitute, at the same time generating the disabling fear/dread dead-doctors social control meme. That is, the widely held belief that sticking your neck out to oppose Big Pharma will cause your death.

Few people realize that this very slick public deception for social engineering precisely reflects Mitnick’s Art of Deception. The “Health Nut” spreading fear about Big Pharma’s adversaries getting assassinated is the perfect cover and covert action for Controlled Opposition to deter Mercola’s and Big Pharma’s competitors. The hooker of Silicon Valley hooks people with the dead doctor’s story, and the fear meme protects the entire enterprise and makes fortunes. (5)

“The ugly truth is very hard and uncomfortable for most people to deal with,” wrote veteran nutritionist, literary reviewer, and health consultant, Carla Davis, after reading the above post. “Human nature is such that people don’t want to deal with such ugliness or anything negative.  Many people (ostriches) claim that they just want to focus on the positive.  That is why these mongrels get away with so much corruption and evil.  Until more people stand up and speak up and say…ENOUGH is ENOUGH, NO MORE!  This corruption and deceit will continue to be a problem.  All this mind controlling and social engineering has been a long time in the making.  Raising the consciousness of the masses is the hardest part of creating changes for the better.”




Another example of the “Art of Deception” is practiced by Mercola’s alliance with Barbara Loe Fischer and her National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).

“Barbara Loe Fischer and her organization, the NVIC, have been a blight on the nation because of collusion with those at the top who continue to engage in a cover-up, and who are seeking to set up the mandates,” wrote Natural Family Blog activist, Jenny Hatch.

“The Truth about Barbara Loe Fischer and the National Vaccine Information Center” was a radio show produced by Hatch, dedicated to these troubling issues. (To hear the program archive, corroborating footnote 4 below, click:)


In  2008, the world of politics, law and vaccines was jolted by Dr. Horowitz’s vaccine-transmission explanation of the origin of AIDS. The scandal erupted from Barack Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, promoting and endorsing Horowitz’s theory and textbookEmerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?  The Islamic World too endorsed the book that the entire Anglo-American controlled PharmaMedia and Western medicine suppressed.

Big Pharma’s concerns were so great that the United Nations (UN) AIDS Secretariat to the UN Theme Group on AIDS was directed to censor Horowitz’s scientific publication in the British peer-reviewed journal Medical Hypothesis. Critics subsequently disparaged the messenger, Horowitz, but never addressed his message–contaminated chimpanzees were used to produce the earliest hepatitis B vaccines. The “silence” surrounding this taboo topic was deafening and telling. In a court of law, “silence” is evidence of “a most persuasive nature.”  Silencing Horowitz compounded the convincing evidence that AIDS was manufactured and spread precisely as Horowitz’s government records showed. Silencing Horowitz, as Fisher and Mercola both did, is likewise telling.

By 2009, Horowitz had already become an award-winning author and filmmaker, and had already established a “friendship” with Mercola. Horowitz sent an e-mail (below) to his “trusted colleague.”  The message was sent in friendship, and accorded with professional ethics to oppose the disastrous consumer fraud, misrepresentations, and conflicting interests, of Barbara Loe Fischer’s NVIC.

Be it known that Horowitz had initially helped finance Fisher’s organization before discovering what had been opposed by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn (as detailed below in footnote 4). Horowitz met Marge Grant at the Second Annual NVIC Conference, co-sponsored by Horowitz’s publishing company, Tetrahedon, Inc.  Much to Dr. Horowitz’s surprise and disappointment, Grant told the doctor her sad story. Horowitz then witnessed the entire event conceal damaging fraud favoring Big Pharma. Then Fisher personally and maliciously acted to prevent Horowitz from addressing the audience, even during an “open” question and answer session. (4)

The adjacent e-mail contains Mercola’s shocking written response and censorship of Horowitz’s 2009 alert. Mercola responded, “Please don’t write me anymore as you are now banned and any further emails will be blocked by our firewall.”


There’s something obviously confusing and wrong with Dr. Oz inviting Dr. Mercola on his FOX News/Big Pharma sponsored show. The “mixed message,” clearly and convincingly appears to be a PSYOPS (i.e., a psychological operation).

Oz claims to favor vaccines for everyone, but submits to his wife, not a doctor, who doesn’t permit their little-Ozes to be vaccinated. Alternatively, in one show, Oz told everyone in the audience, “You’re all going to get the shot.” Dr. Horowitz was so appalled by this hypocrisy, he produced a three part video series in protest. (6)

Similarly, late night’s most popular radio show featuring host George Noory is also, absolutely, a proven sellout for PSYOPs. Not simply because their producers invited “Erin Elizabeth” to speak about the “dead doctors.” And not because Noory’s handlers advertised the program misrepresenting Erin’s “biography” as shown here. Coast to CoastAM‘s promo missed Finn’s “activism.” Supposedly, “for a quarter century,” during which time she advertised herself as the highest priced prostitute in the computer industry, Finn worked “in the arena” of the “healing arts.”

Finn’s cross-examination was recorded by The Hollywood Reporter. Defending on the witness stand her “escort services” and relationship with Hollywood Records president Robert Pfeifer, “Finn said she claimed on her tax papers that she was a ‘travel guide.’ The attorney asked if her clients really paid $9,000-$24,000 for a travel guide. ‘I essentially felt like I was,’ she said. ‘If they wanted sex, they could pay $500 for that somewhere else. I was dealing with socially awkward geeks.’”

Burying this part of her bio, her website, purportedly “cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide,” courtesy of the “Art of Deception” computer geeks administering Finn’s consumer fraud and First [Drug] Databank monopolizing healthcare, as I reported earlier.

The “big lie” is in Big Pharma’s sponsorship of Oz, and similarly Coast to CoastAM.  Noory’s paymasters at iHeartMedia and Entertainment, Inc. control producer Tom Danheiser. They were each vetted previously by this author for damaging and defrauding everyone in healthcare, patients and doctors alike.

The graphic below shows the skeleton of the controlling interests monopolizing healthcare using the “FDB”–the computer “brain” secured by Mitnick’s cohorts in this crime of the century–the “First [Drug] Data Bank.”

Quoting from my related article published earlier on

“George Noory’s and Tom Danheiser’s concealed conflicting interests in Hearst [smacks of Big Pharma’s influence]. Their show is financed by iHeartMedia and Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.); Further, iHeartMedia and its $16B (billion) in assets is owned by Bain Capital, whose $75B in assets (2014) largely financed Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. As [Bronwen Dickey was writing her story [in Popular Mechanics to smear Dr. Horowitz], Hearst partnered with Bain Capital in MedHOK Inc., a “key part” of “one of the largest media and information companies in the world.” That partnership, along with Hearst’s First Drug DataBank (“FDB”) and allied McKresson Company, controls the “brain” and “central nervous system” of American healthcare. This is why Noory and Danhieser choose to cover “Alien Encounters,” restrict Big Pharma exposures, or pair them with wacky (discreditable) interviews [Finn’s being one]. Theirs is late night’s number one PSYOPs (i.e., psychological operation for social control). They are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and PharmaWhores.”

That article continued, “Hearst’s propaganda enterprise, featuring iHeartMedia alone, ‘owns more than 850 full-power AM and FM radio stations in the U.S., making it the nation’s largest owner of radio stations.’ This is who broadcasts Coast-to-Coast AM” and related propaganda, like Mercola’s and Oz’s position that vaccines can be made “safe” or  “safer.”


I first realized how damaging and deceptive Dr. Oz’s propaganda was, and how unethical and malicious Mercola’s censorship of Horowitz’s research was, when I started working with Dr. Horowitz in 2009. The “Swine Flu Scam” was making headlines at that time, and Oz went wild promoting the Flu Mist vaccine since pulled off the market for producing risks without benefits, precisely as Horowitz predicted.

“I”m gonna get it, if that helps at all,” Oz told CNN ‘s Campbell Brown. He was attempting to convince the 60% of the non-vaccinating public to get “immunized.” “But I’ll tell you,” Oz added, “my wife is not going to immunize our kids. Cause I’ve got four of them. And when I go home, I’m not Dr. Oz, I’m Mr. Oz.”

Horowitz and I exclusively vetted Oz’s hypocrisy and beneficiary–the Flu Mist vaccine maker, AstraZeneca–that scored hundreds of millions of dollars with their dangerous and ineffective vaccine thanks to Oz’s prostitution. And further linking to Mercola and Finn, that company was formed by Goldman Sach’s merger artist and co-investor Lloyd Blankfein, pictured here between Chase bankster David Rockefeller and FOX Network owner, Rupert Murdock. Each of these men administered business deals with conflicting interests at Swine Flu time through their “Partnership for New York City” (PFNYC).

As mentioned earlier, Mercola was heavily promoted by the Chicago Tribune Media Group, owned by Oaktree Capital Management and JP Morgan Chase. Oaktree, you may recall, became the successor in interest to Goldman Sachs and Apollo Global Management in 2011. The Apollo group, Dr. Horowitz and I discovered and reported, had converted the lion’s share of the 911 World Trade Center reconstruction fund money to the MGM Grand Co. in Las Vegas. That money was used to build the new “City Center” in Vegas rather than the New World Trade Center in NYC. The “blood money” was “laundered” so to speak. in favor of the deep state that generally controls the entertainment and communications industries, well represented by Texas Pacific Group (TPG) Capital. (12)

Within a few days of the first mention of the H1N1 “outbreak,” first called the “Mexican Swine Flu,” Dr. Horowitz tracked the origin to British bioweapons producers and the CDC with conflicting interests. He immediately published a public alert video, and a series of explosive articles, along with a website, Therein, he made mincemeat of the officials promoting the damaging vaccine. (1) Thereafter, Mercola came out with a slick regurgitation of Horowitz’s and Jane Burgermeister’s important revelations, without crediting either. Instead, he gave the false impression it was his research.

We had started doing many articles and videos together from that time forward, including exposing the main pharmaceutical industry business leaders in the Partnership for New York City. Our combined efforts produced the film, PharmaWhores: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller at that time, exposing the financial heart of Big Pharma’s enterprise and its media tentacles.

By 2010, the PharmaMob’s retaliation accelerated. We started getting heavily hacked and cyber-bullied by COINTELPRO agents. These online provocateurs were mainly white supremacists subscribing to Christian Identity, historic revisionists, and Holocaust deniers working under the late Ted Gunderson and Alma C. Ott–the fake “Dr. ‘True’ Ott.” Ott was assigned to target us in 2008, with Alex McGowan Studer a pedophile protector and Hollywood editor renting space at Garry Goddard’s property. Goddard is the infamous Hollywood exec sued for sexually assaulting young upcoming actors.

Looking back, 2008 was the same year Ott and Studer launched their Horowitz-smearing website, and Erin got caught up in her Hollywood sex scandal with Anthony Pellicano and the FBI.  Ott generated his own sex scandal, right out of thin air (and the COINTELPRO playbook). Ott, Studer & Co. produced fake sex tapes to discredit us. We subsequently exposed them HERE.

And while we were shedding light into the online darkness, opposing eugenics and “immunization genocide,” “Erin Elizabeth” was transitioning from running an online prostitution service for geeks, to compete directly against Dr. Horowitz. She, like Ott did at that time, engaged the deceptive world of vaccines, social engineering, and natural medicine. She joined the active counter-intelligence service–The Global Ghost Team™–the cell of felons abusing the social media, web advertising, and Coast-to-CoastAM with George Noory, who was increasingly pressed to censor Horowitz and promote the “safer vaccines” deception.

To shed more light on this topic of industrial espionage, Dr. Horowitz and I made another video exposing how the COINTELPRO targets whistleblowers viewed HERE.  Not long after, around 2011, Mercola emerged with “Erin Elizabeth” as a purported “girlfriend.” So ashamed of her past, and presumably worried about Pellicano’s retaliation, the computer-savvy escort, and her new “boyfriend,” secreted her last name.


“I know my prices are high end but I like to think I am much better than your average prostitute.”

Erin Elizabeth Finn – The “Health Nut”


As Dr. Horowitz and I became more and more censored, widely disparaged, and commercially damaged, Mercola became more and more popular and wealthy.  It was obvious to me that Mercola was Controlled Opposition. He would never fully expose the dangers of vaccines, especially Dr. Horowitz’s un-controverted revelations concerning the spread of HIV/AIDS by vaccinations in 1972-1974. That is when the hepatitis B vaccine trials took place in New York City’s gay Villagers. Mercola, with all his heralded research, and hundreds-of-thousands of cyber-pages published to date, never once discussed Horowitz’s thesis. Never once did he acknowledge Horowitz for unearthing the government documents proving HIV’s lab virus origin and testing on chimpanzees. Not once did he mention Litton’s lab and primate colony shipment of contaminated chimps, and later Ebola’s progenitor (the Marburg virus), to vaccine producers including the Merck drug company’s agents in NYC that tested the tainted hepatitis B vaccine on gay men at that time. (6-7)

By 2015, their savvy Internet marketing scheme, now creating their “dead doctors” niche as a social engineering and marketing program was maturing, brilliant, and perfectly devious to permit Big Pharma to control its opposition and competition in the natural healing arts and sciences. Erin would become the spokeswoman in natural healthcare exploiting the mysterious dying doctors, while at the same time purposely neglecting the heroes, like Dr. Horowitz, who were alive, targeted, and pleading for help.

The media and conference doors opened immediately for Erin. She was “invited” to speak for various groups, including physicians groups unaware of Mercola’s and Big Pharma’s social engineering agenda–“Don’t speak out, or you too could wind up dead.”

“Erin Elizabeth and company are scary,” wrote Sara Wallach-Markis, the daughter of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie author, veterinarian and health products entrepreneur, Dr. Joel Wallach. “Sherri Kane and Dr. Horowitz’s investigative reporting shows a pattern, not only of dying doctors abused to con people and control the natural healing industry, but also preventing public outcry to help the living naturopaths and holistic doctors who need our help.

“I lived in South Florida for 20 years,” Wallach-Markis continued, “and when I reached out to her, Erin Elizabeth was very cold and standoffish, even though my family is very well known for natural health advocacy. The information Kane has uncovered is vital for the holistic community and the public to comprehend Mercola’s and Finn’s secret operations and private financial associations. The facts and truth shows there are those among us, who we are led to trust, working to destroy our industry, and the reputations of natural health practitioners by creating panic in the holistic community. This shows us that vigilance and discernment is eternally required!”

In addition to the first photo at the beginning of this article, obviously evidencing consumer fraud, this final photograph also appears to show a different person on the left than the right. Again the purpose is the same, to depict weight loss to the main “target market”–middle age unsuspecting women.

But careful inspection here too shows Erin misrepresenting Erin, and falsely advertising. (8) First, the person’s face on the left looks small and round, while supposedly Erin’s face on the right appears oblong. Second, why would Erin’s “after” image on the right conceal her “model” face anyway? Especially since this is a widely circulated advertisement that implies associations or endorsements with major news networks (e.g., NBC).

Third, the network logos imply the networks covered, advertised, or endorsed Erin’s purported book, (although it was mentioned in Huffington Post).  Mercola was sued for this kind of deception by the FTC in its 4-13-16 Complaint. Instead of implied endorsements from television networks abused to advertise the book and Mercola’s supplements, Mercola falsely claimed the FDA had endorsed the use of his tanning systems.

Finally, the advertising copy Finn purportedly writes, in my opinion, is remarkable,  unreasonable, often absurd. It only makes sense to conclude the “Health Nut” serves a greater “social engineering” purpose for her “Ghost Team.” They had financial and political incentive to bury her identity as “Anne Marie Finn”–Hollywood’s highest priced most scandalous hooker– and molt her into Mercola’s “model” and “investigative journalist” seeking media fame and fortune on dead doctors’ reputations. How she could write so poorly and gain such celebrity in the natural healing community speaks volumes about the criminal complicity of the Mitnicks damaging society, and the gullibility of the masses who buy what she sells. It matters not that she hides her true identity metaphorically like her face behind electronics and frequency “blockers” that she wears at night on her way to pee. All supposedly to avoid eating, improve sleep, and lose weight, all albeit nonsensically. (I kid you not, she actually wrote that she puts on her blockers to go to the bathroom at night so that blue light’s alleged impact on her hormones won’t drive her to her refrigerator.) (8) Dim and defrauded consumers buy it, nonetheless.

For all the above reasons, as a public duty to deter further consumer fraud committed by Joseph Mercola and the Health Nut, I urge everyone, their related products and services, and their numerous affiliates that appear on to be independent, when in fact they are part of the same “Ghost Team.”

There are far more reputable natural health store owners and “health coaches” providing more honest information, great services, and fine quality products, who haven’t defrauded people, exploited dead doctors, conspired to advance a nefarious social engineering agenda to control Big Pharma’s opposition, and discourage competition (Mercola’s included). These good people and honest professionals can use your good will and financial support at this time of crisis in American healthcare. Conservatively, what has been exposed here–this amount of industry-wide fraud–has killed millions of consumers and cost trillions of dollars in favor of the “inside traitors.” They need to be put out of business.

According to the evidence of unfair and deceptive trade detailed above, Mercola is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In my opinion, law enforcers should seize his ill-gotten gains, and auction them off, with all the proceeds divided up equally among the families of the dead doctors he and Finn exploited.

— End–


(1)FTC Complaint v Mercola 4-13-16

(2)FTC Press Release v Mercola 4-14-16

(3)FTC Stipulation v Mercola 4-14-16

(4) The true detailed story about the founding of the National Vaccine Information Center, corroborated by Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Robert Mendelsohn prior to his death, is available on the Internet, courtesy of a Mothering Magazine contributor, pen-named “Momtezuma Tuatara.” Quoting her liberally here:

“Had the National Vaccine Information Center, (then primarily known as “Dissatisfied Parents Together”) not got into bed with the paediatric associations in order to put together the 1985 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, there would not now be totally ineffective, unfair legislation for parents to wade through, and…

Had the NVIC joined together with all the other groups at the time, in actively opposing it, and retaining for parents the right to have the tort system as first option, there would have been no incentive for vaccine manufacturers to have broadened into other vaccines. See two items at the bottom.

By tearing apart another organisation, called Determined Parents Together, and then siding with the paediatric associations, NVIC split apart the strength of the real advocates for children ~~ and by splitting them apart, gave the medical profession the grist they needed to call JS and BLF the sane moderates, and dismiss the rest as lunatic fringe hippies.

The legislation you have now, is the direct result of that collaboration.

If you read Marge Grant’s book “A Stolen Life”, that will show you how the National Vaccine Information Center started, how they disembowelled Determined Parents Together, and will give you an understanding of why/how that happened.

Dissatisfied Parents [Barbara Loe Fisher and Jeffrey Swartz] hijacked Determined Parents, on a TV programme called Vaccine Roulette” early in the 80’s, by substituting their address, for that of Determined Parents together, ~~(by telling the producer, while the head of Determined parents was live on air in the TV studio that they worked together)~~ which resulted in all Determined Parents Together’s mail being diverted to Dissatisfied Parents Together, which formed the case basis for the book called “DPT – A shot in the Dark” and the member foundation for what is now NVIC.

Dr Mendelsohn who was also live on that programme was furious about it and wrote to NVIC demanding that they return Determined Parents Together mail to them, to no avail.

This resulted in the collapse of Determined Parents together, the building of Dissatisfied parents together, who then used Jeff Swartz to liase with the paediatric organisations and work in collaboration to implement the compensation act, which they [allegedly] believed was the right move [to deprive and damage Grant, outrage Mendelsohn, and deliver the opportunity for no-liability for vaccine injuries to Big Pharma].

The NVIC support of the act was then followed by a double betrayal from the Paediatrician organisations, who, having used NVIC to suit themselves, waited until the legislation was a couple of years old, and changed the table to effectively block the majority of claims possible.

So, in summary, both the National Vaccine Information Center, and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act is WHY you:

1) have so many vaccines in your schedule now, and

2) why its near impossible to get compensation for vaccine injury.

Some might say that it was naivity that lead to Jeff Schwartz and Barbara Loe Fisher going down that road, but I don’t believe it was, because I and many other parent groups, the testimony of whom can be seen in the senate proceedings, warned them what would happen, both personally and in writing.

However, NVIC had the backing of a paediatrician called Kevin Geraghty and a whole lot of medical moderates, which was all part of the attraction to the legislators.

NVIC did not have the backing of Dr Robert Mendelsohn, who copied me into his correspondence with NVIC, neither did they have the backing of any of the other parents organisations, or the other organisation then working for parents of vaccine damaged children run by Dr Anthony J. Morris, then called The Bell of Atri which was formally disbanded several years ago, but ran from the campus of Maryland University.

If you want to check some of this out, you have the right, being taxpaying citizens of the United States, to obtain a copy of senate records at no cost to yourself.

Go/ring the Library of Congress. Ask for a copy of the NATIONAL CHILDHOOD VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION ACT OF 1985 : “Hearing before the Committee on Labor and Human Resources United States Senate, Ninety-Ninth congress, first session on S.827, July 18 1985.

You could also ask for another one the year before that, but I didn’t keep the whole one of that like I kept the whole 1985 one. The 1984 one had bits of more interest to the early story. I don’t know its number. I have extracts of it somewhere, but have just spent an hour trying to find them and can’t. Which is what happens when you systematically tidy, and refile key information. If I find it, I will put the number and title up.

Read that (or those) , and see for yourself.

NVIC is the organisation that legislators etc will half way listen to, since they got what they wanted by using them.

Has NVIC ever been an effective advocate for parents in any real context? Only you can answer that for yourself. But NVIC is now left in a position where all they can do is splutter about a situation they don’t like, put out newsleters criticising various decisions and vaccine implementations, and ask you for money to fight the very empire they helped bring about in the first place.

Yes you can get information from their website, but for what end? Most people go there when something has gone wrong with their child in the first place, and the damage is already done.

I think the end impact of the collaboration between the National Vaccine information Center and Paediatricians to enact the National Vaccine Injury Compensation act is well presented in these two items:

1) Wednesday, February 25, 1998

The climate slowly began to change in 1986 after passage of a federal law that shields vaccine producers from all liability not related to manufacturing error. … The law “turned the industry around” and encouraged biotech companies to jump into the vaccine field, says Mr Williams of Pasteur Merieux Connaught”


2) Forbes, December 15, 1997 page 254


Disease prevention, in the form of a $1.2 billion vaccine business, has become a thriving enterprise for SmithKline Beecham, Plc. of Brentford, England and Philadelphia… Smith Kline boldly expects to add another $1 billion to its vaccine revenues over the next four years.

That’s the history. Senate records and the book “A Stolen Life” will fill in the rest of the gaps for you all.

By the way, the last two quotes above, were a situation which I, and all the other parents organisation predicted to NVIC at the time, would happen as a result of their willingness to co-operate in the legislative process.

Sure, you might say that had NVIC not done that, the legislation might still have gone ahead, but we don’t know what would have happened IFFEN they hadn’t.

The parent organisations would have been so much more powerful had they all worked together.

“I want to sell drugs to everyone. I want to sell drugs to healthy people. I want drugs to sell like chewing gum.” former Merck CEO, Henry Gadsden

From this discussion, the author is of the opinion that should be boycotted by everyone to oppose the unfair competition (5) the Mercola-Finn organization has committed, both defrauding and damaging the public. It is everyone’s public duty to protect each other from scams and flimflams, as well as protect honest, hardworking, and life-saving naturopathic doctors and heath researchers who might otherwise be discouraged from advancing the natural healing arts and sciences.

(6) These facts have never been controverted by science. Like Mercola, they have simply been avoided. They, therefore, stand as tacitly admitted by the scientific community, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, the AIDS Czar for the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Dr. Fauci, who holds a patent on a vaccine additive called “interleukin 2”,  appeared with Dr. Oz in the Swine Flu segment that Dr. Horowitz did a 3 part segment on, exposing the Oz-Fauci hypocrisy. Horowitz was also the first leading investigator of the Swine Flu “Scam,” and before that the Bird Flu bioterror scheme. Mercola never once mentioned any of Horowitz’s pioneering contributions, and alternatively represented he had made important revelations in these fields.

(7) The three part series exposing Dr. Oz’s Swine Flu fraud can be viewed at the following domains:

(8)   Easily discredited sales statements are made by Finn in her free online book In The Lymelight: My Healing Story, that links to what appears to be an affiliate page from Mercola’s sales organization. The book states as follows on page 28:

“For me, with weight problems, an autoimmune disorder and my past health history from in utero on — the cards weren’t in my favor. So I had to lower my stress. Implementing things like going to bed earlier, and I love my blue blocker glasses (included in the shop). I don’t know if they truly block the blue lights, but when I look at a blue nightlight with them on I cannot see it. See this story on how all the blue light exposure we have now (with electronics and electricity in general) might be causing us to gain weight. I’ll keep wearing my low blue light glasses whether they look funny or not. I only wear them after dark in my home so I’m not out in public with them! In the morning though, is when my sleep doctor tells me I need the sun exposure and blue light to keep my circadian rhythm on track. So that is when (if it’s a cloudy, rainy or cold climate) I use my happy light. I even have some pictures of my cats using this who both lives to 19, nearly 20. When I lived in Chicago, I loved using the happy light in the morning. I own the very one that I feature in the shop.”

Finn’s article linked from the book has no basis in fact or science to support her claim “all the blue light exposure we have now (with electronics and electricity in general) might be causing us to gain weight.” The two linked articles discredit a suspected association between the use of iPads at night only, directly before bed, suspected in reducing melatonin levels. One article says “blue light” may depress appetite. Neither reference encourages blue blocking glasses. Thus, the sales pitch is baseless. It simply encourages discrediting. Here is what the “Health Nut” wrote:

“I have no affiliation with the company but if someone buys a pair and it helps them sleep better than so be it.

I’m so convince now I even wear them when I wake up to use the restroom (if it’s getting light out) and I don’t want to see light or I have to go open the fridge (hopefully not to have a snack!)”

The statement “I have no affiliation with the company,” is false, given her store link sells the product. Wearing the glasses at night, “to use the restroom” is absurd, even for a “Health Nut.” For these reasons, the advertising statements evidence such obvious consumer fraud, that the writing appears intended to invite criticism consistent with social engineering for Controlled Opposition–in this case a holistic health advisor’s opposition to accepted health practices through a sham Health Nut discredits all of natural medicine. Finn’s lame baseless ramblings in her advertisements (book and article) turn any reasonably intelligent person away, and generally discredit natural health practitioners and consumers. That is the only reasonable explanation for Finn’s actions, reflecting on her history.

(9) Quoting FTC v. Sperry & Hutchinson Co., 405 US 233 – Supreme Court 1972:

Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, directs the Commission to prevent `unfair methods of competition. . . and unfair or deceptive acts or practices,’ is limited to conduct which violates the letter or spirit of the antitrust laws.”

the only practices that were subject to this characterization were those that were “heretofore regarded as opposed to good morals because characterized by deception, bad faith, fraud or oppression, or as against public policy because of their dangerous tendency unduly to hinder competition or create monopoly.” Id., at 427. This view was reiterated in other opinions over the next decade. See, e. g., FTC v. Curtis Publishing Co., 260 U. S. 568 (1923), and FTC v. Sinclair Refining Co., 261 U. S. 463, 475-476 (1923). The opinion of the Court of Appeals’ majority, citing Sinclair in support of its narrow view of the FTC’s leeway, is in the tradition of these authorities . . . .

In FTC v. Raladam Co., 283 U. S. 643 (1931), a unanimous Court held that: “The paramount aim of the act is the protection of the public from the evils likely to result from the destruction of competition or the restriction of it in a substantial degree. . . . Unfair trade methods are not per seunfair methods of competition.” (Italics in original.) “It is obvious,” the Court continued,

“that the word `competition’ imports the existence of present or potential competitors, and the unfair methods must be such as injuriously affect or tend thus to affect the business of these competitors— that is to say, the trader whose methods are assailed as unfair must have present or potential rivals in trade whose business will be, or is likely to be, 242*242 lessened or otherwise injured. It is that condition of affairs which the Commission is given power to correct, and it is against that condition of affairs, and not some other, that the Commission is authorized to protect the public. . . . If broader powers be desirable they must be conferred by Congress.” Id., at 647-649.

(10)Gawker and the Hollywood Reporter were among many “lame-stream media” sites leveraged by Finn’s  online image builders to make her rich and infamous. See:; and; and

(11) Fisher’s motivation for silencing Horowitz went beyond money to the central fraud exposed in this article and in her NVIC organization. That is, the socially-engineered control meme favoring Big Pharma. In this instance, that engineered meme says, “I’m not against vaccines. We just want safer ones.” “Safer”–as in let’s remove the mercury now that people worldwide are awakening to the “Mad Hatter Pandemic” officials call “autism,” but neglecting all the other poisons and GMO’s in vaccines.

Like Dr. Mendelsohn, Horowitz agrees that no vaccines can be made safe, and they never will be safe. He states, “Of course Fischer, Mercola, and their ilk would claim otherwise.” They covertly prosper the drug industry that likewise says, “We can make vaccines safe.”  Common sense tells us that all toxic ingredients in vaccines, including all the GMOs, multiple heavy metal poisons, and toxic chemical preservatives that kill life, cannot be ‘safe’ for any life form. So the deception is much like the magician’s ‘slight of hand’ routine. The ‘safer vaccines’ meme diverts from what is obvious, and right in front of your face. Vaccines are deadly and they always will be.”

The deception includes the fallacy that polio was eradicated by Salk’s vaccine, diverting from improvements in hygiene, nutrition, and water purification that terminated the pandemic.

Most people in the so-called “anti-vaccination movement” believe that the NVIC represents the best interests of society. It doesn’t. “It is a classic ‘astroturf’ organization,” Horowitz, Hatch, and many others argue. It is administered for Controlled Opposition, they insist.

At best, the NVIC opposes pieces of Big Pharma’s “big picture.” “But a half-truth is a complete lie in this case,” Horowitz says.

Subsequently, Horowitz kept his mouth shut about Mercola’s perceived “sell out,” not wanting to be perceived as jealous or competitive. He did, however, continue to oppose and expose the NVIC on websites such as wherein this whistleblower wrote:

“The NVIC, led by Barbara Loe Fisher, is ‘pro-vaccine and pro-choice.’ Most people believe, however, they oppose vaccinations. Not so. Ms. Fisher never admits vaccinations evolved to exclusively serve drug industrialists who advanced eugenics (i.e., racial hygiene), the NAZI party, and today’s biotechnologies for population control using blood-contaminations from disease injections. Fisher heralds her accomplishments and alliances with Congress, regulatory agencies, industry officials, and the leading role the NVIC plays in ‘consumer activism.’ She NEVER apologizes for her role in advancing the primary legislation that has left millions of people sick and financially destitute (the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986) nor her roll in ‘controlled opposition’ furthering the ‘Big Lie’–that vaccines are [safe and effective,] ‘generally good’ but some pose problems.”

Dr. Horowitz went on to reveal the subversion of NVIC’s founding in 1982 by complicit medical/petrochemical/banking industrialists marginalizing and then neutralizing Marge Grant’s purely grassroots “Determined Parents Together,” replaced by “Dissatisfied Parents Together (DPT).” “From there, the NVIC’s evolution was based on pure propaganda administered principally by . . . Fisher,” Horowitz wrote. Horowitz, as a whistleblower, then joined several other reputable professionals and journalists over the years. They all cried foul,  just as Dr. Mendelsohn had bravely done in his heroes walk. (4)

Their voices of opposition and reason were drowned-out by the PharmaMedia. Fischer’s cohorts repeated their justification for the continuing genocide, “We are not anti-vaccine; we simply want them made safer.”


I asked Dr. Horowitz to respond to this ongoing meme, that vaccines would be okay if they were made “safe.”

“I thought they are ‘safe’,” he joked. “That is what officials had said for years, in the grand tradition of physicians first claiming cigarettes were healthy for you.”

“That lie, that vaccines can be made ‘safe’ or ‘safer’ is generally considered ‘reasonable’,” he continued. “And I am generally considered ‘radical.’ But it should be the opposite. After all, it is ridiculous to believe that known poisons: heavy metals and chemicals, such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, formalin, MSG, polysorbate 80, Tween, nonoxynol-9 spermicide and more, plus GMOs present in all vaccines, could ever be made “safe” or “safer” for human injection. The notion is plainly stupid, especially in an industry pledged to “above all do no harm.” Gross hypocrisy! Those who spread it are either ignorant, arrogant, and blind in their denial, or criminally insane.”

Then Horowitz ended my inquiry by quoting Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels, and how Hitler administered social engineering for the Holocaust. “If you tell a lie long enough, eventually it will be believed as truth; and the greater the lie, the more people will believe it.”

Scoffing at the generally-accepted mantra, “Vaccines are safe and effective,” Horowitz countered,  “Never a deadlier lie has ever been told.

(12) Recently, Erin Elizabeth Finn produced a video about David Rockefeller’s death, but neglected to mention any of his banking ties to Mercola’s supporters.


Copyright (c) 2017. Sherri Kane. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reprinted without the express written permission of the copyright owner. The ideas expressed in this article, and the investigative efforts upon which they are based, represent intellectual properties, prone to be infringed upon by the media, particularly the multi-national corporate controlled networks, presses, and film producers. The factual statements and opinions expressed in this work may not be fictionalized without written consent by contractual agreement with the author. The author encourages e-mailed requests for written permissions to re-post this article in its entirety as a public service to prevent consumer fraud.


Sherri Kane is an investigative journalist who defected from FOX News, Los Angeles, for ethical reasons. She has co-investigated, co-authored, and co-hosted with Dr. Leonard Horowitz many works, including the multiple award-winning film UN-VAXXED: A Docu-Commentary for Robert De Nero, that won “Best Film-2016” a the EuroCinema festival in Geneva, and the CineMagic London Film Festival. Sherri has written extensively on Barack Obama’s history, counter-intelligence methods used by Internet “gang stalkers,” and the “PharmaMedia,” detailing links between the wealthiest Wall Street investors in mass media and the pharmaceutical industry. Sherri also specializes in women’s and children’s health issues and child sex trafficking whistleblowing. She is a dedicated animal rights advocate, launching the “Conscious Species Channel” on Her  programming includes many of the most heart-warming and humorous videos on the Internet in this genre. Ms. Kane is the Vice President of Medical Veritas International, Inc., that launched with Dr. Horowitz the LOVE/528 Revolution,, and the 528Radio Network impacting recording artistry and natural healing internationally. Online DVDs featuring Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane include: NSA/CIA Trolls Destroy Heroes to Profit Villains: Snowden/Wikileaks Evidence Protection Racket for the Death Industry. Ms. Kane recommends Dr. Horowitz most recent video performance and acknowledges the public support she and Dr. Horowitz receive through their financial sponsors at and

The best jokes about Jesuits, by Jesuits

Aleteia – French | Jan 26, 2018

Luca Zennaro | AFP

Who says religious don’t have a sense of humor?

The Jesuits, at least, have proven theirs …

“Let us not lose that joyful, humorous and even self-deprecating spirit which makes people amiable even in difficult situations.

How beneficial is a good dose of humor!” 

Do you know who said that?

A Jesuit! Pope Francis, speaking to members of the Roman Curia, in 2014.

He mentioned a prayer of St. Thomas More that asks the Lord, “Grant me, O Lord, a sense of good humor.

Allow me the grace to be able to take a joke and to discover in life a bit of joy, and to be able to share it with others.”

And then there is this other Jesuit, the Flemish Nikolaas Sintobin, author of “Make fun of the Jesuits:

Humor and Spirituality” (“Moquez vous des jésuites… Humour et spiritualité”), who opens each chapter of his book with a joke to show the strategic role that humor can have in our faith journey.

Here are some jokes about the Jesuits told by themselves, selected by our confreres of Aleteia in Italy


A somewhat vain Jesuit suffering from heart problems needs an operation.

On the operating table, he asks God, “Lord, do you think I’ll make it through, or is my end near?”

God tells him, “No … You’ll still live at least another 40 years!”

Once cured, the Jesuit decides to get a little hair implant done, plus a face lift, cosmetic dental work, and a cosmetic chin implant, etc.

In short, he comes out transformed: another man.

But as he leaves the hospital, a car runs him over and he dies …

When he appears before God, he asks Him, “Lord, you told me that I’d live another 40 years!”

And God says, “Oops, sorry! I didn’t recognize you …”

Winter, summer …

A Jesuit missionary writes a letter to his superior to tell him about his ministry on a tropical island.

“Dear Father, winter here is so beautiful that Paradise does not interest the inhabitants.

In summer, on the contrary, it’s so hot that they’re really not afraid of hell!”

A Jesuit and a rabbi at an official dinner

A Jesuit and a rabbi sit next to each other at an official dinner.

As they chat together, a superb pork roast arrives on the table.

The Jesuit says to the rabbi, “Try it, it’s really delicious!”

The rabbi says, “I can’t eat pork, my religion forbids it.”

Then Jesuit says to the rabbi: “You don’t know what you’re missing …” Dinner continues and eventually the guests get up.

As he’s saying goodbye to the Jesuit, the rabbi says, “See you later, and tell your wife I said hello!” The Jesuit answers,

“But, I’m not married—my religion doesn’t allow it.” So the rabbi says, “You don’t know what you’re missing …”

This article was originally published in the French edition of Aleteia.

Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz Investigate CIA/FBI COINTELPRO



Ted Gunderson’s relationships to Barbara Hartwell, Michael Aquino, John DeCamp, and another (claimed retired) CIA agent, Anthony Hilder, came under scrutiny by journalist Kane after she busted an assassination plot against Dr. Horowitz.

The plot was hatched in 2007 immediately following Horowitz’s publication of LOVE: The Real daVinci CODE.

In the book and documentary DVD, the doctor heralded the end of Illuminati control based on discovering the real da Vinci code.

That revelation has already prompted the 528LOVERevolution, exploding globally, risking the oligarchy’s control over geopolitics and economics.

Horowitz was, thus, seen as a serious threat to be discredited, or otherwise neutralized.

To discredit Horowitz, one of Gunderson’s CIA /FBI COINTELPRO agent provocateurs, Greg Szymanski, J.D., (alias, Eric Samuelson, J.D.) forged Horowitz’s name onto a Knights of Malta list, that included some of the most hated people in government, including Kissinger, J. Edgar Hoover, Colby, David Rockefeller, and many others who “dissidents” consider dangerous.

The purpose of COINTELPRO is to neutralize dissidents, and Horowitz is considered one.

Szymanski worked with Ott, White, Millar, and former Forbes editor, Benjamin Fulford, to create and circulate the libel against Horowitz.

Another Church of Satan-linked “Bible Believer’s” Gateway Church in Canada helped spread the character assassination of Horowitz, targeting him for hate crimes.

Journalist Kane responded to Horowitz’s appeal for help in investigating the agents and discerning their plot.

Soon, Szymanski, White, and Ott were harassing Kane and consulting Gunderson.

Further investigations showed the same gang had persecuted more than a half dozen journalists, mostly women who were compromising Gunderson’s network.

Gunderson’s gang was implicated in two assassinations of government whistleblowers, Don Harkins of the Idaho Observer, and Edward Harle in England.

Dr. Horowitz, who knew Gunderson personally, was shocked to learn that he directed the network of agent provocateurs libeling him.

“I thought Gunderson was ‘good guy,’” Horowitz said.

“It is stunning he lied about his marriage to LaVey’s ex-wife, and his association with Aquino all these years.

His appearance and poor performance with Aquino on Geraldo ( Link to Gunderson & Aquino Interview on “Geraldo” )makes perfect sense now.

His links to satanism, disinformation, and the CIA/FBI’s COINTELPRO implicates higher ups from Capitol Hill to the Vatican.”

A Vatican involvement was expressed by John DeCamp, Gunderson, and his chronies.

DeCamp, in fact, admitted during a videotaped interview having high level Vatican connections that provided the opportunity to discuss “the problem” of widespread pedophilia with the Roman Catholic Church’s Cardinal Ratzinger, later elected Pope. Ratzinger told DeCamp that the problem “was out of control.”

Pressures were then brought on the Court, that helps to explain why DeCamp simply said, “the judge threw it out, dismissed, let out the Church and the priest” guilty of pedophilia in the Archdiocese.


Dr. Leonard Horowitz is the author of seventeen books including three American best-sellers, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?,

Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, and Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science.

Dr. Horowitz is currently advancing as an alternative to the duplicitous World Health Organization (WHO), called, Healthy World Organization (HWO).

Sherri Kane is an investigative journalist who defected from FOX News, Los Angeles, for ethical reasons.

