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al Rassooli’s ‘The Koran Blogspot’talks formerly on YouTube AND STILL ON OUR BLOG!

Full transcriptions of the first 100 of these talks are available in print and can be purchased from many different book retailers including Amazon.

Transcriptions of the next batch of talks (160 or so!) will be published in Volume II. After some frustrating delays volume the new volume is finally ready and will be available on Amazon shortly!. 

By popular request the new volume includes a glossary of terms and commonly used Arabic words…

These talks where originally published on YouTube under our ‘AhmadsQuran3’ channel, where they proved immensely popular and sparked many interesting and well commented lively debates and discussions.

Unfortunately a mindless “flagging campaign” by nervous Muhammadans (who never showed their faces and were unable to openly discuss anything) did eventually result in that channel being suspended.

It’s also most unfortunate that due to the nature of Islam it encourages it’s followers to silence all opposition (after first trying rude language, threats and intimidation).

It’s a shame they can’t just join in with normal discussions but of course they quickly get out of their depth and ultimately find that there really is nothing to say in valid defence of Islam (the indefensible).


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Chapter Title




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…with duplicates of all talks/chapters (including those censored off YouTube), 

but no facility for comments or debate: http://the-koran.blogspot.com/

NSW Victim Services Collaborate with NSW Police to Bury Fiona Barnett’s VIP Pedophile Case

Exposing Australia’s VIP Child Abuse Network
— Read on pedophilesdownunder.com/

Reblogged from source @ https://pedophilesdownunder.com/2018/05/02/nsw-victim-services-collaborate-with-nsw-police-to-bury-fiona-barnetts-vip-pedophile-case/vs-internal-review-letter/

May 2

NSW Victim Services Collaborate with NSW Police to Bury Fiona Barnett’s VIP Pedophile Case

Hi Supporters,

I’m alive.

My ‘family’ and ‘friends’ tried to take me down, but unfortunately for them, I am a modern day Baruch.

God has decided, against my better judgment, that my “life will I give unto thee for a prey in all places whither thou goest.”

So, no matter what the child trafficking network throw at me – it is God who determines who lives and who dies.

Things were going well, until the network realised I was writing a book about the CIA’s involvement in child trafficking in Australia.

It seems Victim Services NSW, who previously supported me, have been told to bury my case.

In 2014, NSW Victim Services ruled that on the balance of probabilities I was indeed abused by a pedophile network.

However, they recently decided on the balance of probabilities that I had not been a victim of a pedophile ring.

Hmmmm, what an odd contradiction…

Since I went off social media, and since I lost my voice as a victim, NSW Victim Services think they can screw me over?

Here is my response to NSW Victim Services’ dodgy findings. I’ve whited out my case manager’s name, and the names of my therapists, for now.

If citizens can be bothered protesting the silence of witnesses against the Australian government’s involvement in child sex trafficking, and if you would like to see my expose published, then support me by lodging lodge your complaints with:

Victim Services Commissioner, Mahashini Krishna, email:


Here’s me letter to Victim Services:

Internal Review Request

I request an internal review of the decision regarding my Victims Support, plus a review of Victim Service’s mishandling of my case since I registered with them.

I have been denied due process by Victim Services.

I asked in writing that all correspondence with me go via [my Victim Services allocated counsellor’s] office.

Victims Services acknowledged this fact in subsequent correspondence.

However, the letter dated 3 April from Mahashini Krishna titled ‘Victim Support for FIONA BARNETT’ Ref 198004S was posted to the address at 26 Laura St.

Victim Services were informed months prior to 3 April that I vacated and sold 26 Laura Street over a year ago.

Consequently, I did not receive the letter dated 3 April from Mahashini Krishna titled ‘Victim Support for FIONA BARNETT’ Ref 198004S.

I finally received the said letter on Sunday 29 April 2018 – 28 calendar days past the appeal time limit.

I request an answer to the following:

Why was such an important letter sent to an address that Victim Services knew I had not lived at for over a year?

And, why was this letter not posted via [my Victim Services allocated counsellor’s] office as requested?