She has written extensively on Barack Obama’s history, and has most recently exposed the “PharmaMedia,” detailing links between the wealthiest Wall Street investors in mass media and the pharmaceutical cartel.

She has defined her life mission “to save the children” from the spoils of pedophilia, child trafficking, and sex slavery.

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Source Link: @

The Aldobrandini, Lucifer And Its Servant

In Profile: The Aldobrandini, Lucifer And Its Servant

Moving, as we do, to understand the present from an understanding of history, we soon find that history is a serious labyrinth indeed and that many passages lead to danger and dead ends.

It is a shame that no string was ever left to follow, not even a thread is to be found in the labyrinth of life.

There is of course the Bible, a book about the journey of a doctrine based around a favoured example of life on this earth called Man.

However, from this Man and his Woman would be birthed a fall from what was natural.

Not content with the game as it was they were apparently deceived to take on some sort of folly that they could hide behind to limit the veracity of natural life.

The doctrines are clear, if no change is had by those that take up the tradition, a false reality will fall upon them, based in a false script that will bind Man to the will of those that build the mimic to natural law.

Welcome to the Legal System and the slavery it represents.

That understood, it is then a clear cut reality that any and all minds that operate to the agenda of global control, regardless of nationality or religious front, operate under the protocols and authority of that which has shadowed the three religions, especially the Vatican system since its creation under Constantine.

The Committee of 300 is an example of this shadowy force from which many satellites we are aware of today, take their orders, the Committee having its root in the central bank cartels supranational East India Companies and the Rhodes Round Table.

There was other serious changes to the original format in 530 AD under the Byzantine Justinian and another in 909 AD at Cluny, in which the Carolingians became the monastic order and birthed the feudal system which would be launched on England in 1066.

But the real movers in the Gnostic polytheistic priesthood would be the Jewish Templars.

What if the Burgundian clans were in fact Jewish, that all that went on at Cluny from around 909 AD was the Byzantine Jewish merchants entering the Roman Church?

That the Carolingian clans were in fact Byzantine Jews?

What this means is a simple truth has been consistently hidden in a mass of glamour or Glossa, to confound the minds and thus the hearts of man, while keeping them entrenched in a limited grasp on world events, which is handed on a plate through tv and the media in all nations.

Power resides in the secret societies which on a global scale are a combine operating to the same agenda which is to undermine community, nationhood, property ownership and create slaves of humanity through the legal title.

George Washington said,

“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

Our Constitution was written in the hot summer of 1787 in Philadelphia, but the convention was haunted by recent European failures and the long-ago corruption of Rome.

The simple truth of which I speak has been the cause of division and Reformation in history as it became known of prophecies that stated clear, that those who work to enslave mankind do so in allegiance to Rome the empire, not Rome the Religion.

Today the case is clear, Vatican II has placed the Vatican system and Church within the empire, seen in the ramblings of Pope Francis.

Ergo the House of Rothschild far from representing the Hebrew Israelite tradition, present that front to cover the fact they too have bowed down to the masters of the Luciferian cult.

From this deception the entire raft of Jewish Indentured Servants, for centuries, have seen the House of Rothschild as the lamp by which their lives are spent. But there is more to know.

In the eighteenth century the imperial families of Byzantine Rome brought into the web of deceit, the House of Rothschild (red shield).

They would become the front or financiers for the elect of Byzantine Rome to enable the same to enter the Reformation as Jews, a far more palatable ethos to the Protestant than to ever trust the Vatican at that time.

If you look at the families in the image, each are more likely to be Crypto-Jewish Byzantine merchants, with most being branches of the mighty House of Komnene.

They would enter England as the mighty Stanley’s, the Earls of Derby through Anglesey in North Wales as the Kings of Man, from this we can deduce the real force behind the current move to have the nation accept Prince William who is a bastard child of the former King of Spain.

Anglesey is his main base. Such would explain why the current illegitimate monarch has shifted the goal posts in relation to allowing a Catholic monarch on these Isles, yet this would be a diversion from the fact, the Crypto-Jews are now in full control of the Roman Church through the Jesuits and Vatican II.

The Stanleys – Orsini

We have to go way back, but the Stanleys changed their name from Alditheley in about 1125.

Apparently they took the name from the matrilineal line at the time, which was Stoneleigh.

Other than that, I couldn’t find much in the ancestry, which is well scrubbed.

However, it is interesting to find that Thomas Stanley’s daughter married a Molyneux.

In marrying a Molyneux, it looks like Stanley’s daughter was marrying a cousin, since both families descend from Houghtons.

On these pages, we again find Erica “the Disconnetrix” Howton as page manager, which connects “her” to these people.

Houghton. Howton. It looks like she was assigned the job of hiding all the important links in these Stanley/Molyneux/Houghton pages.

However, we do find links to the Leighs, which would later be Lee. We also link to Audley and Mainwaring.

Stanley’s mother-in-law was Alice Montague, which ties us back to George Washington, where we saw his grandmother given as Mary Montague.

Another family I haven’t yet touched on is the Woodvilles.

They were also part of this clan.

To understand where they came from, we again go to the genealogies.

Elizabeth Woodville was Queen of Edward IV. Her father was the 1st Earl Rivers, but her maternal great grandmother is the key.

She was an Orsini.

This family produced three Popes and 34 cardinals. At the time of our tale, they had ruled Rome and Naples on and off for centuries, both through the church and through the Senate.

The Orsinis claim to descend from Julius Caesar, but no one believes that. I suggest they are crypto-Jews, like the Medicis and Morosinis.

The Orsinis and Medicis intermarried several times. As another clue in that direction, remember Count Orsini- Rosenberg, featured in the film Amadeus.

He was actually First Prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

Well, if you saw the name Rosenberg today, you would probably assume it was Jewish.

I suggest you assume the same thing about Orsini-Rosenberg, and therefore Orsini.

Strangely, we find witchcraft mentioned in the lines of the Woodvilles. Elizabeth’s grandmother, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, was famously accused of witchcraft by Thomas Wake, a follower of Warwick.

Her first husband Bedford was the brother of Henry V; but her second husband was Woodville, who was killed by Warwick in 1469.

She was cleared when Warwick freed Edward IV from custody.

But Richard III brought similar charges against her 12 years later, claiming the Woodvilles had acquired the Queenship by witchcraft.

Of course we now know how to read this: then as now, witchcraft was just a cover for spycraft, and the Woodvilles didn’t make a Queen through witchcraft, they made her through Jewish financial and matrilineal connections. Same way they made Kings.


Stanleys and Theosophy

The third Baron Stanley in this line, also named Henry Stanley, converted to Islam in 1862, becoming the first Muslim Member of the House of Lords.

He still resided at Alderley. Stanley married the daughter of Viscount Dillon, Henry Dillon-Lee.

Her grandfather was Constantine Phipps, Baron Mulgrave, Lord of the Admiralty, who, like Admiral Parry after him, led an expedition to the North Pole.

His astronomer on the trip was Israel Lyons. Horatio Nelson was one of his midshipmen.

Later he took part in the managed Battle of Ushant, the first naval skirmish in the Anglo- French War in 1778.

Viscount Dillon married the daughter of the Baron Oranmore and Browne (Ireland).

This Baron was the son of the 1st Earl of Altamont. I mention him because he married Anne Gore, daughter of Sir Arthur Gore, 2nd Baronet (Mayo).

They are ancestors of the current Gores, including Al Gore.

As an alleged Muslim, this Baron Stanley took the name Adbul Rahman.

Despite being a Muslim, Stanley nonetheless funded the restorations of four churches in Anglesey.

Curious. He also allegedly married a woman named Fabia in the Roman Catholic Church.

That doesn’t sound possible to me.

To this day, Catholics do not allow such marriages.

Yes, a Muslim can marry a Catholic—nothing is stopping them.

But a Catholic Priest is not going to preside over the marriage unless the groom goes through long classes—classes a Muslim would not consent to.

But this marriage is a farce for other reasons. It is admitted the bride was living under two aliases and was already married nine years.

Obviously, this woman was a Spanish spook working on some project with Stanley.

The whole Muslim thing was just a cover as well. Given the timing, it was probably linked to the Theosophy project—importing Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and anything else to weaken and splinter Christianity.


One of the important means to managing the shift to what we today call the new world order, was in the re-arranging of the chronology of the known world before the 1300s.

In this respect the House of Farnese shows itself to be the octopus around such an agenda from at least the 1500s.

FastiMagistrales,AnnalesorHistorici– were concerned with the several festivals, and everything relating to religious practice and the gods, and the magistrates; to the emperors, their birthdays, offices, days consecrated to them, with feasts and ceremonies established in their honour or for their prosperity.

They came to be denominated magni, “great,” by way of distinction from the bare calendar, or fasti diurni (“everyday records”).

The word fast thus came to be used in the general sense of annals or historical records.

Fasti consulates – were official chronicles in which years were denoted by the respective consuls and other magistrates, often with the principal events that happened during their consulates, but sometimes not.

An example is the fasti Capitolini, a modern name assigned because they were deposited in 1547 in the courtyard of the Palazzo dei Conservatori on the Capitoline Hill on order of Alessandro Farnese, who kept them temporarily in his villa after their excavation from the Roman forum in 1545 or 1546 (funded by Farnese).

Michelangelo, who was an art forger and Protégé of Lorenzo de Medici himself the leader of the Florentine Republic, designed the complex of three palaces on the hill and also restored the tables of the fast.

The Palazzo today is one of the Capitoline Museums, which serve a double duty as museums and city government buildings.

The fasti are located in the Sala della Lupa, the same room as the bronze wolf.

More pieces discovered after the Renaissance were placed with it.



As is admitted today at the online Jewish Virtual Library, the de’ Medicis and the Jews were expelled from Florence at the same time.

Curious, no?

In the first paragraph on that linked page, the Jewish Library says this :

The fate of Tuscan Jewry in the early modern period was inextricably linked to the favour and the fortune of the House of Medici.

Though a Jewish presence was registered in Lucca as early as the ninth century and a network of Jewish banks had spread throughout the region by the mid- fifteenth, the organised Jewish communities of Florence, Siena, Pisa and Livorno were political creations of the Medici rulers.

And like the Medici Grand Dukedom itself, these communities took shape in the course of the sixteenth century.

That pretty much says it all, but we are also given this:

When the Medici returned to power in 1512, the Jewish ban fell into abeyance, until the next expulsion of the Medici in 1527.

Why would the fate of the Jews and de’ Medicis be so closely linked, if the de’ Medicis were not Jewish themselves?

Once we understand who the de’ Medicis were, we understand why the Corpus Hermeticum came to them in 1463.

It came to them because they paid for its creation.

All this Hermetic and Occult stuff, including the Zohar, was created in the 14th and 15th century as part of the Jewish bankers’ war with Rome.

Notice I say Jewish bankers and not Jews.

That is because we know the rank-and-file Jews of the time—although always under pressure from Rome—were not in favour of the Kabbalah, the Occult, or any of the other “Hermetic” ideas being promoted.

This also applies to the real Jewish religious leaders, who banned the Kabbalah and its teaching as heretical.

But since the bankers were not practicing Jews, they couldn’t care less about the Bible or the Talmud.

They thought they were doing their fellow Jews a favour, but couldn’t really divulge what they were up to.

They couldn’t very well go to synagogue and admit the whole Kabbalah thing was a hoax.

We may assume most rabbis at the time weren’t in favour of such religious hoaxes, even as part of a holy war.

Some rabbis have since changed their minds about this, but in the early days we must assume these hoaxes were a hard sell for those such as the de’ Medicis, and they preferred to simply promote the Kabbalah as real, both to Christians and to their fellow Jews.

I assume they figured most religious Jews wouldn’t bite on it, so no harm done.

In many ways that was a just assumption, and to this day many or most orthodox and practicing Jews aren’t interested in the Kabbalah.

So why would the Jewish bankers in Italy in the early Renaissance be trying to sell the Occult as part of a holy war?

Same reason they do it now.

Why are the financiers still trying to sell you the Occult on a daily basis, in a thousand corrupt forms?

One, because they still haven’t finished off Christianity.

As we saw in my paper on Theosophy, they were still trying to kill Christianity in 1875 with various gambits, including importing a bastardised Buddhism or Hinduism.

And they are still doing it today, with Buddhism, Wicca, Satanism, Kabbalah, Isis, and a million other forms of mysticism and misdirection.

I say this not as a Christian or Jew, but only as an honest student of history. I can see that is what they are doing, so that is what I report.

Personally, I report this not to save Christianity, but to save myself from all the fake projects.

I don’t like fake projects or being lied to. I like to know the truth.

But killing Christianity isn’t the only goal. As of now, it probably isn’t even the premier goal.

The premier goal for centuries has been the promotion of trade, and all the old religions have stood in the way of that, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. All three have been attacked and continue to be attacked on a daily basis.

As it turns out, they are all being attacked by the financiers.

If you look closely, you find that the religions are not mainly fighting one another, and never have been.

The holy wars are not Christian versus Jew, or Jew versus Muslim, or Muslim versus Christian.

It is the merchants against all three.

The merchants wish to destroy the trio, and to do that they often use cunning to pit one against the other, and one sect against another sect within each religion. Source

Definition Lucifer

Lucifer appears to mean “Lying Text”, being related to a writing that can be assumed to read something other than what is truly grammatically and factually proper English text.

DOG-LATIN, is a “Debased” form of Latin according to the Legal and English Dictionaries.

The very word “debased” means “immoral” and “criminal” confirming such Dog Latin text to be that deriving from Lucifer.

Lucifer is a false and secondary Grantor. of. Dominion.

Lucifer wants to become the most high god in the hearts of ‘ALL’ self exalted men, and through those men take the souls of mankind from all religions into the underworld as the holders of a debt account belonging to Rome.

The Dali Lama is a means to this agenda, today being said to be the most moral man on the earth.

I beg to differ, based on the fact he has openly failed the highest aims of the Buddhist teaching which are :

To Transcend Fear

Transcend Attachment to all things physical

Let us not forget that the current Dali Lama fled Tibet (in fear for his life) and wept and wept for Tibet as ‘His’ homeland (proving attachment).

In so doing he showed he has not transcended fear, nor has he understood and thus transcended physical attachment.

He is a fraud and the puppet of the United Nations Environmental God, Maurice Strong. See also :

Today we exist in ignorance of the spiritual battle afflicting man which according to religious history began with the fall from grace and the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

In seducing Eve to learn of the reality of good and evil, the emissary of Lucifer the deceiver, Satan, lured man away from god in the convincing of Eve, she too can be god.

It is fair to say that since the unleashing of the renaissance backed by the mighty de Medici family from Florence, Lucifer has once again moved to encourage man to step out of the safety of the avoidance of sin, and to move to become gods, not in the image of Adonay the creator but in the light of the fallen one Lucifer.

Tied in with the mighty Medici’s we find a rather revealing insight into another high and mighty family in the Aldobrandini.[1]

For us to understand the power of the Aldobrandini today we need only remember the recent marriage between the House of Rothschild and the Aldobrandini with the marriage between Olimpia Aldobrandini and David Rothschild. (left)

The elect of the House of Rothschild would not marry into a family of a lower rank than itself, a fact that shows we are looking at a mighty family in the Aldobrandini, but if we are to take note of history and the opinions of some researchers in the field, it must also be considered that the House of Rothschild is by far the inferior of the two Houses, from the occult perspective and in wealth.

To gain insight into the power and spiritual essence of the Aldobrandini we must look at some symbolism.

The Name Aldobrandini derives from The Constellation Alde-Baeran , there we find The Morning Star which represents Lucifer The Light Bearer.

Below right is the villa at which the marriage between David Rothschild and Olimpia Aldobrandini held importance, but it is in the symbolism of the entire estate that serves to enlighten us further into the private life of families that present a Christian and indeed Jewish front protocol, or the public persona,’ yet when you examine the foundations and their actions we see the exact opposite to be the case in the private.

The Villa was built by a Cardinal in the 1500s. His family still owns the estate.

1598-1603: The cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini (1572-1621) orders to a pupil of Michelangelo, Giacomo della Porta, the construction of his summer residence: Villa Aldobrandini.

1599: Completion by Giusto (or Justus) Utens upon orders from the grand-duke Fernandino I of fourteen painted glasses intended for his villa Ferdinanda d Artiminio, on Montalbano, built by Bernardo Buontalenti and representing the villas built for various members of the Medici family between 1451 and 1599.

1605: Construction of Villa Borghese, in the year when Camillo Borghese is elected pope (Paul V).

Pope Clemens VIII (Ippolito Aldobrandini) made a lot of use of the theme of his coat of arms (a stripe and a star) to decorate buildings he erected or restored (see S. Cesareo in Palazio or Palazzo di Campidoglio).

The balustrades of Villa Aldobrandini in Rome have little globes showing the family symbols.

Clemens VIII completed the decoration of the southern nave of S. Pietro in Vaticano and outside the Basilica one can find small piers with the family symbols. (Left)

Did you catch that little gem, Stars and Stripes?

Another striking feature of the basilica is the tomb of Cinzio Aldobrandini, the nephew of Pope Clement VIII.

He was a cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church and lived much of his life in service to the Vatican.

His tomb is decorated with a sculpture of Death which depicts Saint Peter in chains which according to scripture is exactly the agenda of the Luciferians.

Tomb of Cardinal Cinzio Aldobrandini (left)

SOURCE:  Tomb of Cardinal Cinzio Aldobrandini (Rome, Lazio, Italy); photographed by Stephen J. Danko on 12 August 2011.

Moving back to the other great family of old from the same arena as the Aldobrandini and the mighty De Medici, we find Lucifer connections also, they would collect all the great artists to create the backdrop to gnosticism, masters in their art, their works could simply not be ignored. [2]

A family with immense power in the private and the public for over 300 years, and a family that appeared to vanish into thin air.

Such an event has to be a sign the de Medici are a family of the Illuminati.

The Medici’s were a force behind the Reformation and the Renaissance, each a strategy with the sole aim of undermining the Catholic tradition in order they could re-introduce, by the back door, a new version of the doctrines which would include the traditions of the Old Testament in place of the original Catholic traditions, in its extreme form would spawn the Puritan’s, despisers of fun and freedom demanding absolute obedience upon pain of death, to the Testament of Old, side-lining the doctrines of the New.

This would be to open the door for what we suffer today, the doctrines of the Talmud, a horrendous doctrine of hubris which to those who follow its license to do everything forbidden by the great religions, supersedes both the Old and New Testaments as the covenant with God.

The first of the family to be a distinct figure in history was Salvestro dei Medici, who, in the year 1378, took an active part in the revolt of the Ciompi so-called because it was led by a wool-carder (ciompo), one Michele di Lando, and because the chief share in it was taken by the populace, who held the reins of government for some time, and sought to obtain extended political rights.

But, although Michele di Lando was the nominal chief of the revolt, Salvestro dei Medici was its real leader.

The latter, although a member of the greater guilds, had joined the lesser and sought to be at their head, in order to lay the foundation of his own power and that of his kindred by attacking the Albizzi, who were the leading men of the greater guilds.

Then, in the person of Giovanni, son of Bicci dei Medici (1360 1429), another branch of the family arose, and became from that time forward its representative branch.

Indeed this Giovanni may be considered the actual founder of Medicean greatness. He took little part in political affairs, but realised an immense fortune by trade, establishing banks in Italy and abroad, which in his successors hands became the most efficient engines of political power.

The council of Constance (1414 – 1118) enabled Giovanni de Medici to realise enormous profits.

Like his ancestor Salvestro, he was a constant supporter of the lesser guilds in Florence to undermine the higher guilds.

In these two alone we can see the fact in the Medici we have a powerful trading family moving to remove the Christian laws on trade by usurpation of the powers that governed it, and they used their wealth to gain advantage through indebtedness of those they lavishly supported who would go on to positions of power in their own right.

And let us not lose sight of the fact in the Medici the term guild, itself synonymous with the craft of Freemasonry, became their theatre of choice for imposing their power into the governments of the people.

And from the information yet to come in this thesis relating to Freemasonry and Lucifer, and in the fact the Medici were the force behind the Renaissance, I would expect the existing representations of the Medici today to also be the force behind Freemasonry today, its symbolism, its doctrine, and indeed its art of speculation, after all if you are in at the start of the banking monopoly and you become a major power, you ain’t letting go ever.

When the historical timeline sees you disappear as if by magic there is reason it is so, you disappear when you hold the power and appoint delegates to exercise the power for you.

Exactly as today’s UK monarchy acts which keeps them out of the sight of legal mob, they reign but do not rule,’ they delegate rule to their appointees, this keeps the crown and royalty out of political scandal because it is their appointees exercising authority.

Upon the death of Giovanni dei Medici in 1429 would leave two sons, Cosimo (1389-1464) and Lorenzo (1395-1440).

From the former proceeded the branch that held absolute sway for many generations over the nominal republic of Florence, and gave to Italy popes like Leo X. and Clement VII.

On the extinction of this elder line in the 16th century, the younger branch derived from Lorenzo, Cosimo’s brother, seemed to acquire new life, and for two centuries supplied grand-dukes to Tuscany.

Cosimo, surnamed Cosimo the Elder, to distinguish him from the many others bearing the same name, and honoured after his death by the title of Pater patrioe, first succeeded in solving the strange problem of becoming absolute ruler of a republic that was keenly jealous of its liberty, without holding any fixed office, without suppressing any previous form of government, and always preserving the appearance and demeanour of a private citizen.

This family is expert in deception.

This is the strategy employed to usurp democracies today through corporatism, also known as fascism.

It is the representation of the feudal system birthed at Cluny in Burgundy around 909 AD and launched and bedded upon England in the 1066 invasion.

This was carried out by the Carolingian VI-kings (six kings) of the shadow, the mimic of Loki.

Cosimo born in 1389, he had already reached the age of forty at the time of his father’s death.

He had a certain amount of literary culture, and throughout his life showed much taste and an earnest love both for letters and art.

But his father had mainly trained him to commerce, for which he had a special liking and aptitude.

In fact he was devoted to business to the day of his death, and like his forefathers derived pecuniary advantage from his friendly relations with the papal court.

He accompanied Pope John XXIII to the council of Constance, transacted a vast amount of business in that city, and made very large gains.

He then travelled in Germany, and after his return to Florence discharged several ambassadorial missions.

Cosimo used his position to manipulate war and realised a few good men positioned at power levels operating for him was better than owning the institutions that governed,  this is again the modus operandi of the craft Freemasonry.

Having accomplished influence direct into the Church he was also able to accomplish influence in England.

Using his great wealth enabled him to supply money to foreign potentates.

Philippe do Comines tells us that Cosimo frequently furnished Edward IV of  England with sums amounting to many hundred thousand florins.

This is a time when the Order of the Garter had been formed along with 300 Knights the importance of which in our time shows itself in the Committee of 300.

When Tommaso Parentucelli was still a cardinal, and in needy circumstances, Cosimo made him considerable loans without demanding guarantees of payment.

On the cardinal’s accession to the tiara as Nicholas V. he was naturally very well disposed towards Cosimo, and employed the Medici bank in Rome in all the affairs of the curia, which brought immense profits to the house.

It would appear Cosimo is using the arts assigned to the Templars which they learned from the Persians during the time of the Crusades, supposedly exterminated in the 1307 purge, perhaps in the Medici we are seeing its re-emergence, supported in the claims of the Rosicrucian’s and today’s Masonry that they represent the force behind the Renaissance.

We are certainly looking at the pied piper that is the serpent in these forces, come again to tempt the hearts of man, and as we witness the state of today there are many dancing to the tune out of the garden and into the hands of the fallen.

Seeking Lucifer through the secret orders that worship his kingdom to come

The following are a collection of outpourings from the realm of the hidden, the occult world all around us moving the world to a new order.

The externalisation of the Hierarchy is upon us.

There is abundant evidence that in many forms of modern thought-especially the so called prosperity psychology will power building and systems of high pressure salesmanship-black magic has merely passed through a metamorphosis, and although its name may be changed, its nature remains the same.

Manly p Hall, Masonic, Hermetic, and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, p.C1 C11

Yoga, a practice synonymous with Hindu philosophy means to yoke.

Its goal is to unite man with Brahman the Hindu concept of god {or rather the consciousness called the god state.}

Caryl Matriciana Gods of the New Age p. 18

In the circles of some respected researchers into the occult origins of rock n roll it is believed that John Lennon was murdered after an interview with a radio host in which he began to explain that he had realised how the Beatles had been used to programme the 1960s subculture based in the LSD experience, to introduce the eastern philosophies according to the Theosophical doctrines direct into the west to create the new age movement, from which will spawn the one world religion and sanctify the climate taxation policies of the Committee of 300.

That this was the reason shortly after that interview he was gunned down and killed.

The following supports this

The traditional purpose of the Indian ashram has always been to teach people how to die through Yoga meditation.

It has only been since the 1960s that the Beatles-inspired young westerners had flooded the ashrams, sitting spellbound at the Gurus feet.

Caryl Matriciana Gods of the New Age p. 144

The New Age Movement needs to be understood as one of the fastest growing uprisings of the end time’s powerful delusion occurring in the world today.

In fact, it has expanded with explosive diversification in the last three decades to a much greater extent than many realise.

Today’s rapid growth of the New Age phenomenon is nothing less than a major branch of the latter day rise of the Anti-Christ forces.

It is in this context that the most penetrating in sights into the greatest deceptions and dangers of the movement are seen.

Randall N. Baer, Inside the New Age Nightmare p.79.

French philosopher Dennis De Rougement whilst attending a Hitler rally was described to have affected him thus :

De Rougement indicated that despite his rigorous attempt to remain detached from the spectacle unfolding before him, he was involuntarily drawn into the vortex of the crowd’s hysterical adulation of Adolf Hitler.

It was only by dint of superhuman resolve, said the French philosopher that he was able to regain his equilibrium before the mesmerising presence of Hitler’s evil genius.

Jewish Exponent, Oct 3 1996, article: Unable to resist the Fuhrer .

It is also said of Dennis De Rougement that he stated :

Some people believe, from having experienced in his presence a feeling of horror and an impression of supernatural power that he is the seat of, thrones, dominions, and powers

By which Saint Paul meant those hierarchical spirits which can descend into any ordinary mortal and occupy him like a garrison.

What I am saying would be the cheapest of romantic nonsense were it not that what has been established by this man or rather through him is a reality that is one of the wonders of this century.

French philosopher Dennis De Rougement

Illuminism is really the religion of a benevolent mythical Lucifer not Satan.

It is disguised as political idealism, bent on eradicating religion and monarchies in general, and Christianity in particular, and gaining global control for a commonwealth of nations featuring universal democracy.

To the secret societies Lucifer is always depicted as a benevolent peace loving god with nothing but the best intentions for the human race.

Among Luciferian’s god is seen as evil, trying to keep knowledge away from man.

The same scenario was repeated in the Garden of Eden when the snake explained to Adam and eve that god didn’t want them to have knowledge that would make them wise.

From the book by William T Still, New World Order p. 40

Lucifer the Son of the Morning is it he who bears the light? doubt it not

- Albert Pike

Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry p.321.

“For the initiates this [Satan] is not a person, but a force created for good, but which may serve for evil.

It is the instrument of Liberty or free will.”

They represent this force, which presides over the physical generation under the mythologic and horned form of the god Pan, thence came the he-goat of the Sabbat, brother of the ancient serpent, and the Light-bearer or phosphor, of which the poets have made the false Lucifer of the legend.”

Albert Pike

Morals and Dogma from the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry p.200.

“The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degree, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine.

If Lucifer were not god, would Adonay (sic)whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy, and hatred of man, barbarianism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests culminate him?

Yes Lucifer is god, and unfortunately Adonay is also god.

For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods, darkness being necessary for light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the state.

Thus the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer and god, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.”

Albert Pike

Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry p.217 Quoted again by William Shnoebelen in Masonry Behind the Light p.58-59

“When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft.

The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward he must prove his ability to properly apply his energy.”

Manly P Hall

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry p.48

For Thou [Lucifer] hast said in thine heart,

I will ascend into heaven,

I will exalt my throne above the stars of God :

I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation,

In the sides of the north :

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;

I will be like the most high

Isaiah 14:13-14

In so doing Lucifer moved to destroy monotheism to be replaced by many cults and orders thus introducing polytheism and many gods giving his cohorts a place in his court.

And no marvel: for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light [in the hearts of men].

Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transformed as the ministers of righteousness:

Whose end shall be according to their works [so too those who follow the false doctrine]

2 Corinthians 11:14-15

Luciferianism in the Catholic Orders

For the Son of God became man so that we might become God

The only-begotten Son of God, wanting to make us shares in his divinity, assumed our nature,

So that he, made man, might make man gods.

Catechism of the Catholic Church p.116

Then I will be able to walk triumphantly. Like a God,

through the ruins of their kingdom.

Every word of mine is fire and action.

My beast is equal to that of the creator.

Karl Marx quoted in Marx and Satan by Rev Richard Wurmbrand p.13

The hellish vapours rise and fill the brain.

Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.

See this sword

The prince of Darkness Sold it too me.

For me he beats the time and gives the signs.

Ever more boldly I play the dance of death.

Karl Marx quoted in Marx and Satan by Rev Richard Wurmbrand p.15

Thus heaven Ive forfeited.

I know it full well.

My Soul, once true to God.

Is chosen for hell.

Karl Marx quoted in Marx and Satan by Rev Richard Wurmbrand p.22

The Esoteric Agendacarr, william guy – satan, prince of this world (1959) by anamed <img src=”//″ height=”0″ width=”0″ style=”display:none; visibility: hidden;” />

scribd. scribd. scribd. scribd. scribd. scribd. scribd.


Prince of

This World


William Guy Carr, R.D.

Commander R.C.N. (R)





William Guy Carr, R.D.

Commander R.C.N. (R)

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– An Introduction to Conspiratorial History

Table of Contents


PUBLISHER’S POSTSCRIPT…………………………………………………………………………………………………..5



THE DEVIL, THE WORLD AND THE FLESH………………………………………………………………………….8

HOW THE W.R.M. WAS TRANSFERRED TO EARTH……………………………………………………………17


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Satan, Prince of This World

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Page 4


When the author of this book, Commander W.J.G. Carr died on October 2, 1959, he left this book in

manuscript form along with many scribbled notes, reference books, half formulated thoughts, etc. His last wish

was that the book be finished and published in order that all men might know of the plot which exists to wipe

out every trace of decency in the world and all civilizations as we know them now.

Such a task is manifestly beyond ordinary means. I, his oldest son, have been asked to try and edit, revise

and correct the manuscript as best possible before publication. This I have done to the best of my limited

ability. I have not added anything to the original draft or changed anything except where requested to do so in

marginal notes in my father’s own handwriting.

I found the work frustrating because it was far beyond the scope of my ability. At the same time, I found it

extremely interesting and rewarding as I tried to sort out the thoughts and ideas of a man who died almost seven

years ago.

At some points in the manuscript I found notes such as: “Check the accuracy of such and such a point” or

“dig out more information on such and such a person”. On each occasion, I deleted the point queried

completely, for it was always my father’s strong belief that nothing should ever be written until completely

proved out in the light of existing knowledge. Since I do not have the necessary sense of values to decide what

information should or should not be used in such cases, I felt safest by leaving the information out completely.

The fact that there are only thirteen chapters in this book will annoy some people and frustrate others: I

think all who read it will be left in a state of restlessness. “The Unfinished Symphony” has never been

completed and this book will not be completed either, except as each reader finishes it for himself in the future

by personal experience as the story unfolds.

Many of you will scoff at the statements made in this book; many will toss it aside as the ravings of a mad-

man; some will be unable to finish the book because it will arouse anxieties and fears that cannot be faced. But

many others, and I hope that they will be in the majority, will find in this work the answers to some of the most

perplexing of the problems that have faced men since the beginning of time and provide material for pondering

possible solutions to the future.

It is up to this latter group principally, but to all men of goodwill generally, regardless of color, race or

creed, that this work is respectfully dedicated in my father’s name. With the dedication goes my earnest hope

and prayer that each one of you will strive, each in his own way, to avert the catastrophe that is surely to come

upon us if the Devil’s plots are not thwarted soon.

For those of you who do read further, please try to remember that this is an uncompleted work and that if

there appears to be a gap or lack of continuity at some points, it is only because this book was published from

little better than a rough draft of what undoubtedly would have been a polished literary effort had Cmdr. Carr

lived a few more months to finish it himself.

Please accept my apologies for my obvious lack in preparing this work completely and I hope that in spite of

its shortcomings, it will be a rich source of material for your future thought. Even more, that it will be the

inspiration for future good work to continue the author’s efforts to: “Tell the truth and shame the Devil”. If we

all work together, perhaps with the help of our Creator, we shall be able to make the world just a little more like

God intended that it should be.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,


W.J. Carr, Jr.

Lima, Peru

June 2, 1966

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Notes [1] The Aldobrandini are claimed to be an Italian noble family from.

(Just from the following sentence we can see they were in fact tied to the Roman lines through marriage and not of.)

Its Roman fortunes were made when Ippolito Aldobrandini became pope under the name Pope Clement VIII.

He arranged the marriage that linked the Aldobrandini with the Roman family of Pamphili.

Additionally, they were also linked to marriage alliances with the Farnese (Ranuccio I, duke of Parma, had married Margherita Aldobrandini) and Borghese (since Olimpia Aldobrandini married Paolo Borghese).

The family also lends its name to the Villa Aldobrandini on the Quirinal Hill.

The Aldobrandini family, having reached the height of its powers when Ippolito Aldobrandini became Pope Clement VIII (1592-1605), began the building of the villa.

In 1600 Clement VIII acquired the Orti Vitelli on the Quirinal hill and in 1601 donated the property to his nephew Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini.

The old buildings of the Vitelli Family were demolished and construction began on the new villa and adjacent garden.

The villa was never the family seat as the Aldobrandini family owned even more splendid residences elsewhere in Rome.

The villa on the Quirinal hill served essentially for ceremonial functions.

More famous was the Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati. Also known as Belvedere for it’s charming location overlooking the whole valley up to Rome, it was rebuilt on the order of Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini, Pope Clement VIII’s nephew over a pre-existing edifice built by the Vatican prelate Alessandro Rufini in 1550.

The villa, aligned with the cathedral down its axial avenue that is continued through the town as Viale Catone, was rebuilt in the current form by Giacomo della Porta from 1598 to 1602, and then completed by Carlo Maderno and Giovanni Fontana.

The villa has an imposing 17th-century facade and some other interesting architectural and environmental features, such as the double gallery order on the rear facade, the spiral-shaped flights, the large exedra of the Water Theatre and the magnificent park.

Inside there are paintings of Mannerist and Baroque artists such as the Zuccari brothers, Cavalier D Arpino and Domenichino.

Outside there is a monumental gate by Carlo Francesco Bizzacheri (early 18th century). [2] The Medici This article is from the Encyclopaedia Brittanica 9th Edition, 1875.

Most readers here would be aware this was the last Encyclopaedia Brittanica published before the Rockefellers bought it out.

MEDICI. This family is renowned in Italian history for the extraordinary number of statesmen to whom it gave birth, and for its magnificent patronage of letters and art, It emerged from private life and rose to power by means of a very subtle policy that was persistently pursued from generation to generation.

The origin of the family is buried in obscurity.

Some court historians indeed declare it to have been founded by Perseus, and assert that Benvenuto Cellini’s bronze Perseus holding on high the head of Medusa was executed and placed in the Loggia dei Lanzi to symbolise the victory of the Medici over the republic. But this only proves that the real origin of the family is unknown, and equally unknown is the precise signification of the Medicean arms, six red balls on a field of gold.

The name appears in Florentine chronicles as early as the close of the 12th century, although only casually mentioned in connection with various offices of the republic.

The first of the family to be a distinct figure in history was Salvestro dei Medici, who, in the year 1378, took an active part in the revolt of the Ciompi so-called because it was led by a wool-carder (ciompo), one Michele di Lando, and because the chief share in it was taken by the populace, who held the reins of government for some time, and sought to obtain extended political rights.

But, although Michele di Lando was the nominal chief of the revolt, Salvestro dei Medici was its real leader.

The latter, although a member of the greater guilds, had joined the lesser and sought to be at their head, in order to lay the foundation of his own power and that of his kindred by attacking the Albizzi, who were the leading men of the greater guilds.

The victory of the Ciompi, however, was brief, for the excesses of the lower classes brought about a reaction, in which they were crushed, and Michele di Lando sent into banishment.

Nevertheless the lesser guilds had gained some ground by this riot, and Salvestro dei Medici the great popularity at which he had aimed.

His policy during that period had traced the sole possible road to power in liberty-loving Florence. And this was the road henceforth pursued by the Medici.

On Salvestro’s death in 1388 the Albizzi repossessed themselves of the government, and conducted the wars of the republic.

Vieri dei Medici, who seems to have been the next head of the family, understanding the temper of the times, abstained from becoming a popular leader, and left it to his successors to prosecute the task under easier conditions.

Then, in the person of Giovanni, son of Bicci dei Medici (1360 1429), another branch of the family arose, and became from that time forward its representative branch.

Indeed this Giovanni may be considered the actual founder of Medicean greatness. He took little part in political affairs, but realised an immense fortune by trade, establishing banks in Italy and abroad, which in his successors hands became the most efficient engines of political power.

The council of Constance (1414 1118) enabled Giovanni dei Medici to realise enormous profits.

Besides, like his ancestor Salvestro, he was a constant supporter of the lesser guilds in Florence.

Historians record his frequent resistance to the Albizzi when they sought to oppress the people with heavier taxation, and his endeavours to cause the chief weight to fall upon the richer classes.

For this reason he was in favour of the so-called law of catasto, which, by assessing the property of every citizen, prevented those in power from arbitrarily imposing taxes that unjustly burdened the people.

In this way, and by liberal loans of money to all who were in need of it, he gained a reputation that was practically the foundation-stone of the grand family edifice.

Giovanni dei Medici died in 1429 leaving two sons, Cosimo (1389 1464) and Lorenzo (1395 1440).

From the former proceeded the branch that held absolute sway for many generations over the nominal republic of Florence, and gave to Italy popes like Leo X. and Clement VII.

On the extinction of this elder line in the 16th century, the younger branch derived from Lorenzo, Cosimo’s brother, seemed to acquire new life, and for two centuries supplied grand-dukes to Tuscany.

Cosimo, surnamed Cosimo the Elder, to distinguish him from the many others bearing the same name, and honoured after his death by the title of Pater patrioe, first succeeded in solving the strange problem of becoming absolute ruler of a republic that was keenly jealous of its liberty, without holding any fixed office, without suppressing any previous form of government, and always preserving the appearance and demeanour of a private citizen.

Born in 1389, he had already reached the age of forty at the time of his father’s death. He had a certain amount of literary culture, and throughout his life showed much taste and an earnest love both for letters and art.

But his father had mainly trained him to commerce, for which he had a special liking and aptitude.

In fact he was devoted to business to the day of his death, and like his forefathers derived pecuniary advantage from his friendly relations with the papal court. He accompanied Pope John XXIII to the council of Constance, transacted a vast amount of business in that city, and made very large gains.

He then travelled in Germany, and after his return to Florence discharged several ambassadorial missions.

At the death of his father he was possessed of a vast fortune and an extended experience, and inherited the leadership of the opposition to the then dominant party of the greater guilds headed by Rinaldo degli Albizzi, Palla Strozzi, and Niccol da Uzzano.

Of gentle and kindly manners, generous in lending and even in giving money whenever he could gain popularity by that means, at critical moments he frequently came to the succour of the Government itself.

He was very dexterous in turning his private liberalities to account for the increase of his political prestige, and showed no less acumen and still fewer scruples in making use of his political prestige for purposes of pecuniary profit.

Indeed, whenever his own interests were at stake, he showed himself capable of positive villainy, although this was always tempered by calculation.

Cosimo proved his skill in these knavish arts during the war between Florence and Lucca.

He had joined the Albizzi in urging on this war, and many writers assert that he turned it to much pecuniary advantage by means of loans to the Government and other banking operations.

When, however, military affairs went badly, Cosimo joined the discontented populace in invectives against the war and those who had conducted it.

This won him an enormous increase of popularity, hut the hatred of the Albizzi and their friends augmented in equal degree, and a conflict became inevitable.

The Albizzi, who were far more impetuous and impatient than Cosimo, were now bent upon revenge.

In 1433 one of their own friends, Bernardo Guadagni, was elected gonfalonier, and thereupon Cosimo dei Medici was called to the palace and summarily imprisoned in the tower.