Victims Services never informed me that my application for support was in the process of being assessed and finalised.

I have never been given the opportunity to include all relevant supporting documentation.

I have never been given support by Victim Services staff in the preparation of my application for Support.

For every phone conversation I had with Victim Services staff since 2014, the entire / or crucial parts of these conversations have not been documented.

I requested this be rectified.

It was not.

The last time Victim Services staff [Senior Case Manager] spoke to me about this claim for financial support, it was via phone over two years ago, [Senior case manager] apologised to me for the debacle previous Victim Services staff had made of my case, and promised to: “make it up to” me, assist me with preparation of my application for financial support, work with me to divide my child abuse history into multiple claims so that I could get the maximum financial support, and told me that she would consult me during her preparation of my claim, keep me informed of its progress and status, and advise me of what further documentation I needed to submit.

This never happened.

Instead, Victim Services stonewalled me for over two years. [Senior Case Manager] and the other case managers to whom my case was continually shuffled, ignored my phone calls and emails, and did not record the content of my phone calls.

For example, last year I spent 45 minutes making a phone application for another separate incident on an island in the Hawksbury River, but all record of this conversation and application was wiped/lost.

The last time I communicated with Victim Services, it was with Peta Blood in the presence of [my Victim Services allocated counsellor].

Victim Services took a call from my therapist.

They transferred the call to [Senior Case Manager]. [Senior Case Manager] refused to talk with me in front of [my Victim Services allocated counsellor].

[Senior Case Manager] spoke to me, and cut the call short, in a manner that surprised my therapist and left him with the impression that my case was being buried by Victim Services. [Senior Case Manager] made promises to me during this call which she never followed up on.

During that call with [Senior Case Manager], and in previous communication with Victim Services, I complained about the Sutherland Police in charge of the investigation into my allegations against my step-grandfather, and the chain of multiple offenders to which he passed me.

I complained to Victim Services that Sutherland police were violating my rights as a victim.

I made 4 days of witness statements to police in Tweed Heads (in 2014) and Sydney (in 2015).

Sutherland Police informed me that they would travel to Tweed Heads in January 2016 and collect another 5 days of witness statements from me.

Sutherland police never took further statements from me. Instead, they stonewalled me, refused to take my calls, refused to return my calls, and ignored my emails.

I informed Peta Blood and Victim Services of this. I asked Victim Services for assistance with this.

My rights under the Charter of Victims Rights have been violated, by Sutherland Police and by Victim Services staff.

Page 2 of [Assessor’s] Assessment states, “Police records indicate that statements obtained from Ms Barnett in May 2014, and that no further investigation was being carried out.”

[Assessor’s] statement is, by omission, misleading and untrue.

It does not mention the further 2 days of witness statements I made in Sydney in 2015 which I submitted to Victim Services.

It also does not mention the investigation that Sutherland Police did commence, nor the outcome of that investigation.

Why did [the Assessor] not mention the 2015 police witness statements?

Why did [the [Assessor] not mention the investigation that Sutherland Police commenced in December 2015?

Sutherland Police began conducting investigations into my reported crimes prior to taking the further 5 days of witness statements from me.

I know this because witnesses to this contacted me and informed me.

Witnesses told me that Sutherland Police door knocked and interviewed residents of McAlister Ave, Engadine.

They raided the residence of 14 McAlister Ave with cadaver dogs.

They found etchings in the glass windows of external buildings at that residence, of the exact banner that I drew in my initial police statements.

Sutherland Police failed to provide me with information and updates about their investigation of the crimes I reported; which constitutes a violation of the Charter of Victims Rights.

It is Victim Service staff job to ensure my rights are being upheld, yet when I complained about police withholding information about their investigation to [Senior Case Manager] in front of my therapist, I was cut short and treated with disrespect.

[The Assessor’s] report omits important information regarding my medical history.

These omissions, and the choice of words in the report, paint me as mentally ill for no good reason, and serves only to discredit me and my case.