A general assembly of the people was convoked and a balia chosen, which changed the Government and sent Cosimo into exile. Undoubtedly the Albizzi party would have preferred a heavier sentence, but they did not dare to attempt their enemy’s life, being well aware of the great number of his adherents.

Cosimo had some apprehension that he might be poisoned in prison, but Federigo dei Malavolti, captain of the palace guard, showed him the utmost kindness, and, in order to soothe his fears, voluntarily shared his meals.

On the 3d October the prisoner was sent to Padua, his allotted place of exile.

The Albizzi speedily saw that they had done either too much or too little. While seeking to keep the government entirely in their own hands, they beheld the continual growth of the Medici party.

When it was necessary to make a campaign in Romagna against the mercenary captains commanding the forces of the duke of Milan, it was plainly seen that in banishing Cosimo the republic had lost the only citizen banker in a position to assist it with considerable loans.

The Florentines were defeated by Piecinino in 1434, and this event greatly increased the public exasperation against the Albizzi.

Meanwhile Cosimo, who had gone to Padua as a private individual, was entertained there like a prince.

Then, being permitted to transfer his residence to Venice, he entered on a course of lavish expenditure. He was overwhelmed with letters and appeals from Florence.

Finally, on the 1st of September 1434, a signory was elected composed of his friends, and his recall was decreed.

Rinaldo degli Albizzi determined to oppose it by force, and rushed to the Piazza with a band of armed men; but his attempt failed, and he left the country to return no more.

The Medici were now reinstated in all their former dignities and honours, and Cosimo, on the evening of September 6th, rode past the deserted mansions of the Albizzi and re-entered his own dwelling after an exile of a year.

For three centuries, dating from that moment, the whole history of Florence was connected with that of the house of Medici.

Cosimo’s first thought was to secure himself against all future risk of removal from Florence, and accordingly he drove the most powerful citizens into exile to all parts of Italy.

Nor did he spare even his former political adversary, Palla Strozzi, although the latter had been favourable to him during the recent changes.

His rigour in this particular case was universally censured, but Cosimo would tolerate no rivals in the city, and was resolved to abase time great families and establish his power by the support of the lower classes.

He was accustomed to say that states could not be ruled by paternosters. Still, when cruelty seemed requisite, he always contrived that the chief odium of it should fall upon others.

When Neri Capponi, the valiant soldier and able diplomatist, gained great public favour by his military prowess, and his influence was further increased by the friendship of Baldaccio d Anghiari, captain of the infantry, Cosimo resolved to weaken his position by indirect means.

Accordingly, when in 1441 a partisan of the Medici was elected gonfalonier, Baldaccio was instantly summoned to the palace, imprisoned, murdered, and his body hurled from the window.

No one could actually fix this crime upon Cosimo, but the majority believed that he had thus contrived to rid himself cf one enemy and cripple another without showing his hand.

It was impossible for Cosimo openly to assume the position of tyrant of Florence, nor was it worth his while to become gonfalonier, since the term of office only lasted two months.

It was necessary to discover some other way without resorting to violence ; he accordingly employed what were then designated civil methods.

He managed to attain his object by means of the balia.

These magistracies, which were generally renewed every five years, placed in the ballot bags the names of the candidates from whom the signory and other chief magistrates were to be chosen.

As soon as a balia favourable to Cosimo was formed, he was assured for five years of having the government in the hands of men devoted to his interests.

He had comprehended that the art of politics depended rather upon individuals than institutions, and that he who ruled men could also dictate laws.

His foreign policy was no less astute. His great wealth enabled him to supply money not only to private individuals, but even to foreign potentates.

Philippe do Comines tells us that Cosimo frequently furnished Edward IV of England with sums amounting to many hundred thousand florins.

When Tommaso Parentucelli was still a cardinal, and in needy circumstances, Cosimo made him considerable loans without demanding guarantees of payment.

On the cardinal’s accession to the tiara as Nicholas V. he was naturally very well disposed towards Cosimo, and employed the Medici bank in Rome in all the affairs of the curia, which brought immense profits to the house.

At the time when Francesco Sforza was striving for the lordship of Milan, Cosirno foresaw his approaching triumph, showed him great friendship, and aided him with large sums of money.

Accordingly, when Sforza became lord of Milan, Cosimo’s power was doubled.

Without the title of prince, this merchant showed royal generosity in his expenditure for the promotion of letters and the fine arts.

Numerous edifices were raised and public works accomplished with his purse. Besides his palace in the city, he constructed noble villas at Careggi, Fiesole, and other places.

He built the basilica of Fiesole, and that of St Lorenzo in Florence, and enlarged the church and monastery of St Mark.

Even in distant Jerusalem he endowed a hospice for the use of pilgrims.

The artists of the day comprised men like Donatello, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, Luca della Robbia, and many others, and Cosimo’s magnificent commissions not only developed their powers but stimulated other men of wealth to the patronage of art.

Without being a scholar, Cosimo had a genuine taste for letters, and gave them much and efficient patronage.

He purchased many Greek and Latin manuscripts; he opened the first public library at St Mark’s at his own expense, and founded another in the abbey of Fiesole.

The Greek refugees from Constantinople found a constant welcome in his palace. During the council of Florence (1439 1442), Gemisthus Pletho spoke to him with enthusiasm of the Platonic philosophy.

Cosimo was so deeply attracted by the theme that he decided to have the young Marsilio Ficino trained in philosophy and Greek learning in order to make a Latin translation of the complete works of Plato.

And thus a version was produced that is still considered one of the best extant, and that Platonic academy was founded which led to such important results in the history of Italian philosophy and letters.

On the 1st of August 1464 Cosimo breathed his last, at the age of seventy-five, while engaged in listening to one of Plato’s dialogues.

The concluding years of his life had been years of little happiness for Florence. Being old and infirm, he had left the government to the management of his friends, among whom Luca Pitti was one of the more powerful, and they had ruled with disorder, corruption, amid cruelty.

The lordship of Florence accordingly did not pass without some difficulty and danger into the hands of Piero, surnamed the Gouty, Cosimo’s only surviving legitimate son.

Afflicted by gout, and so terribly crippled that he was often only able to use his tongue, the new ruler soon discovered that a plot was on foot to overthrow his power.

However, showing far more courage than he was supposed to possess, he had himself borne on a litter from his villa to Florence, defeated his enemies designs, and firmly re-established his authority.

But his success may be mainly attributed to the enormous prestige bequeathed by Cosimo to his Posterity.

Piero died at the end of five years reign, on the 31 December 1469, leaving two sons, Lorenzo (1449 92) and Giuliano (1453 78).

The younger, the gentler and less ambitious of the pair, was, as we shall presently see, quickly removed from the world.

Lorenzo, on the contrary, at once seized the reins of state with a firm grasp, and was, chronologically, the second of the great men bestowed upon Italy by the house of Medici.

In literary talent he was immensely superior to Cosimo, but greatly his inferior in the conduct of the commercial affairs of the house, for which he had neither aptitude nor inclination.

In politics he had nobler conceptions and higher ambitions, but he was more easily carried away by his passions, less prudent in his revenge, and more disposed to tyranny.

He had studied letters from his earliest years under the guidance of Ficino and other leading literati of the day, who were constant habitues of the Medici palace.

At the age of eighteen he visited the different courts of Italy in order to gain experience of the world and mankind.

At his father’s death he was only twenty-one years old, but instantly showed his determination to govern Florence with greater despotism than his father or grandfather.

He speedily resorted to the system of the balia, and was very dexterous in causing the first to be chosen to suit his Purpose. He then proceeded to humiliate the great families and exalt those of little account, and this was the policy he constantly pursued.

His younger brother Giuliano, being of a mild and yielding disposition, had only a nominal share in the government.

Lorenzo’s policy was not exempt from danger, but, although prosecuted with less caution, it was still the old astute and fortunate policy initiated by Cosimo.

But the grandson bestowed no care upon his commercial interests, although squandering his fortune with far greater lavishness.

Accordingly he was sometimes driven to help himself from the public purse without ever being able to assist it as Cosimo had done.

All this excited blame and enmity against him, while his greed in the matter of the alum mines of Volterra, and the subsequent sack of that unhappy city, were crimes for which there was no excuse.

Among his worst enemies were the Pazzi, and, as they formed a very powerful clan, he sought their ruin by competing with them even in business transactions.

They were just on the point of inheriting the large property of Giovanni Borromeo when, in order to prevent this, Lorenzo hurriedly caused a law to be passed that altered the right of succession.

The hatred of the Pazzi was thereby exasperated to fury.

And in addition to these things there ensued a desperate quarrel with Pope Sixtus IV., a man of very impetuous temper, who, on endeavouring to erect a state on the frontiers of the Florentine republic for the benefit of his nephews, found a determined and successful opponent in Lorenzo.

Consequently the Pazzi and Archbishop Salviati, another enemy of Lorenzo, aided by the nephews of the pontiff, who was himself acquainted with the whole matter, determined to put an end to the family.

On the 26th April 1478, while Giuliano and Lorenzo were attending high mass in the cathedral of Florence, the former was mortally stabbed by conspirators, but the latter was able to beat back his assailants and escape into the sacristy.

His life saved; and, no longer having to share the government with a brother, Lorenzo profited by the opportunity to wreak cruel vengeance upon his foes.

Several of the Pazzi and their followers were hanged from the palace windows; others were hacked to pieces, dragged through the streets, and cast into the Arno, while a great many more were condemned to death or sent into exile.

Lorenzo seemed willing and able to become a tyrant. But be stopped short of this point.

He knew the temper of the city, and had also to look to fresh dangers threatening him from without.

The pope had excommunicated him, put Florence under an interdict, and, being seconded by the Neapolitan king, made furious war against the republic.

These hostilities speedily assumed alarming proportions, and the Florentines began to tire of submitting to so many hardships in order to support the yoke of a fellow-citizen.

Lorenzo’s hold over Florence seemed endangered.

But he did not lose heart, and, on the contrary, rose superior to the difficulties by which he was encompassed.

He boldly journeyed to Naples, to the court of King Ferdinand of Aragon, who was reputed to be as treacherous as he was cruel, and succeeded in obtaining from him an honourable peace, that soon led to a reconciliation with Sixtus.

Thus at last Lorenzo found himself complete master of Florence, and was in a position to turn his power to account. But, as the balia changed every five years, it was always requisite, in order to retain his supremacy, that he should be prepared to renew the usual manoeuvre at the close of that term and have another elected equally favourable to his aims. This was often a difficult achievement, and Lorenzo showed much dexterity in overcoming all obstacles.

In 1480 he compassed the institution of a new council of seventy, which was practically a permanent balia with extended powers, inasmuch as it not only elected the chief magistrates, but had also the administration of numerous state affairs. But, this permanent council of his own devoted adherents once formed, his security was firmly established. By this means, the chroniclers tell us,

liberty was buried, but the chief affairs of the state were always conducted by intelligent and experienced men, who promoted the public prosperity. Florence was still called a republic; the old institutions were still preserved, if only in name.

Lorenzo was absolute lord of all, and virtually a tyrant. His immorality was scandalous; he kept an army of spies, and frequently meddled in the citizens most private affairs, and exalted men of the lowest condition to important offices of the state. Yet, as Guicciardini remark, if Florence was to have a tyrant, she could never have found a better or more pleasant one.

In fact all industry, commerce, and public works made enormous progress. The civil equality of modern states, which was quite unknown to the Middle Ages, was more developed in Florence than in any other city of the world. Even the condition of the peasantry was far more prosperous than elsewhere. And Lorenzo’s authority was not confined to Tuscany, but was also very great throughout the whole of Italy.

He was on the friendliest terms with Pope Innocent VIII, from whom he obtained the exaltation of his son Giovanni to the cardinalate at the age of fourteen. This boy cardinal was afterwards Pope Leo X. From the moment of the decease of Sixtus IV, the union of Florence and Rome became the basis of Lorenzo’s foreign policy. By its means he was able to prevent the hatreds and jealousies of the Sforzas of Milan and the Aragonese of Naples from bursting into the open conflict that long threatened, and after his death actually caused, the beginning of new and irreparable calamities. Hence Lorenzo was styled the needle of the Italian compass.

But the events we have narrated cannot suffice for the full comprehension of this complex character, unless we add the record of his deeds as a patron of letters and his achievements as a writer. His palace was the school and resort of illustrious men. Within its walls were trained the two young Medici afterwards known to the world as Leo X. and Clement VII. Ficino, Poliziano, Pico della Mirandola, and all members of the Platonic academy were its constant habitus. It was here that Pulci gave readings of his Morqante, and Michelangelo essayed the first strokes of his chisel.

Lorenzo’s intellectual powers were of exceptional strength and versatility. He could speak with equal fluency on painting, sculpture, music, philosophy, and poetry. But his crowning superiority over every other Maecenas known to history lay in his active participation in the intellectual labours that he promoted. Indeed at certain moments he was positively the leading spirit among the literati of his time. He was an elegant prose writer, and was likewise a poet of real originality.

At that period Italians were forsaking erudition in order to forward the revival of the national literature by recurring to the primitive sources of the spoken tongue and popular verse. It is Lorenzo’s lasting glory to have been the initiator of this movement. Without being as some have maintained a poet of genius, he was certainly a writer of much finish and eloquence, and one of the first to raise popular poetry to the dignity of art, In his Ambra, his Caccia del Falcone, and his Nencia da Barberino, he gives descriptions of nature and of the rural life that he loved, with the graphic power of an acute and tasteful observer, joined to an ease of style that occasionally sins by excess of homeliness. Both in his art and in his politics he leant upon the people.

The more oppressive his government, the more did he seek in his verses to incite the public to festivities and lull it to slumber by sensual enjoyments. In his Ballate, or songs for dancing, and more especially in his carnival songs, a kind of verse invented by himself, Lorenzo displayed all the best qualities and worst defects of his muse. Marvellously and spontaneously elegant, very truthful and fresh in style, fertile in fancy and rich in colour, they are often of a most revolting indecency. And these compositions of one filling a princely station in the city were often sung by their author in the public streets, in the midst of the populace.

Lorenzo left three sons, Pietro (1471 1503), Giovanni (1475 1521), and Giuliano (1479 1516).

He was succeeded by Pietro, whose rule lasted but for two years. During this brief term Pietro performed no good deeds, and only displayed inordinate vanity and frivolity.

His conduct greatly helped to foment the hatred between Lodovico Sforza and Ferdinand of Naples, which hastened the coming of the French under Charles VIII, and the renewal of foreign invasions. No sooner did the French approach the frontiers of Tuscany than Pietro, crazed with fear, hastened to meet them, and, basely yielding to every demand, accepted terms equally humiliating to himself and the state. But, returning to Florence, he found that the enraged citizens had already decreed his deposition, in order to reconstitute the republic, and was therefore compelled to escape to Venice. His various plots to reinstate himself in Florence were all unsuccessful. At last he went to the south of Italy with the French, was drowned at the passage of the Garigliano in 1503, and was buried in the cloister of Monte Cassino.

The ensuing period was averse to the Medici, fur a republican government was maintained in Florence from 1494 to 1512, and the city remained faithful to its alliance with the French, who were all-powerful in Italy.

Cardinal Giovanni, the head of the family, resided in Rome, playing the patron to a circle of literati, artists, and friends, seeking to increase his popularity, and calmly wailing for better days. The battle of Ravenna wrought the downfall of the fortunes of France in Italy, and led to the rise of those of Spain, whose troops entered Florence to destroy the republic and reinstate the Medici.

Pietro had now been dead for some time, leaving a young son, Lorenzo (1492 1519), who was afterwards duke of Urbino. The following year (1513) Cardinal Giovanni was elected pope, and assumed the name of Leo X. He accordingly removed to Rome, leaving his brother Giuliano with his nephew Lorenzo in Florence, and accompanied by his cousin Giulio, who was a natural son of the Giuliano murdered in the conspiracy of the Pazzi, and was soon destined to be a cardinal and ultimately a pope. Meanwhile his kinsmen in Florence continued to govern that city by means of a balia, although preserving an empty show of republican institutions.

And thus, being masters of the whole of central Italy, the Medici enjoyed great authority throughout the country, and their ambition plumed itself for still higher flights. This was the moment when Niccol Machiavelli, in his treatise The Prince, counselled them to accomplish the unity of Italy by arming the whole country, and expelling its foreign invaders.

Leo X., who is only indirectly connected with the history of Florence, gave his name to the age in which he lived in consequence of his magnificent patronage of art and letters in Rome. But he was merely a clever amateur, and had not the literary gifts of his father Lorenzo. He surrounded himself with versifiers and inferior writers, who enlivened his hoard and accompanied him wherever he went. He liked to lead a gay and untroubled life, was fond of theatrical performances, satires, and other intellectual diversions.

His patronage of the fine arts, his genuine affection for Raphael, and the numerous works he caused to be executed by him and other artists, have served to confer an exaggerated glory on his name.

He failed to comprehend the significance of the great religious movement already stirring in Germany, and had not the remotest idea of the grave importance of the Reformation, which indeed he unconsciously promoted by his reckless and shameless sale of indulgences. The whole policy of Pope Leo X. consisted in oscillating between France and Spain, in always playing fast and loose, and deceiving both powers in turn. Yet the evil results of this contemptible policy never seemed to disturb his mind. He finally joined the side of the emperor Charles V., and in 1521, at the time of the defeat of the French by the Spanish troops on the River Adda, he ceased to breathe at his favourite villa of Magliana.

Giuliano dei Medici had died during Leo’s reign, in 1516, without having ever done anything worthy of record. He was the husband of Philiberta of Savoy, was duke of Nemours, and left a natural son, Ippolito dei Medici (1511 1535), who afterwards became a cardinal.

Lorenzo, being of more ambitious temper, was by no means content to remain at the head of the Florence Government hampered by many restrictions imposed by republican institutions, and subject to the incessant control of the pope.

In his eagerness to aggrandise his kinsmen, the latter had further decided to give Lorenzo the duchy of Urbino, and formally invested him in its rights, after expelling on false pretences its legitimate lord, Francesco Maria della Rovere. This prince, however, soon returned to Urbino, where he was joyously welcomed by his subjects, and Lorenzo regained possession only by a war of several months, in which he was wounded. In 1519 he also died, worn out by disease and excess.

By his marriage with Madeleine do la Tour d Auvergne, he had one daughter, Caterina dei Medici (1519 89), married in 1533 to Henry, duke of Orleans, afterwards king of France. She played a long and sinister part in the history of that country.

Lorenzo also left a natural son named Alessandro, inheriting the frizzled hair and projecting lips of the negro or mulatto slave who had given him birth. His miserable death will be presently related. Thus the only three surviving representatives of the chief branch of the Medici, Cardinal Giulio, Ippolito, and Alessandro were all of illegitimate birth, and left no legitimate heirs.

Cardinal Giulio, who had laboured successfully for the reinstatement of his family in Florence in 1512, had been long attached to the person of Leo X. as his trusted factotum and companion, he had been generally regarded as the mentor of the pope, who had no liking for hard work. But in fact, his frivolity notwithstanding, Leo X. always followed his own inclinations. He had much aptitude for command, and pursued his shuffling policy without any mental anxiety. Giulio, on the contrary, shrank from all responsibility, muddled his brains in weighing the reasons for and against every possible decision, and was therefore a better tool of government in others hands than he was fit to govern on his own account.

When Giuliano and Lorenzo died, the pope appointed the cardinal to the government of Florence. In that post, restricted within the limits imposed by republican institutions, and acting under the continual direction of Rome, he performed his duties fairly well. He caressed the citizens with hopes of extended liberties, which, although never destined to be fulfilled, long served to keep men’s minds in a pleasant flutter of expectation; and when the more impatient spirits attempted to raise a rebellion he speedily quenched it in blood. When, after the death of Leo X. and the very brief pontificate of Adrian VI, he was elected pope (1523) under the name of Clement VII, he entrusted the government of Florence to Cardinal Silvio Passerini conjointly with Alessandro and Ippolito, who were still too young to do much on their own account.

The pontificate of Leo X. had been a time of felicity to himself if of disaster to Italy and the church. The reign of Clement, on the contrary, was fatal to himself as well, a result chiefly due to his hesitating temper and continual uncertainty of mind. His policy, like that of Leo X., consisted in perpetual oscillation between France and Spain. By his endeavours to trick all the world, he frequently ended in being tricked himself. In 1525 he was the ally of the French, who then suffered a terrible defeat at Pavia, where their king Francis I. was taken prisoner. The armies of Charles V. triumphantly advanced, without Clement being able to oppose any effectual resistance. Both Rome and Florence were threatened with a fearful catastrophe.

Thus far we have had no occasion to speak of the younger branch of the Medici, descended from Lorenzo, brother to Cosimo the Elder. Always in obscurity, and always held in check by the elder line, it now seemed to acquire new life, and first entered the arena of history when the other was on the point of extinction.

In fact the most valiant captain of the papal forces was Giovanni dei Medici, afterwards known by the name of Giovanni delle Bande Nere. His father was Giovanni, son of Pier Francesco, who was the son of Lorenzo, the brother of Cosimo dei Medici. History has little to tell of the elder Giovanni; but his wife Caterina Sforza, of whom he was the third husband, was a woman of more than masculine vigour. Giovanni dei Medici married her in 1497, but died in 1493, leaving her with one son who was christened Lodovico, but afterwards took his father’s name of Giovanni (1498 1526).

Trained to arms from his earliest years, this youth inherited all the energy of his mother, whose Sforza blood seemed to infuse new life into the younger branch of the Medici. Notwithstanding his extreme youth, he had already achieved the title of the best captain in Italy. He always fought with immense dash and daring, and was devotedly loved and obeyed by his soldiery. He was the only leader who opposed a determined resistance to the imperial forces. He was seriously wounded at Pavia when fighting on the French side.

On his recovery he joined the army of the League, and was much enraged by finding that the duke of Urbino, commander of the Venetian and papal forces, would never decide on attacking. When the imperial troops were struggling through the marshes of Mantua, surrounded on every side, and without stores or ammunition, Giovanni could not resign himself to inactivity like his colleagues in command. He was ignorant that the imperialists had just received supplies and artillery from the duke of Ferrara, and therefore daringly attacked them with a small body of men without taking any precautions for defence. One of the first shots fired by the enemy injured him so fatally that he died a few days after. He was married to Maria Salviati, by whom he had one son, Cosimo (1519 1574), born, as we shall see, to lofty fortunes, for he became the first grand-duke of Tuscany, and indeed the founder of the grand-duchy and the new dynasty.

Meanwhile the imperial army pursued its march upon Rome, captured the Eternal City after a few hours combat, and cruelly sacked it during many days (1527). Thanks to his perpetual shuffling and excessive avarice, the pope found himself utterly forsaken, and, being unable to defend the city, was obliged to seek refuge in the castle of St Angelo, whence he only effected his escape after some months. He then signed a treaty of alliance with the emperor (1529), who sent an army to besiege Florence and restore the Medici, whom the people had expelled in 1527 on the re-establishment of the republic. After a heroic defence, the city was forced to surrender (1530) ; and, although it was expressly stipulated that the ancient liberties of Florence should be respected, every one foresaw that the conditions would be violated.

In fact, pope and emperor immediately began to dispute as to which should be the new lord of the city. Clement VII had inherited the traditional family dislike for the younger branch of his kin, and so the choice lay between the two bastards Ippolito and Alessandro. The former being a cardinal, the latter was chosen.

Alessandro, who already bore the title of duke of Citt  di Penna, came to Florence in 1531, and by imperial patent was nominated head of the republic. According to the terms of this patent, the former liberty enjoyed under the Medicean rule was to remain intact. But no previous ruler of the city had enjoyed hereditary power confirmed by imperial patent, and such power was incompatible with the existence of a republic. Moreover, Clement VII showed dissatisfaction with the uncertainty of the power conferred upon his kinsman, and finally succeeded in obtaining additional privileges.

On the 4th of April 1532 a parliament was convoked for the last time in Florence, and, as usual, approved every measure proposed for acceptance. Accordingly a new council was formed of two hundred citizens elected for life, forty-eight of which number were to constitute a senate.

Alessandro, as duke of the republic, filled the post of gonfalonier, and carried on the government with the assistance of three senators, changed every three months, who took the place of the suppressed signory.

The duke’s chief advisers, and the contrivers of all these arrangements, were Baccio Valori, Francesco Vettori, and above all Francesco Guicciardini, men, especially the latter two, of lofty political gifts and extensive influence.

The mind and character of Duke Alessandro were as yet comparatively unknown. At first he seemed very anxious to win the favour of the people, and disposed to rule with justice and prudence. But soon encountering difficulties that he was unable to overcome, he began to neglect the business of the state, treated his new office as affording the means for increased indulgence in pleasure and vice, and acted as if the sole function of government consisted in lulling the people by festivities and corrupting it by the dissolute life of which he set the example. The question of the moment was the transformation of the old republican regime into a princedom; as an unavoidable result of this change it followed that Florence was no longer to be the ruling city to whose inhabitants alone belonged the monopoly of political office.

When the leading Florentine families realised, not only that the republic was destroyed, but that they were reduced to equality with those whom they had hitherto regarded as their inferiors and subjects, their rage was indescribable, and hardly a day passed without the departure of influential citizens who were resolved to achieve the overthrow of their new ruler. They found a leader in Cardinal Ippolito dei Medici, who was then in Rome, embittered by the preference given to Alessandro, and anxious to become his successor with the least possible delay.

Under the pressure of terror the duke at once became a tyrant. He garrisoned the different cities, and began the erection in Florence of the Fortezza da Basso, built chiefly at the expense of Filippo Strozzi, who afterwards met his death within its walls.

In 1534 Clement VII died, and the election fell on Paul III, from whom Cardinal Ippolito hoped to obtain assistance for his designs. Accordingly the principal Florentine exiles were dispatched on a mission to the emperor Charles V. with complaints of Alessandro’s tyranny and his shameless violation of the terms upon which the city had surrendered. Cardinal Ippolito also represented his own willingness to carry on the government of Florence in a more equitable manner, and promised the emperor a large sum of money. Reply being delayed by the emperor’s absence, he became so impatient that he set out, accompanied by several exiles, to meet Charles in Tunis, but on the 10th of August 1535 died suddenly by the way, at Itri, poisoned by order of Alessandro.

Such at least was the general belief, and it was confirmed by the same fate befalling other enemies of the duke about the same time. On the emperor’s return from Africa, the exiles presented themselves to him in Naples, and the venerable patriot Jacopo Nardi pleaded their cause. Duke Alessandro, being cited to appear, came to Naples accompanied by Francesco Guicciardini, who by speaking in his defence rendered himself odious to all friends of liberty, and irretrievably tarnished his illustrious name. The cardinal being dead, it was hard to find a successor to Alessandro. On this account, and perhaps to some extent through the emperor’s personal liking for the duke, the latter rose higher than before in the imperial favour, married Margaret of Austria, the natural daughter of Charles, and returned to Florence with increased power.

And now Alessandro indulged unchecked in the lowest excesses of tyranny, and although so recently a bridegroom gave way to increased libertinism, His whole time was passed in vicious haunts and in scandalous adventures. [n order to conceal the obscurity of his birth, he left his mother to starve, and it was even asserted that he finally got rid of her by poison.

His constant associate in this disgraceful routine was distant kinsman Lorenzo, generally known as Lorenzino dei Medici. Of the younger branch of the Medici, the latter was second cousin of the Cosimo already mentioned as the son of Giovanni delle Bande Nere. He had much culture and literary talent, but led an irregular life, sometimes acting like a madman and sometimes like a villain. He was a writer of considerable elegance, the author of several plays, one of which, the Aridosio, was held to be among the best of the age, and he was a worshipper of antiquity. Notwithstanding these tastes, when in Rome he knocked off the heads of some of the finest statues of the age of Adrian, an act by which Clement VII was so incensed that he threatened to have him hanged. Thereupon Lorenzino fled to Florence, where he became the friend of Duke Alessandro and his partner in the most licentious excesses. They went together to houses of ill-fame, and violated private dwellings and convents. They often showed themselves in public mounted on the same horse. All Florence eyed them with disgust, but no one foresaw the tragedy that was soon to take place.

On the evening of January 5th, 1537, after a day passed in the usual excesses, Lorenzino led the duke to his own lodging, and left him there, promising shortly to return with the wife of Leonardo Ginori. Alessandro, worn out by the exertions of the day, fell asleep on the couch while awaiting Lorenzino’s return. Before long the latter came accompanied by a desperado known as the Scoronconcolo, who aided him in falling on the sleeper. Roused by their first thrusts, the duke fought for his life, sand was only despatched after a violent struggle. The murderers then lifted the body into bed, hid it beneath the clothes, and, Lorenzino having attached a paper to it bearing the words, vincit amor patriae, laudumque immenza cupida, they both fled to Venice.

In that city Lorenzino was assassinated some ten years later, in 1548, at the age of thirty-two, by order of Alessandro’s successor. Thus he was only about twenty-two at the time he committed the murder. He wrote an Apologia, in which he defended himself with great skill and eloquence, saying that he had been urged to the deed solely by love of liberty. For this reason alone he had followed the example of Brutus and played the part of friend and courtier. The tone of this Apologia is so straightforward, sometimes even so eloquent and lofty, that we should be tempted to give it credence were it possible to believe the assertions of one who not only by his crime but by the infamy of his previous and subsequent career completely gave the lie to his vaunted nobility of purpose.

By Alessandro’s death the elder branch of the Medici became extinct, and thus the appearance of the younger line was heralded by a bloody crime. When the duke’s absence from his own palace was discovered on the morning of January 6th, he was at first supposed to have spent the night with one of his mistresses; but soon, some alarm being felt, search was made, and Cardinal Cybo was the first to discover the murder. Enjoining the strictest secrecy, he kept the corpse concealed for three days, and then had it interred in the sacristy of San Lorenzo. Meanwhile he had hastily summoned Alessandro Vitelli and the other captains, so that, by the time Alessandro’s death was made public, the city was already filled with troops. The cardinal then convoked the council of forty-eight to decide upon a successor. Alessandro’s only issue was a natural son named Giulio, aged five. The cardinal favoured his election, in the hope of keeping the real sovereignty in his own hands. But he speedily saw the impossibility of carrying out a design that was ridiculed by all.

On the other hand, Guicciardini, Vettori, and others of the leading citizens favoured the choice of Cosimo, the son of Giovanni delle Bande Nere. He was already in Florence, was aged seventeen, was keen-witted and aspiring, strong and handsome in person, heir to the enormous wealth of the Medici, and, by the terms of the imperial patent, was Alessandro’s lawful successor.

Charles V. approved the nomination of Cosimo, who without delay seized the reins of government with a firm grasp. Like Alessandro, he was named head of the republic ; and Guicciardini and others who had worked hardest in his cause hoped to direct him and keep him under their control. But Cosimo soon undeceived them by proving that, his youth notwithstanding, he had a will of his own, and was resolved to rule unshackled by republican forms and unhampered by advisers disposed to act as mentors. The Florentines had now an absolute prince who was likewise a statesman of eminent ability.

On learning the death of Alessandro and the election of Cosimo, the exiles appreciated the necessity for prompt action, as all delay would be fatal to the overthrow of the Medicean rule. They had received money and promises from France; they were strengthened by the adhesion of Filippo Strozzi and Baccio Valori, who had both become hostile to the Medici through the infamous conduct and mad tyranny of Alessandro; and Strozzi brought them the help of his enormous fortune and the prowess of that very distinguished captain, his son Piero. The exiles accordingly met, and assembled their forces at Mirandola. They had about four thousand infantry and three hundred horse; among them were members of all the principal Florentine families; and their leaders were Bernardo Salviati and Piero Strozzi. They marched rapidly, and entered Tuscany towards the end of July 1537.

Cosimo on this occasion displayed signal capacity and presence of mind. Fully informed of the exiles movements by means of his spies, he no sooner learned their approach than he ordered Alessandro Vitelli to collect the best German, Spanish, and Italian infantry at his disposal, and advance against the enemy without delay.

On the evening of July 31 Vitelli marched towards Prato with seven hundred picked infantry and a band of one hundred horse, and on the way fell in with other Spanish foot soldiers who joined the expedition. At early dawn the following morning he made a sudden attack on the exiles advanced guard close to Montemurlo, an old fortress converted into a villa belonging to the Nerli. Having utterly routed them, he proceeded to storm Montemurlo, where Filippo Strozzi and a few of his young comrades had taken refuge and barricaded the gates. Knowing that they must either conquer or die, they made a desperate resistance for some hours, and then, overwhelmed by superior numbers, were obliged to yield themselves prisoners.

The main body of the army was still at some distance, having been detained in the mountains by heavy rains and difficult passes, and, on learning the defeat at Montemurlo, its header refused to advance, and turned back by the way he had come. Alessandro Vitelli then reentered Florence with his victorious army and his fettered captives. Cosimo had achieved his first triumph.

All the prisoners, who were members of great families, were brought before Cosimo, and were received by him with courteous coldness. Soon, however, a scaffold was erected in the Piazza, and on four mornings in succession four of the prisoners were beheaded. Then the duke saw fit to stay the executions. Baccio Valori, however, and his son and nephew were beheaded on the 20th of August in the courtyard of the Bargello. Filippo Strozzi still survived, confined in the Fortezza da Basso, that had been built at his expense. His family was illustrious, he had numerous adherents, and he enjoyed the protection of the French king.

Nevertheless Cosimo only awaited some plausible pretext to rid himself of this dreaded enemy, he brought him to trial and had him put to the question. But this cruelty led to nothing, for Strozzi denied every accusation and bore the torture with much fortitude. On December 18th he was found dead in his prison, with a blood-stained sword by his side, and a slip of paper bearing these words exoriare aliquis nostris ex ossibus ultor. It was believed that having renounced all hope of his life being spared, Strozzi had preferred suicide to death at the hands of the executioner. Some, however, thought that Cosimo had caused him to be murdered, and adopted this mode of concealing the crime.

The young prince’s cold-blooded massacre of his captives cast an enduring shadow upon his reign and dynasty. But it was henceforward plain to all that he was a man of stern resolve, who went straight his end without scruples or half measures. Before long he was regarded by many as the incarnation of Machiavelli’s Prince, inasmuch as he joined daring to talent and prudence, was capable of great cruelty, and yet could practise mercy in due season.

Guicciardini, who still pretended to act as mentor, and who on account of his many services had a certain influence over him, was obliged to withdraw from public life and busy himself with writing his History at his villa of Arcetri. He died in this retreat in 1540, and it was immediately rumoured that the duke had caused him to be poisoned. This shows the estimation in which Cosimo was now held. It was true that he punished with death all who dared to resist his will.

By 1540 sentence of death had been pronounced against four hundred and thirty contumacious fugitives, and during his reign one hundred and forty men and six women actually ascended the scaffold, without counting those who perished in foreign lands by the daggers of his assassins.

He reduced the old republican institutions to empty forms, by making the magistrates mere creatures of his will. He issued the sternest edicts against the rebels, particularly by the law known as the Polverina, from the name of its proposer Jacopo Polverini. This law decreed not only the confiscation of the property of exiles, but likewise that of their heirs, even if personally acquired by the latter.

Cosimo ruled like the independent sovereign of a great state, and always showed the capacity, firmness, and courage demanded by that station. Only, his state being small and weak, he was forced to rely chiefly upon his personal talent and wealth. It was necessary for him to make heavy loans to the different European sovereigns, especially to Charles V., the most rapacious of them all, and to give enormous bribes to their ambassadors. Besides, he had to carry on wars for the extension of his dominions, and neither his inherited wealth nor the large sums gained by confiscating the estates of rebellious subjects sufficed for all this outlay. He was accordingly compelled to burden the people with taxes, and thus begin at once to diminish its strength.

Cosimo bore a special grudge against the neighbouring republics of Siena and Lucca. Although the latter was small and weak, and the former garrisoned by Spaniards, yet the spectacle of free institutions at the frontiers of his own state served as a continual incitement to subjects disaffected to the new regime. In fact Francesco Burlamacchi, a zealous Lucchese patriot, had conceived the design of re-establishing republican government in all the cities of Tuscany. Cosimo, with the emperor’s help, succeeded having him put to death. Lucca, however, was an insignificant state making no pretence of rivalry, whereas Siena was an old and formidable foe to Florence, and had always given protection to the Florentine exiles. It was now very reluctantly submitting to the presence of a Spanish garrison, and, being stimulated by promises of prompt and efficacious assistance from France, rose in rebellion and expelled the Spaniards in 1552.

Cosimo instantly seized the opportunity, wrote to the emperor in terms that appealed to his pride, asked leave to attack Siena, and begged for troops to ensure the success of his enterprise. As no immediate answer arrived, he feigned to begin negotiations with Henry II of France, and, by thus arousing the imperial jealousy, obtained a contingent of German and Spanish infantry. Then came a long and bloody war.

Siena was besieged for fifteen months, and its inhabitants, aided by the valour of Piero Strozzi, who fought under the French flag, made a most heroic resistance, even women and children helping on the walls. But fortune was against them. Piero Strozzi sustained several defeats, and finally the Sienese, having exhausted their ammunition and being decimated by famine and the sword, were obliged to capitulate on honourable terms that were shamelessly violated. By the varied disasters of the siege and the number of fugitives the population was reduced from forty to eight thousand inhabitants. The republicans, still eager to resist, withdrew to Montalcino.

Cosimo now ruled the city and territory of Siena in the name of Charles V., who always refused him its absolute possession. After the emperor’s abdication, and the succession of Philip II. to the Spanish throne, Cosimo at last obtained Siena and Pontoferra by giving up his claim to a sum of 200,000 ducats that he was to have received from Charles V. In 1559 he also captured Montalcino, and thus formed the grand-duchy of Tuscany, but he continued to govern the new state i.e., Siena and its territories separately from the old.

His rule was intelligent, skilful, and despotic; but his enormous expenses drove him to raise large sums of money by special contrivances unsuited to the country and the people. Hence, notwithstanding the genius of its founder, the grand-duchy held from the first the elements of its future decay.

Cosimo preferred to confer office upon men of humble origin in order to have pliable tools, but he also liked to be surrounded by a courtier aristocracy on the Spanish and French pattern. As no Tuscan aristocracy any longer existed, he created new nobles, and tempted foreign ones to come by the concession of various feudal privileges; and, in order to turn this artificial aristocracy to some account, he founded the knightly order of St Stephen, charged with the defence of the coast against pirates, which in course of time won much honour by its prowess.

He also established a small standing army for the protection of his frontiers; but, as we have seen, he generally employed German and Spanish troops for his wars, and always had a foreign bodyguard. At the commencement of his reign he opposed the popes in order to maintain the independence of his own state; but later, to obtain help, he truckled to them in many ways, even to the extent of giving up to the Inquisition his own confidant, Piero Carnesecchi, who, being accused of heresy, was beheaded and burnt in 1567.

In reward for these acts of submission, the popes showed him friendship, and Pius V. granted him the title of grand-duke, conferring the patent and crown upon him in Rome, although the emperor had always withheld his consent. Finally, however, the latter confirmed the title to Cosimo’s successor.

The measure most injurious to Tuscany was the fiscal system of taxes, of which the sole aim was to extort the greatest possible amount of money. The consequent damage to industry, commerce, and agriculture was immense, and, added to the devastations caused by the Sienese war, led to their utter ruin. Otherwise Cosimo did not neglect useful measures for the interior prosperity of his state. He was no Maecenas, hut nevertheless restored the Pisan university, enlarged that of Siena, had the public records classified, and also executed public works like the Santa Trinita bridge. During the great inundations of 1557 he turned his whole energy to the relief of the sufferers.

In 1539 he had espoused Eleonora of Toledo, daughter of the viceroy of Naples, by whom he had several children. Two died in 1562, and their mother soon followed them to the grave. It was said that one of these boys, Don Garcia, had murdered the other, and then been killed by the enraged father. Indeed Cosimo was further accused of having put his own wife to death; but neither rumour had any foundation. He now showed signs of illness and failure of strength. He was not old, but worn by the cares of state and self-indulgence.

Accordingly in 1561 he resigned the government to his eldest son, who was to act as his lieutenant, since he wished to remain the virtual head of the state and have power to resume the sceptre on any emergency. In 1570, by the advice of Pius V., he married Camilla Martelli, a young lady of whom he had been long enamoured. In 1574 he died, at the age of fifty-four years and ten mouths, after a reign of thirty-seven years, leaving three sons and one daughter besides natural children. These sons were Francesco, his successor, who was already at the head of the government, Cardinal Ferdinand, and Piero.

Francesco I., born in 1541, began to govern as his father’s lieutenant in 1564, and was married in 1565 to the archduchess Giovanna of Austria. On beginning to reign on his own account in 1574, he speedily manifested his real character. His training in the hands of a Spanish mother had made him suspicious, false, and despotic. Holding everyone aloof, he carried on the government with the assistance of a few devoted ministers, He compelled his stepmother to retire to a convent, and kept his brothers at a distance from Florence. He loved the privileges of power without its burdens.

Cosimo had known how to maintain his independence, but Francesco cast himself like a vassal at Austria’s feet. He reaped his reward by obtaining from Maximilian II. the title of grand-duke, for which Cosimo had never been able to win the imperial sanction, but he forfeited all independence. Towards Philip II. he showed even greater submissiveness, supplying him with large sums of money wrung from his over-taxed people. He held entirely aloof from France, in order not to awake the suspicions of his protectors.

In short, under his rule the history of Tuscany was reduced to a mere record of local and municipal events. To increase his funds, he traded on his own account, thus creating a monopoly that was ruinous to the country at large, and led to an enormous number of failures. He raised the tax upon corn to so high a rate that few continued to find any profit in growing it, and thus the Maremme, already partly devastated during the war with Siena, were converted into a desert. Even industry declined under this system of government; and, although Francesco founded porcelain manufactories and pietra dura works, they did not rise to any prosperity until after his death.

His love of science and letters was the only Medicean virtue that he possessed. He had an absolute passion for chemistry, and passed much of his time in his laboratory. Sometimes indeed he gave audience to his secretaries of state standing before a furnace, bellows in hand. He took some useful measures to promote the rise of a new city at Leghorn, which at that time had only a natural and ill-sheltered harbour. The improvement of Leghorn had been first projected by Cosimo I., and was carried on by all the succeeding Medici.

Francesco was a slave to his passions, and was led by them to scandalous excesses and deeds of bloodshed. His example and neglect of the affairs of the state soon caused a vast increase of crime even among the people, and, during the first eighteen months of his reign, there occurred no less than one hundred and sixty-eight murders. In default of public events, the historians of this period enlarge upon private incidents, generally of a scandalous or sanguinary kind.

In 1575 Orazio Pucci, wishing to avenge his father, whom Cosimo had hanged, determined to get up a conspiracy, but, soon recognising how firmly the Medicean rule had taken root in the country, desisted from the attempt. But the grand-duke, on hearing of the already abandoned plot, immediately caused Pucci to be hanged from the same window of the Palazzo Vecchio, and even from the same iron stanchion, from which his father before him had hung. His companions, who had fled to France and England, were pursued and murdered by the ducal emissaries. Their possessions were confiscated, and the Polverina law applied so that the conspirators heirs were reduced to penury, and the grand-duke gained more than 300,000 ducats. Next year Isabella dei Medici, Francesco’s sister, was strangled in her nuptial bed by her husband, Paolo Giordano Orsini, whom she had betrayed. Piero dei Medici, Francesco’s brother, murdered his wife Eleonora of Toledo from the same motive.

Still louder scandal was caused by the duke’s own conduct. He was already a married man, when, passing one day through the Piazza of St Mark in Florence, he saw an exceedingly beautiful woman at the window of a mean dwelling, and at once conceived a passion for her. She was the famous Bianca Cappello, a Venetian of noble birth, who had eloped with a young Florentine named Pietro Buonaventuri, to whom she was married at the time that she attracted the duke’s gaze. He made her acquaintance, and, in order to see her frequently, nominated her husband to a post at court. Upon this, Buonaventuri behaved with so much insolence, even to the nobility, that one evening he was found murdered in the street. Thus the grand-duke, who was thought to have sanctioned the crime, was able to indulge his passion unchecked. On the death of the grand-duchess in 1578 he was privately united to Bianca, and afterwards married her publicly. But site had no children, and this served to poison her happiness, since the next in succession was her bitter enemy, the cardinal Ferdinand.

The latter came to Florence in 1687, and was ostentatiously welcomed by Bianca, who was most anxious to conciliate him. On October 18th of the same year, the grand-duke died at his villa of Poggio a Caiano, of a fever caught on a shooting excursion in the Maremme, and the next day Bianca also expired, having ruined her health by drugs taken to cure her sterility. But rumour asserted that she had prepared a poisoned tart for the cardinal, and that, when he suspiciously insisted on the grand-duke tasting it first, Bianca desperately swallowed a slice and followed her husband to the tomb. Such was the life of Francesco dei Medici, and all that can be said in his praise is that he gave liberal encouragement to a few artists, including Giovanni Bologna, who executed for him the group of the Rape of the Sabines. He was the founder of the Uffizi gallery, of the Medici theatre, and the villa of Pratolino ; and during his reign the Della Cruscan academy was instituted.

Ferdinand I. was thirty-eight years of age when, in 1587, he succeeded his brother on the throne. A cardinal from the age of fourteen, he had never taken holy orders. He showed much tact and experience in the management of ecclesiastical affairs. He was the founder of the Villa Medici at Rome, and the purchaser of many priceless works of art, such as the Niobe group and many other statues afterwards transported by him to Florence. After his accession he retained the cardinal’s purple until the time of his marriage.

He was in all respects his brother’s opposite. Affable in his manners and generous with his purse, he chose a crest typical of the proposed mildness of his rule, a swarm of bees with the motto Majestate tantrum. He instantly pardoned all who had opposed him, and left his kinsmen at liberty to choose their own place of residence. Occasionally, for political reasons, he committed acts unworthy of his character; but he re-established the administration of justice, and sedulously attended to the business of the state and the welfare of his subjects.

Accordingly Tuscany revived under his rule and regained the independence and political dignity that his brother had sacrificed to love of ease and personal indulgence, he favoured commerce, and effectually ensured the Prosperity of Leghorn, by an edict enjoining toleration towards Jews and heretics, which led to the settlement of many foreigners in that city. He also improved the harbour and facilitated communication with Pisa by means of the Naviglio, a canal into which a portion of the water of the Arno was turned.

He nevertheless retained the reprehensible custom of trading on his own account, keeping banks in many cities of Europe. He successfully accomplished the draining of the Val di Chiana, cultivated the plains of Pisa, Fucecchio, aiid Val di Nievole, and executed other works of public utility at Siena and Pisa. But his best energies were devoted to the foreign policy by which he sought to emancipate himself from subjection to Spain.

On the assassination (1559) of Henry III of France, Ferdinand supported the claims of the king of Navarre, undeterred by the opposition of Spain and the Catholic League, who were dismayed by the prospect of a Huguenot succeeding to the throne of France. He lent money to Henry IV, and strongly urged his conversion to Catholicism; he helped to persuade the pope to accept Henry’s abjuration, and pursued this policy with marvellous persistence until his efforts were crowned with success.

Subsequently, however, Henry IV showed faint gratitude for the benefits conferred upon him, and paid no attention to the expostulations of the grand duke, who then began to slacken his relations with France, and showed that he could guard his independence by other alliances.

He gave liberal assistance to Philip III for the campaign of the latter in Algiers, and to the emperor for the war with the Turks. Hence he was compelled to burden his subjects with enormous taxes, forgetting that while guaranteeing the independence of Tuscany by his loans to foreign powers he was increasingly sapping the strength of future generations. He at last succeeded in obtaining the formal investiture of Siena, which Spain had always considered a fief of her own.

During this grand-duke’s reign the Tuscan navy was notably increased, and did itself much honour on the Mediterranean. The war-galleys of the knights of St Stephen were despatched to the coast of Barbary to attack Bona, the headquarters of the corsairs, and they captured the town with much dash and bravery. And in the following year (1605) the same galleys achieved their most brilliant victory in the archipelago over the stronger fleet of the Turks, by taking nine of their vessels, seven hundred prisoners, and a store of jewels of the value of 2,000,000 ducats.

Ferdinand I. died in 1609, leaving four sons, of whom the eldest, Cosimo II, succeeded to the throne at the age of nineteen. He was at first assisted in the government by his mother and a council of regency. He had a good disposition, and the fortune to reign during a period when Europe was at peace and Tuscany blessed with abundant harvests. Of his rule there is little to relate. His chief care was given to the galleys of St Stephen, and he sent them to assist the Druses against the Porte. On one occasion he was involved in a quarrel with France. Concino Concini, the Marshal d Ancre, being assassinated in 1617, Louis XIII claimed the right of transferring the property of the murdered man to De Luynes. Cosimo opposed the decision, and, refusing to recognise the confiscation decreed by the French tribunals, demanded that Concini’s son should be allowed to inherit. Hence followed much ill-feeling and mutual reprisals between the two countries, finally brought to an end by the intervention of the duke of Lorraine.

Like his predecessors, Cosimo II, studied to promote the prosperity of Leghorn, and he deserves honour for abandoning all commerce on his own account. But it was no praiseworthy act to pass a law depriving women of almost all rights of inheritance. By this means many daughters of the nobility were driven into convents against their will.

He gave scanty attention to the general affairs of the state. He was fond of luxury, spent freely on public festivities, and detested trouble. Tuscany was apparently tranquil and prosperous; but the decay of which the seeds were sown under Cosimo I. and Ferdinand I. was rapidly spreading, and became before long patent to nil and beyond all hope of remedy. The best deed done by Cosimo II was the protection accorded by him to Galileo Galilei, who had removed to Padua, and there made some of his grandest discoveries. The grand-duke recalled him to Florence in 1610, and nominated him court mathematician and philosopher.

Cosimo died in February 1621, after twelve years of a quiet reign marked by no great event. Feeling his end draw near, when he was only aged thirty and all his sons were still in their childhood, he hastened to arrange his family affairs. His mother, Cristina of Lorraine, and his wife, Maddalena of Austria, were nominated regents and guardians to his eldest son Ferdinand II, a boy of ten, and a council of four appointed, whose functions were regulated by law.

Accordingly, after Cosimo’s death, the young Ferdinand was sent to Rome and Vienna to complete his education, and the government of Tuscany remained in the hands of two jealous and quarrelsome women. Thus the administration of justice and finance speedily went to ruin.

Out of submissiveness to the pope, the regents did not dare to maintain their legitimate right to inherit the duchy of Urbino, and in 1623 sanctioned the transfer of that right to the holy see. They conferred exaggerated privileges on the new Tuscan nobility, which became increasingly insolent and worthless. They resumed the practice of trading on their own account, and, without reaping much benefit thereby, did the utmost damage to private enterprise.

In 1627 Ferdinand II, then aged seventeen, returned to Italy and assumed the reins of government; but, being of a very gentle disposition, he decided on sharing his power with the regents and his brothers, and arranged matters in such wise that each was almost independent of the other, he gained the love of his subjects by his great goodness; and, when Florence and Tuscany were cruelly ravaged by the plague in 1630, he showed admirable courage, and carried out many useful measures. But he as totally incapable of energy as a statesman.

When the pope made bitter complaints because the board of health had dared to subject certain monks and priests to the necessary quarantine, the grand-duke insisted on his officers asking pardon on their knees for having done their duty. On the death in 1631 of the last duke of Urbino, the pope was allowed to seize the duchy without the slightest opposition on the part of Tuscany. As a natural consequence the pretensions of the Roman curia became increasingly exorbitant; ecclesiastics usurped the functions of the state; and the ancient laws of the republic, together with the regulations decreed by Cosimo I. as a check upon similar abuses, were allowed to become obsolete.

On the extinction of the line of the Gonzagas at Mantua in 1627, war broke out between France on the one side and Spain, Germany, and Savoy on the other. The grandduke, uncertain of his policy, trimmed his sails according to events. Fortunately peace was re-established in 1631. Mantua and Monferrato fell to the duke of Nevers, as France had always desired.

But Europe was again in arms for the Thirty Years War, and Italy was not at peace. Urban VIII wished to aggrandise his nephews, the Barberini, by wresting Castro and Ronciglione from Odoardo Farnese, duke of Parma and brother-in-law to Ferdinand. Farnese determined to maintain his rights, and marched his army through Tuscany into the territories of the pope, who was greatly alarmed by the attack. Naturally the grand-duke was drawn into the war to defend his own state and his kinsman. His military operations, however, were of the feeblest and often the most laughable character.

At last, by means of the French intervention, peace was made in 1644. But, although the pope was forced to yield, he resigned none of his ecclesiastical pretensions in Tuscany. It was during Ferdinand’s reign that the septuagenarian Galileo was obliged to appear before the Inquisition in Rome, which treated him with infamous cruelty. On the death of this great and unfortunate man, the grand-duke wished to erect a monument to him, but was withheld by fear of the opposition of the clergy. The dynasty as well as the country now seemed on the brink of decay. Two of the grand duke’s brothers had already died childless, and Ippolito, the sole survivor, was a cardinal. Accordingly the only remaining heir was Cosimo III, married to a wife who held him in detestation, and did her best to have her marriage annulled or at least obtain a separation.

Like nearly all his predecessors, Ferdinand II gave liberal patronage to science and letters, greatly aided therein by his brother Leopold, who had been trained by Galileo Galilei, and who joined with men of learning in founding the celebrated academy Del Cimento, of which he was named resident. This academy took for its motto the words Provando e riprovando, and followed the experimental method of Galileo. Formed in 1657, it was dissolved in 1667 in consequence of the jealousies and dissensions of its members, but during its brief existence won renown by the number and importance of its works.

Cosimo III succeeded his father in 1670. He was weak, vain, bigoted, and hypocritical. In 1661 he had espoused Louise d Orlans, niece of Louis XIV, who, being enamoured of Duke Charles of Lorraine, was very reluctant to come to Italy, and speedily detested both her husband and his country, of which she refused to learn the language. She had two sons and one daughter, but after the birth of her third child, Giovan Castone, her hatred for her husband increased almost to madness. She first withdrew to Poggia a Caiano, and then, being unable to get her marriage annulled, returned to France, where, although supposed to live in conventual seclusion, she passed the greater part of her time as a welcome visitor at court. Even her testamentary dispositions attested the violence of her dislike to her husband.

Cosimo’s hypocritical zeal for religion compelled his subjects to multiply services and processions, that greatly infringed upon they’re working hours. He wasted enormous sums in pensioning converts even those from other countries and in giving rich endowments to sanctuaries. Meanwhile funds often failed for the payment of Government clerks and soldiers. His court was composed of bigots and parasites; he ransacked the world for dainties for his table, adorned his palace with costly foreign hangings, had foreign servants, and filled his gardens with exotic plants. He purchased from the emperor the title of Highness in order to be the equal of the duke of Savoy. He remained neutral during the Franco-Spanish war, and submitted to every humiliation and requisition exacted by the emperor.

He had vague notions of promoting agriculture, but accomplished no results. At one time he caused eight hundred families to he brought over from the Morea for the cultivation of the Maremme, where all of them died of fever. But when, after the revocation of the edict of Nantes, French Huguenots offered to apply their labour and capital to the same purpose, the grand-duke’s religious scruples refused them refuge. So ruin fell upon Tuscany. Crime and misery increased, and the poor, who only asked for work, were given alms and sent oftener to church. This period witnessed the rise of many charitable institutions of a religious character under the patronage of the grand duke, as for instance the congregation of San Giovanni Battista. But these could not remedy the general decay.

Cosimo’s dominant anxiety regarded the succession to the throne. His eldest son Ferdinand died childless in 1713. The pleasure-loving Giovan Gastone was married to Anna Maria of Saxe-Lauenburg, widow of a German prince, a wealthy coarse woman wholly immersed in domestic occupations, and who seemed little likely to give birth to any children. After living with her for some time in a Bohemian village, Giovan Gastone yielded to his dislike to his wife and her country, withdrew to France, and ruined his health by his excesses. After a brief return to Bohemia he finally separated from his wife, by whom he had no family. Thus the dynasty was doomed to extinction.

Cosimo had a passing idea of reconstituting the Florentine republic, but, this design being discountenanced by the European powers, he determined to transfer the succession, after the death of Giovan Gastone, to his sister Anna Maria Louisa, who in fact survived him. For this purpose he proposed to annul the patent of Charles V., but the powers objected to this arrangement also, and by the treaty of 1718 the quadruple alliance of Germany, France, England, and Holland decided that Parma and Tuscany should descend to the Spanish Infante Don Carlos. The grand-duke made energetic but fruitless protests.

Cosimo III had passed his eightieth year at the time of his decease in October 1773, and was succeeded by his son Giovan Gastone, then aged fifty-three. The new sovereign was in bad health, worn out by dissipation, and had neither ambition nor aptitude for rule. His throne was already at the disposal of foreign powers, and his only thought on ascending it was to regain strength enough to pass the remainder of his days in enjoyment. He dismissed the spies, parasites, and bigots that had formed his father’s court, abolished the pensions given to converts, suppressed several taxes, and prohibited the organised espionage established in the family circle. He wished to live and let live, and liked the people to be amused. Everything in fact bore a freer and gayer aspect under his reign, and the Tuscans seemed to feel renewed attachment for the dynasty as the moment of its extinction drew near. But the grand-duke was too feeble and incapable to accomplish any real improvement.

Surrounded by gay and dissipated young men, he entrusted all the cares of government to a certain Guiliano Dami, who drove a profitable trade by the sale of offices and privileges. In this way all things were in the hands of corrupt individuals; while the grand-duke, compelled to pass the greater part of his time in bed, vainly sought diversion in the company of buffoons, and was only tormented by perceiving that all the world disposed of his throne without even asking his advice. And when, after prolonged opposition, he had resigned himself to accept Don Carlos as his successor, the latter led a Spanish army to the conquest of Naples, an event afterwards leading to the peace of 1735, by which the Tuscan succession was transferred to Francesco II, duke of Lorraine, arid husband of Maria Theresa. Giovan Gastone was finally obliged to submit even to this.

Spain withdrew her garrisons from Tuscany, and Austrian soldiers took their place and swore fealty to the grand-duke on the 5th of February 1737. He expired on the 9th July of the same year. Such was the end of the younger branch of the Medici, which had found Tuscany a prosperous country, where art, letters, commerce, industry, and agriculture flourished, and left her poor and decayed in all ways, drained by taxation, and oppressed by laws contrary to every principle of sound economy, downtrodden by the clergy, and burdened by a weak and vicious aristocracy.

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vols. Florence, 1787; A. von Reaumont, Geschichte Toscanas seit d. Ende d. florent. Frcistaates, 2 vols., Gotha, 1876.

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Crypto-Jewish elites initially from Austrian Nobility & Frankfurt but since Pope John Paul II, as the first known Jewish Pope, they are now running the Vatican under the Vatican II theology.

In The United States they are the force behind Evangelical Protestantism.

A few very wealthy Jewish families were ennobled after the Toleranzedikt vom 1782 (“1782 Edict of Tolerance”) decreed by Emperor Joseph II.

Under this Edict, very wealthy Jewish bankers, and later entrepreneurs and industrialists—some of them court Jews—could also be ennobled for their services.

Jews had been ennobled mostly with no title or lower-ranking titles, such as Freiherr (Baron) or Ritter (Knight).

The few Jewish families elevated into the nobility were not required to forswear their faith, but some of these families converted to Christianity in order to become more accepted.

Although elevation into the nobility meant recognition for civic contributions and services, and entailed a rise in social status, it did not alter the fact that Jews were, for the most part, still only “tolerated” at best.

Jews could not freely choose the place and duration of their stay and had to regularly ask for permission from the authorities.

This placed a huge burden on Jewish families; if the head of the family died, all his relatives had to leave the city.

The right to purchase real estate was forbidden to Jews, even if they belonged to the nobility. This regulation stayed in place until 1860, when it was abolished by Emperor Franz Joseph I and Jewish citizens were given equal rights.

When the banker and protector of arts Raymund Karl Wetzlar von Plankenstern was created a Reichsfreiherr (Baron of the Empire) by Empress Maria Theresia, he converted to Catholicism while still young.

His mansion in Vienna was a centre of the fine arts and he was a close friend of Mozart, as his son Alexander was of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Despite these difficulties, by 1821 there were at least eleven ennobled Jewish families living in Vienna alone :

the Rothschild, Arnstein, Eskeles, Gomperz, Kuffner, Lieben, Auspitz, Schey von Koromla, Todesco, Wertheimstein, and Wiernes families.

The elevation into the nobility of wealthy Jews also started the process of assimilation of Jewish families into the Austrian upper class.

It is fair to say that if you are moving with a big agenda that exists within the shadows, ideologies that halt the agenda have to be quashed.

War is the greatest means to this end as presented through Grand Pontiff of Freemasonry in the latter years of the 19th century, Albert Pike.

The First World War is a fine example of such a quashing, with rebellious Tsar and equally rebellious American muckraking at its peak, the First World War was a deeply manufactured event to complete what Napoleon had begun in the dissecting and subversion of European Christian monarchies.

We stand at the same point today in which east V west is the aim of the game.

Theresa May is of the Brazier bloodline which in Austria is Von Brasseur.

Donald Trump hails out of the Frankfurt lines, the Drumpt’s are his ancestors and are married into Hilary Clinton’s bloodline the Rodenroths. . Hillary links to the Percys Dukes of Northumberland the Bush’s and Trumps German Rodenroth-Rothschild links to Frankfurt and the Palatinate, where his family is reluctant to acknowledge its German NaziI ties in WW2.

He was also a draft dodger in Vietnam with bad feet.

In the USA modern America is said to have begun from 1919 particularly through the 1920s.

The United States of America

The “Twenties were really the formative years of modern American society.” – George Mowry, intro to The Twenties: Fords, Flappers, and Fanatics. (Paul Carter, The Twenties in America (New York: Crowell, 1975), 28.)

“The decade sits solidly at the base of our culture…This was the first serious attempt of Americans to make their peace with the twentieth century.” – Paul M. Carter. (Dorothy Marie Brown, Setting a Course: American Women in the 1920s (Boston: G.K. Hall, 1987), 1.)

“Many difficulties come from the simple failure of our ideas and conventions, not to mention our prejudices, to keep up with the pace of material change.

Our environment moves much faster than we do.” – Jane Addams, 1930. (Jane Addams, The Second Twenty Years at Hull House (New York: MacMillan Company, 1930), 392.)

The Bourne Legacy

“One has a sense of having come to a sudden, short stop at the end of an intellectual era,” declared an appalled Randolph Bourne in 1917, as the American left lurched into World War One. (Randolph Silliman Bourne and Olaf Hansen, The Radical Will : Selected Writings, 1911-1918 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1992), 343.)

While the nation’s progressive president bade his countrymen “make the world safe for democracy” and one of its foremost intellectuals waxed enthusiastic about “the social possibilities of war,” Bourne portended dire consequences ahead for the forces of reform in American life.

“It must never be forgotten that in every community it was the least liberal and least democratic elements among whom the preparedness and later the war sentiment was found,” he argued.

“The intellectuals, in other words, have identified themselves with the least democratic forces in American life.

They have assumed the leadership for war of those very classes whom the American democracy had been immemorially fighting.

Only in a world where irony was dead could an intellectual class enter war at the head of such illiberal cohorts in the avowed cause of world-liberalism and world-democracy.”

“The whole era,” concluded Bourne in disgust, “has been spiritually wasted.”

Exposing the Illumined

The Auspitz family is one of the oldest and most important Jewish families in Moravia.

It took the name of Auspitz (Hustopeče) as its name.

The members of the Viennese bankers’ family Auspitz and their branches Auspitzleine von Artenegg as well as Noble von Auspitz go back to them.

Löwel Auspitz was already documented in 1657 in Nikolsburg (Mikulov), a Jacob Auspitz in 1754.

The father-in-law of the Viennese bankers family is Abraham Shaye Auspitz, 1732 lawyer, Jewish judge in Nikolsburg in 1755 and Oberrabbiner in Moravia in the second half of the eighteenth century (1769-1774), buried in Nikolsburg, grave VI / 8/3.

Abraham Shaye Auspitz left several offspring, including :

Samson Auspitz, mentioned in 1764 according to the Grabinschrift Simson Auspitz ben Rabbi Abraham Auspitz († 15 March 1806) took over the position of the provincials in 1781. Pessel, his wife, died on 25 November 1807

Lazar Auspitz (* 1772 in Nikolsburg, † 1853 in Brünn), a merchant of Brno, belonged to the well-to-do Jewish upper class, which was repeatedly married to the patrician families of Oppenheimer, Wertheimer, Todesco, Gomperz and Lieben

Lazar Auspitz was in 1833 the founder of the well-known Woll-Assortungsanstalt L. Auspitz. As the first Moravian producer and wholesaler he exported wool to England. Lazar Auspitz was a sacrificed Jew, whom his grandson Theodore Gomperz (1832-1912) later said: “If, what was rare enough, he appeared in the synagogue, a doctrine of nature lay before him instead of a prayer book.”

His wife was Rosa Weinberger, she was described as “physically and mentally exceptionally delicate”.

This constitution and its “transformation to religious exaltation” made cohabitation impossible and ensured that only two children were born in the 18 years before the marriage was divorced.

In the following 24 years, Lazar remained alone, before he married his second wife, Babette Gomperz, the sister of his father-in-law, Philipp Josua Feibelman Gomperz (1782-1857).

This marriage remained childless and he survived his wife for many years.

More on Auspitz – Link to document


[1] Following the Habsburgergesetz of 1919 (“Habsburg Law”), which legally dethroned, exiled and confiscated the properties of the Imperial House of Habsburg, the Adelsaufhebungsgesetz of 1919 (“Law on the Abolition of Nobility”) abolished nobility as well as all noble privileges, titles and names in Austria.

In other monarchies of Europe, Austrian noble families may use their noble titles as well as aristocratic particles such as von and zu in their names and they still retain noble status there.

For example, the name of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne became in Austria simply Karl Habsburg-Lothringen instead of Karl von Habsburg; in Belgium, however, he is known as Archduke Karl of Austria.

This may sometimes be confusing, as descendants of nobles are sometimes referred to with noble names abroad.

Also, members of noble families often hold multiple citizenships, as was the case for Otto von Habsburg (eldest son of the last Emperor of Austria-Hungary and father of Karl Habsburg-Lothringen), who was also a citizen of Germany.

The Austrian law does not apply to artistic, performer or stage names, where von is sometimes used, as in the case of conductor Herbert von Karajan or the musician Hubert von Goisern. However, stage names are never recognised for official purposes.

Members of the lower nobility especially (such as civil servants) found this radical step of abolition degrading and humiliating, since working towards and finally earning a noble title was a way for them and their families to rise within society.

Members of the higher nobility were able to absorb the formal abolition more easily.

They lost their titles and privileges, but kept their social manners, standing and riches.

Federal President Michael Hainisch called the official abolition.

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The FBI’s New U.S. Terrorist Threat: ‘Black Identity Extremists’ – Via Foreign Policy Magazine

Law enforcement calls it a violent movement. Critics call it racist.


As white supremacists prepared to descend on Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, the FBI warned about a new movement that was violent, growing, and racially motivated. Only it wasn’t white supremacists; it was “black identity extremists.”

Amid a rancorous debate over whether the Trump administration has downplayed the threat posed by white supremacist groups, the FBI’s counterterrorism division has declared that black identity extremists pose a growing threat of premeditated violence against law enforcement.

“The FBI assesses it is very likely Black Identity Extremist (BIE) perceptions of police brutality against African Americans spurred an increase in premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence against law enforcement and will very likely serve as justification for such violence,” reads the report, marked for official use only and obtained by Foreign Policy.

The August 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was the catalyst for widespread anger and violence, the FBI report says, concluding that continued “alleged” police abuses have fueled more violence.

“The FBI assesses it is very likely incidents of alleged police abuse against African Americans since then have continued to feed the resurgence in ideologically motivated, violent criminal activity within the BIE movement,” the report states.

Some 748 people have been shot and killed by police so far in 2017, including at least 168 African-Americans.

The report, dated Aug. 3 — just nine days before the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned deadly — appears to be the first known reference to “black identity extremists” as a movement.

But former government officials and legal experts said no such movement exists, and some expressed concern that the term is part of a politically motivated effort to find an equivalent threat to white supremacists.

A former senior counterterrorism and intelligence official from the Department of Homeland Security who reviewed the document at FP’s request expressed shock at the language.

“This is a new umbrella designation that has no basis,” the former official said. “There are civil rights and privacy issues all over this.”

The concept of “black identity extremists” appears to be entirely new.

FP found only five references to the term in a Google search; all were to law enforcement documents about domestic terrorism from the last two months.

One of those online references is to law enforcement training on identifying “domestic terror groups and criminally subversive subcultures which are encountered by law enforcement professionals on a daily basis.”

Among the six acts of premeditated violence linked to black identity extremists — it excludes violence toward police carried out in the normal course of their duties — the reports cites the July 2016 shooting of 11 police officers in Dallas.

The shooter, Micah Johnson, was reportedly angry at police violence.

“Based on Johnson’s journal writings and statements to police, he appeared to have been influenced by BIE ideology,” the FBI report states.

The attack took place during a Black Lives Matter protest of police shootings, though the BLM movement is not mentioned by name in the report.

Yet those involved in the Black Lives Matter movement have voiced concerns about FBI surveillance.

DeRay McKesson, an activist involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, told FP that the FBI visited his house in the run-up to the Republican National Convention.

“I spoke about the FBI visit to my house and the houses of other activists in our final meeting with [President Barack] Obama,” he said.

“There is a long tradition of the FBI targeting black activists and this is not surprising,” McKesson said.

The FBI declined to comment on the report itself and did not respond to specific questions, but in an emailed statement to FP, the bureau defended its tracking of “black identity extremists,” saying that “the FBI cannot initiate an investigation based solely on an individual’s race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, or the exercise of First Amendment rights.”

In its August report, the FBI said it expects further attacks by black identity extremists, driven by both the perception and the reality of unfair treatment at the hands of police officers.

“The FBI further assesses it is very likely additional controversial police shootings of African Americans and the associated legal proceedings will continue to serve as drivers for violence against law enforcement,” the report says.

Some experts and former government officials said the FBI seemed to be trying to paint disparate groups and individuals as sharing a radical, defined ideology.

And in the phrase “black identity extremist” they hear echoes of the FBI’s decades-long targeting of black activists as potential radicals, a legacy that only recently began to change.

“They are grouping together Black Panthers, black nationalists, and Washitaw Nation,” said the former homeland security official.

“Imagine lumping together white nationals, white supremacists, militias, neo-Nazis, and calling it ‘white identity extremists.’”

The FBI is linking the people discussed in the report based only on them being black, rather than on any sort of larger ideological connection, the official said.

“The race card is being played here deliberately.”

Michael German, a former FBI agent and now a fellow with the Brennan Center for Justice’s liberty and national security program, said manufacturing this type of threat was not new.

He has criticized earlier FBI reports on “black separatists,” arguing that they conflated radical groups operating in the 1970s with attacks in 2010 and later, even though there was no obvious connection.

The use of terms like “black identity extremists” is part of a long-standing FBI attempt to define a movement where none exists. “Basically, it’s black people who scare them,” German said.

Even former officials who view the government’s concerns about black separatists as legitimate balked at the term “black identity extremist,” and point out that the threat from individuals or groups who want to establish their own homeland is much less than from the far right.

In 2009, Daryl Johnson, then a Department of Homeland Security intelligence analyst, warned of the rise of right-wing extremism, setting off a firestorm among congressional critics. 

Johnson, who left the department in 2010, said he could think of no reason why the FBI would create a new category for so-called black identity extremists. “I’m at a loss,” he replied, when asked about the term.

“I have no idea of why they would come up with a new term.”

There have been concerns about rising violence among black separatist groups in recent years, he said, but it does not approach the threat of right-wing extremism.

“When talking about white supremacists versus black supremacists, there are way more white supremacists,” Johnson said.

For historians and academics who have looked at the history of FBI surveillance of black Americans, the report also smacks of the sort of blatant racism the bureau has worked hard to leave behind.

From the time J. Edgar Hoover took over the anti-radical division in the FBI at the height of the first “red scare” in 1919, the bureau began systematically surveilling black activists.

Read more from FP:

FBI and DHS Assessment Outlined Threat of Lone Offenders Targeting Las Vegas:

The U.S. government warned of possible attacks on entertainment venues and mass gatherings.
California Is Already Preparing for a North Korean Nuclear Attack: Beware of radioactive pets, and don’t expect the feds to show up anytime soon.

Senate Probe Gets ‘Clearer Picture’ of Possible Trump, Russia Collusion: Sen. Richard Burr said his committee’s investigation has “expanded slightly.”

“Black protests get conflated for the bureau [with communism], and it begins there,” said William Maxwell, a professor at Washington University in St. Louis, who has researched the FBI’s monitoring of black writers in the 20th century.

What followed, according to Maxwell, was decades of FBI pursuit of black radicals in the belief, often mistaken, that they were part of a larger subversive movement. “It’s deep in the bureau’s DNA,” he said.

Lately, that seemed to be changing. As FBI director, James Comey famously kept a copy of the Martin Luther King Jr. wiretap order on his desk as a reminder of the bureau’s past abuses and made new agents learn the history of the FBI’s pursuit of the civil rights leader.

The FBI also appeared to be focusing more attention on the threat of white supremacists. In May, the FBI warned that white supremacist violence was growing, according to a report obtained and published by FP. That same report noted that white supremacists were responsible for more attacks in the United States than any other extremist group, including Islamic extremists.

Critics, however, accuse President Donald Trump of shifting attention away from right-wing violence. This year, the Trump administration decided to focus the Department of Homeland Security’s “countering violent extremism” program on Islamic terrorism and deprioritized funding to counter white supremacist groups.

“To hear there is a new initiative targeting black identity extremists is surprising given that shift,” said Alvaro Bedoya, the executive director of the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law.

Maxwell, the Washington University professor, had an even darker view. “It’s classic Hoover-style labeling with little bit of maliciousness and euphemism wrapped up together,” he said. “The language — black identity extremist — strikes me as weird and really a continuation of the worst of Hoover’s past.”
“The language — black identity extremist — strikes me as weird and really a continuation of the worst of Hoover’s past.”

In a sense, the FBI’s desire to identify a unifying ideological underpinning to what are often individual violent acts is not surprising, said David Garrow, a historian who wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of MLK. “Security agencies want to perceive a threat that is political, a threat that ideological,” Garrow said, “but what we’re actually witnessing is men, almost entirely men, acting out in violent criminal ways and grasping at some chimera of political justification.”

But the document itself smacks of incompetence more than conspiracy, according to Garrow, who reviewed a copy of the report provided by FP. “The immediate instinct is to think [the FBI] are a threat,” he said. “My immediate instinct is to wonder whether they are minimally competent.”

Garrow, who has reviewed decades’ worth of FBI documents for his work, warned against seeing this report as proof that the FBI is illegally targeting black Americans.

“They are often so clueless,” he said of the FBI. “I don’t find them a threat.”

But the former homeland security official said the report’s tendency to lump together different groups that have no obvious connection will make it harder for law enforcement to identify real threats. “It’s so convoluted — it’s compromising officer safety,” the former official said.

And even though the report mentions in a footnote that “political activism” and “strong rhetoric” by themselves don’t amount to extremism and “may be constitutionally protected,” it identifies anger with police or “anti-white rhetoric” as indicators of a potential “violent threat.”

“Just the term ‘black identity extremist’ is protected,” the former official said. “You can identify all you want.”

The FBI, however, defended the classification in its statement to FP.

“Domestic terrorism groups differ from traditional criminal groups in that they take action for a different purpose, to bring attention to a social or political cause,” the FBI wrote. “Therefore, their existence as a group has a legitimate purpose, at least in part. Their legitimate activity may include acts of protest, advocacy, and civil disobedience.”

The FBI says there are “nine persistent extremist movements” in the United States at present. Those include “white supremacy, black identities, militia, sovereign citizens, anarchists, abortion, animal rights, environmental rights, and Puerto Rican Nationalism.”

Photo credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Jana Winter is an investigative reporter based in Washington, DC. She worke

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The Jewish hand behind Internet

Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay…

By Freedom Research,

June 2009

[ Due to the popularity of this document we since then have added some important

images, links, texts ]

In the following document we will give an insight into the Jewish penetration of the Internet and also showJewish Internet entrepreneurs and the racist Jewish Apartheid state of Israel.

The Jews – contrary to the “liberal” views they officially say they profess – in their suppressive acts practi

dominate the information flow, they don´t tolerate any dissent.

It is just as when Israel says “Shalom” wh

pounds its Arab neighbour states with bombs and missiles.

The Arabs have learnt the hard way the falsehood of these Jewish statements, it is now time for the rest

to see that the freedom of information on the Net is seriously threatened.

This document will not cover the entire field. Also, as it is timebound to an an anlysis that is from a 2009

will change names, new actors will appear. But still this piece of work is unique and will give a guide into

that will continue to act even in the future. And as many of these Jewish entrepreneurs are rather young will hear from them for a long time onward.

WARNING: Please note that the contents of some of the sites with revealing Jewish material we have lin

the future. Perhaps even information contrary to this document and Radio Islam will replace the original

before and for our part just illustrates the level of Jewish dishonesty.










Israeli guru Yossi Vardi

Other actors – some Jewish articles boasting of their influence

Some Jewish “profiles” behind information on the Int

Google´s Jew Sergey Brin Facebook´s Jew Mark Zuckerberg


(which in 2006 acquired YouTube)

Founders Brin and Page are Jewish

The Jewish site writes in a review by Marcus J. Freed of the book “Richistan”, 0

The global economy is vastly different to 40 years ago and today’s new billionaires include the Jewis

Larry Page, along with thousands of other ‘instapreneurs’.

Larry Page – who shares the title of Google President even has an Israeli family connection.

B´nai B´rith Magazine, paper of one of the mightiest Jewish organizations, writes in their article “The Sea

whose mother Gloria is Jewish”. The Magazine continues:

Larry’s maternal grandfather, however, followed a much different path. He was an early settler in Isra

town of Arad.

Sergei Brin and Larry Page -“the Jewish boys from Googl

The Jewish entourage in Google

The Jew Craig Silverstein was the first employee hired by Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey B

Silverstein described himself in a recent interview. Silverstein was instrumental in developing the compa

Technology at Google for many years.

The Jewish woman Susan Wojcicki was the one who gave Google office space to start the business. S

President of Product Management at Google overseeing AdSense, Google Book Search and Google Vid

influential position as the CEO of YouTube.

This while here likewise Jewish younger sister Anne Wojcicki, a biotechnology specialist, in May 2007 d

ceremony (according to Israeli paper Ha´aretz, May 29, 2008) married the Google President Sergey Brin writes 24/05/2007:

Jewgle wedding

By: Leslie Bunder

The world’s wealthiest Jewish bachelor is no more. Sergey Brin, co-founder of search giant Google a

long-time love Anne Wojcicki earlier this month in the Bahamas, but so secret was the wedding, that

According to a report in the San Jose Mercury News, the wedding took place under a chuppah with

commitment to the Jewish faith, though no rabbi is said to have officiated at the ceremony.

Wojcicki, is the sister of Susan Wojcicki who gave Google office space to start the business.

In 2001, Brin’s mother Eugenia commented she hoped he would find a Jewish bride. “I hope he wou

Wojcicki, who has a background in biotechnology, has been active in Jewish projects and currently s

engages Jews to explore their culture.

Recently, Wojcicki launched a biotech company 23andMe which has seen Google itself invest sever

Justin Rosenstein was a top engineer at Google serving three years as Google´s Product Manager for

employees that Facebook´s Jewish boss Mark Zuckerberg poached from Google as Facebook began i

Facebook with Facebook´s likewise Jewish co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz, to form a new company.

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz (left)

Sheryl Sandberg

Another Jewish profile who has been important in the shaping of Google is Sheryl Sandberg.

Sheryl Sandberg was Google Vice President of Global Online Sales & Operations, a position from whe

channels for advertising and publishing and operations for consumer products globally. Sandberg was b

of Google´s philantropic arm

Before Google, Sandberg worked for the Jew Lawrence Summers, first when he was Chief Economist

when Summers was Treasury Secretrary in the Clinton Administration.

The Jewish Chronicle (December 4, 2008) ran an article on the book “Jewish Wisdom for Business Succ

Jewish journalist Sam Jaffe – where they argue that the Torah and ancient rabbinic texts are not simply g

helpful career advice. The Jewish Chronicle writes:

Their book combines tips on good business practice gleaned from the Bible, Midrash and Kabbalah

Andy Klein, who quit corporate law to start a brewery and ended up with an investment bank, or She

president for global sales for Google. And while there are role models to emulate, there also ones to

coarse spirit) or Korah, the ba’al ga’avah, the arrogant egotist.