[The Assessor] does not mention the direct link between my PTSD and child abuse, and self-harming behaviour and child abuse, as documented in my hospital records in the 1990s.

For example, no reference was made to the Gold Coast hospital files, and if Victim Services never had access to these files, no letter was sent to me informing me of this.

I only received a letter stating that my Bundaberg hospital files had been destroyed. Doctors Flanagan and Nevin Taylor specifically recorded in my Gold Coast hospital files the words “Satanic Ritual Abuse” and my having notified them of being abused by multiple members of pedophile rings.

As a further example, I know from documented meetings with NSW Health Dept staff that my Tweed Heads psychiatric hospital file was removed from the public hospital by a psychiatrist named Dr Braganza and taken with him to his private practise.

This file contains my documented child abuse reporting. I informed Victim Services of this.

Why did Victim Services not request these files from Dr Braganza or send me a release form to sign?

I note that Victim Services previously assessed my case based only on the hospital files they had at the time and concluded on the balance of probabilities that what I reported to the Royal Commission and Victim Services did in fact happen.

On what basis did [the Assessor] contradict Victim Services’ original conclusion that on the balance of probabilities that I was indeed abused by a pedophile ring?

[The Assessor] lumped my many abuse experiences at the hands of different individuals into ‘pedophile ring’.

When in fact I was initially abused by my step-grandfather, separate to any pedophile ring.

My step-grandfather later passed me on to members of a child trafficking network, who in turn passed me on to another ring of members of a child abuse network.

Therefore, my abuse cannot be lumped under one incident titled ‘pedophile ring.’ There are multiple individuals and rings involved.

I request that my case be divided into different claims, and that the abuse I experienced by my step-grandfather be treated independent of that by a pedophile ring.

Do I need a lawyer? Could / would my claim have been / be more successful if I had / have legal representation? [Senior case manager] informed me that I did not need a lawyer and that she would assist me.

This assistance was never given to me.

What documents do I need to provide to improve my chances of a successful financial support claim?

What is lacking?

What is missing?

What impact does the failure of Sutherland Police failure to adhere to the Charter of Victims Right have on the outcome of my claim for financial support?

What other steps can / will Victims Services take to facilitate my case and claim for financial support?

What else do I need to know from Victim Services?

What have I not been told regarding my case and claim?

What is Victim Services going to do about their having stonewalled me for the past 2 years?

What is Victim Services going to do about the Sutherland Police having stonewalled me since I made the 4 days of witness statements?


Fiona Barnett

30 April 2018

P.S., Doctor WARICK MIDDLETON, (so-called ‘DID’ expert at Belmont Private Hospital in Brisbane), who says ritual abuse testimonies are ‘metaphors’ –

I know what you tried to do to me via Lucinda Batram / Ella Forbes & Co. You, maggot, are what Corydon Hammond called, a “Dirty Doctor” in his Greenbaum Speech.

Like I said to Antony Kidman – I will be your downfall.

Here’s a screen shot of a letter, to validate my claim:

VS Internal Review Letter

Francis Bacon & John Dee

Francis Bacon and John Dee:

Sir Francis Bacon and John Dee : the Original 007

Fractal courtesy of D.W. Cooper

see ENLARGEMENT of John Dee image

By D.W.Cooper & Lawrence Gerald

There has been more written about Francis Bacon’s life from the age of sixteen, when he left England and travelled to the continent during the late 1570’s meeting up with the leading thinkers of the cultural revolution in France, than his other formative years and the elders who also shaped his mind.

Alfred Dodd in his book Francis Bacon’s Personal Life -Story quotes Bacon’s biographer and chaplain, Dr.Rawley, “I shall not tread too near upon the heels of truth”, letting us know that this biography of Bacon would not be too exact in it’s details.

Dodd’s book speculates that Queen Elizabeth secretly supervised the education of young Francis.

There are only brief accounts of his early days at York House and Gorhambury with his adoptive parents Sir Nicholas and Lady Anne Bacon.

The Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley (the Queen’s favorite), was the first man, according to Dodd to license a band of players for dramatic purposes.