As Vice President of Google´s Global Sales Sandberg was behind the AdWords project which links paid

search results, a gadget that allowed Google to turn their search engine into “extremely profitable busine

Brackman and journalist Sam Jaffe write in their book “Jewish Wisdom for Business Success”, p. 2. The

Sheryl Sandberg in the first chapter in their book as an example of Jewish business sucess. In the same

Early in 2008, she left Google to become the second-in-command of Facebook, the emerging social


Sheryl Sandberg – Jewish “second-in-command of Facebook” – is presently Chief Operating Officer at Fa

Sandberg is responsible for helping Facebook scale its operations and expand its presence globally. San

sales, marketing, business development, human resources, public policy, privacy and communications a

to Facebook’s Jewish CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Sheryl Sandberg is well connected to the Jewish community and the “philantropy” business, a favourite

part of their enormous wealth gained from the “goyim” and put it in small projects completely after their t

openminded they are. Sandberg was thus with Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the Jewish Community Federat

“addressing global poverty and social justice issues through philanthropy”, December 10, 2008.

She also sponsors Jewish activities at for instance the Joshman Family Jewish Community Center, a ce

connection”, as their website says. The Joshman Center writes on this “Israel connection”:

Our mission is to strengthen relationships between American Jews and the Israeli émigré community




Sandberg was included in Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women of 2007.

She is married to former Yahoo! music head David Goldberg with whom she has two children.

More Google Jews – Elliot Schrage, Ethan Beard, and the Rubins

The Jew Elliot Schrage was since 2005 Google´s Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs

man who ran Google´s PR. He had this important position until May 2008 when he left for Facebook to w

under the same role.

At Google, he broadened the company’s messaging from a focus on only product PR to include all aspe

corporate, financial, policy, philanthropic and internal communications. Before Google Shrage served as

Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Zionist infested “public policy think tank”.

Schrage together with the Jewish US Holocaust Museum launched the Darfur tool to Google Earth (see

article U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Join in Online Darfur Mapping Initiative

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum today joined with Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) to unv

unprecedented online mapping initiative aimed at furthering awareness and action in the Darfur regi

Sudan. Crisis in Darfur, enables more than 200 million Google Earth™ mapping service users world

the genocide currently unfolding in Darfur. The Museum has assembled content—photographs, data

number of sources that are brought together for the first time in Google Earth. This information will a

Google Earth starting today.

Google Earth’s Elliot Schrage, Vice President, Global Communications and Public Affairs, joined Mu

Darfurian Daowd Salih at the launch.

Crisis in Darfur is the first project of the Museum’s Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative that will o

genocides allowing citizens, governments and institutions to access information on atrocities in their

“Educating today’s generation about the atrocities of the past and present can be enhanced by techn

Bloomfield. “When it comes to responding to genocide, the world’s record is terrible. We hope this im

that much harder for the world to ignore those who need us the most.”

“At Google, we believe technology can be a catalyst for education and action,” said Elliot Schrage, G

Communications and Public Affairs. “Crisis in Darfur will enable Google Earth users to visualize and

never before and join the Museum’s efforts in responding to this continuing international catastrophe

Of course spreading the knowledge of Israel´s genocidal destruction of Palestinian infrastructure in Gaza


Scott Rubin, Communications Director, Google Andy Rubin, Former Leader of the Android Div

Another actor is Ethan Beard who was Google´s Director of Social Media. He has since left for Faceboo

Facebook’s Business Development and then Facebook’s Director of Platform marketing. There are indic

Manber – Google´s Israeli Vice President of Engineering

Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Udi Manber, is Israeli and a graduate from the Israel´s Technio

He has a long record of top jobs in Internet related positions.

Manber became the chief scientist at Yahoo! in 1998.

In 2002, he joined, where he became “chief algorithms officer” and a Vice President. He w

of the Amazon subsidiary company, where he led the company’s A9 search engine work. (Pleas


In 2006, Manber was hired by Google as one of Google´s Vice Presidents of Engineering. In December

project to create a knowledge repository. As of October 2010 Manber is also responsible for all the searc

Israeli Jew in a center position in the information hub of the world.

Manber as a senior Google operative, interacts with the Judeo-Zionist community.

Here is an advertisment which discloses how Google´s Manber will sit with a Rabbi and discuss Talmud


Thu Sep 18, 2008

Contemporary Jewish Museum presents

Google’s Talmud: The Web, Jewish Culture, and the Power of Associative Thinking


The Contemporary Jewish Museum

736 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

district: Downtown/Financial District

Location Date and Time

Thu Sep 18, 2008 (7:00 PM – 8:30 PM)


One of the hallmarks of Jewish culture and scholarship is an emphasis on commentary and “associa

creation of the Talmud and thousands of years of Biblical commentary. Udi Manber, Google’s Vice P

technology critic Howard Rheingold will join Rabbi Lawrence Kushner in a panel discussion explorin

and Jewish culture, as seen through the new social, intellectual, and spiritual implications of the idea

discussion with Dan Schifrin, the Museum’s director of public programs and writer in residence.

Advertisement for the event was also made in the Jewish Weekly:

Udi Manber, Google´s Israeli Vice President of

Google’s Jewish activist mole Jared Cohen

“Google … in reality they are doing things the CIA cannot do.”

The Jew Jared Cohen is the present connector between the Zionist-infiltrated U.S. State Department an

a member of the U.S. Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff under both Condoleezza Rice and later

Google in 2010. At Google this Zionist mole has the position as the Director of Google Ideas, a Google-r

solutions to solve the world’s problems”.

At the U.S. State Department Cohen had been specifically involved in Iran and Middle East affairs. Even

presented as a common fact:

He played an instrumental role in helping shape counter-radicalization strategies and advised on US

Beginning in April 2009, Cohen led specific delegations focused on connecting technology executive

Mexico, Congo, and Syria.

In the midst of the June 2009 protests in Iran, Cohen sought to support the insurgents.

Along with many other influential Zionist Jews Cohen also has been acitive at the CFR – The Council on

The Jew Jared Cohen, Google, Stratfor, Mossad

Since joining Google Jared Cohen has left a trail of evidence of his agenda and activism.

Wikileak’s Julian Assange writes on Cohen – a person he describes as “a kind of Generation Y Kissinge

Who’s holding the ‘shit-bag’ now?” (Wikileaks, August 27, 2013):

It was revealed last week, thanks to Edward Snowden, that Google and other US tech companies re

their compliance with the PRISM mass surveillance system.

So just how close is Google to the US securitocracy?


Jared Cohen was the co-writer of Eric Schmidt’s book, and his role as the bridge between Google an

about how the US securitocracy works. Cohen used to work directly for the State Department and w

Rice and Hillary Clinton. But since 2010 he has been Director of Google Ideas, its in-house ‘think/do

Documents published last year by WikiLeaks obtained from the US intelligence contractor Stratfor, s

is now) Director of Google Ideas, was off running secret missions to the edge of Iran in Azerbaijan. I

Stratfor’s Vice President for Intelligence and a former State Department official, describes Google as

Google is getting WH [White House] and State Dept support and air cover. In reality they are

[Cohen] is going to get himself kidnapped or killed. Might be the best thing to happen to exp

foaming up-risings, to be blunt. The US Gov’t can then disavow knowledge and Google is le

In further internal communication, Burton subsequently clarifies his sources on Cohen’s activities as

and safety and… Eric Schmidt.

WikiLeaks cables also reveal that previously Cohen, when working for the State Department, was in

major Afghan mobile phone companies to move their antennas onto US military bases. In Lebanon h

of the State Department, an anti-Hezbollah Shia think tank. And in London? He was offering Bollywo

extremist content into Bollywood films and promising to connect them to related networks in Hollywo

Cohen is effectively Google’s director of regime change.

That Google was taking NSA money in exchange for handing over people’s data comes as no surpr

world, Google itself got big and bad.

The article “StratforLeaks: Google Ideas Director Involved in ‘Regime Change’” (Al Akhbar news site, Ma

Stratfor and Cohen and what they call the “The Cohen Conspiracy”. (Note that the boss and founder of S

Hungarian born George Friedman).

See also the article “Wikileaks: Google caught in spy games on execs and ‘regime change’” (Mondoweis


The article “WikiLeaks claims Google director helped the NSA spy on Afghanistan” (RT News, May 28, 2

U.S Government’s NSA spying agency and Afghanistan:

According to WikiLeaks, there may be much more to the story. Also last week, the anti-secrecy grou

year-old current director of Google Ideas and a former US State Department advisor — has a history

have put Afghan signals intelligence, or SIGINT, into the hands of US investigators. […] “Google Idea

getting Afghan telcos to move towers to US bases when at DoS,” WikiLeaks tweeted.

It should also be noted that Jared Cohen has a friendly and personal relation with the boss of Twitter, Ja

operations against the government of Iran. The article “Google to open ‘Google Ideas’ global technology

the story (underlines below added by Radio Islam):

Cohen who has traveled widely in the Middle East, was tracking developments on the ground by foll

postings of Iranian dissidents and opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi on Twitter. Their protes

Ahmadinejad’s re-election, and the violent government crackdown that followed it, were flying to the

bursts of comment.

Cohen read that the microblogging service was about to shut down its operations for maintenance. A

and brief (and in the middle of the night in U.S. time zones), the prospect chilled the dissidents’ lead

blocking cell phone texting, Twitter had become a lifeline. The protests were reaching a crescendo: W

the middle of a turbulent day?

So Cohen emailed his friend Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and chairman. Dorsey had been part

had led to the Middle East earlier that spring to explore prospects for rebuilding Iraq. In a series of e

company was aware of the suddenly prominent role that it was playing on the international stage.

The rest—more or less—is history. Twitter agreed to postpone its upgrade for a few hours, and the p

uninterrupted in Iran. The Iranian government accused the Obama administration of meddling in its i

Cohen’s call was “completely consistent with our national policy. . . . We are proponents of freedom

CNN was including Cohen’s call to Twitter on a list of the Top 10 Internet moments of the decade, al

introduction of the iPhone.

Google’s Jewish guru of giving

In the article “Google’s guru of giving” (

Express details Larry Brilliant. Dr Brilliant led the Internet giant’s philanthropic arm, where h

As well as adopting the informal company motto, “Don’t be evil”, the internet search firm’s co-founde

to commit Google to engage in serious philanthropy. Innovative as ever, they created a new sort of p

company that could pursue its mission through both for-profit investing and making charitable grants

Google itself in overall world impact by ambitiously applying innovation and significant resources to t

It would be funded with 1% of the firm’s equity, annual profits and employees’ time.

In February 2006, after a lengthy search, Dr Brilliant was appointed to run Media reports

not least his spell as a doctor with the Grateful Dead, a legendary 1960s rock band. What attracted h

of success both in running Silicon Valley tech firms and in implementing large-scale solutions to big


Though he has taken nearly two years to produce a strategy for, Dr Brilliant has not bee

a taste for Hindu meditation to his Detroit Jewish roots (he once shared a guru with Apple’s boss, St

travelling widely and seeking advice from hundreds of people, pushing himself harder than friends s

arrived at he found extraordinarily high expectations, a blank sheet of paper to fill with a

outside on what it was doing.

During his time as Google´s philantropic boss Brilliant combined his work with his dedication for Jews an

Director of, appeared as a speaker at the Jewish Community Federation in San Fransisco´s

meeting. February 28, 2007. According to the organization´s homepage (

Larry Brilliant, Executive Director of, will share his vision for “Healing a Broken World” wi

Business Leadership Council Breakfast on Wednesday, February 28, 2007.


Dr. Larry Brilliant is the Executive Director of, the umbrella organization which includes th

partnerships with and contributions to for-profit and nonprofit entities.


Sponsored by AT&T and Levisohn Venture Partners, this special BLC event is open to all donors wh

San Francisco-based Jewish Community Federation’s Annual Campaign. Donors under the age of 4

The Jewish Community Federation is the central organization for fundraising, planning, outreach and

communities in San Francisco, the Peninsula, and Marin and Sonoma counties. In fiscal year 2006,

allocated $18.3 million to some 60 agencies providing social services, educational and cultural progr

and elsewhere in the world. In fiscal year 2006, the Federation’s Endowment Fund, with assets exce

$203 million for a variety of grants, seed projects and emergency needs. For more information, call

So here we can see how the Google boss fraternises with an organization that is interrelated to the Zion

In April 2009 Larry Brilliant, after 3 years at Google, said he was parting ways with the Internet giant, lea

up by former eBay President and Jew, Jeff Skoll. But Dr Brilliant also said he would remain as an adviso

Some more names…

As has been noted in more detail below, the Jewish small sister of Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, A

Google employee as Google acquired the social media marketing platform company Wildfire, where Arie

Zuckerberg’s Sister”,, July 31, 2012).

The Israeli Jewess Shimrit Ben-Yair is a Product Manager at Google+, Google’s social networking serv

Facebook. Ben-Yair met with war criminal and Israeli President Shimon Peres at the Google Headquart

revealed her Zionist leanings and sentiments:

I had the great honor of meeting Israeli President Shimon Peres yesterday! He visited Google and s

Earth, Translate, Google+ and of course our self driving cars.

Many of you know how passionate President Peres is about promoting peace in the middle east, but

he is! Not only did he thoroughly enjoy the demos, but he was also asking really great questions abo

algorithms. At 88 years old, he is truly inspiring.

Google’s Israel connections

Here follows a most revealing article on how Google´s Sergey Brin, Facebook´s Mark Zuckerberg and Y

the Israeli leadership to Israel, during Israel´s 60th anniversary celebrations:

Facebook, Google founders to attend Jerusalem conference in May

By Guy Grimland, Ha´aretz Correspondent

Ha´aretz 01/04/2008

Co-founder of internet giant Google, Sergey Brin, will join Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Y

presidential panel on technology to be held at the Jerusalem International Convention Center May 1

The convention, which was formed at the initiative of President Shimon Peres, will also be attended

and financial leaders, as well as academics and cultural figures.

The panel will discuss issues facing technology in today’s age and the future, in particular in regard


Former UK prime minister Tony Blair will also take part in the conference, as will French Foreign Min

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former prime minister of the Czech Republic Vaclev Havel, Nobe

President Michael Saakashvili

The Israel News Agency al

Jews Behind the Internet – Radio Islam (Archived Copy)

The Jews behind Internet – Radio Islam

No hate. No violence
Races? Only one Human race
United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Know Your enemy!
No time to waste. Act now!
Tomorrow it will be too late

The Jewish hand behind Internet
Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay…
By Freedom Research, June 2009 

[ Due to the popularity of this document we since then have added some important
images, links, texts ]
In the following

Queen Elizabeth’s genealogy chart according to Harold’s of London traces her blue bloodline back to Abraham who many modern scholars believe was Pharaoh Amenemhat I. By connecting twenty two dots the true Hebrew and royal Egyptian identity of Queen Elizabeth II comes into focus.

Queen Elizabeth II – Genealogy Chart
English / Scottish / Irish Kings
Vikings Kings
Ptolemy Kings
King Solomon (Siamun)
King David (Psusennes I)
Moses (Thutmose I)
Hyksos Kings
Abraham (Amenemhat I)
There are many parallel between the modern British monarchy and the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.
The stone of Jacob Is beneath the Queens Throne chair.
Queen was crowned at her coronation ceremony on top of an Egyptian step pyramid.
The Queens crown has twelve stones (jewels) at the base of it, representing the twelve Hebrew tribes. The twelve stones of the twelve tribes were also warn on the breast plate of the Hebrew priests in Canaan.
The Union Jack represents the reunion of the united twelve tribes of Jacob or Jack(ob).
The royal sceptre originated in Egypt, it was carried by the Egyptian god Amen and Egyptian Pharaohs, who called themselves the sun of god. Queen Elizabeth’s sceptre carries the world’s largest cut diamond, the star of Africa.
The Queen’s punishing flail or whip is partially hidden under her arm at the coronation, was also carried by the Pharaohs of Egypt.
The symbol of the bee can be found within the Queens royal wardrobe, in ancient Egypt bees were the symbol of royalty, as well as the symbol of Egypt.
The symbols on the British Coat of Arms reveal Britain’s Hebrew origins. According to the Bible the harp symbolises King David. The Biblical lion and unicorn holding up the shield represent the nation of Israel.
The motto “Dieu Et Mont Droit” means god at my right, indicating the divine right of a British monarch to an eternal throne.
The headdress worn by judges and the Queens high ranking officials originates in ancient Egypt.
Kilts like the one worn by Prince Charles originated with Egyptian Pharaohs who wore white kilts.
The hymn ‘Zadok the Priest’ performed by Handel at the Queen’s coronation in 1953, Zadok the Priest was a biblical priest who anointed King Solomon, while the people cried “God Save King Solomon! May he live forever! Amen.” At Elizabeth II’s coronation they cried “God Save Queen Elizabeth! May she live forever!”
During the coronation ceremony the Queen turns to face the four corners of the globe. The orb carried by the Queen represents the world which the Queen rules over.
The monarch’s coronation gifts of a rod, bracelets and a ring are a re-enactment of the Bible story Judah and Tamar.
Royal Jubilees originated in Egypt royal Pharaohs celebrated their jubilees after thirty years of rule. In pharaonic tradition the Queen has celebrated her silver and golden jubilees.
Incest was practised by Egyptian royalty, mothers married sons, and brothers married sisters to keep the power and the money all in the family. Like their pharaonic ancestors the British royal family have a long history of inbreeding.
The corpses of deceases Pharaohs were embound and entombed beneath the pyramid temples. The corpses of nineteen deceased monarchs are preserved in marble tomb slabs beneath Westminster Abbey.
The ancient Pharaohs advertised their power with their image on coins and stone monuments. The power of Elizabeth II is advertised worldwide with her image printed on more coins and stamps than any other head of state in history.
The structure of government in ancient Egypt was a step pyramid model with the grand vizier and priest hood below the Pharaoh. Today’s monarchy reigns using a much more suffocated pyramid model of authority.
The Pope’s headdress is strikingly similar to the crown of pagan god Amen. His bent cross resembles the sceptre of Amen.
Like the Egyptian Pharaohs the British Monarchy wear signet rings through the millennia they have been passed down through their Hebrew ancestors. The British mint recently printed legal tender coins with Queen Elizabeth’s picture on one side and on the other side a ring. The ring is called the one true ring or the ring of power. The inception on the ring reads one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness of their ignorance find them.
The covenant that the Biblical god gave to Abraham was to make his name great and to make for him a great nation. Today Great Britain is the only nation called great in Hebrew the word Britain literally means land of the covenant, and British means man of the covenant. 
Officially Diana is the daughter of 8th Earl John Spencer (1924 – 1992) he was a descendant of the 5th Earl John Spencer (1835 – 1910) he was a groom of the stool. That is the royal arse wiper. The 5th John Spencer wiped Prince of Wales from 1862 – 1966. Charles would not have married Diana if she was from a family of lowly arse wipers.
According New York Times, bestselling Author Tina Brown: Sir James Goldsmith, a member of the European Parliament is Diana’s real father. He had a long term affair with Diana’s mother, Frances Ruth Burke-Roche, during her marriage to John Spencer. Multiple news source maintain that Goldsmith and Diana’s mother were lovers when Diana was conceived. Frances Ruth Burke-Roche was deeply unhappy during her marriage to John Spencer. She finally divorced him and married Peter Shand Kydd in 1969.
Goldsmith was a Jewish bankster and one of the twentieth richest men in the world. Despite his criminal money laundering and bankruptcy schemes. He was never charged with anything because he was above the law. James Goldsmith’s family were neighbours of the Rothschilds in Germany. The Goldsmith and Rothschild families intermarried. Diana bore a striking family resemblance to James Goldsmith’s other children: Zac, Ben and Jemima Goldsmith.
Prince Philip’s mother was Alice Battenberg, granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and committed to a mental institution in Switzerland. Philip’s Germany father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, ran off with a wealthy mistress. Philip’s uncle George Mountbatten became Philip’s guardian.

Like her husband Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth come from a long line of name changers. For the same reason, to cover up their German identity. Before 1917 the British royals bore the name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. They changed it from the German name to the more British sounding name of Windsor. The Queen and Prince Philip are both the great, great grandchildren of Queen Victoria. Like Victoria they married their first cousins.
The Queens first cousins, Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon were severely mentally handicapped and were incarcerated in a state run asylum in 1941. Nerissa is now deceased but Katherine was still alive, she is neglected and never visited. The Queen also has three second cousins who were sent to the same mental hospital on exactly the same day as Katherine and Nerissa. Burkes Peerage is prestigious directory that record the who’s who of British aristocracy. It falsely records that Katherine died in 1940 and Nerissa in 1961. A hidden camera by journalist filmed Katherine in the institute proving that she was still alive and that she looks like Queen Elizabeth II.
The Queen’s great uncle Victor, was mildly retarded. He was also a suspect in the Jack the Ripper killings. The Queens Grandfather George V, had an epileptic son. When the boy suffered a seizure at age four, the King put him in a farm house. The boy never saw his royal parents again and reportedly died in his sleep.
The goat head is a symbol for the ‘Goat of Mendes’ which represents Baphomet or Satan, the goat head appears inside a five pointed star with pentagram in the middle. The Baphomet is the deity worshipped by the Knights Templar. Today the Baphomet pentagram is the official symbol of the Church of Satan. In black magic the Baphomet is the source and creator of great evil. It is portrayed as half human half goat. The symbol can be traced from ancient Sumer right through to today.
The ancient Sumerians made clay tablets of the ancient God Enki who genetically engineered the human race with his demon seed. The symbols for Enki are the same. The goat and the snake which are significant occult symbols. The goat symbol played an important role on 911. George W Bush was reading a story about a pet goat to a group of school children, when he was told that a second plane had hit the WTC.
At Prince Williams wedding a hymn called Jerusalem was sung by the royal family ♫And was Jerusalem builded here, Among those Satanic mills, Bring me my bow of burning gold, Bring me my arrows of desire, Bring me my spear o’clouds unfold, Bing me my chariot of fire, I will not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, Til we have built Jerusalem, in England’s green and pleasant land ♫. Why were the royal family singing about the fight to rebuild Jerusalem?
The Union Jack is steeped in symbolism. There is the Knights Templar cross. It is also called the Union Jack after Jacob. Jacob is the patriarch of the Jews. According to biblical history, Jacob laid his head on a stone, and dreamt about a ladder reaching to heaven. It’s called the stone of Jacob. The stone of Jacob is placed beneath the throne of the British ruling monarch. The Union Jack represents the reunion of the twelve tribes of Jacob, it is also Red, White and Blue the colours of the three crowns of Egypt.
According to the Bible story, Jacob fathered twelve sons. Manasseh, Naphtali, Issachar, Ephraim, Benjamin, Simeon, Asher, Zebulon, Gad, Dan, Reuben and Judah. They invaded the land of Canaan. Canaan was the home of the Philistine people. After defeating the Philistines the twelve Hebrew tribes carved up the land into twelve tribal districts. They then named the land of Canaan after their three favour gods, Israel or:
Is = Isis
Ra = Amen Ra
El = Elohim
By 69 AD Roman soldiers had burnt Jerusalem to the ground and destroyed the temple of Solomon. All that was left was a wall, it still stands today, known as the Wailing Wall, in the Jerusalem today. After the twelve Hebrew tribes fled from the land of Canaan which they had named Israel, the Romans gave the land back to Philistines and they called it Palestine. Palestine was the Romanised word for Philistine. Today the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza are the descendants of the Philistines. Where did the twelve tribes go once they left Canaan?
The tribe of Dan, with the snake and dragon with the crest of an eagle on a red and black shield, became Pirates. Since vowels could be interchangeable in the Hebrew language Dan could be pronounced Don, Den, Din or Dun. It was imbedded in the names London, Scandinavia, Sweden and Denmark. Denmark literally means the mark of Dan. The Viking ships had red and white striped sails, just like the red and white stripes on the British East India Company, which also had the Union Jack (ob). That flag design became the design for the United States.
By 1016 AD, the Viking King Cnut the Great, seized control of the England, Denmark and Sweden. Today’s British royalty are descendants of from the serpent tribe of Dan. Prince Charles’ Coat of Arms has a red dragon on it, from the Viking whose symbol was the dragon. The Coat of Arms also has the German words “Ich diene” on it which means ”I serve” written across the bottom of it. I serve the Red Dragon, I serve Satan.
There was a checkered floor on Westminster Abbey in London, where William and Kate Middleton guest sat for their wedding. The checkered pattern is the known symbol of Freemasonry. Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams is a known Druid member. Druid ceremonies include pagan sun worship in stone circles. On the back of the Archbishops robe at Prince Williams wedding, was a sun symbol.
Prince William and the royal family claim descent from King David and the Jewish tribe of Judea. However the evidence shows they are descended from the tribe of Dan and the Viking Kings whose symbols are the snake and the dragon. 
It took nearly one thousand years for the tribes of Israel to reunite after fleeing from Jerusalem in 70 AD. They reunited in the British Isles under the flag of their Jewish patriarch Jacob. It took another thousand years to reclaim the land that the Romans had given to the Palestinians. In 1917 the British Earl of Balfour signed the Balfour Declaration promising to give the nation of Palestine to Lord Rothschild the Jewish Zionist. This criminal declaration was made even before the British had conquered the nation of Palestine at the end of World War One.
By the end of WWII the British conquered and turned the nation of Palestine over to the Rothschild Zionist as promised. The Zionists populated the land with boat loads of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. By 1948 the name of the Muslim nation of Palestine was changed to the Zionist state of Israel.
According to Jewish historian and best-selling author Simon Schama: Rothschild Zionists financed illegal settlements on Palestinian land. They now own 80% of the Palestinian land that they renamed Israel.
Zionist are a minority of Christians and Jewish extremists who believe that the Jews have a god given rite to the land of Israel. Because according to the Judaeo-Christian Bible gods said so. Gods Promised Land to the Jews spreads far beyond the current Israel borders, it encompasses: Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordon, plus parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
Ultimately the grand scheme is to reclaim Jerusalem and ‘rebuild’ Solomon’s temple. Today, Israel’s Jews pray at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The design and corner stones for Solomon’s Temple have already been completed.
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the most sensitive piece of land on the planet. Jewish leaders have already established a training centre in Jerusalem, where temple priest are now learning how to offer the required blood sacrifices and to conduct the daily temple services. There are limits on the type of sacrifices they do due to the state of impurity we’re in.
The Dome of the Rock is stopping the Jews from rebuilding Solomon’s Temple. Built in 691 AD right over the top of Solomon’s Temple. It is one of the Muslims holiest sites. This valuable real estate is one of the most dangerous places on earth. For the Zionist plan to rebuild Solomon’s Temple on scared ground it must be necessity reduce the Dome of the Rock to rubble. A manmade disaster to destroy the dome would be the spark to ignite WWIII.
When a British monarch is crowned, an elaborate ceremony takes place. It resembles the ritual crowning of King Solomon. King Solomon had extensive knowledge of the Kabbalah, which he used to communicate with demons. King Solomon is the single most important figure in the occult teachings of world international Freemasonry.
The ancient Goetia, is a book of powerful invocations and spells written by King Solomon. These ancient spells and invocation were used to summon spirits who would then psychically tortured and forced to serve King Solomon. The Goetia contains descriptions of seventy two demons. Some of whom control their own army of lesser demons. King Solomon invoked and imprisoned these spirits in a bronze vessel using magic symbols.
The Goetia explains how the spirits can be compelled into obedience. The Goetia describes a demonic royal hierarchy of spirits many of which are referred to as Knights, Princes, and Kings. King Solomon ruled ancient Israel from the year 970 BC to 928 BC. Satanists, Occultists and Freemasons worldwide venerate the memory of King Solomon.
King Solomon owed a magic ring. It is engraved with a symbol called the seal of Solomon. This gave him power over the invisible monarch of demons. This Seal of Solomon is better known as ‘The Star of David’. It is this symbol that is encoded into the American one dollar bill, it is also the flag of Israel.
Magicians and mediums who consult with spirits have always been employed by the royal elite.
In medieval Britain, Dr John Dee was consulted regularly by Queen Elizabeth I. At the British museum in London you can see the dark mirror which John Dee used to see or scribe faces of spirits. Dee’s ability to communicate with spirits led him to be employed as a spy. Dee used to sign his correspondence with 007. Developing psychic espionage techniques which we now call remote viewing. John Dee attended Trinity College in Cambridge, which became a place where occultists and the world of spies were intertwined.
Aleister Crowley also attended Trinity College, in 1904. He wrote an introduction to an ancient book of spells called ‘The Goetia’. Soon after Aleister Crowley followed in the footsteps of John Dee and worked as a spy for Her Majesties Secret Intelligence Services MI5.
Dr John Dee was secretly initiated into the secrets of the Kabbalah by Rabbi Loew in the 1500’s. The Kabbalah offers a root map which is called the Tree of Life. Dis-calm spirits some angelic, some evil occupy each point on the tree of life. These spirits can be called forth, and invoked to serve the magician.
Medieval Astrologers and Kabbalists such as John Dee are hired by monarchs to plan their wars, or to experiment with alchemy. Trying to transform base metals into gold and thus increase the already spectacular wealth of the monarchy.
There are three texts that predict an apocalyptic third world war; Book of Revelations, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, which would give rise to a one world empire and a one world King.
Albert Pike has a statue stands today on a pedestal in Washington DC at the foot of Capitol Hill. Albert Pike was the sovereign pontiff of universal Freemasonry and a known Satanist. He possessed a bracelet which he used to summon Lucifer. After the American Civil War he was imprisoned for treason but was pardoned by Freemason President Andrew Johnson. By 1869 Pike had become the National Chief Judiciary Officer of and Grand Dragon of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Arkansas.
By 1871 Pike published the Masonic handbook known as Morals and Dogma. Albert Pike was also the author of a military formula for three World Wars. That would advance the one world agenda to its final stage in 21st Century.
WWI must be engineered to over through the Tsar of Russia and make Russia a fortress of atheistic Communism. WWII must be engineered to destroy Nazism, strengthen political Zionism and create a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. WWIII must exploit the conflicts of the Zionist state of Israel and the Islamic states so that they mutually destroy each other. Divided and exhausted by war the masses will receive the light of Lucifer brought finally out into the open.
Albert Pike’s vision for WWIII is now taking shape in the Middle East. Where the engineered conflicts between the Zionists state of Israel and the Islamic nations are coming to a head.
Proof of a World Government conspiracy is uncovered in Denver, Colorado is home to Americas largest Airport called the Denver New World Airport. The airport was built by Freemasons in 1995. It features a Freemasonic dedication capstone in the atrium. A time capsule is buried underneath the stone, to be opened in the year 2094. The New World Denver Airport has a swastika shaped runway. There is reportedly a deep underground military base beneath the airport with miles and miles of secret subterranean tunnels connected to a large network of underground cities.
As passengers drive up to the main airport terminal they are greeted by a sinister looking thirty foot high blue stallion. It has veins popping out of its body and demonic eyes that glow bright red. The sculpture is believed to symbolise the pale white horse of the apocalypse mentioned in the Bible, whose name is death. The sculptor, Luis Jiménez was killed by the horse when a chunk of the sculpture broke loose and came crashing down on him. Locals call the horse Blucifer.
The British throne has been bathed in blood for centuries. At one time Britain contained several small Kingdoms. These small Kingdoms ruled over by an intermarried self-elected elite gradually amalgamated in the single monarchy that rules over Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and secretly controls the United States. 
Ten to twelve corporations run the world’s food supply. They are grouped around Britain’s royal House of Windsor. The Windsor led cartel includes: Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, and Associated British Foods PLC. All dominate grain, meat, dairy, oils and fats, fruits and vegetable, sugar and spices. This cartel is hoarding food, minerals and raw materials. It has the power to shut down food production and export supplies worldwide.
“Depollution should be the highest priority of foreign policy toward the third world” – Henry Kissinger           
“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” ― Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Prince Philip Battenberg and his friends see themselves as inheritors of the earth. Culling the population through eugenics is their answer to freeing up earth’s resources. They say earth’s food is being consumed by what they call racially inferior commoners and useless eater.
“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care & reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” ― Bill Gates, Globalist, Member of the Bilderberg Group. 
The Queen’s Gold carriage alone is made of four tonnes of solid gold. Its values is over 370 billion dollars. British tourism would not collapse if the monarchy was abolished, statistically Buckingham Palace doesn’t make the top 20 tourist attractions.
The media has mislead the public into believe the Queens is symbolic figurehead. With little or no real power. That she is harmless old relic who passes her time sipping tea at the Palace. Nothing could be firth than the truth.
(Egyptian & Hebrew Hyksos Bloodlines origins of the Blue Blood Britain Queen’s throne & Jacob’s)

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Temporal Illusions: James Holmes’ “Mentor” Admits To Mind Manipulation


Published: July 25, 2012

John Jacobson, the person James Holmes named as his “mentor” during his science camp presentation on “temporal illusions” and “subjective experience” [1], can be seen in a video discussing the manipulation of a subject’s order of time perception. [2]

At 1.58 in Jacobson says:

“… it’s possible… for us to manipulate temporal order, we have loads of power over temporal order, if events happen in the order A/B, a good psycho-physicist can have the subject experience it as B/A, this is routine…”

So the accused Batman shooter, who appeared drugged out of his mind during his first court appearance, and the District Attorney later said she had “no information” on whether Holmes was on medication in court [3], is closely associated to a boastful mind manipulator.

But this gets much more interesting…

John Jacobson now completely denies being James Holmes’ ”mentor”, in fact he outright attacks every aspect of James Holmes life [4], from Holmes’ ability to do Flash programming as an intern (who would even dream that Flash programming abilities would be grounds to condemn the academic career of an honors graduate and prestigious grant winner [5] ), to claiming Holmes’ didn’t seem to understand “any of the basic science” [6], to claiming Holmes “just had no interest” in a high school girl Jacobson introduced. [4]

Read the LA Times article below to get a real sense of the tone.

Finally, to top this story off, ABC News has been caught lying, I mean misspeaking, about what the mother Arlene Holmes originally said, the well publicized and over repeated “you have the right person” quote… Mrs. Holmes was simply referring to herself.

This strange and illogical quote was suspect from the very start, but it was repeated, wild details were added to it, but it has no basis in fact.

With all the crack reporting from organizations like ABC News, no one seems to ask the basic question, how exactly did the shooter get in through a closed fire exit door?

Are we to believe he arrive early, set the door ajar, went off to gear up, then returned later without the certainty the door would still be ajar… or perhaps we’re to imagine the shooter arriving at the closed exit door in full gear, gas mask on, not knowing if he could open the door… or perhaps he had some help? [8]

[1] 2012.7.22 Video Of James Holmes At 18 Years Old Giving Presentation At Science Camp (Mentions His Mentor (John Jacobson) At 0.50)

[2] 2010.4.10 How Can We Begin To Define Time?, John Jacobson, Chronicles 1

(Quote At 1.58)

[3] 2012.7.23 James Holmes, Suspect In Colorado Shooting, Appears In Court

[4] 2012.7.22 Accused Movie Shooter Called A Mediocre Student Intern –,0,2746583.story

[5] 2012.7.24 James Holmes Received $26K Grant From Bethesda Based National Institutes Of Health ($26K Stipend AND Paid Tuition For HIGHLY COMPETITIVE Neuroscience Program, One Of Six To Get Prestigious NIH Grant Money)

[6] 2012.7.22 Colorado Shooter; High Achiever, Abrupt Descent

[7] 2012.7.24 Colorado Shooting; Mother Of Suspect James Holmes Says Her Words Were Twisted (Arlene Holmes’ Comment ‘You Have The Right Person’ To An ABC Reporter Referred To Herself NOT Her Son)

[8] 2012.7.20 Witness To Dark Knight Shooting Says There Was an Accomplice (Corbin Dates Says Man Seated In The 1st Row May Have Aided The Shooter)

GOG AND MAGOG Statues Royal Arcade – Melbourne, Australia


Royal Arcade

TITLE: Gog and Magog
YEAR: Unknown
SOURCE: State Library Victoria
DESCRIPTION: View of the clock, Gog and Magog

The Royal Arcade was proudly the first arcade in Melbourne and is the longest-standing arcade in Australia.

Its historical significance is profound and underpinned by the fact that, as a significant Victorian era building, it is part of the Victorian Heritage Register.

A historic site:
The land on which the arcade was built was prime land when Melbourne was first settled.

It was the first land purchase by Mr Joseph Moore in 1837 for the princely sum of £20.

In 1855 it was purchased for £650 by Mr Simon Staughton.

Construction of the Royal Arcade began in June of 1869 and was completed by May, 1870 and was officially opened by Lord Mayor Charles Amess.

A competitive design:
In 1868, a major competition was held for the design of the Royal Arcade.

The winning entry was by Mr Charles Webb, a 19th Century architect from Suffolk, England.

His successful design was in the Italianate style, drawing on influential French and English models demonstrating essential qualities of those traditional styles.

Melbourne is of course blessed with several of Charles Webb’s buildings including Melbourne Grammar School, Tasma Terrace, South Melbourne Town Hall, The Church of Christ, Banks and Co. Warehouse, and the renowned Windsor Hotel.

Gog & Magog – A living history:
The most striking feature of the arcade is the magnificent Gaunt’s Clock which is flanked either side by two giant statues of the mythical figures of Gog and Magog.

Since 1892, these mammoth statues have struck chimes at every hour, and are still heard today resounding throughout the arcade.

Several myths surround Gog and Magog, including one where they were guards of the underworld and gods of dark spirits.

As the prophecy goes, once when Gog and Magog return to war, the war will end.

The arcade also features another symbolic statue, Chronos, a Greek mythological character known as Father Time.

Modern history – The last century:
In 1902, an annex was added to link the arcade to Elizabeth Street. This throughway allowed the opening of more businesses.

From that time, the arcade remained in the families of Spenseley and Staughton until 1955, when the arcade was auctioned and sold to a company formed by its tenants.

In 1958 the Royal Arcade set a record for the highest price ever paid for real estate in the central city when it was sold at auction for £541,000.

More recently, the ageing Royal Arcade was refurbished and restored to its former glory during 2002 – 2004, with extensive work on skylights and storefronts.

The beauty of the Royal Arcade is it remains largely unchanged today, yet its Renaissance Revival style is in pristine condition.

TELEPHONE: 0438 891 212

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HAARP/IRI Family Operations Continue Centered in Esperance, Australia


Esperance, Australia Spiral Vortex Operations continue. These Scalar Bottle Paradox 2.0 experiments based in negation of matter, or the equivalent of space/time dissipation in this, the labeled third dimension is Tesla mysticism put to negative ends. Technocracy has, through its efforts, been the orchestrator of our current state of damaged environment, contaminant pollutants, and elevated radiation levels; both natural and manmade. To construct the equipment currently in usage has devastated the planet and it continues through their operational saturation. The continued propaganda which the talking heads disseminate, blaming the populous for pollution, resides squarely on their shoulders. Think of the scorched earth remnants form mining, drilling, and all manor of harvest needed to create the raw materials for theses many varied systems. From NASA with its GHS emissions, to the manufacturing of goods, products which are not! -the Corporate Industrial and Military Complex continues to devolve the Frequency of Humanity. Changes in ionization balance, ozone negation resultant plasmicradiation penetration, and the disbursal of…

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Ipredator Michael Nuccitelli Exposed In Troll Triad

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Sherri Kane, Michael Vara
and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Summary presents a classic case study in how and why Internet trolls operate.

These include agents traditionally known as COINTELPRO (short for “Counter-Intelligence Program”) subversives. With the advent of the Internet they became “trolls.”

Their cyber-gang includes the social media cyber-gangsters exposed here, confusing, diverting and discrediting all intelligent discussions.

These include the “Deep State” hackers that launch “scam bots” to impose commercial crimes on targets and society.

They damage truth, justice and civilization.

“Follow the money.” You will discover “why” these defamatory thugs, online stalkers (i.e., psychologically deranged criminals), post what they will.

Their “Why” demonstrates a perverted mercenary cult, as explained below.

And their “How” gives deep insight into how dangerous the Internet has become.

Its “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) commands lawlessness in the trolls’ hands.

These are modern online racketeers.

They cyber-bully for organized crime, Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Energy, Big Military, and Big Banking.

These real parties with concealed interests administer the online virtual reality needed for criminal commerce to grow.

They serve the “Deep State’s” “protection racket” for Big Money industries and industrialists.

They promote and leverage hidden agendas, such as AI and “PSYOPS” (i.e., psychological operations for social engineering).

The trolls are propagandists paid to construct and overtake real reality with virtual reality.

Just as bitcoin advances to overtake physical currency and Watson is overtaking medicine, the COINTELPRO’s cyber-trolls have largely overtaken, and certainly have influenced the “mass mind” and culture.

The Troll Triad exposed here is America’s best studied example of this assault squad aiding-and-abetting the Deep State’s agendas and damaging civilization.

They exemplify moral turpitude underlying the most advanced criminal “mind-control” and “social engineering” in history.

Their affront to society risks especially susceptible women and children–the future of humanity and civility.

These three sick people–Michael Nuccitelli, Alma C. Ott, and Alex McGowin Studer, the “Troll Triad”–have even been identified and vetted by “Anonymous” to no avail.

The video produced by Anonymous, broadcasting below through accurately cites Nuccitelli’s sexual exploits threatening innocent women and children.

Listen, view, read, and learn what the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department officials are too ashamed to address–the rogue Troll Triad they launched has become a monstrous creation.


The “why” is almost always “unfair and deceptive trade.”

That is, trolls are paid to damage targets or muddle intelligence to produce anti-competitive commercial advantage in favor of the companies or organizations paying for the protection.

Internet research has exposed the concealed conflicting commercial interests of infamous trolls.

This is also true in this case study.

Research the “Troll Triad” and you will see the anti-competitive motive of each agent—Alma C. Ott, alias “Dr. A ‘True’ Ott of Mother Earth Minerals Co. allied with thugs who administered a child sex trafficking enterprise; Michael Nuccitelli, alias “Dr. Nuc Love Master–Ejaculoid salesman,” and Alex McGowin Studer- a Hollywood editor not only tied to Ott’s hip, but also to sued-and-settled pedophile Gary Goddard and indicted kiddy porn perv Robert Glenn McDougall.

In this case we’ve lived and suffered the trauma these trolls were financed to inflict, albeit the children they abused suffer now worse.

The Troll Triad that facilitates pedophilia and sexual assaults damage children for life. And they often grow up abusing others.

We survived and studied their attack strategies and organization.

We recorded and evidenced their antics in courts of law.

Their efforts to destroy the reputations and business associations of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Sherri Kane, and Michael Vara have backfired on them time and time again.


The Troll Triad initially targeted the internationally renowned award-winning scholar, author, filmmaker, and producer of Un-Vaxxed: A Docu-Commentary for Robert DeNiro. Dr. Horowitz’s honorable contributions include this “Best Film-2016” in London and Geneva competitions in the World International Film Festival.

That credit alone shames the Troll Triad who have done nothing positive with their lives (unless you consider aiding-and-abetting murders, human sex trafficking, and genocides positive).

Horowitz has been the world’s leading thorn-in-the-side of Big Pharma by heralding and opposing “vaccination genocide.”

Attacks against him have only delayed the avalanche of popular support and praise he receives for his quarter century activism to safeguard humanity.

Today, mostly thanks to doctors Horowitz, Robert Mendelsohn, Meyer Eisenstein, Viera Scheibner, and Gary Goldman, a minority of ill-informed people are still vaccinating themselves and their children despite massive media propaganda.

To “neutralize” Horowitz, the Troll Triad attacked Horowitz’s family, friends, and business associates, especially Sherri Kane and Michael Vara.

Sherri Kane is an investigative journalist who defected from Fox News in Los

She was attacked for investigating, discovering and exposing the Ott-Gunderson-Aquino child sex trafficking operation part of the Church of Satan.

Kane became Dr. Horowitz’s partner in Medical Veritas International, Inc. to advance the “528LOVERevolution.”

The couple invented online “medicinal music” technologies, including the non-profit music transposition and remastering service; and freely broadcasting a dozen genres of music transposed into the “528Hz frequency of LOVE.”

These innovations were based on Dr. Horowitz’s revelation of love’s connection to the “Real da Vinci Code,” the original Solfeggio musical scale frequencies, and the Perfect Circle of Sound.

These works have profound implications in physics, biomedical science, electrogenetics, and mathematics.

Ms. Kane wrote the foreword to Dr. Horowitz’s critically-acclaimed book, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE that changes readers’ lives forever for better. “The HOROKANE’s” works online, in film, and in the press have “shattered the medical paradigm,” exposed Big Pharma’s demons, and pioneered an irreversible shift in “consciousness” and health science in favor of vaccine-free natural living and healing.

Do these accomplishments really justify troll attacks?

Michael Vara was similarly attacked by the Troll Triad for his heroic broadcasts.

He regularly interviewed The HOROKANE on his radio show—Late Night in the Midlands.

Vara’s nightly broadcast, and his LNM Radio Network, competes directly against the most listened-to show in America, Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, controlled by multi-national corporations heavily invested in drugs, vaccinations, and organized crimes against which Horowitz, Kane and Vara have railed. (1) (

It was Dr. Horowitz’s honorable mention in the national press in 2008 by Rev. Jeremiah Wright that brought out the trolls. Rev. Wright, the religious counsel of Past President Barack Obama, heralded Dr. Horowitz’s book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? before the American news media.

Rev. Wright was forced to defend his position that AIDS was made for genocide against “people of color.”

Horowitz’s monumental award-winning textbook on the origin of these deadly viruses reprinted the National Cancer Institute’s classified contracts under which these kinds of immune-system destroyers were made in labs.

The scientific evidence tied Litton Bionetics to the monkey colony and chimpanzee supply used to grow HIV’s.

The viruses were subsequently spread by the 1972-74 hepatitis B vaccine.

This vaccine was injected into gay men in New York City, Central West Africans, and Willowbrook State School mentally-retarded children on Staten Island, NY.

That publicity put Dr. Horowitz at the heart of presidential election controversy.

And this huge threat caused Big Pharma’s PR firms and secret protection racketeers, like Stanley McCrystal and his group, to hire trolls to damage Horowitz et. al. to protect the vaccine industry and ongoing genocide.

That is the Why the Troll Triad operates.


How the Troll Triad administers online evil goes by several names. Each uses proven behavioral science and social engineering tactics.

These include “military neuroscience,” “psyops,” “persuasion,” “propaganda,” and “counter-intelligence (a.k.a., COINTELPRO).

Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald released thousands of pages of “Deep State” intelligence including details on these ever-more-sophisticated protocols for mass mind control.

The “4-Ds” have since become widely known and often observed.

The “4 Ds” for “Online Covert Action” according to Western intelligence leaks, are used by the CIA, FBI, MI6, GCHQ and JTRIG—England’s premier training center and cyber squad.

According to this leaked intelligence, the 4-Ds include:

(1) Denying the target’s free speech and online presence.

This is done by extorting them to cease operating, threatening their lives, blocking their articles, hacking their posts and websites; censoring their videos and search engine presence through complicit Google/YouTube administrators; overwhelming their search engine prominence using competing sites; introducing decoys presenting similar or conflicting information to divert people from the targeted competitor;

(2) Disrupting the target’s organization and presence online. This is done by infiltrating the targeted company or organization with agents; hacking into websites and mail servers to disrupt their administrators and administration; filing false complaints against the targeted person or company; making sham purchases and demanding refunds; invading and overwhelming e-mail accounts with spam, spam bots, and/or scam bots for commercial espionage and sabotage.

(3) Degrading the target, their organization, products, or industry. This is called disparagement, and often involves defamation. The trolls commit wire fraud and deceptive advertising often to gain commercial advantages over their targets. In extreme instances trolls gang stalk their victims, or make it appear opposition is coming from multiple online identities. A single troll can deploy dozens of “socks” to discourage targets, and even make victims feel hated. The cyber-criminals may produce videos to degrade their targets. This is called “libel.”

In this case study, the felony of “revenge pornography” was committed by the Troll Triad after they obtained a private video of Kane scantily dressed. This crime, committed by Studer’s stooges, promoted by Ott and expanded by Nuccitelli, was used to steal Dr. Horowitz’s companies and customers. This crime includes wire fraud since it was done online. The combination of thievery and wire fraud presents a RICO violation–racketeering in organized crime.

(4) Deceiving the target and public is the “ipredators” main mission. This wire fraud is what the Troll Triad spent most of their time doing for many years—publishing false and misleading information to disparage their targets–mainly Dr. Horowitz. And because Nuccitelli, Ott and Studer made money by selling products at the expense of Horowitz, Kane and Vara’s reputations, the Troll Triad gained “unjust enrichment” by deceiving people.

The authors of this report suffered severely from the Troll Triad. Nuccitelli, Ott and Studer committed every one of the 4-Ds aforementioned. As Nuccitelli, the Troll Triad’s main “Provocateur,” explained on his website, his group uses “Internet defamation, libel and slander to control, manipulate and squelch others.” His motive, he explains, is “driven by needs for power and control or personal and financial gain.”

According to Nuccitelli’s own admissions of mental illness to Fox News, he “always had difficulty concentrating on the task at hand or paying attention; often people would ask him why he seemed to be ‘in another world.’”

“Being ADHD and not being diagnosed or receiving treatment made school much harder than it had to be,” said Nuccitelli, 46. “I hated to study, to read, to write, or anything else academic that required focus, sustained attention, and the ability to complete mundane tasks.”

That explains a lot about Nuccitelli’s criminal psychopathology as you will read below. His ADD-related “Napoleon Complex” includes his:
*Low self-esteem
*Poor organization skills
*Low frustration tolerance
*Chronic boredom
*Difficulty concentrating while reading
*Mood swings
*Relationship problems
The medication Nuccitelli admitted taking, Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate), commonly causes”mental/mood/behavior changes (such as agitation, aggression, mood swings, depression, hallucinations, abnormal thoughts or behavior, suicidal thoughts or attempts),[and] frequent or prolonged erections.”

The Troll Triad’s Sex Exploits: From “Ejaculoid” and Child Sex Trafficking, to Gary Goddard Hollywood “Boy-Toy” Abuse

We discovered that Mr. Nuccitelli and his co-conspirators in wire fraud and theft shared a common interest in sex crimes.

To conceal their real vocations and dark histories in sex commerce the Troll Triad operated “fronts.” Nuccitelli, Ott and Studer set up so-called “natural health” stores that competed directly against Dr. Horowitz’s similar stores, aside from penis enlargement products.

Nuccitelli’s criminal enterprise included Goliath Labs for “penis enlargement” commerce. He pushed “Ejaculoid” for “Bigger, Better Orgasms!” Nuccitelli promoted “Maxoderm” and “Hardness Cream.”

Around that same time, the mentally unstable Nuccitelli went limp promoting himself as “Dr. Nuc Love Master.” His advertising promised “10 proven tips for men to arouse women using minimal sexual touch.” Apparently unsuccessful in arousing women, Nuccitelli gave up this “psychology practice” to form his trolling service.

This was not very smart. Nuccitelli disguised his identity as a troll and online sex predator using a service he claimed opposed trolls and cyber-predators called iPredator. His website is still cross linked to his penis enlargement company, as well as to his “Dr. Internet Safety” credentialing organization.

“Dr. Internet Safety” turned out to be the most infamous fraud in the field of “forensics” because it was exclusively certified by Robert O’Block. The Washington Post vetted O’Block as the “Emperor of Junk Science Forensics.” O’Block founded the American College of Forensic Examiners International and vouched for Nuccitelli. He somehow missed the pseudoscience and criminal psychopathology Dr. Nuc brought to the field of penis enlargement.

If we assume Mr. Nuccitelli’s business and professional interests followed his personal interests, as most people’s do, then Mr. Nuccitelli not only suffered from ADHD, but also “small penis syndrome” best explaining his interest in penis enlargement, sexually arousing women at a distance using mind games, and the science of being an Internet predator and “Love Master” in search of personal relief.

A small penis obsessive-compulsive disorder would also best explain “Dr. Nuc’s” relentless attacks against these journalists in the “truth movement” since 2012. “Dr. Nuc’s” small penis apparently drove his “Napoleon Complex”—a fanatical drive to conquer the lives and businesses of his targets.

Michael Vara’s story is especially interesting. Nuccitelli infiltrated Vara’s radio show to pressure Vara to oust Horowitz and Kane as friends, guests on his show, and sponsors. When Vara discovered Nuccitelli’s bad faith, it was almost too late. Nuccitelli had wormed his way into Vara’s business so deeply the hostile takeover caused Vara to have a heart attack. The idea of Vara’s death under intensive care following heart surgery stoked the psychopath “Dr. Love” even more. He attempted to steal the radio network while Vara was still sedated in the ICU.

Credentialed with his online “doctorate” in predatory psychology, Nuccitelli suffered so much angst over his Vara’s survival, that he went crazy thinking of ways to build a cyber-empire around destroying the lives of Vara, Horowitz and Kane. He christened these honorable citizens the “Troll Triad.”

Nuccitelli especially obsessed about Harvard-trained scholar Horowitz. Nuccitelli’s mania, hate, and jealousy became an obvious obsessive-compulsive neurosis. The “nutbag’s” criminal psychopathology showed all over the Internet in dozens of Troll Triad graphics Nuccitelli spent months outputting in the hope of killing his three targets. Nuccitelli built a virtual cyber-empire, hundreds of pages online, built around advertising himself as a “forensic psychologist” and “expert” Internet predator, all claiming Horowitz, Vara and Kane were the “i-predators.” And he not only damaged these targets, Nuccitelli used his web of deceit to attract additional victims. This prompted even Anonymous to produce the featured video broadcasting above.

Projecting Nuccitelli’s ego drive for a larger audience and penis, Nuccitelli labeled Horowitz “delusional” and Kane and Vara the same.

Accordingly, Nuccitelli’s “Troll Triad Archetype” he proudly promotes exclusively evidences his mental illness, obviously not helped by Vyvanse.

The Troll Triad’s Pedophile Racket and Revenge Pornography Circus

TROLL A: Dr. Nuccitelli—the “Love Master” in the Cyber World of Self Promotion

Recent Photo of iPredator Michael Nuccitelli

Dr. Nuccitelli’s commercial interests in sex, apparently driven by his mental illness, Napoleon Complex, “small penis neurosis” also explain his online advertisements to solicit “clients,” as well as his bedfellow trolls. Nuccitelli’s gang of cyber-stalkers” (also called “gang stalkers” in criminal law) targeted children.

Mind you, these are serious “ipredators,”–menaces to society. They are business associates in the sex predator industry.

Nuccitelli’s self-promotions read as follows, with our comments made in brackets:

“Dr. Nuccitelli and iPredator Inc. consultants are always available, at no cost, to interact with online users and media.”

[Think about that. Why would someone with a supposed “doctor’s degree,” claiming he is an “expert” in “forensics” (i.e, science and law) be “always available” to you “at no cost?” Real “experts” typically charge between $300 to $600 per hour. Shall we suppose the value of Nuccitelli’s services is proportional to the size of his pecker? Is this why Nuccitelli works for free?

And what about the other “consultants” interacting “with online users and media” in his gang? Do the “Love Master’s” associates work for free too? Anytime, day or night?
What is Nuccitelli really selling here?

Here is his pitch for “young children.”] “For tweens and teens, iPredator Inc. created Dr. Internet Safety. For young children, K-5, Cyber Tyger, Troll Man and the Cyber Tyger vs. Troll Man struggle are used to introduce basic internet safety concepts.”

[Nuccitelli launched his “New York State based Information Age Forensics and Internet Safety Company” in September 2011.” That was the exact time fellow Troll Triad cyber-attackers Ott and Studer produced a fake “sex tape,” and claimed it was The HOROKANE engaging in S&M, shortly after being extorted by Gunderson subordinate/Ott associate, predicate felon, Timothy Patrick White to “shut up” or they would release a “sex tape.” The HOROKANE & Vara investigated who was behind producing the fake sex tape and found another Gunderson subordinate/Ott associate, videographer Anthony J. Hilder had produced it. At the same time this cell also output the stolen video showing Kane partially nude, drugged by Ott’s associate, Hampton, and arguing with the doctor on the phone.

This was a felony attack against Kane and Horowitz. In law their video production is called “video voyeurism” or “revenge pornography.” The Troll Triad began attacking Horowitz and his companies by spreading private copyrighted images of Kane in her underwear.

The Troll Triad obtained a stolen copy of Kane’s video showing the couple feuding about shooting a pig on Christmas day in Hawaii. Wow! What hot news! Hawaii is where pigs are shot all the time for Hawaiian luaus and to protect orchards and vegetable gardens. Kane, as an animal rights activist, hoped to save the animals. Big deal, right?

To people with small penises it was made a big deal; but the criminal evidence this saga generated is intriguing.

The doctor’s disgruntled housekeeper, Roxanne Joan Hampton, a total “burnout” and embarrassment to those calling themselves “politicians” on the Big Island of Hawaii, had drugged Kane to obtain that video. Hampton then contacted Ott and Horowitz’s x-wife to distribute the embarrassing video.

And strange bedfellows they made—Ott and Hampton. Ott was best known for promoting KKK-White-Supremacy and Christian Identity propaganda. He and his web host Studer are venomous anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. They promote Israel’s nuclear annihilation.

Can you imagine these menaces who appealed to the anti-government sentiments of Jared Loughner–the Arizona Massacre shooter–working with Hampton, a black lesbian atheist loudmouth drug dealer shunned from political life in Hawaii?

These strange bedfellows made it their mission to repeat their felony called “video voyeurism” and “revenge pornography.” They uploaded Kane’s video over and over again on websites and blogs. At the same time they claimed to “provide educational and advisory products & services to consumers and organizations on cyberbullying.”

TROLL TRIAD- Alma C. Ott (aka Dr. True Ott, Alex McGowin Studer, Michael Nuccitelli
Here was most compelling evidence of felony-level “cyber harassment, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation, cyber terrorism, online sexual predation, internet addiction,” and Nuccitelli’s field of supposed expertise he called Cybercriminal Psychology & Profiling.”

The Troll Triad’s advertised “goal” was “to reduce victimization, theft and disparagement from online assailants.”

But that was precisely what they were doing as the assailants committing cyber-crimes.

TROLL B: The Fraud Behind “Dr. ‘True’ Ott”
Like “Dr. Nuc” “A True Ott” (real name Alma C. Ott) directed an online group of Deep State prostitutes—cyber thugs and defamation mercenaries. Ott administered the “protection racket” directed by the FBI’s gross embarrassment—the fired Los Angeles Division 5 Bureau Chief, Theodore “Ted” Gunderson. “Ted’s” child-sex trafficking escapades and affiliation with the Church of Satan became a legendary embarrassment to the covert administrators in the Justice Department.

Gunderson was exposed best before he died by Barbara Hartwell. “Barbara” defected from the CIA as a psychological operations (“psyops”) and mind control specialist. She was blackballed from “The Company” after refusing her assignment under Gunderson’s supervision. Their assignment was to keep a lid on the child sex enterprise serving mainly Washington, DC politicians. More recently, we’ve seen this matter exploding and then quieting in the news relating to “Pizzagate.” The child sex trafficking network involved kidnapped children, several from Boys Town in Nebraska. For Hartwell, working with Ott’s superior would have aided-and-abetted a pedophile and child kidnapping racket. Hartwell honorably opted out and consequently was targeted by all of Gunderson’s cronies, including the Troll Triad.

And talk about evidence of evil, before Gunderson died Hartwell supplied a copy of Gunderson’s most revealing personal letter on FBI stationary. It was written prior to his termination as Division 5 Bureau Chief. In that letter Gunderson made known he was marrying Diane Rively—the heiress to deceased Church of Satan founder, Anton Lavey. Gunderson and Rively wed for a short time, we learned. And after the FBI terminated Gunderson’s employ he went to work for the CIA, with partner Hartwell.

Gunderson died being exposed by Hartwell, Kane and Horowitz as an infamous Pizzagate-like pedophile protector and rogue FBI/CIA agent who hoodwinked his targets. He, like Nuccitelli, prayed on mainly distressed women whose children had been kidnapped. Like Nuccitelli, Gunderson’s affiliates did much of the dirty-work.

Gunderson’s and the Troll Triad’s affiliates included mainly Americans in the so-called “Conspiracy Industry.” The entire anti-Illuminati and conspiracy genre sourced from Gunderson’s office. The “Patriot Movement” and “Christian Community” were heavily solicited and persuaded into thinking Gunderson and Ott were “good guys.”

The “Christian Right” and “American Patriots” were the COINTELPRO agents’ “markets” and “targets” for mind-control. The unrest generated was profitable. These covert actors fueled anti-government attitudes as double agents. This was the heart of “Controlled Opposition” in America. But because they looked and acted so strange, and were easily discreditable, the real Deep State conspirators could use these misfits to prevent deeper more shocking discoveries about the “Illuminati” (also called “The Octapus”) and child sex trafficking enterprise.

Ott worked under Gunderson as the chief online menace. Kane and Hartwell discovered Ott’s connections to Gunderson by substantial sleuthing. Ott’s links to Gunderson’s gang included Nuccitelli’s close working relationship with the obese “pedophile” hot air issuer Alex McGowin Studer.

Kane, Vara and Hartwell discovered that the Troll Triad—Ott, Nuccitelli, and Studer—enrolled several more criminal psychopaths to their enterprise, including Lee Nevins Bracker. Bracker and Nuccitelli both showed signs of mania. Bracker threatened to kill Dr. Horowitz while planning to visit Hampton in Hawaii. That threat was taken seriously upon discovering Bracker had 19 criminal records. He had been arrested for “severe DUI” several times, larceny, writing bad checks, and indecent exposure. (See: Lee Bracker – Comprehensive Report) Soon after Bracker exposed Nuccitelli and threatened Horowitz, he died mysteriously; after exposing and attacking Nuccitelli in a published audiotape. That blew the lid off of the Troll Triad’s disinformation campaign to destroy Horowitz.


This was America’s leading counter-intelligence “cell” online 24/7/365 for deception. For example, these were the main guys spinning the news about the Arizona Massacre in the “Conspiracy Industry” manufactured for controlling opposition to the Big Banks, Big Energy, Big Pharma, and Big Defense.

Nuccitelli’s manic partner Bracker, at the same time they worked with Studer to publish Kane’s video, wrote a book and produced videos about the Arizona massacre in which Laughner murdered U.S. District Court Judge John Roll and critically wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Ott directed the social PSYOPS surrounding this horrific crime. And Nuccitelli was dispatched to engage the community of witnesses and victims as a “forensic psychologist.” The image above sources from a blog administering their online conspiracy disinformation and advertisements.

In 2015, federal Judge J. Michael Seabright, a George H.W. Bush appointee, struck Dr. Horowitz’s urgent pleading for protection and injunctive relief against Bracker, Nuccitelli, Ott and Paul J Sulla, Jr in Horowitz and Kane v. Sulla and Ott, CIV. NO. 14 00413 JMS/RLP. The murder of Judge Roll and the evidence of the Troll Triad’s intimate involvement in the PSYOPS surrounding the Arizona Massacre was deemed “delusional” by Seabright. The obstruction of justice is arguably treasonous given the fact that Judge Roll and Rep. Giffords had allied to stop the Columbian-Mexican drug cartel from illegally immigrating agents and money laundering through cyber-banking loopholes.

Shortly after Seabright struck The HOROKANE’s pleading for federal protection, Bracker mysteriously died of a heart attack. He was only 53.

People close to Bracker and Nuccitelli believe Nuccitelli had Bracker killed. The motive? Bracker was seriously unstable and a threat to the Troll Triad. He released a very condemning audiotape implicating Nuccitelli and Studer in the aforementioned organized crimes. The records also show Nuccitelli, Bracker and Ott administered the social psyops used to conceal the real killers behind lone shooter, Jared Laughner.

As mentioned, Nuccitelli was dispatched to advertised his psychology practice in Phoenix to attract the massacre victims. Those who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from the shootings were targeted by Nuccitelli and this cyber crime cell, apparently for the purpose of finding and neutralizing witnesses that threatened to tell concealed details about the massacre. (We saw similar representations after The Las Vegas Deep State Massacre.) (Click to view: Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Available to Discuss Arizona Shooting Suspect –

Ott published extensively on the Arizona Massacre too. And for years leading up to that massacre, Ott and Studer heavily published anti-Semitic and anti-government articles that are believed to have incited Laugher to hold these attitudes. A satanic cult, Ott reported, motivated Laughner to shoot the Jewish Congresswoman and Judge Roll.

These two honorable officials had been working together for months prior to the massacre on judicial and legislative changes that would have closed border security gaps and cyber-banking loopholes for drug money laundering through major banks used by the Columbian-Mexican crime families and their friends in the CIA. (How better to fund covert ops than by drugs, illegal arms, and porn?)

Studer and the Pedophile Protection Racket

Studer’s last known address was registered to the alleged pedophile and Hollywood mogul, Gary Goddard, owner of Gary Goddard Entertainment. At the time of Kane’s investigation, the infamous Goddard was embroiled in a lawsuit brought by young actor Michael Egan III. According to court records Goddard and allied filmmakers promised contracts to young boys so long as they submitted to abusive sex rituals. This compounded evidence of the Troll Triad’s ties to pedophiles and kiddie porn industrialists.

Quoting Hartwell, Alex Studer is associated with “a criminal network which includes sex predators and child porno freaks running cover-ups of child trafficking. He took it upon himself to advocate for a man arrested in San Francisco on charges of child pornography. Studer appeared in a news segment that he posted on his website, along with several commentaries, all in defense of his fellow porn freak, Robert Glenn McDougall, and in defense of pornography itself.”

Besides competing against Dr. Horowitz’s online health stores, Studer administers Ott’s online presence at “Lab Virus”. This website was created in 2008, right after Dr. Horowitz received international publicity for his work on the true origins of the “lab viruses” AIDS and Ebola. Another propaganda site outputting defamation, this cell is affiliated with, is “Educate-Yourself. ”

In 2014, within weeks of the international Ebola emergency, Google/YouTube censored more than 150 of Dr. Horowitz’s videos, Wikipedia struck Horowitz’s bio, and the Troll Triad published a Hollywood-quality psyops-style movie smearing The HOROKANE and the 528Hz frequency and industry the couple had pioneered. Bracker published scathing libel to promote their film and discredit Dr. Horowitz’s Ebola research in Before Its News titled, “Urgent! Dr. ‘Ebola’ Leonard Horowitz suspected of pedaphelia with his daugher? (Video)” Stills from this video filed with the Seabright Court as evidence is available by clicking: Bracker, Nuccitelli, Ott, Hampton Video Stills.

This Troll Triad’s targeting of Dr. Horowitz and his online stores, and smearing of Kane and the “HOROKANE’s” alliance with Michael Vara, is a criminal violation of more than the Sherman Anti Trust Act. The Internet is legally considered a “wire,” covered under wire fraud laws. Accordingly, The Troll Triad’s publications, and especially iPredator and Lab Virus websites, are criminal violations of 18 U.S.C. § 1343 carrying hefty fines or imprisonment for up to 20 years.


Nuccitelli has a habit of associating with convicted felons. Besides Bracker, there was Todd M. Knisely. On June 17, 2017, 38 year old Knisely, who referred to himself as a “hacker,” died mysteriously after administering a cyber-war against Nuccitelli.

Apparently, both men were consumed by cyber perils. Knisely initially contacted Nuccitelli to work with “Dr. Nuc Love Master” to oppose Internet predators. Using the handle called “Shadow,” Knisely soon realized Nuccitelli was actually one of the ipredators he claimed to expose.

Knisely soon began posting online intelligence about Nuccitelli. Knisely had gathered signatures and affidavits from people who had been abused by Nuccitelli. He obtained a police report about Nuccitelli’s alleged physical assault and mental abuse of “Dr. Nuc’s” x-wife. One episode of strangulation and attempted murder is alleged to have prompted their divorce. That abuse is detailed on an audio recording of a conversation between Nuccitelli’s ex-wife’s husband and Knisely.

Nuccitell, in a manic retaliatory state, published a website extensively attacking Knisely, similar to what he posted to smear Michael Vara, Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, complete with a slurry of graphics that only an ipredator abusing the Internet as a weapon would spend their time creating.

The “Gallery of Troll Triad Art” shown below evidences Nuccitelli’s fanatical fixation on destroying the reputations of his targets. Each have been slightly modified under fair usage permit, public duty doctrine, and anti-crime laws.

Summary and Conclusion

The TROLL TRIAD consists of Alma C. Ott (Dr. True Ott)—the “Cerebral” brains behind the criminal operation; Alex McGowin Studer—the “Crier”; and Michael Nuccitelli, the “Ejaculoider” and “Provocateur.”

Troll Triad, according to “Dr. Nuc Love Master,” is “a cyber psychopathology-profiling construct that introduces a three-pronged archetypal model defining groups of online users who engage in defamation of character, slander & libel.”

Alternatively, the Troll Triad is a counter-intelligence ploy to protect Deep state interests. Whenever the interests of multi-national corporate criminal enterprises require “cover” by diversions and manipulations of targeted people, organizations, or competing corporations, these devildoers are deployed in online covert actions.

As stated above, Troll Triad, according to Nuccitelli, “is not just a facetious term describing three small minded online users who use Information and Communications Technology to defame, manipulate, curry favor and seek support from other like-minded online users. Troll Triad is also a conceptual framework and template describing how future groups of successful iPredators will be partitioned into three archetypal segments.”

As Anonymous correctly diagnosed in the opening video, Nuccitelli’s “conceptual framework” is an “abomination” and insult to the integrity of science and psychology.

Projecting his delusional narcisism, the Master Ejaculator” heralds his Cerebral, Provocateur and the Crier as three elements, when mixed correctly, “the Troll Triad becomes a masterpiece of human predation alchemy . . . relevant to the Information Age.”

In truth, the only relevance the Troll Triad has to the “Information Age” lies in this case study for law enforcers to do more to protect citizens against these sexual deviants committing commercial crimes.


(1) George Noory and his producer (i.e, “handler”) Tom Danheiser conceal their conflicting interest in Hearst Corporation. Their show is financed by iHeartMedia and Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.); Further, iHeartMedia and its $16B (billion) in assets is owned by Bain Capital, whose $75B in assets (2014) largely financed Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Hearst partnered with Bain Capital in MedHOK Inc. a “key part” of “one of the largest media and information companies in the world.” That partnership, along with Hearst’s First Drug DataBank (“FDB”) and allied McKresson Company, controls the “brain” and “central nervous system” of American healthcare. This is why Noory and Danhieser choose to cover “Alien Encounters,” restrict Big Pharma exposures, and pair Dr. Horowitz’s interviews with wacky (discreditable) interviews, such as with witches and extraterrestrials. Theirs is late night’s number one PSYOPs for social control. They are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and “PharmaWhores.”

Hearst’s propaganda enterprise, featuring iHeartMedia alone, “owns more than 850 full-power AM and FM radio stations in the U.S., making it the nation’s largest owner of radio stations. This is who broadcasts Coast-to-Coast AM.

Together with MedHOK and FDB, Hearst controls the computer systems of virtually every hospital and doctor’s office in America as well.

NASA detects strange electric-blue clouds over Antarctica

The world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change

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NASA detects strange electric-blue clouds over Antarctica
Posted by Anthony Watts
NASA’s AIM spacecraft is monitoring a vast ring of electric-blue clouds circling high above Antarctica.

These are noctilucent clouds (NLCs), made of ice crystals frosting specks of “meteor smoke” in the mesosphere 83 km above the frozen continent. Here is an animation from the past week:

This is the season for southern noctilucent clouds. Every year around this time, summertime water vapor billows up into the high atmosphere over Antarctica, providing moisture needed to form icy clouds at the edge of space. Sunlight shining through the high clouds produces an electric-blue glow, which AIM can observe from Earth orbit.

“The current season began on Nov. 19th,” says Cora Randall, a member of the AIM science team at the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. “Compared to previous years of AIM data, this season seems to be fairly average, but of course one never knows what surprises lie ahead, particularly since the southern hemisphere seasons are so variable.”

The formation of strange clouds in the high atmosphere over remote Antarctica may seem to be of little practical interest–but that would be incorrect. Researchers studying NLCs have discovered unexpected teleconnections between these clouds and weather patterns thousands of miles away. Two years ago, for instance, Randall and colleagues found that the winter air temperature in many northern US cities was well correlated with the frequency of noctilucent clouds over Antarctica. Understanding how these long-distance connections work could improve climate models and weather forecasting–all the more reason to study eerily beautiful NLCs.

Source: NASA

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Watts Up With That?

NASA’s AIM spacecraft is monitoring a vast ring of electric-blue clouds circling high above Antarctica.

These are noctilucent clouds (NLCs), made of ice crystals frosting specks of “meteor smoke” in the mesosphere 83 km above the frozen continent. Here is an animation from the past week:

This is the season for southern noctilucent clouds. Every year around this time, summertime water vapor billows up into the high atmosphere over Antarctica, providing moisture needed to form icy clouds at the edge of space.  Sunlight shining through the high clouds produces an electric-blue glow, which AIM can observe from Earth orbit.

“The current season began on Nov. 19th,” says Cora Randall, a member of the AIM science team at the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. “Compared to previous years of AIM data, this season seems to be fairly average, but of course one never knows what…

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FLAT EARTH MASONIC JESUIT CIA PSYOPS – Thank you to the author of this fantastic research; Previously known as EYEWARNUB4EYE8U – Ξẙ≡ШᴧᴙᴎṲḂ4Ξẙ≡8Ṳ

Thank you and all credit for this research is attributable to the author of this article;
ICB4UC2 Now Has a New Channel @
Previously known as: Ξẙ≡ШᴧᴙᴎṲḂ4Ξẙ≡8Ṳ – Since deleted


• May the great Channel Ξẙ≡ШᴧᴙᴎṲḂ4Ξẙ≡8Ṳ Rest in Peace

(Youtube and Blogspot Have Been censored/ removed) 

Thanks so much to the above mentioned:


There has been a 600% rise on social media on the topic of the ‘flat earth’ in 2015. This is not an aberration, but a planned COINTELPRO psyops.

“6” waves going over the edge from Jachin & Boaz + ‘cube’/saturn

The Flat Earth Insanity – A CIA Disinfo Psyop? 

Having done some in depth research on the two biggest proponents pushing it, THEY ARE BUSTED as their affiliations, ideologies, backgrounds, written record and actions dictate. The FLAT EARTH idea has always been a SECRET SOCIETY dogma and doctrine. It is steeped in FREEMASONRY. “ALL” of the leaders and heads of “flat earth societies” have been secret society members and flat out FREEMASONS.


Organized flat earth fucktardery can be traced back to the 16th century, to the plebeian religious anarchist and puritan ‘ranter’ LUDOWICKE MUGGLETON (1609-1698) right after the freemason King’s version of the bible came out).

     “But contrary to the resolutions of them both, a little while after, were made the greatest medlers of religion in all the world.”[10] On 3 February 1651 (which is 1652 new style) John Reeve was addressed by the voice of God giving him the Third Commission. Lodowicke Muggleton was to be his mouth, as Aaron was to Moses. They were the two witnesses mentioned in Book of Revelation 11:3. Thus began the sect to be known as Muggletonians. John Reeve was 42, Lodowicke Muggleton 41……….”Thirdly, he began his reluctant travels to distant parts of England to meet believers who knew him only through correspondence. He did no preaching although he records acrimonious discussions with followers of Jacob Boehme.”

These puritan ‘kundalini-ranters’, masonic occultists, first claimed……

“The Muggletonians emphasized the Millennium and the Second Coming of Christ, and believed, among other things, that the soul is mortal; that Jesus is God (and not a member of a Trinity); that when Jesus died there was no God in Heaven, and Moses and Elijah looked after Heaven until Jesus’ resurrection; that Heaven is six miles above Earth;that God is between five and six feet tall; and that any external religious ceremony is not necessary. Some scholars think that Muggletonian doctrine may have influenced the work of the artist and poet William Blake.[3]”

 The association of Muggleton with “flat earth’ origins is confirmed by R.J. Schadewald.

 Flat earthers generally agree that a character using the pseudonym “PARALLAX” in the 1800’s, whose name was SAMU-EL BIRLEY ROWBOTHAM, was the originator of whats called ZETETIC astronomy, and the concept of ‘zeticism’ at large. What they DONT tell you is Samu-EL was a “SIR”, he was ‘knighted’, which makes him a FREEMASON.

 “…..freemasons formed themselves into debating clubs, known as Zetetic societies……”

– Richard Carlisle; Manual Of Freemasonry (1825)


(you may want to take a look at that headstone zoomed in to see all the pretty MASONIC artwork!)

      Mr. freemason Rowbotham wrote this lovely little work in 1865 called “Earth Not A Globe! An Experimental Inquiry into the True Figure of the Earth,

Does that cover remind you of anything? It should…….

Mr freemason Rowbotham was also a majorCOMMUNIST SOCIALIST “ZIONIST”……… 


“….Rowbotham started out as an organiser of an Owenite commune in the Fens, where he first observed the strange phenomenon on the Bedford level that led to his theories about the earth. Following allegations of sexual misconducthe reinvented himself as an itinerant lecturer under the name Parallax. He took a little time to learn his trade, running away from a lecture in Blackburn when he couldn’t explain why the hulls of ships disappeared before their masts when sailing out to sea.[1] However, as he persisted in filling halls by charging sixpence a lecture his quick-wittedness and debating skills were honed so much that he could “counter every argument with ingenuity, wit and consummate skill”.[2]

The ‘owenite’ commune envisioned by Robert Owen, SamuEL Rowbotham attempted to establish.

“….Robert Owen was converted to spiritualism after a series of “sittings” with the American medium Maria B. Hayden (credited with introducing spiritualism to England). Owen made a public profession of his new faith in his publication The Rational quarterly reviewand later wrote a pamphlet entitled The future of the Human race; or great glorious and future revolution to be effected through the agency of departed spirits of good and superior men and women.[10] Owen claimed to have had mediumistic contact with the spirits of Benjamin FranklinThomas Jefferson, and others (masons),….”

Owen Memorial next to Reformers Memorial

SamuEL Rowbotham is the consumate origin of flat earther’s “I see no proof” psychosis when they are confronted with it. From the inception of this fucktardery, this is the generic position and mindset of flat fuckers……

“When finally pinned down to a challenge in Plymouth in 1864 by allegations that he wouldn’t agree to a test, Parallax appeared on Plymouth Hoeat the appointed time, witnessed by Richard Proctor, a writer on astronomy, and proceeded to the beach where a telescope had been set up. His opponents had claimed that only the lantern of the Eddystone lighthouse, some 14 miles out to sea, would be visible. In fact, only half the lantern was visible, yet Rowbotham claimed his opponents were wrong and that it proved the earth was indeed flat so that many Plymouth folk left the Hoe agreeing that “some of the most important conclusions of modern astronomy had been seriously invalidated”.[3] 

For a complete exposure of the “Bedford Level Experiment” that came about from Rowbotham’s psychosis  flatfuckers like to rant about, which was a ‘masonic scam’,  read this here……

    Mr Rowbotham was a consumate “bible tard” claiming his ‘science’ based upon the “infallibl” words in the masonic KJV ‘flat earth tard’ bible, which is a generic battle cry by all the earliest flat fucktards. He was also said to have shacked up somewhere selling healing tinctures and doing the puritan ranter holy rolling fucktardery that was to come later. I can go on with Samu-EL and write a book on his black past and origins, but we have so many others to expose. To pick up where Rowbotham left off, we have the MASONIC WIFE OF A FREEMASON……

 Masons Widow “Lady” Elizabeth Anne Mould Blount

Sometimes known as ‘Zeteo’, Lady Elizabeth Anne Mould Blount was a vocal advocate of Flat Earth theory in late 19th and early 20th Centuries and one of the founders of the Universal Zetetic Society. After Rowbotham’s death, Lady Elizabeth Blount, wife of explorer SirWalter de Sodington Blount, established a Universal Zetetic Society, whose objective was “the propagation of knowledge related to Natural Cosmogony in confirmation of the Holy Scriptures, based on practical scientific investigation”. The society published a magazine, The Earth Not a Globe Review, and remained active well into the early 20th century.[16] A flat Earth journal, Earth: a Monthly Magazine of Sense and Science, was published between 1901–1904, edited by Lady Blount.[17].   This masons ‘widow’ was also a consumate “vegetarian” and insider to the british elite and to the crown. She is noted for her “charities”, a big business with masonry!. “SIR” Walter de Soddington, her husband, was of the order of the ‘9th BARONET’. The number 9 is real important in numbers as we go along.  From here, the parasite comes over the ocean to America.”

The Oracle Vol. 8 Issue 1

” He (Rowbotham) is the author of several works, the chief of which is entitled “Zetetic Astronomy: an Experimental……The full narrative of the Lady Freemason (Lady Blount) is given in No. 93.”