Without a license, acting was illegal in Elizabeth’s England. It was through Leicester’s sphere of influence, that a young Francis Bacon had developed interest in drama and the theater while getting the opportunity to know James Burbage, the first man to build a theater in England. Bacon would also get to meet in the Court circles the man who had tutored Leicester and advised Elizabeth on matters of state -the man whom Ian Fleming modeled his 007 James Bond character on, the first and perhaps the best secret agent of the crown, Dr.John Dee.

John Dee(1527-1608) was a fascinating genius, considered a magus, philosopher and alchemist who captured the attention of the royal courts and best minds throughout Europe.

You were either intimidated by his ideas and reputation or you wished to be influenced by them.

It has only been in the last century that we’ve had a more sober approach to Dee, thanks to such authors as Peter French, Francis Yates, Gerald Shuster and Richard Deacon who have rescued this “man of grand design” from obscurity and have realized how significant a thinker he was.

Dr. Dee’s learning was far and wide, a brilliant mathematician, whose study ranged from geo-cartography and calculus which was vital in navigating the New World for explorers, to astrology, alchemy, the Cabala, cypher writing, religion, architecture, and science.

In short, Dee’s metaphysics were a ‘red’ cross of the Hermetic tradition with a strong dose of mathematics.

His library at the riverside village of Mortlake was considered the finest private collection in Europe containing thousands of bound books and handwritten manuscripts devoted to philosophy, science and esoterica.

In comparison the University of Cambridge at the time had a mere 451 total books and manuscripts in their possession.

Noel Fermor in the journal Baconiana wrote that, “The Earl of Leicester’s father, the Duke of Northmberland, employed Dee as a tutor to his children so that they would have a sound scientific upbringing.

Northumberland became a notable scientist with a strong leaning toward mathematics and magnetism.

Anthony Wood in his Athenae Oxoniensis, wrote “that no one knew Robert Dudley better than Dee.”

So it was quite natural for Leicester to introduce Dee to Elizabeth as she was to become the new Queen and it wasn’t long before Dee advanced to become the court astrologer.

(Leicester signed his letters to Elizabeth with two circles containing dots symbolising he was her “Eyes”)

Elizabeth was very much interested in the occult. Dee was responsible for choosing the most auspicious date for Elizabeth’s coronation which was on January 15th, 1559.

The Queen was so impressed by Dee that she eventually travelled with her court to Mortlake, for the purpose of seeing his great library.

Dee has been defamed through the centuries as a necromancer, but it’s the opinion of many writers that his angelic-cabalistic- alchemical work, his Philosophers Stone, the“Monad Hieroglyphica”(1564) may have been a cover for covert operations carried on in the name of her majesty.

The 007 was the insignia number that Elizabeth was to use for private communiques between her Court and Dee.

Dee signed his letters with two circles symbolising his own two eyes and indicating that he was the secret eyes of the Queen.

The two circles are guarded by what may be considered a square root sign or an elongated seven.

For Dee, seven was a sacred cabbalistic and lucky number.(Richard Deacon)

When the Spanish Armada loomed over the English Channel it was Dee as the wise sage who suggested to hold the course and be still.

He had correctly anticipated that devastating storms would destroy the mighty Spanish Fleet and that it would be best to keep the English ships at bay.

Some have suggested that it was Dee himself who conjured up that storm.

Whatever it was that allowed England to defeat the Armada, John Dee was having his finest patriotic moment.

One can see why some commentators have Dee associated with being the inspiration for the protagonist Prospero (to hope for the future) from The Tempest.

Francis Yates in her seminal exploration Majesty and Magic in Shakespeare’s Last Plays, comments, “Dare one say that the German Rosicrucian movement reaches a peak of poetic expression in The Tempest, a Rosicrucian manifesto infused with the spirit of Dee, using theatrical parables for esoteric communication?”

Dee’s wisdom of nature even extended into the field of architecture where Francis Yates in The Theatre of the World states that James Burbage consulted Dee on the design of the first theater, which was built in veneer stone.