Jesuit “Bro.” John Alexander Dowie

John Alexander Dowie (25 May 1847 – 9 March 1907) was a Scottish evangelist and faith healer who ministered in Australiaand the United States. He founded the city of Zion, Illinois, and the ChristianCatholic Apostolic Church.[1]  

Dowie was the worst type of trailor trash holy roller charismatic pentecostal ZIONIST fucktard to ever hit the shores of north america!. He founded “ZION” illinois which became a virtual concentration camp for the religiously insane!. ZION had its own laws, its own POLICE FORCE where the ‘zionite’ (that was there literal label) cops carried BATS and BIBLES!!!. Curfew at 10, no smoking, no eating pork, no drinking, no breaking of the 10 commandments, and NO “ROUND EARTH” IDEALISTS OR IT WAS “JAIL” AND A BAT AND BIBLE UP YOUR ASS TILL YOU COMPLIED TO FLAT FUCK INSANITY!. On his regalia above which is MASONIC, you will notice a……

..SEXTANT/COMPASS……..turned on its ‘side/horizontal‘ “the level”…….over his STOMACH!. That is a JESUIT cross on his chest and the ‘beryl’ PHOENICIAN colored crown of ZION/VICTORY. This is the seal of ZION ILLINOIS……

You will note the “crown and sword” and cross insignia, THATS JESUIT MASON!. Gold banner and motto is 100% certified SATURN/EL MASONIC KOSHER, most these fuckers got “EL” in their fucking names! He claimed to be EL-ijah the ‘restorer’, most of these fuck things believed they were some type of ‘christ’ or saviour restoring “the worlds OLDEST RELIGION” which you stupid fucking RETARDS, IS THE CLAIM OF MASONS and its the religion of the “square” and compasses made men ON THE LEVEL!!!!.

And parting on the dialectical masonic checkerboard FLAT PANCAKE EARTH!!!. Masonic in dialectical “opponants” working towards SYNTHESIS!!!. “ACTORS” playing chess for masonic control and sustain on the square, and on the kol nidre level of zionist masonic fucktardery. Flat earth fucktards claim NASA is NASAtan and running the flat pancake earth, yet, same flat earth fucktards claim to be EMPLOYEE’S AND ‘MANAGER’S of NASAtan command as well as being ALUMNI of ……JESUIT………UNIVERSITIES having degree’s in……POLITICAL SCIENCE. Other flat fucktard FRIENDS of these fucktards are the PRESIDENT’s of flat fucktard ‘societies’ living somewhere over in the occident, Thailand and Hong Kong for examples. Keep thine eye LEVEL, part on the PANCAKE!. Dowie is the forerunner to PENTECOSTALISM, AZUZA STREET REVIVAL, CHARISMATIC INSANITY TODAY and is also claimed by historians to be THEE ORIGIN OF “ZIONISM”, ALL OF IT predating Herzl by decades!.


Rev. John Alexander Dowie in mason regalia top (1875)

You will note Dowies masonic ‘finger’ position, on same page for Dowie family records lots of mason heraldry including Knights Templars!. Dowie was also an “anarchist’, he fucked over the government for taxes and he fucked the people in ZION out of their cash and was called in by federal warrant to own up!!!!. “Charismatic-Kundalini-Pentecostal-Masonic-Bachunite-Occidental” fuckery is AT CORE of this shit!. Its called………”SPIRIT SCIENCE”………today by flat fuck masonic kundalini chakra FUCKTARDS! Gotta a nice vid on me channel of the freemason KENNETH COPELAND………… literally giving out what he says are demons and mark of the beast from his daddy Satan live on TV if you dont believe MASONS behind that shit as well!!. After this nutbar established……………ZION………………in AmeriKa, another wacked out nutbar took over, one of the bro’s……

“Bro.”Wilbur Glenn Voliva

Flat earth and other views

From 1914, he gained nationwide notoriety by his vigorous advocacy of flat earth doctrine. He offered a widely publicized $5000 challenge for anyone to disprove flat earth theory.[4] The church schools in Zion taught the flat earth doctrine. In 1923 he became the first evangelical preacher in the world to own his own radio station, which could be heard as far away as Australia. His radio station broadcast his diatribes against round earth astronomy, and the evils of evolution. He was quoted about the sun as follows:

The idea of a sun millions of miles in diameter and 91,000,000 miles away is silly. The sun is only 32 miles across and not more than 3,000 miles from the earth. It stands to reason it must be so. God made the sun to light the earth, and therefore must have placed it close to the task it was designed to do. What would you think of a man who built a house in Zion and put the lamp to light it in Kenosha, Wisconsin?[4]

He became increasingly focused on destroying the ‘trinity of evils’: modern astronomyevolution and higher criticism, insisting on a strict interpretation of 24-hour days for creation and travelling to Dayton to appear as a witness at the Scopes trial (he wasn’t called).[5] Voliva also frequently predicted the end of the world: his predictions that the end would come in 1923, 1927, 1930, 1934,[6] and 1935 were incorrect.[4]

Decline and death

Like his predecessor, Voliva increasingly developed an overtly lavish lifestyle, amassing a $5m personal fortune by 1927, which began to alienate his followers, especially after the hardships brought on by the Great Depression, which forced Zion Industries into bankruptcy. In 1935 Voliva tried to revive the flagging fortunes of the church by instituting the annual Zion Passion Play, along the lines of the famous one in Oberammergau. However, in 1937, a disgruntled employee set the church’s huge Shiloh Tabernacle, where the play took place, ablaze. Shortly thereafter, Voliva was forced into personal bankruptcy and he was reduced to being the honorary president of Zion Industries. The governance of the city reverted to the independents and the new authorities selected a globe for the compulsory car sticker that he was forced to put on his car.[7]

(Doobay Bros. “DOGCAM” balloon below the apex of “parallax” PERCEPTION of human vison roughly 16 to 20 ‘miles’ above earth…….FOR DOGS……..who believe in ROUND earth per ZIO MASON DOOBAY FUCKTARDEY)

 “…..You could be arrested for whistling on Sunday. These laws were enforced by Voliva’s police force, called the Praetorian Guard, whose helmets carried the word ‘PATIENCE’ and whose sleeves bore images of doves. Policemen wore Bibles and clubs on their belts….”

– The Flat Earth by Donald E. Simanek

     And just like his bros. before him, Voliva was a consummate KIN OF MASONS. His daddy was a mason, so was his grandfather. Hes the guy who incorporated the ZION SEAL with the jesuit/masonic insignia. His dads (John Camden Voliva) MASONIC HEADSTONE can be found online.

Voliva & The Freemasons 
23rd May 1904

Judge Landis on the Outcome of Alexander Dowie’s ZION property case KY Boon County Recorder 1906 (242).pdf

ALL of this shit is based upon the literal interpretation of the mason kings KJV bible!. THE MAJORITY OF FLAT EARTH FUCKTARDS HAVE SOME TYPE OF WARPED THEIST IDEOLOGY INTEGRATING THE MASON KINGS VERSION or whatever version will float their flat tire!. All the major chrismatic proponants that first popped on the scene at the turn of the century, WERE FREE MASONS. Charles Parnham, Mary Baker Eddy, ALL names associated with Azuza Street Revival CAME from Dowies ZION and are ALL LISTED ONLINE AS “FREEMASONS”!!!.They are the worst FUCKTARDS Ive come across and all their ideology can be vanquished in minutes especially their theism. 3000 adherents to masonic flat fuckery were left over after Voliva died. To make sure the cult survived, ‘Enter The Dragon’ back in the ‘crown’ land………….

“Bro.”  Samuel Shenton

‘Samuel Shenton‘, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Geographic Society, founded the Flat Earth Society in 1956, after renaming it from the Universal Zetetic Society. He led the Flat Earth Society from its founding in 1956 until his death in 1971, at which time leadership passed to Charles K Johnson. Shenton collected material, gave lectures and generated publicity for the Society so that by his death in 1971 the Society had over 100 members.

FREEMASONS AND FREEMASONRY FROM BEGINING TO END! Sammie SS took over flat fuckery in 1956 after Voliva’s cult died out to make sure the little masonic dialectic wouldnt die out. Heres Sam preaching “KABBALAH” in all its masonic glory……..

How do you like those 7 CHAKRAS/7 PANCAKE EARTHS/ 7 POINTS UP THE JACOBITE LADDER OF YOUR ASS TO THE ALL SEEING PINEAL GNOSTIC-GRABASTIC LUCIFEREAN gobligook of ancient MASONIC fucktardery? This is what your buddy ERIC DUBAY is preaching you masonically ass fucked DUPES!. Hes also big fan and student of fucktard BILL DONAHUE. Oh, but wait, theres 2 MORE (making “9”) and they are secret “black disks” called RAHU and KETU according to flat fucktard Erica DoobieBay and his reason why their is such a thing as ‘eclipses’ according to his flat fuck MASONIC tardery!. The bottom line is MASONS show you in the face their dialectic, its their game, its how real cointelpro works. Two sides of a dialectic opposing one another to bring about synthesis, same masonic swindel for time immemorial. Uncle Sam of El’s lecture posters…..

“ELder Miles Grant, bishop EW BULLINGER the first fucktard who gave you the NEPHILLIM seduction of”aliens” and “cowboys’ in babble commentaries, forerunner to Sitchen-esque fuckery.. ARCHBISHOP C.I. STEVENS, another ‘mason’, a military major general another ‘mason’.

Only fucktard cultists around to claim a babble is INFALLIBLE and the INSPIRED fucktardism of gawd are KING JAMES MASON MOTHERFUCKERS! Sammie was a “queens bitch”!!

Bro.” Charles Kenneth Johnson 

“….Charles Kenneth Johnson lectured societies, as well as Elks, Kiwani’s, and the Rotary Club……”

– Flat Earth: The History of an Infamous Idea;  By Christine Garwood

 “…..freemasons formed themselves into debating clubs, known as Zetetic societies……”

– Richard Carlisle; Manual Of Freemasonry (1825)

Umm, so sorry, you do not “lecture” SOCIETIES especially the masonic ROTARY, ELKS, KIWANI’S unless you be a…………MEMBER!!!.

You stupid fucks, that aint a “oblate sphere” or a bulging round earth, THATS A “PANCAKE FLAT EARTH”!!! Round and round the giant masonic COCK in the middle of the world the entire universe spins around thats “under the apron” and “parts on the square”. MASONIC “GEOCENTRICISM” GOES BACK TO EGYPT, THEY INVENTED IT AND THATS WHY MASONS LOVE “EGYPT”!. Egyptian pancake was a “SQUARE” like this one……

On the LEVEL, dialect on the SQUAREpancake!

” ……Worshipful Master and Brethren: Let us behold the glorious beauty that lies hidden beneath the symbolism of the Square and Compass; and first as to the Square. Geometry, the first and noblest of the sciences, is the basis on which the superstructure of Masonry has been erected. As you know, the word “Geometry” is derived from two Greek words which mean “to measure the earth,” so that Geometry originated in measurement; and in those early days, when land first began to be measured, the Square, being a right angle, was the instrument used, so that in time the Square began to symbolize the Earth.And later it began to symbolize, Masonically, the earthly-in man, that is man’s lower nature, and still later it began to symbolize man’s duty in his earthly relations, or his moral obligations to his Fellowmen…….”

Remeber now, ZIONISM IS COMMUNISM (do your homework). Like that nice “STAR” standing out there? Kinda like this one that ‘stands out’ on the HORIZON of flat fuck tardery now dont it and remember the PRES’s of flat fuck societies live in COMMIE countries!…..

The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism. (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 143-144).

Hmm, “In Veritate Victoria”……Why the fuck do FLAT EARTH societies, FREEMASON societies, SECRET societies, JESUIT societies ALL USE LATIN FUCKING MOTTOS DIPSHITS????and so sorry, that FLAT EARTH logo for the flat masonic FUCKTARDS is a god damned……….”SATURN”…….and the pancake be the RINGS going round flatfuck SATURN CROWNS cranial malfunctions. BUT NOTE THE COMMUNIST “STAR” ON THE “HORIZON”!!!

Nice ‘crown’ and the ole ‘dog and pony’ zio commie mason show!

Hmm, what that be on the BOTTOM of the ‘shield’????


What that be in the MIDDLE of the shield if not SATURN/EL???

Who be the KINGS masonic god of the babble of bible and its masonically “authorized” and Francis Shakespeare Bacon Alumini Extraordinaire With Pen And Psuedo Version? SATURN/EL!

“The real aim is to create all the required prerequisites for the TRIUMPH OF THE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION”. THIS IS THE OBVIOUS AIM OF FREEMASONRY“….as an institution, Stalin, families Schiff  and Warburg, bank of Kuhn, Loeb, and Company….it is clear that I know of this not as a freemason, but as ONE OF THEM!

– C.K. Rakovsky; The Red Symphony 1938

About chuckles…………..

“…. It was through Wilbur Voliva that I learned how to prove it (flat earth)…”

“….It was Shenton’s dying wish that he, Johnson, should inherit the organization…..”

“……he proclaimed himself the last iconoclast, carrying the mantle of EL-ijah……”

“…..Johnson was an avid animal lover and vegetarian, supporter of PETA….”

“….Johnson looked to the bible and the 10 commandments as the ethical basis of flat earth truth….”

“……Johnson was raised as a Nazarene“…….

“……..Johnson believed O.J. Simpson was framed because he starred in Capricorn One…..”

– Christine Garwood; Flat Earth: The History Of An Infamous Idea

“Charles Kenneth Johnson (July 24, 1924 – March 19, 2001) was, from 1972 until his death, the president of the International Flat Earth Society, which he and his wife ran from their home in California. He claimed that the Apollo moon landings, and space exploration in general, were faked to lead people away from the biblical truth that the world was flatOriginally an airplane mechanic in San Francisco, Johnson took over the Society from Samuel Shenton on the latter’s death in 1972, from his ranch, near Edwards Air Force Base. In his obituary, Tim Bullamore wrote, “Although the world at large was slow to accept his work, Johnson remained cheerful and unruffled. He enjoyed smoking a cigar while watching the sun set over the flat desert. He was regularly interviewed by curious journalists and was often invited to speak about his subject. He received large quantities of mail, not all of it ridiculing his work, and on one occasion he starred in an ice-cream advertisement(masonic DREYER’s ICE CREAM! do homework fucktards!).” [1]

    So then, chuckles was a CERTIFIED airplane mechanic from San Francisco for what was decades according to bio, and moved out to EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE AFB in a shack and was PERSONALLY chosen and insisted upon to be the PRES of INTERNATIONAL flat fuckery!!! Here, check out masonic dialectical fucktard Charles K. Johnson……
International Flat Earth Research Brochure

Charles K. Johnson, President
Marjory Waugh Johnson, Sec.
Telephone: (805) 727-1635
PO Box 2533, Lancaster, CA 93539
(all typo’s exactly as written)

Aim: To carefully observe, think freely rediscove forgotten fact and oppose theoretical dogmatic assumptions. To help establish the United States…of the the world on this flat earth. Replace the science religion…with SANITY
The International Flat Earth Society is the oldest continuous Society existing on the world today. It began with the Creation of the Creation. First the water…the face of the deep…without form or limits…just Water. Then the Land sitting in and on the Water, the Water then as now being flat and level, as is the very Nature of Water. There are, of course, mountains and valleys on the Land but since most of the World is Water, we say, “The World is Flat.” Historical accounts and spoken history tell us the Land part may have been square, all in one mass at one time, then as now, the magnetic north being the Center. Vast cataclysmic events and shaking no doubt broke the land apart, divided the Land to be our present continents or islands as they exist today. One thing we know for sure about this world…the known inhabited world is Flat, Level, a Plain World.
We maintain that what is called ‘Science’ today and ‘scientists’ consist of the same old gang of witch doctors, sorcerers, tellers of tales, the ‘Priest-Entertainers’ for the common people. ‘Science’ consists of a weird, way-out occult concoction of jibberish theory-theology...unrelated to the real world of facts, technology and inventions, tall buildings and fast cars, airplanes and other Real and Good things in life; technology is not in any way related to the web of idiotic scientific theory. ALL inventors have been anti-science. The Wright brothers said: “Science theory held us up for years. When we threw out all science, started from experiment and experience, then we invented the airplane.” By the way, airplanes all fly level on this Plane earth.
Our Society of Zetetics have existed for at least 6,000 years, the extent of recorded history. Extensive writing from 1492 b.c.We have been and are the Few, the Elite, the Elect, who use Logic Reason are Rational. Summed up, we are Sane and/ or have Common Sense as contrasted to the “herd” who is unthinking and uncaring. We have absorbed the Universal ZeteticSociety of America and Great Britian, ZION U.S.A., the work of Alexander Dowie 1888, Wilber Glen Voliva 1942, Samuel Shenton, Lillian J. Shenton of England 1971. Zetetic: from Zeto, to seek and search out; Prove, as contrasted to theoretic which means to guess, to hope, to suppose, but NOT to ‘prove’. Science ‘proves’ earth a ‘ball’ by ‘scripture’ words. We PROVE earth Flat by experiment, demonstrated and demonstrable. Earth Flat is a Fact, not a ‘theory’!
Our aim is not to ‘disturb the herd’ or wreck the Government, but rather to be an aid to the Elite Human Being in coming to KNOW earth flat…to then FREE his or her mind from such blind unreasoning ‘theory-superstition’ and so go on “to carefully observe…think freely…rediscover forgotten facts and oppose theoretical dogmatic assumptions.” As Sir Fields, owner of newspapers in England, has said about us, “They are the Last pocket of individual Thinkers in English speaking world.”
I sometimes call myself the Last Iconclast. Science is a false religion, the opium of the masses. I myself count it as a begining of Sanity to confess ‘the creation proves there was a Creator’ so a God or Creator…Exists. From a life-time of study, of seeking out a proving things, from the study of 6,000 years of recorded history, from observation, from experience, from Common Sense Observation, have concluded the 10 Commandments are in fact good Laws of Living and Behavior for oneself and all in contact with you…truley ‘Laws of Physics for Living.’ That is my opinion. The Fact the Earth is Flat is not my opinion, it is a Proved Fact. Also demonstrated Sun and Moon are about 3,000 miles away are both 32 miles across. The Planets are ‘tiny.’ Sun and Moon do Move, earth does NOT move, whirl, spin or gyrate. Australians do NOT hang by their feet under the world…this is a FACT, not a theory! Also a Fact the Spinning, Whirling, Gyrating Ball World Planet, Globe Idea is Entirely 100% now and at all times in the Past, a RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE…a Blind Dogmatic Article of Faith in the Religion for the Blind unreasoning beast of prey. No earthly reason for a Sane, Upright Member of the Elite Elect Humans to subscribe to it. Also a Fact, today the Elite of Earth ALL live on the Flat World. Only the illogical, unreasoning “herd”…prefers the way-out occult weird theology of the old Greek superstitution earth a spinning ball! Both Copernecious and Newton, the inventors of the “modern” superstitions (400 year OLD modern) have said: “It is not possible for a Sane reasonable person to ever really believe these Theories.” Thus sayeth Newton-Copernecious. What sayeth THOU?
Associate Membership contribution of $10.00 a year, includes four (4) issue of FLAT EARTH NEWS and Membership Card. An 8 x 12 Color Certificate of Membership is $5.00 extra. Sustaining Member $25.00 a year; Patron $100.00 and up. One year of the quarterly (4 issues) FLAT EARTH NEWS and Membership Card and Certificate. $5.00 single copy. Each issue contains further proofs of the fact – earth IS flat. People of goodwill who seek the truth also known as the Facts are Welcome! We do not want members who are stupid, mindless, brute beasts with two feet whose only aim is to scoff or in some way ‘harm’ our work — Facts, Logic, Reason, Sanity also known as commonsense, is our aim.
In 30AD JC said… seek and find the Truth and it will set you free. Free from the Pathological Liars…the great pretenders who mislead all flesh and blood.
Are you a teacher of any kind in the education system?____Minister? Priest? Rabbi?
I hereby affirm my aim in joining is not to harm, degrade, damage or defame this Society
How did you hear of us?______________________
SPECIAL: FLAT EARTH MAP (as featured in Newsweek, 7/2/84) $6.00postpaid; Membership, Certificate, and Map $20.00.

Saturn Is Not Satan Stupid by flat earther jhenningkelloggia

A brochure from a ROTARY CLUB in the Barbados with chuckles as a lecturer can be found via quick google search.

Now what makes me SICK to my stomach about the flat earth pieces of shit, is they dare to mention FREEMASONS and NASA when their entire history and all proponants of their movement WERE FREEMASONS!. They are the worst fucking hypocrites there is. So WHY? Why so blatantly hyprocritical?


There ideaology is MASONIC, there leaders are MASONIC.

Bro.” Jesuit Matthew Leonard Boylan 

Like that hand sign?

He is a “brother” alumni of SATURNIAN St. Xavier Jesuit University of Nova Scotia.

Hes got a B.A. and a double major inPOLITICAL SCIENCE and philosophy (ding ding ding!)

It appears Mr.Boylan has problems with TAX EVASION and canadian govt…….

And is probably the reason why hes now located down in the US. Boylan is a registered ACTOR with ACTRA/UDAwho has done numerous bit roles in film and television. He is listed as an APPRENTICE which means Boylan is a REGISTERED FREEMASON OF A FRATERNAL ORDER as ACTRA tells you in your face on their website ITS FRATERNAL with FRATERNAL “BENEFITS”! He is listed as a DIRECTOR on his company registration.

He also claims hes a brown belt in karate, is fluent in “all dialects” and “accents” (language), AND WAS A RUNNER AT THE BOSTON MARATHON (Umm, you know your asking same question as me, was it THAT one? It would make perfect sense! Im going to have to go through my boston bombing footage!) Now Boylan’s claim to fame on social media is he says he used to work for NASA as an “operational graphics manager” creating “photo realistic COMPUTER images”. Its obvious hes LYING through his teeth because Mr.Boylan has NO COMPUTER TECHNICAL SKILLS TO get a fucking job at NASA for the position hes saying (which by the way does NOT exist as Ive checked!). Mr Boylan is a PAINTER and an……………ACTOR………..who cant even make a good video on YT let alone “CGI GRAPHICS” for NASA. However, there is evidence online proving Boylan is just ACTING/LYING as he admits himself!.

So Everyone in Quebec including my ex still want to call me crazy or u r just not quick with the whistle….sad really how so many mocked me well hope you r not under the weather .

He likes drinking and making vids which is good because its TRUTH serum. Here, Meth tells ya hes a lying fucktard who will say and do anything to get an audience because hes an ACTOR who according to his own words, gets off on ‘fooling people’.

And this beauty……

And this beauty complete with make up and script….

Math Boylan is from Montreal, he went down to states a few years ago. When? WHEN HE STARTED TO CLAIM HE WAS A NASA INSIDER ONLINE!. Search his channel, his vid is from about 3 years ago. According to the stats on google, the topic of flat earth and the number of videos uploaded online has spiked last 6 months, coinciding with Eric Dubay’s first upload on “flat earth’ bullshit. This is posted on craigslist………..

“The best lie ever told started around 4yrs old and has continued ever since”

Math Boylan – ACTRA/UDA 
‘fraternal apprentice’

I am starting to feel like Bill Cooperwhen Alex jones was created to offset Bill’s voice .mmmmmmhhhhhh. thanks for the warning Bill starting to see it All these flat earth experts suddenly…..

You see, the problem with that comment right there is BILL COOPER WAS A FREEMASON!!

Freemason William Cooper – Order Of De Molay

Bro.” Eric Dubay – President of the International Flat Earth Research ‘SOCIETY’

Both Boylan and Dubay dig this hand sign!

Subject Areas

Advertising, Agriculture, Anatomy, Animal Sciences, Anthropology, Art, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Bible and Biblical Studies, Child Care, Culinary Arts, Ecology, Economics, Education, Entrepreneurship, Film and Cinema Studies, Food Sciences, Forestry, Genealogy/Family History Research, General, Geography, Geology, Health, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Music History and Literature, Philosophy, Photographic Arts, Photography, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Religion and Religious Studies, Science (General), Sociology, Sport and Fitness, Theatre, Theology and Theological Studies, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Tourism and Travel, Transportation, Veterinary, Visual and Performing Arts, Women Studies, Zoology

Holds a double B.A. in philosophy and english.

Umm, whats that hanging from his right eye???

Umm, whats the problem with this KABBALISTS right eye?

Eric Dubay

Specializing in:

Eric’s Esoterics – Expert on Secret Societies, the Occult, Astrology, Tarot and Palm Reading, Dream Analysis, and Numerology

About My Services


I am available for live chat regarding my research into the Global Conspiracy, Secret Societies, Ancient Religion, and the Occult. I can also give live chat personal Tarot Readings and Dream Analysis.Through email I give multi-page detailed Astrological birth charts/reading, personal Numerological information, Tarot interpretations, as well as specific answers to all of your personal questions/queries.

Experience & Qualifications

I am an autodidact from a family of teachers who has learned and taught both formally and informally my entire life. I’ve taught myself guitar, piano,Kundalini Yoga, and the Thai language for instance, and I have formally taught University English and Martial Arts (2nd degree Taekwondo). My real passion, however, is researching the global conspiracy and occult subjects like secret societies, tarot, numerology, astrologyand astrotheology. I run the Atlantean Conspiracy website and I have written three books exposing the global elite and their history of manipulations, all available for FREE on my website.

Fee for email reading

Email Astrology/Tarot consultations: personal, detailed 4-page readings $25 For consultation from all 4 divination arts (Ast, Tarot, Numerology, and Kabalah, price negotiable

    Bro. Eric is a……..KABBALAH FOR HIRE, 1.69 MINUTE ONLINE! So, Dubay, is peddling filthy EASTERN MYSTIC THEISM as “masonic flat earth fuckery” and doing DAMAGE CONTROL FOR IT. From what Ive seen investigating BOTH societies, they have always DIALECTED in opposition to one another for CONTROL, its just masonic fuckery!. Cause, effect, synthesis, and Dubay is just doing what his past MASONIC masters have done, OPPOSE TO ABSORB, SYNTHESIS. Now, why does Dubay LIE through his teeth about this……..

      Thats Leo Ferrari who Dubay claims is a “suspected” freemason. Ive looked at half a dozen different versions of this picture close up, THATS NOT A FREEMASON RING!. Dubay is claiming that ring Ferrari is wearing is a masons ring, ITS NOT, not even zoomed in, there is no emblem on the front of the ring to be made out thats masonic, and thats his basis for claiming Ferrari is a mason. Why would Dubay LIE about this???……….



The IFERS and the FES are……….MASONIC, they are “SOCIETIES” that have memberships and you pay dues! Past entrance to the IEFRS included signing an…….”OATH”………in writing. Just like any other freemason lodge, you sign a waiver not to disclose anything that will harm the organization. The past leader of IEFRS was a MASON, so was the guy before him whom Dubay claims……

“Around this time, Charles K. Johnson (FREEMASON), another genuine flat-Earther, took over the IFERS from the recently deceased Shenton. He and his wife Marjory, along with being flat-Earthers, were also vegetarians and anti-vivisectionist activists who campaigned for better treatment of our animal friends. In 1974, when Johnson heard of Ferrari’s budding organization, he decided to contact him and wrote a cordial letter requesting further information about his society, to which Ferrari never replied.”

Bro. Eric likes to publicly admit FAMILY MEMBERS ARE “FREEMASONS”………

Apr 24, 2015 at 5:21am eschatonschpankme and 5 more like this.

Post by Admin on Apr 24, 2015 at 5:21am

So my “great” uncle Jim (James Mays), the only known living Freemason in my family, after not meeting/talking for about 10 years since I’ve lived in Thailand recently joined Facebook and added me last week. Last night he decided to leave the first comment on my “Flat Earth Masonic Matrix Manipulators” interview saying, quote: “BULL SHIT !!!!!” which he then deleted (after I screen captured it :)) and unfriended me…..”

Of course, Bro. Eric makes this all out afterwards in the post as an ostrcizing and “exposure” of his uncle who is a free mason in fine masonic damage control fashion!. Meanwhile ALL of Dubays forerunners were MASONS running a “society” of which he is now PRESIDENT!. Its a”fraternal order”, go out there and do some reading and you will find “flat earth societies” listed as being MASONIC by researchers!. Interestingly enough, one of the very first works to appear on the net by Dubay is called……
“Famous Freemasons Exposed – Eric & Intukan Dubay”

In his freemasonic founders fashion, Dubay comes on the scene using a “pseudonym” called INTUKAN. I looked this up, it appears to be a malaysian word meaning CALLED OUT or to be SEPARATED. Whats interesting is its being used in the second person by Dubay but also himself which leaves you to wonder about his mental state and or his ideologies/theologies. What you do know from his own mouth is hes into bullshit BEAM ME UP SCOTTY MASONIC KABBALAH, ASTROLOGY, TAROTS, PSYCHIC, KUNDALINI and every other filthy form of religious lunacy there is and SELLS IT literally making him no different then any other two bit charlatan in any other religion!.

The Flat Earth Society is Controlled Opposition!

“…The Flat Earth Society is a controlled opposition group that mixes truth with lies and satire to discredit genuine flat Earth research, a job they have been doing for a long time now……To combatFerrari’s Flat Earth Society controlled opposition forum, and in memory of FREEMASON Samuel Shenton, FREEMASON Charles Johnson, and other true flat Earth researchers of the past I have now (re)started IFERS, The International Flat Earth Research Society forum!  Please join up and help make this a useful and informative board!  Also help join and share my new Eric Dubay’s Flat Earth Society group on Facebook which already has triple the FES following and growing fast!…..”


Eric Dubay peddles the disinfo that ALEX JONES IS BILL HICKS, but also began as an active supporter of Alex Jonestein……

Thomas Dolby, official registered member and supporter of the FLAT EARTH SOCIETY…….
Thomas Dolby at FREEMASONIC LODGE Forever Hollywood.
Thomas Dolby scored the music for the CULT video game called DARK EYE

Post by Admin on Mar 24, 2015 at 5:12am

“I wondered about this at first too. After finding my documentary Matt (Boylan) posted it with an excited message saying “now we’re cooking with gas!” He then contacted me and we have subsequently had several skype phone calls and FB messages.He seems like the real deal to me, an “eccentric artist” archetype for sure, but a sincere, genuine guy“…..

 On the IFERS site under heading ‘Shill Forum’…….

Post by Admin on May 15, 2015 at 8:51pm

“…We’re supposedly generation X. Aliens keep telling “contactees” that Annunaki Planet X is coming in 2012. The X-Files on Fox lends plausibility and builds the mystery of aliens. A supposed government insider with knowledge of Area 51, UFOs, and aliens calls himself “Mr. X.” He always interviews in the dark or appears blurred with voice modification and supposedly blows the whistle on all these top-secret documents he has read. Is this just coincidence?…”

Post by schpankme on May 15, 2015 at 8:52pm
 “X marks the spot.”


So Jesuit registered actors who do bad bullshit in videos is in with Dubay and hes in contact. Coincidentally and interestingly enough, Dubays parents home where he used to live in Maine, is a historical heritage site of a 200+ year old house called Plimpton (check masonic roots), who got the title deed for the place from his FREEMASON great uncle Mays so uncle mason Mays aint all that much of an enemy of the Dubay’s. Even more interesting, Dubay is from N.YARMOUTH in Maine, that subsequently is where FREEMASON SamuEL Shenton is from in Britain.

Picture after picture of Dubay online with either one eye closed, or prominantly sticking one eye into the camera……

The Flat Earth KJV Bible

The Flat Earth Is The Word Of God

So now, how did I enter the fray? Well Ill tell ya boys and girls. You see, about 6 to 8 months ago I had this person show up on my channel and start commenting. After a while I noticed that all his comments he was making was ending up as ‘spam’ on video pages. They were automatically being marked and blocked as spam so I started to go back and check what was being blocked he was commenting on and a nice pattern began to emerge. Last week he decided to blurt out he beleived the earth was a flat pancake so I did a lil checking on what fucking rock this crawled out under. It led me right to ERIC DUBAY’S LODGE……

Flat Earth Expert

That is Dubay’s head “moderator’ and gatekeeper on the IFERS forum, how do you like that PHOENIX?. If you look at some of the labels of flat earthers, they like using words and epithets associated with phoenix/phoencians. So, this lieutenant for Dubay’s cult was lingering around my channel for about 8 months, obviously we share nothing in common, so why is he hanging around? Well boys and girls look at the data, this flat earth fuckery has exploded in LAST 6 to 8 MONTHS and thats about when Dubay put up his first flat fucktard video. A STORM of “hundreds” of videos went up almost on cue, “organized and planned”. Look online, flat earthers are trolling in organized patterns. I put up a vid last week on this shit and it was hit within hours by dozens of their trolls and at least 50 subscribers mysteriously unsubscribe then RE APPEAR almost instantly! I have read numerous channels and posts and people are saying the same thing, THE NUMBERS DONT ADD UP.

Now what is the flat earther ultimate message? There telling you THE MASONS are lying to you and keeping you in Oz, hiding from you THEIR SECRET that you live on a flat earth. In otherwords, masons have the truth its FLAT which makes all them buying and selling it…….


All of it is FREEMASONRY from begining to end!.

The Church says the Earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow of the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the Church.”

-Ferdinand Magellan 1480-1521

“How is it with those who imagine that there are antipodes opposite to our footsteps? Do they say anything to the purpose? Or is there any one so senseless as to believe that there are men whose footsteps are higher than their heads? or that the things which with us are in a recumbent position, with them hang in an inverted direction? that the crops and trees grow downwards? that the rains, and snow, and hail fall upwards to the earth? 

(Lactantius, Divine Institutions (302-323 A.D.), Book III – “Of the False Wisdom of Philosophers”

“Him who reared the sky as a dome, who out of the fluid nature of the waters formed the stable substance of the heaven. For God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the water. God spake once for all, and it stands fast, and falls not.

– St Cyril of Jerusalem 386ad

“every corner of the earth”, “her action is known in every corner of the earth”, “every corner of the earth seen by the sun” “Where are those who say that the heaven is in motion?

– St John Crysostom 400ad

“The earth is flat and the sun does not pass under it in the night, but travels through the northern parts as if hidden by a wall”

– Sevarian bishop of Gabala 397ad

If there be men on the other side of the earth, Christ must have gone there and suffered a second time to save them; and therefore there must have been, as necessary preliminaries to his coming, a duplicate Adam, Eden, serpent, and Deluge!”

– Father Procopius of Gaza 439ad

Cosmas Indicopleustes of Alexandria – The Egyptian monk prepared a “complete and detailed system of the universe” in a book called “Topographia Christiana (Christian Topography)“.  Based on Hebrews 9 and other passages, 1 he concluded that “the earth is a parallelogram, flat, and surrounded by four seas. It is four hundred days’ journey long and two hundred broad. At the outer edges of these four seas arise massive walls closing in the whole structure and supporting the firmament or vault of the heavens, whose edges are cemented to the walls. These walls inclose [sic] the earth and all the heavenly bodies.”

– 460ad

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XV (1912), plainly state that  “St. Boniface accused Vergilius of teaching a doctrine in regard to the rotundity of the earth, which was “contrary to the Scriptures”

Aethicus of Istria, author of Cosmography of the World (Cosmographia Aethici Istrii), was actually Virgil of Salzburg. [40Aethicus wrote that the “earth of course is flat, the sun likewise

The sun is always revolving around this earth, and it shines just as bright under the earth at midnight as it does above the earth at midday. On the half [see below] where it is shining there is day, and on the half where it is not shining there is night. It is always day on one side of the earth and night on the other side”.

-Byrthferth of Ramsey monk 11th century

To abstain completely from teaching or defending this doctrine and opinion or from discussing it… to abandon completely… the opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth not to hold, teach, or defend it in any way whatever, either orally or in writing.

—The Inquisition’s injunction against Galileo, 1616.

Galileo was found guilty, and the sentence of the Inquisition, issued on 22 June 1633,[50] was in three essential parts:

  • Galileo was found “vehemently suspect of heresy,” namely of having held the opinions that the Sun lies motionless at the center of the universe, that the Earth is not at its centre and moves, and that one may hold and defend an opinion as probable after it has been declared contrary to Holy Scripture. He was required to “abjure, curse, and detest” those opinions.[51]
  • He was sentenced to formal imprisonment at the pleasure of the Inquisition.[52] On the following day this was commuted to house arrest, which he remained under for the rest of his life.
  • His offending Dialogue was banned; and in an action not announced at the trial, publication of any of his works was forbidden, including any he might write in the future.[53]

Pope Benedict (Ratzinger) 1990

The Church at the time of Galileo kept much more closely to reason than did Galileo himself, and she took into consideration the ethical and social consequences of Galileo’s teaching too. Her verdict against Galileo was rational and just, and the revision of this verdict can be justified only on the grounds of what is politically opportune.


Videos on flat earth uploaded this week: 1700
Videos on flat earth uploaded this month: 4200
Videos on flat earth uploaded this year (6 months): 20,000+

Why did Pope Francis have to say this?……….

Vatican Admits: Earth Probably Not Flat

Pope Francis continues his effort to modernise the Catholic Church as he admitted in an unprecedented interview with Radio Vatican that the earth is probably not flat.
“By now, there is more and more evidence that the Church might just have been wrong on this question,” the Pope said. Although an ongoing investigation by Vatican researchers has yet to finish, current data indicates that the earth has a round, ball-like shape. These findings however raise more questions than they answer: “If the earth is not flat, how come people south of the equator don’t fall down?” In addition, heaven and hell have yet to be re-localized, if they are “not above and below us.” Pope Francis declared that the Church won’t change its opinion on other unresolved matters: “All these other scientific views don’t make any sense too me. If the earth is not the center of the universe, then why would God place Adam and Eve right on this planet?” He added that the Bible doesn’t leave any room for interpretation.
To bring critical scientists to sanity, the Vatican will continue to pursue legal action against them, for example with incarcerations in the Vatican’s dungeon: “We will do anything to restore reason.”


My understanding is that in the 16th century that is exactly what the Vatican said about Galileo’s theories about the earth spinning round the sun. It said that that was absolute nonsense, that the earth was flat—because the Vatican had decided that it was. The Under-Secretary has done exactly the same: she has produced a flat earth policy for the CSA. Having said that, I accept that these are probing amendments. We believe that many of our predictions will come to pass, but we have done our best.

Some Catholics seek to counter Galileo

Splinter group says the Earth, not the sun, is, indeed, at the center of the universe

July 04, 2011|By Manya A. Brachear, Tribune reporter

Some people believe the world literally revolves around them. It’s a belief born not of selfishness but faith. A small group of conservative Roman Catholics is pointing to a dozen biblical verses and the Church’s original teaching as proof that the Earth is the center of the universe, the view that prompted Galileo Galilei’s clash with the Church four centuries ago.

“This subject is, as far as I can see, an embarrassment to the modern church because the world more or less looks upon geocentrism or someone who believes it in the same boat as the flat Earth,” said James Phillips, of Cicero.Phillips attends Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Church in Oak Park, a parish run by the Society of St. Pius X, a group that rejects most of the modernizing reforms the Vatican II council made from 1962 to 1965.
But by challenging modern science, the proponents of a geocentric universe are challenging the very church they seek to serve and protect.
“I have no idea who these people are. Are they sincere, or is this a clever bit of theater?” said Brother Guy Consolmagno, the curator of meteorites and spokesman for the Vatican Observatory.
Indeed, those promoting geocentrism argue that heliocentrism, or the centuries-old consensus among scientists that the Earth revolves around the sun, is nothing more than a conspiracy theory to squelch the church’s influence.
“Heliocentrism becomes ‘dangerous’ if it is being propped up as the true systemwhen, in fact, it is a false system,” said Robert Sungenis, leader of a budding movement to get scientists to reconsider. “False information leads to false ideas, and false ideas lead to illicit and immoral actions — thus the state of the world today. … Prior to Galileo, the church was in full command of the world; and governments and academia were subservient to her.”
Sungenis is no lone Don Quixote, as illustrated by the hundreds of curiosity seekers, skeptics and supporters at a conference last fall titled “Galileo Was Wrong. The Church Was Right” just off the University of Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Ind.
Astrophysicists at Notre Dame didn’t appreciate the group hitching its wagon to the prestige of America’s flagship Catholic university and resurrecting a concept that’s extinct for a reason.
“It’s an idea whose time has come and gone,” astrophysics professor Peter Garnavich said. “There are some people who want to move the world back to the 1950s when it seemed like a better time. These are people who want to move the world back to the 1250s. I don’t really understand it at all.”

The Vatican: “Round Earth? That’s Utter Bullshit!”

Officials at The Vatican have officially declared the depiction of Earth as seen from space to be a hoax and an apparition conceived and developed by man’s inability to accept the Earth as being square in form. Paolo Cherubini, Professor of Palaeography at the Vatican School of Palaeography, Diplomatics and Archives Administration went on record early this morning saying he believed the entire “the world is round” theory as being “Complete hogwash, anti-Semitic and utter bullshit”.
Cherubini added, “We believe this view of Earth as seen from space is a man-made image completely manipulated by those in the business of furthering their own religious agenda. It is just as false as the pictures of the moon landings themselves. Everybody knows that space travel is a ridiculous notion based on scientific theories that are steeped and mired in utter bullshit. The Vatican refuses to believe and accept this image as being anything other than utter bullshit.”
For centuries man believed the world to be flat. However, Eratosthenes of Cyrene calculated Earth’s size in 240 B.C. using simple geometry applied to how shadows of the sun looked at the same time in two different places (Alexandria and Siene, Egypt). He used theories developed by Aristotle in his calculations, resulting in the discovery that the world was indeed round. Also, there had been no previous reports of any people or ships actually falling off the edge of the world, as depicted in Christopher Columbus’s The World Is Flat and Other Solved Mysteries of the Universe printed in 1490.

Sherman Skolnick

“Listen. The Catholic church is not noted for being the greatest, clever people of the 20th century! I mean it was only up until 1806 that you could be thrown out of the church for alleging that the earth was not flat. Now up ’til 1806, the Catholic church was the flat earth committee.”

JERANISM aka JERAN CAMPINELLA aka JCAMPY aka MICHEAL MORIARTY aka many other alias, was born in ITALY, lives in monterey california, and went to a PRIVATE ALL MALE “JESUIT” COLLEGE……..


Even IFERS says so…..

However, that doesnt matter as even though JERANISM was outed as shill by ERIC DUBAY months ago, Dubay still gave him money for his pocket lazer flat earth test of late………GO FIGURE!. BECAUSE THEIR ALL FUCKING RATS! JERANISM is a JESUIT “CRIMINAL” doing the ever so predictable business of MASONS which is BLACKMAIL, LARCENY, EXTORTION because fucking jesuits and masons are nothing but NWO “MAFIA”! I told you, this shit is ALL MASON JESUIT and all those flat earth fucks are 1) PSYCHO 2) JESUIT 3) CATHOLIC 4) MASON 5) CRIMINAL. JERANISM aka JCAMPY who has a couple businesses, is on YT petitioning for money to PAY FOR HIS HOUSE and hes online pettioning for FUNDRAISER to pay for his house…….



His own written background…..

“….Born in Seattle, grew up on South Whidbey Island, founded the Brimstone fireworks company in college, shut down by the ATF my junior year in 1990. Spent 3 years as a sous chef at a Greek restaurant, won the first computer pinball world tournament in 1994, hired by a PC game publisher in Boulder Colorado the same year, played computer games for a living until 1997. Stayed in the Boulder technology sector ever since. Never married, never had kids. Most of my extensive free time is spent trying to unravel the hidden truths of our civilization, and the never ending search for the meaning of life itself…..”

Now the facts:

He claims to have won the worlds first computer pinball competition and hes FULL OH SHIT!. This is the organization that heads world pro and amateur pinball comps ( and the first tournament was in 1991. A MARK SARGENT is listed as coming in at 28th place in this competition….(…..through an association called Little Wing Pinball. This illuminating interview answers PILES of shit on this fucking lying mason turd….

The interview is dated March 31 2015. In the interview Sargent claims he “had a dream”, and within 7 weeks had made a dozen videos and had done 6 interviews on pancake earth…….

M: No seriously, I had a dream

A: How long ago did this start with you, Mark?

M: It’s embarrassing to say how short it was. I think it was less than seven


A: Less than seven weeks, guys. How many total videos have you made

M : I made the Intro, and then 11 Clues, so 12 of those, 3 trailers, and there’s 6

interviews already up on the Channel, another one is supposed to be shipped to

me pretty soon and everything else this week 

So in 7 weeks Sargent has a dream, makes a dozen videos, 3 trailers, and does 6 interviews? Umm, is it just me or does this sound like ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT? Why? Because I make videos, and if you believe Sargent made a dozen and 3 trailers and 6 interviews in 7 weeks THEN YOUR A MORON BECAUSE IT CANT BE DONE! Maybe if Sargent was on speed and didnt sleep for at least 3 weeks, but there is no fucking way he did this all in 7 weeks, not to mention how in the fuck did he get 6 interviews IF HIS VIDEOS WERE NOT UP IN THAT TIME, WHO THE FUCK KNEW HIM FROM SHINOLA? Both Dubay and Sargent have their tracks well covered which is to be suspected by pro cointel. However, not everything is sterile. On Sargents ‘about’ page on his blog we read……

Umm, tell me who the fuck makes Morals & Dogma “favorites” BUT FUCKING FREEMASONS?!?!?! Mark Sargent likes to spew all kinds of bible from his piehole, why isnt that book listed as a “favorite”?? And to keep this all in perspective, JERANISM has a listing online selling an old copy of morals and dogma from his bookstore scam where in he has a few words to say about this prized item ( At the bottom of his blog you find this interesting statement……

“If you had the unlimited ability to build a world, what would it look like?”

Tell me, WHO in the fuck are the “BUILDERS” if not the FREEMASONS who make this claim throughout there written works?

Eric Dubay has an interview he did up on his channel with a FREEMASON named MARK KNIGHT (waykiwayki)……

Heres where “waykiwayki MASON” has some of his masonic scribble being hosted……..

Yes dorothy, that is the MASONIC LOGO in the header. Take a peruse at what this FUCKING MASONIC SCAGBAG Mark Knight, who is a flat fuck, and who is pals with flat fuck leaders like Dubay, has to say about HIS MASONIC WORLD…….

“Throughout history secrets have been preserved regarding the human condition, energy, consciousness, history and religion. After his groundbreaking book, Wayki Wayki, Mark Knight’s quest for truth continued. This led to a mystery school in the volcanic regions of Mesoamerica. Here, Mark went through the theory and practice of Hermetic Alchemical Qabalah before entering a 55 day silent fast – where the depths of the unwritten Qabalah came alive and sent him into a “mystical spin.” After this process, he was chosen to meet a Hermetic Scientist where he was taught an ancient 100 day Merkabah process using the Emerald Tablet as a guide.”

So waykiwayki has a MASONIC INITIATION INTO ALCHEMICAL KABBALAH, sends him into a “MYSTICAL SPIN”, and when he comes out whats he spinning? FLAT FUCK MASONIC EARTH!.

“Wanted by the CIA: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange” Belfast Telegraph, July 19, 2010 @

“Wanted by the CIA: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange”

Belfast Telegraph, July 19, 2010

In this interview, Belfast Telegraph reporter Matthew Bell asks Wikileaks founder Julian Assange about “conspiracy theories”.

Assange subsequently explains his position.

His obsession with secrecy, both in others and maintaining his own, lends him the air of a conspiracy theorist.

Is he one? “I believe in facts about conspiracies,” he says, choosing his words slowly.

“Any time people with power plan in secret, they are conducting a conspiracy.

Generally, when there’s enough facts about a conspiracy we simply call this news.”

What about 9/11?

“I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

What about the Bilderberg conference?

“That is vaguely conspiratorial, in a networking sense.

We have published their meeting notes.”


Mr. Assange seems to have conveniently forgotten that 9/11 may be, in a very concrete sense, a ‘conspiracy for war’, leading directly to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the permanent “War on Terror” …

Wernher von Braun Explains Why Apollo Mission Was a Hoax

Wernher von Braun Explains Why Apollo Mission Was a Hoax
Bart Sibrel – Published on Nov 17, 2017

Genius German moon rocket designer, Wernher von Braun, had this to say about the mathematical facts required to reach the moon in his forgotten published book “Voyage to the Moon” . . .

“It is commonly (and falsely) believed that men will fly directly from the Earth to the moon, but to do this we would require a vehicle of such gigantic proportions that it would prove an economic impossibility. Calculations have been carefully worked out on the type of vehicle we would need for the nonstop flight from the Earth to the moon and to return.

The figure speak for themselves :Three rockets would be necessary, each rocket ship would (need to) be TALLER THAN THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING (1250 FEET) and weigh about TEN TIMES the tonnage of the Queen Mary (or some 800,000 TONS).”

Walt Disney and von Braun produced futuristic film in 1955 (Trip Around the Moon ) that revealed the complex requirements of sending a crew to merely orbit the moon.

The “moon rocket” the United States Government could afford weighed just 2500 tons (a difference of 32,000 percent) and was just 363 feet tall . . . and there was just one of them, rather than the THREE required. Furthermore, Braun went on to say that a Space Station MUST be constructed BEFORE a manned mission to the moon, from which to ferry the three rockets with the necessary extra fuel, needed to reach to the moon and return. (The International Space Station was not completed until 2011.)

Braun further INSISTED that after once landing on the moon, crews would have to find or dig a cave in which to shelter themselves from thousands of micrometeorites per hour hitting the moon’s surface traveling at speeds in excess of 20,000 miles per hour, which would inevitably puncture the spacecraft, as well as the astronaut’s spacesuit, causing catastrophic, and fatal, environmental decompression.

This, of course, like the other requirements, was NEVER DONE.

When the government told the man in charge of the “moon rocket” to adjust his numbers “a little bit” to reflect a fictitious way to reach the moon with the available resources and technology of the time, he immediately, and obediently, dramatically recanted on his previously INDISPUTABLE figures which “SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES” and had been “CAREFULLY WORKED OUT”.

Did I mention that this man in charge of the “moon” program’s authenticity, Wernher von Braun, was a former World War Two Nazi whom our own government’s State Department is on the record for saying that, had he not prematurely died shortly after the “moon missions”, he would have been immediately thereafter indicted for War Crimes for overseeing the genocide, and the cover-up thereof, of hundreds of innocent people during the war?

This threat of blackmail was obviously used to gain his obedient submission to the government deception and his “adjustment” of IRREFUTABLE mathematical calculations.

BOTH rocket and fuel calculations could not be true AT THE SAME TIME, thusly Von Braun caved to political pressure from the United States government, or he was a highly incompetent mathematician, being in error of fuel calculations by a factor of 32,000 PERCENT. If the latter, how could such a fool get us to the moon on the VERY FIRST ATTEMPT with 1960’s technology in the first place, when the feat cannot even be repeated TODAY with FIFTY YEARS more advancements in rockets and computers?

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The sinister truth about Jim Carrey

The sinister truth about Jim Carrey

By Patrick Enright

Feb. 20, 2007 at 7:33 PM

Truly, this is the cruelest season.

And now here we are again, staring down the barrel of yet another Jim Carrey movie.

This time he’s starring in thriller “The Number 23” as a guy who starts reading a book called “The Number 23” and discovers that everything in his life is somehow connected numerically to the titular digits.

He also starts to suspect that the book might be directly written about him (hello, “Stranger Than Fiction”), which ain’t great news, considering that it ends in murder and bloodshed.

Needless to say, Carrey’s character begins to lose a few of his marbles, scribbling numbers on walls like Russell Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind” and generally foaming at the mouth and frightening those around him.

And he has good cause to be worried; the number 23 consists of a two and a three, and as we discover in the film, two divided by three is 0.666, “the number of the devil.”

(I suppose there’s no point in mentioning here that two divided by three is actually 0.6666666… which would really be rounded up to the less-than-Satanic 0.667.)

Obviously, the lesson here — apart from “never read a book” — is “numerology has many things to teach us.”

I was skeptical, but then I took a good long numerological look at the man once dubbed America’s rubber-faced fartsmith and uncovered a shocking truth: Jim Carrey is the devil.

And I don’t mean “devil” in the sense of “lowbrow actor who talks out of his ass.”

I mean the actual, literal, capital-D Devil.

Let’s start simply: Take the number of letters in Carrey’s first and last name and you get three and six.

Three sixes.



Methinks not.

He was born in Newmarket, Canada, which is nine letters and then six letters.

Add nine and six and you get 15.

One plus five is six. You see how this works?

Watch as things turn sinister

Carrey was born on Jan. 17, 1962 — which is, not coincidentally, 13 years to the day after the birth of comedian Andy Kaufman, whom Carrey would play in a 1999 biopic (turn the three nines in 1999 upside down and you get 666).

Carrey’s birth date can be written as 1/17/1962, and when you add all the numbers in his birth year (1+9+6+2), you get 18, the same thing you get when you add one (his birth month) and 17 (his birth date).

Take the numbers in Carrey’s current age (4+5) and add the number of letters in his hometown, and you again get 18.

And what is 18 really?

Three sixes.

More recently, the actor has had a spate of bad luck, with three upcoming projects he was at one point attached to getting nixed for one reason or another.

There was “A Little Game” (11 letters), which would have found James Carrey (11 letters) reteaming with his “Mask” co-star, Cameron Diaz (11 letters).

Add those three 11s and you get 33. Three plus three is six.

Another flick that didn’t seem to get off the ground was “Used Guys” (eight letters) in which Carrey was to star with Ben Stiller (10 letters).

Eight plus 10 is 18, and we all know what 18 is — three sixes.

The third movie, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” may be alive and breathing again, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Until then, it’s worth noting that attached director Tim Burton, like Carrey, has three letters in his first name and six in his last (easy multiplication gives us 18 again), and that Carrey would play a character named Robert Ripley (two names of six letters each).

Even more reasons to be suspicious

Had enough?

Of course not.

Carrey’s breakout year was 1994, which saw the release of three movies of his that turned out to be huge and cemented his career:

“Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,”

“The Mask” and

“Dumb & Dumber.”

The sum of the digits in the year (1+9+9+4) is 23.

Multiply two by three and you get six, which gives you one six for each movie he released that year — 666.

Oh, and since “Ace Ventura,” Carrey’s made (you guessed it) 18 movies.

When faced with this mounting heap of evidence,

I was left with two possible explanations:

Jim Carrey is closely connected to the number of the beast, or numerology is preposterous nonsense and I’d been wasting my time like those conspiracy nuts who claim to draw incontrovertible parallels between John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

The obvious conclusion is that Carrey is Satan. QED.

The doubting Thomases among you may be inclined to dismiss this kind of highly scientific analysis as mere data cherry-picking or superstitious hocus pocus.

And true, it’s probably too early to start eyeing the skies for a rain of blood or a plague of locusts.

But it’s worth pointing out that Mr. Carrey himself has had a keen interest in numerology and the number 23 particularly, since long before he signed on to make the film.

He even named his production company JC23 because of his belief in the power of those particular digits.

If he buys into it when it comes to his life, why can’t you?

Patrick Enright is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in, Mr. Showbiz, Wall of Sound, and Seattle Weekly.

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Wanted by the CIA: Julian Assange – Wikileaks founder

By Matthew Bell

July 19 2010

There are not many journalists who, when you ask them if they are being followed by the CIA, say “We have surveillance events from time to time.”

Actually it’s not a question I’ve ever asked before, and Julian Assange does not call himself a journalist.

But the answer is typical of this 41-year-old former computer-hacker: cryptic, dispassionate, and faintly self-important.

As the founder of Wikileaks – a website that publishes millions of documents, from military intelligence to internal company memos and has, in four years, exposed more secrets than many newspapers have in a century – Assange has become the pin-up of web-age investigative journalists.

The US has wanted him for questioning since March, after he posed a video showing an American helicopter attack that left several Iraqi civilians and two Reuters journalists dead.

Understandably, he now avoids the US, and keeps his movements secret, though it’s thought he operates out of Sweden and is spending time in Iceland, where a change in the law is creating a libel-free haven for journalists.

But if the CIA spooks wanted him that badly, couldn’t they have turned up, as a hundred adoring student journalists did, to hear him talk at the Centre for Investigative Journalism 10 days ago?

Perhaps it’s just as well they didn’t, as Assange is not a natural public speaker. He is more at home trawling data or decrypting the codes that mask it. His philosophy is that the more a government wants to keep something secret, the more reason to expose it.

No journalist could argue with his essential belief in shining a light on malpractice, but shouldn’t governments be entitled to keep some secrets?

“Sure,” he says when we speak after his talk, “That doesn’t mean we and other press organisations should suffer under coercion.”

What if publishing a document would threaten national security? “This phrase is so abused. Dick Cheney justified torture with it. Give me an example.”

What about the movement of US troops? Would he publish a document that jeopardised their safety?

“We’d have to think about it.” So that’s a yes? “It’s not a yes. If that fit into our editorial criteria – which it might, if it was an extremely good movement – then we’d have to look at whether that needed a harm minimisation procedure.

We’d be totally happy to consider jeopardising the initiation of a war, or the action of war. Absolutely.”

He may speak like a robot, and have a politician’s knack at ducking straight answers, but in the flesh he could be a forgotten member of Crowded House, all ripped jeans and crumpled jacket, his distinguished white hair framing a youthful face.

His grungy look ties in with his outsider status: he has a deep-rooted mistrust of authority.

It has been speculated this comes from a youthful brush with the family courts after he divorced the mother of his son, though little is really known about his early life.

His obsession with secrecy, both in others and maintaining his own, lends him the air of a conspiracy theorist.

Is he one? “I believe in facts about conspiracies,” he says, choosing his words slowly.

“Any time people with power plan in secret, they are conducting a conspiracy.

So there are conspiracies everywhere.

There are also crazed conspiracy theories. It’s important not to confuse these two.

Generally, when there’s enough facts about a conspiracy we simply call this news.”

What about 9/11? “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

What about the Bilderberg conference? “That is vaguely conspiratorial, in a networking sense. We have published their meeting notes.”

Assange likes to see Wikileaks as a neutral platform for distributing information, and fends off criticism by saying it always follows its openly stated policies. But no news organisation is free from personal input, as he reveals when talking of Bilderberg, a shadowy annual conference of the influential. “I understand the philosophical rationale for having Chatham House rules among people in power, but the corrupting nature, in the case of Bilderberg, probably outweighs the benefits. When powerful people meet together in secret, it tends to corrupt.”

Spending time with Assange, it’s hard not to start believing that dark forces are at work. According to him, everyone’s emails are being read. For that reason, he encourages anyone planning to leak a document to post it the old fashioned way, to his PO Box. It’s ironic that an organisation bent on blowing secrets is itself so secretive, but Wikileaks couldn’t operate without reliable sources. Except that, amazingly, Wikileaks does not verify them. “We don’t verify our sources, we verify the documents. As long as they are bona fide it doesn’t matter where they come from. We would rather not know.”

After we talk, he is off to a safe house for the night and after that, who knows? He never stays in one place more than two nights. Is that because the CIA wants to kill him? “Is it in the CIA’s interest to assassinate me? Maybe. But who would do it?” Isn’t he brave to appear in public? “Courage is an intellectual mastery of fear,” he says. “It’s not that you don’t have fear, you just manage your risks intelligently.”

What we wouldn’t know without Wikileaks

Trafigura’s super-injunction

When commodities giant Trafigura used a super-injunction to suppress the release of an internal report on toxic dumping in the Ivory Coast in newspapers, it quickly appeared on Wikileaks instead. Accepting that the release made suppression futile, Trafigura lifted the injunction.

The CRU’s ‘Climategate’ leak

Emails leaked on the site showed that scientists at the UK’s Climate Research Unit, including director Phil Jones, withheld information from sceptics

The BNP membership list

After the site published the BNP’s secret membership list in November 2008, newspapers found teachers, priests and police officers among them. Another list was leaked last year. The police has since barred officers from membership.

Sarah Palin’s emails

Mrs Palin’s Yahoo email account, which was used to bypass US public information laws, was hacked and leaked during the presidential campaign. The hacker left traces of his actions, and could face five years in prison.


Wikileaks: How website shines light on world’s darkest secrets

Source: Independent

Belfast Telegraph

The Military Intelligence Complex (MIC) of the United States has become a behemoth.

The Military Intelligence Complex (MIC) of the United States has become a behemoth.

It is a monstrous creature which is forming the foundation of the technological control grid that is being erected and rolled out all around us.

As the NWO conspirators attempt to push the world forward with their model of technocracy (rule by technology), the Military Intelligence Complex is central to the execution their plans.

Right now, the MIC is the basis of data gathering (spying, interception and surveillance), data storage, data processing and data analysis.

As technology advances and we are pushed further along the path of transhumanism, the NWO agenda will dictate that the Military Intelligence Complex take on further roles and functions, such as being the operations center of fleets of robots which will administrate over society and completely enforce law and order.

Many people are sleepwalking through these times as the groundwork is being laid for this technological control grid.

Fortunately, there are others who have awoken to the agenda, some of whom are insiders (or former insiders) with a solid moral compass and the guts to do what’s right.

What follows is a selection of 20 of these brave individuals (click for part 2), but first, here is a brief introduction to the 17 agencies that comprise the US Military Intelligence Complex.

The sight of the Military Intelligence Complex: CIA headquarters in Virginia, USA. Image credit:

The 17 Agencies of the Military Intelligence Complex

We are public told there are 17 agencies that make up the Military Intelligence Complex, however there are probably ones that exist but whose existence is kept hidden, since they are involved with “deep black” operations which are unacknowledged.

According to ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp (see below), this Deep State or Parallel Government behind the scenes employs 1271 organizations, 1931 private companies, 4.8 million people and has 10,000 intelligence gathering locations across the US.

It operates outside the law.

Not even Congress knows the size of it!

Here’s the 17 agencies we know about:

– ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence):

the ODNI was created by Congress in response to 9/11 false flag to coordinate intelligence collection and sharing among all the agencies.

The director is the head of the intelligence community and the principal advisor to the president.

According to Wiki Commons, the original sign from the CIA’s first building.

– CIA (Central Intelligence Agency): the most notorious agency of all, which grew out of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) in 1947.

The CIA is infamous for drug running (heroin, cocaine and more), weapon running, subverting foreign governments and installing puppet dictators (regime change), the use of front and shell companies to hide criminal activities

(e.g. Evergreen as a CIA front company used to disperse chemtrails),

foreign and domestic assassination (e.g. CIA Operation 40),

disseminating propaganda (Operation Mockingbird), “extraordinary rendition” (Orwellian term for torture),

lying to justify war (Saddam’s WMDs), creating and funding terrorists for use to further the NWO plan (Mujahideen, Al-Qaeda [Al-CIA-da] and ISIS) and mind control (e.g. MK Ultra and its various subprojects).

– NSA (National Security Agency): the formerly secretive agency which was referred to as “No Such Agency” was thrust into the spotlight by Edward Snowden in 2013.

The NSA focuses on signals intelligence (monitoring, collecting and processing communications and other electronic information), cracking secret codes and engages in mass surveillance programs on the entire world, including Americans and US allied nations, sucking up literally trillions of “transactions” (phone calls, text messages, emails) on everyone.

– DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency):

the DIA is the primary entity responsible for collecting and analyzing intelligence on foreign militaries.

– NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency):

yes, it should be the NGIA, but I guess the NGA wanted to join the club of alphabet soup agencies with cool three letter names to be truly part of the MIC club.

This agency is the principal provider of geospatial intelligence – analysis and information about Earth’s natural and man-made features and geo-tagged activities.

– GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence) is used for combat, humanitarian and disaster relief, border and transportation security and security planning for special events.

– NRO (National Reconnaissance Office): the NRO was a secret agency for 31 years until its existence was declassified in 1992.

The office designs, builds and operates the USA’s reconnaissance satellites, providing the Pentagon with precision navigation, early warning of missile launches and near real-time imagery.

– FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation):

the FBI has both law enforcement and intelligence functions.

On the intelligence side, it aims to protect the U.S. against terrorism, cyberattacks and foreign intelligence operations and espionage.

It maintains the government’s terrorist watch list.

Under Hoover it was involved in both the JFK and MLK assassinations, as well as subverting activist movements (Co-Intel Pro).

The FBI has been repeatedly caught manufacturing terrorism by using undercover agents in sting operations.

– DHS (Department of Homeland Security), Office of Intelligence and Analysis:

also created after 9/11, the DHS is in charge of emergency preparedness (FEMA),

border control and transportation security (TSA) and biodefense (against epidemics).

It oversees “fusion centers”.

DHS was also the department that got busted purchasing 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in 2012.

You can thank the DHS for all the coffins FEMA has stockpiled and all the molestation TSA has performed.

– DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), Office of National Security Intelligence: the DEA is the administration responsible for stopping illegal drugs.

DEA agents have been caught admitting to the use of parallel construction.

This is a technique where they catch someone with illegally gained information (e.g. through illegal warrantless wiretapping and surveillance operations), then set up another (false) track or trail to show the judges in court to make it look like they found and tracked a suspect legally.

– Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and Research:

this bureau collects and analyzes intelligence on global affairs and advises the secretary of State and other diplomats.

– Department of the Treasury, Office of Intelligence and Analysis:

the job of this office is to prevent money launderers, terrorists, drug lords, etc. from moving their money through the American financial institutions.

– Department of Energy, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence:

the origin of this office is the Manhattan Project, when the Atomic Energy Commission was analyzing the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons program.

Today it provides intelligence on foreign nuclear weapons, energy security, and nuclear energy, safety and waste.

– Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance:

this is the Air Force’s intelligence branch, which uses airplanes, drones and satellites to identify hideouts, bunkers, mobile launchers and weapons caches.

– Army Military Intelligence:

this is the Army’s intelligence branch, which intercepts electronic communications and provides maps, ground imagery and information on foreign forces to assist US troops in the battlefield.

– ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence):

this is the Navy’s intelligence branch, which keeps tabs on foreign scientific and technological research, analyzes the structure, tactics and readiness of foreign naval forces, and tracks merchant shipping to identify illicit activity.

– Marine Corps Intelligence:

this is the Marine Corps’ intelligence branch, which creates military maps, intercepts and translates radio and electronic signals, and analyzes images collected from sensors.

– Coast Guard Intelligence:

the Coast Guard is actually under the DHS.

It is charged with protecting more than 100,000 miles of American coastline and inland waterways.

It interdicts migrants, carries out search-and-rescue and handles illegal drug seizures.

(Interesting to consider that Coast Guard Intelligence is 1 of the 17, in light of the propaganda and official narrative about the “Russian hacking” of the election.

Remember when Clinton and other lying officials claimed that all 17 MIC agencies were in agreement that Russia had hacked the US?

They weren’t, but even if they were, what the hell would the Coast Guard know about Russian hackers!?)

Here now is a selection of 20 ex-agents and whistleblowers who have had the courage to stand up to the Military Intelligence Complex.

Government torture was revealed to a shocking extent with the Senate CIA Torture Report.

Ex-CIA Agents and Whistleblowers Military Intelligence Complex

One of the key weapons in Washington’s arsenal is the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency.

Sometimes it is called “the Company” by those on the inside.

Perhaps it would be better called a cult.

Victor Marchetti authored his 1974 book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, where he wrote that:

“There exists in our nation today a powerful and dangerous secret cult — the cult of intelligence.

Its holy men are the clandestine professionals of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Its patrons and protectors are the highest officials of the federal government.

Its membership, extending far beyond governmental circles, reaches into the power centers of industry, commerce, finance, and labor.

Its friends are many in the areas of important public influence — the academic world and the communications media.

The cult of intelligence is a secret fraternity of the American political aristocracy.

The purpose of the cult is to further the foreign policies of the U.S. government by covert and usually illegal means …”

– Former CIA chief William Colby agreed with Marchetti’s assessment:

“[CIA agents] cliqued together, forming a sealed fraternity … they developed a rather skewed view of that world … they looked down on the life of the rest of the citizenry … an inbred, distorted, elitist view of intelligence that held itself to be … beyond the restraints of the Constitution.

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Top 20 Modern Doublespeak Terms To Be Aware Of | The Freedom Articles

Doublespeak is a language that is alive and well in our world today.

Doublespeak can refer to terms that are euphemisms (mild expressions designed to hide harsher or more direct ones), deliberately ambiguous (expressions designed to hide the truth) or actual inversions (outright lies which state the opposite of the truth).

Although he never used the term doublespeak in his book 1984, many associate doublespeak with George Orwell.

After all, it was Orwell who famously wrote that the motto of the totalitarian ruling party in 1984 was “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” – an example of an inversion.

Orwell did however use the term newspeak to refer to a new kind of language which drastically reduced the scope of available words and terms, so as to concurrently reduce the scope of possible free thought among the ruled population.

Many doublespeak terms in the following list are oxymorons, meaning that the term itself is contradictory.

Many hide the truth because it is too raw, unpalatable, uncomfortable or outright horrifying.

It is vitally important we watch our language, because it plays a great part in how we shape our world and in how we create our reality.

In many ways, by unconsciously using these terms instead of more accurate or truthful ones, we are quietly lying to ourselves, or at a minimum acquiescing to the process of being lied to and programmed.

Political correctness is a great example of how language control, thought control and doublespeak can be introduced to an entire population without people realizing they are being deceived and manipulated.

Below is list of the top 20 modern Orwellian doublespeak terms, with the first half focusing on military and geopolitical terms.

Orwellian Doublespeak Terms #1: War on Terror, Terrorism, Terrorist, Enemy Combatant

The war on terror is an utterly fake and fraudulent construct.

It has largely been invented and hyped to provide an excuse for the NWO (New World Order) manipulators to override things like human rights, natural law and the Constitution domestically, as well as invade, infiltrate and overthrow other nations abroad.

The US has struggled to define the term “terror” ever since it declared the war on terror. Funnily enough, the US can’t even reach a consensus on what terrorism exactly is; so we have another nebulous war on a concept that is different to everyone.

Here is the core of the FBI’s definition of terrorism, whether it be domestic or international:

“Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;

Appear intended

(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or

(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping;”

By its own definition, the US is the biggest terrorist in the world, since it frequently acts dangerously to human life (bombs, missiles, drones, war), kills civilians, influences foreign governments (when it is not outright overthrowing them – Iraq, Libya, Ukraine) and has been assassinating foreign governmental officials since at least 1953 via the CIA.

Politicians use the term terrorist or enemy combatant to essentially describe a foreign militia member or soldier that has been designated as the enemy and whom they want to destroy or kill.

Islamic terrorism is just the latest flavor, although a better term may be Zio-Islamic terrorism, since Zionist Israel is behind the creation, funding and operation of radical Islam (or as I call it radical Zio-Islam) as well as many of the so-called “Islamic” false flag attacks like 9/11 and Paris.

Look at the DHS list of “extremists” …
Orwellian Doublespeak Terms #2: Extremism, Extremist

The would-be word controllers have gone one step further than terrorism by adopting the term extremism.

Extremism is the new terrorism, because it’s more broad and can be used to marginalize or criminalize dissidents.

After all, ANYONE could be accused of being extreme in some way, right?

Who is exactly in the middle of the spectrum on every single issue?

As the DHS manual in the image above states, an extremist could be a patriot, veteran, alternative media journalist, border control advocate, animal rights advocate, gun control advocate and a host of other people – just about anyone who questions the “official” version of reality.

Are you an extremist?

Orwellian Doublespeak Terms #3: Freedom Fighter, Moderate Rebel

On the other side of the coin, of course, are those mercenaries, soldiers, military men and other guns for hire who are branded as our “allies” and not our enemy.

In essence, someone we are paying to do our dirty work.

Those guys are not terrorists; they are freedom fighters or moderate rebels! As George Carlin said:

“Israeli terrorists are called commandoes; Arab commandoes are called terrorists.

Contra killers are called freedom fighters; if crime fighters fight crime, and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?”

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #4: Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic cleansing is another horrific example of doublespeak.

The word genocide is too direct and confrontational, so the controllers have felt the need to tone it down with the horrible choice of the word “cleansing”.

Since when did mass murder have anything to do cleaning or cleansing? This is a total inversion of reality.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #5: Enhanced Interrogation

Enhanced interrogation is a fancy way of saying something far more brutal and honest: torture. It’s another lie.

In normal English, to interrogate is to ask, not to push someone face’s down in water with the intent of scaring them almost to the point of death, nor to shove food up their rectum.

Yet we know from US government documents that waterboarding, rectal feeding and a host of other atrocities were in fact performed at places like Guantanamo Bay.

doublespeak extrajudicial killing assassination
Doublespeak term: extrajudicial killing (assassination).

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #6: Extrajudicial Killing

Just like the above 2 terms, extrajudicial killing is another attempt at adding more words and syllables to a term in the hope of hiding the raw, brutal truth behind it.

We all know it means assassination.

It’s another deceptive euphemism to conceal and downplay the truth.

In a free, fair and open world, no one would have the right to take another’s life, let alone outside of some kind of justice process.

Orwellian Doublespeak Terms #7: Humanitarian Intervention, Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

The Rockefeller-created United Nations is the intended vehicle to usher in the One World Government of the NWO.

It is no surprise, then, that they would foster the use of doublespeak terms and policies such as humanitarian intervention (a blatant oxymoron) and the responsibility to protect (R2P).

An intervention is an invasion or pre-emptive attack, and is obviously illegal and unjust – period.

There’s nothing “humanitarian” about militarily invading another sovereign nation.

The US, UK and other powers have gotten away with this kind of mass murder by controlling the narrative through the mainstream media and drumming up pretexts, such as the fake story of WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and the fake story of rescuing a nation’s people from a supposedly dangerous leader.

The latter trick seems to work almost every time.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #8: Collateral Damage, Useless Eaters

A hallmark of these kind of military doublespeak terms is dehumanization – turning other people and other lives into something sub-human or non-human.

How often have we heard that people killed in a raid, strike, incursion, invasion or battle are just collateral damage?

It sounds like a financial asset or a lowly piece of possession.

Perhaps the only way hardened military men with a deadened conscience and ability to feel or empathize can function is to make their victims into things.

War criminal and big-time NWO insider Henry Kissinger is reported to have called Africans “useless eaters”, which makes sense given the fact he scripted the NSSM 200 during his time in the Nixon Administration – the official US policy of depopulation towards the 3rd world.

doublespeak euphemism collateral damageOrwellian Doublespeak Term #9: Eliminate, Neutralize, Depopulate

Speaking of depopulation, there are a lot of euphemistic and doublespeak terms for killing and murder.

As well as to depopulate, we also hear to eliminate, to neutralize, to bump off and to take out.

More dehumanization and the further attempt to sugar coat killing and make murder more palatable.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #10: Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence

Government is the seat of control, so of course we can expect its name to reflect doublespeak deception.

Isn’t it funny how nations like the US and UK (and others) have some version of the Ministry or Department of Defense, when they are usually the aggressors and invaders?

I suppose Department of Attack is not PR-friendly enough.

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is a joke; it does nothing to make the average person more secure, but only the 1% of 1% of the controllers whom it serves.

Intelligence is information about a potential enemy gained through spying, but is it really smart or wise to go around making enemies, first in your mind and then in the world?

Military intelligence is another oxymoron. Is spying real intelligence?

What about emotional intelligence?

The heart is bigger and more powerful than the brain …

doublespeak weapons of mass destruction
More doublespeak: the US, UK and Israel have plenty more weapons of mass destruction than Iraq ever did.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #11: WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

Why talk about WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) instead of just saying, in a more straightforward manner, chemical weapons or nuclear weapons?

The US has more WMDs than anyone. The UK has a lot too, and Israel its sitting on what some think is a 300-400 strong undeclared nuclear arsenal in the volatile Middle East.

Why don’t enough people talk about the WMDs these nations hold, and either use as threats or in reality to achieve their imperialistic and terroristic goals?

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #12: Anti-Semitism

Sooner or later, all researchers exposing the worldwide conspiracy have to face the fact that Israel is a rogue nation (owned by the Rothschilds) that exerts an inordinate and disproportionate influence on the world, while committing daily genocide (sorry, “ethnic cleansing”) against the Palestinians.

We need to rise above the stigma of anti-semitism, which is clearly a term thrown around to divert attention and criticism away from Israel.

It’s a cunning trick to try to equate the recipient with intolerance and to falsely paint the recipient as racist.

Here’s what an Israeli official (former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni) said about it:

Well, it’s a trick.

We always use it.

When from Europe someone criticizes Israel, then we bring out the Holocaust.

When in this country (USA) when they criticize Israel, they are anti-semitic … it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli Government … that justifies everything we do to the Palestinians.

doublespeak anti-semitism
Anti-semitism has been a false smear label to stop genuine investigation of the truth.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #13: Conspiracy Theorist

As I covered in the article 7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question, most people are unaware that the term conspiracy theorist originated with the CIA who was trying to cover up genuine examination into the JFK assassination.

As I wrote there:

“[Conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorist] are weaponized terms which represent a cunning method to discredit truthseekers, truthtellers and investigators.

This diversionary scheme has worked well – people often shut down once they hear this phrase and stop thinking critically.

These terms have become falsely associated, in popular culture, with madness, craziness and deluded thinking.

Of course, the corollary to the idea of so-called deluded conspiracy theories is that things just happen by chance.

Thus, those who deride conspiracy theories, often with little or no investigation, can be labeled coincidence theorists.

They adhere to coincidence theory which blindly believes there is no New World Order agenda; events just occur randomly.”

Labeling a truthseeker or truthteller as a conspiracy theorist has been a great way to hide the truth, but is usefulness is running out.

doublespeak quantitative easing

Economic doublespeak: Helicopter Ben Bernanke and his quantitative easing.
Orwellian Doublespeak Term #14: Quantitative Easing

Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Illuminati-owned Federal Reserve, earned the name Helicopter Ben with his suggestion that the Government throw paper currency out of a helicopter to the people below.

Quantitative easing was another intellectual and deceitful doublespeak term to hide devaluation and inflation.

The basic laws of economics dictate that the mass printing of paper money (with no real growth in wealth to back it) will inevitably lead to inflation and a devaluation of the existing money in circulation.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #15: Bulk Collection

Remember when Obama and the US Government tried to take the heat off the whole NSA surveillance scandal?

They deliberately changed the widely-used term mass surveillance to bulk collection. This was more subtle PR doublespeak, but those who closely watch the government know it was another attempt at obfuscation and denial.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #16: Negative Cash Flow, Negative Patient Care Outcome

These 2 doublespeak terms come from George Carlin.

Again, we have to ask ourselves, why are we so afraid of being honest and direct?

Why can’t we call a spade a spade?

Why do we have to turn everything into a military or economic term?

Are we aware that our society has militarized, weaponized and commercialized just about everything?

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #17: Reasonable Suspicion

Remember when then-NSA chief Michael Hayden tried to convince reporters and the world that there was a new benchmark in the privacy and surveillance debate.

It was no longer the benchmark of probable cause as spelled out in the 4th Amendment.

It was now reasonable suspicion.

This is called making-it-up-as-you-go-along, and represents a clear sign that the previous benchmarks, rights and limitations upon centralized power (that our ancestors fought so hard for) are being eroded.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #18: Climate Change Denier

Manmade global warming or AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is another giant scam designed to bring in a world carbon tax, world currency and world government.

If you aren’t with the program, you’ll be labeled a climate change denier.

The word “denier” carries inherent negative connotations with it, which is why it has been chosen to try to corral the unbelievers into the fold. Unfortunately for the NWO manipulators, there are many scientists refuting AGW and many who have seen through the propaganda and realized that the environmental movement has been hijacked.

Agenda 21
Agenda 21 is the blueprint for a global communist dictatorship, tying together many aspects of the NWO: depopulation, smart meters, surveillance, transhumanism and microchipping. Image credit: David Dees.
Orwellian Doublespeak Term #19: Sustainable Development

There are so many examples of doublespeak in the hijacked environmental movement that it would be a full-time job just to list them all.

However, they can all be summarized by the dangerously deceptive term sustainable development, a catch cry of the UN and ICLEI-controlled green movement, which promises the world and cloaks its agenda of control under a green veneer.

For more on this, take a close look at Agenda 21 and its newly updated cousin, Agenda 2030.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #20: Globalism

Finally, the term globalism itself is another umbrella term of modern doublespeak.

Regardless of whether that turns out to be true or not, we can say for sure that globalism has become a cover for the growing centralization of power in the push towards a NWO World Government.

To the NWO manipulators, their doublespeak PR term globalism means free trade deals like the TTP, unfettered access to 3rd world nations to exploit new markets with no protections, and a one world army, currency and government all under their control.

Conclusion: Beware of Doublespeak

We live in a world of doublespeak.

As George Carlin exposed during his performance, the Pentagon really did measure radiation in “sunshine units”!

It’s important to be aware of modern doublespeak, and in most cases, consciously use alternative terms and phrasings so as to avoid the perpetuation of these lie-enabling terms.

In many ways, we create our world with language.

Let us also remember the wise words of George Orwell:

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.



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