Later,”The Globe was created, says Yates, because in the Burbage tradition the design was to amplify naturally the voices of the plyers.”

This was accomplished by the geometrical resonance of the circled dome.

Burbage relied on Dee’s extensive architectural library for this construction.

Little has come down to us in terms of records of Francis Bacon and John Dee knowing each other but on the afternoon of August 11, 1582 there was an entry in Dee’s journal that they met at Mortlake.

Bacon was 21 years old at the time and was accompanied by a Mr. Phillipes, a top cryptographer in the employ of Sir Francis Walsingham who headed up the early days of England’s secret service.

They were there according to Ewen MacDuff, in an article, “After Some Time Be Past” in ‘Baconiana’, (Dec.1983)” to find out the truth about the ancient Hebrew art of the Gematria- one of the oldest cipher systems known, dating from 700 B.C.

They were seeking to discuss this with Dee because he was not only one of the leading adepts of this field, but a regular practitioner in certain levels of Gematria.”

Also, David Kahn in The Codebreakers suggests that because of Dee’s great interest in the 13th century alchemist Roger Bacon, that he may have introduced Bacon to the works of Roger Bacon,”which may help explain the similarities in their thought.”

The Precarious Politics of Hermetic Tradition in the King James Reign

There is no doubt of John Dee’s ubiquitous influence during the Elizabethan age.

When James became King, Dee’s ideas on magic were no longer appreciated.

James unfavorable and fearful attitude toward the occult was the opposite of Elizabeth’s.

Bacon became well aware that it was necessary to be very careful while advancing his scientific ideas to James and that any trace of Dee’s weird angelic-alchemical study could jeopardize his own projects from taking hold.

Bacon’s observation of the mis-treatment bestowed upon Dee by James served to reinforce that it was a different era and that the need to practice that Shakespeare maxim, “Discretion is the better part of valor” was imperative to anyone with a sweet disposition toward magic and mathematics or a secret society.

Dee was even derided in the Ben Jonson play The Alchemist perhaps to placate James, yet another signal that this was an end of the liberal Elizabethan attitude toward Hermeticism.

So it’s not surprising that Bacon chose to hold back his Rosicrucian utopia The New Atlantis from publication until after his death as it portrayed a future world in which man could co-exist with his fellow man without the divine right of kings and the new tools that the magic of science would one day bring could also be in harmony with nature as well.

But it was Dee’s colonization dream many years before who referred to the new world as “Atlantis.”

He would have been proud to have read Bacon’s New Atlantis and seen Bacon’s sympathetic portrayal of him as the magician Prospero, of The Tempest.

Francis Yates in The Rosicrucian Enlightenment suggests that,” in Bacon’s writings there is nowhere to be found any mention of Dee or his famous Monas Hierglyphica.

Yates makes a further point by saying that, “It is a well known objection to Bacon’s claim to be an important figure in the history of science that he did not place sufficient emphasis on the all-important mathematical sciences in his programme for the advancement of learning, and that he ignored these sciences by his rejection of the Copernican theory and of William Gilbert’s theory of the magnet.

Bacon’s avoidance of mathematics and Copernican theory might have been because he regarded mathematics as too closely associated with Dee and his ‘conjuring’ and Copernicus as to closely associated with Bruno and his extreme Egyptian and magical religion.

This hypothesis is now worth recalling because it suggests a possible reason for a major difference between German Rosicrucianism and Baconianism.

In the former Dee and his mathematics are not feared, but Bacon avoids them; in the former Bruno is an influence but is rejected by Bacon.

In both cases Bacon may have been evading what seemed to him dangerous subjects in order to protect his projects from witch hunters, from the cry of ‘sorcery’ which as Naude’ said, “could pursue a mathematician in the early 17th century.”

It should be remembered that Bacon had a cautious and scientific approach to mathematics along with his great interest in cyphers.

Peter Dawkins in his book “Francis Bacon Herald of the New Age” would strongly disagree with Yates on Bacon’s avoidance of mathematics.

He writes, “nothing could be further from the truth: for number is a cypher and geometry a symbol for truth, and Francis Bacon was intensely interested in and a master of cipher and symbol, and of rhythm in language, using them repeatedly throughout all his works in various cryptic ways–for he saw mathematics as a vitally important occult or mystical science, and used it accordingly.

Mathematics coupled with analogy and allegory, constitute a principal means to the discovery of what Bacon has enticingly hidden.”

Dawkins later emphasizes that, “Francis Bacon considered mathematics to be a branch of metaphysics, capable of giving insights into the highest ‘Forms’ or archetypes–the laws and intelligences of the universe.

Consequently, like Dr. John Dee, his early tutor, he was fascinated by mathematical cypher in both its numeric and geometric forms, and with its magical use.

Bacon gives both mathematics and analogy which he considers a science and calls “grammatical philosophy,” a high place in his Great Instauration; which, when used together help to unlock the doors to that which Bacon has deliberately concealed– including certain mysteries hidden in the Shakespeare plays.

For instance, the two great books published in 1623 were the Shakespeare’s Folio Comedies, Histories & Tragedies and Bacon’s De Augmentis Scientiarum{the philosophical background and purpose of the Shakespeare plays} two masterpieces published together, since they are as twins, each being a key to unlock hidden treasures in the other– two relating to the twin faculties of the mind–imagination and reason–and both drawing upon the third faculty, memory.”

It should be noted that the following year 1624 the cypher book, Cryptomenytices was published and Dawkins points to this as “providing the cipher keys to open the ‘crypt’ of Rosicrucian wisdom hidden in both the philosophical and the poetical works of art of this great Master.”

Yates admits to being a Stratfordian and of course does not realize the extent of Bacon’s wisdom in protecting himself from censorship.

She says, “We begin to understand that The Tempest was a very bold manifesto, and that Shakespeare was braver than Bacon.”

If Yates could only glimpse how ahead of the game Bacon was she could only burst out and laugh at herself for writing this.

But she is not the first modern day Shakespeare critic to underestimate Francis Bacon’s foresight to write under a mighty pen-name and steer his Secret Free-Masonry-Group at the same time.

It’s like asking was Twain braver than Clemens?

The absurd logic of this could be solved if Stratfordians applied the Baconian method (inductive logic with trial and error) into the Shakespeare Authorship.

Go one step further using this method of inquiry to cross reference a lost connection missing between the Rosicrucian literature of

The Fama and the Confessio,

The Chemical Marriage of Christian Rosenkrantz,

The New Atlantis,

The Tempest, with The King James Version of the Bible,

The Advancement of Learning and Dee’s Monad Hieroglyphic.

Somewhere there lies a common thread, a code, meant for those who would cross reference all these words.

Perhaps when the code is broken we will have the equivalent of Prospero’s buried staff and recognize the impact of Dee and Bacon’s relationship with their dedication to the enlightenment of all.

What Bacon learned from Dee outside of the importance of cyphers was not to have one’s political and esoteric-artistic identity defined exclusively by the outside world.

There was inner power for Bacon that no matter what happened to him he could still sacrifice his name, bury his staff like Prospero and wield a protective persona to express his artistic views for himself and his secret group of “Good Pens.”

This is responsible wisdom in action as a response to difficult political pressures.

For Bacon due to the out of the ordinary set of circumstances surrounding his birth this pressure became a discipline for him (all his life) to maintain and remember that old saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Bacon knew from first hand experience when he said, as Shakespeare, “sweet are the uses of adversity.”

Manly P. Hall had a book, Orders of Universal Reformation in which a woodcut from 1655 by Jacob Cats, shows an emblem of an ancient man bearing likeness to John Dee, passing the lamp of tradition over an open grave to a young man with an extravagantly large rose on his shoe buckle.

In Bacon’s sixth book of the Advancement of Learning he defines his method as, Traditionem Lampadis, the delivery of the lamp.

Mrs. Henry Pott writes in “Francis Bacon and His Secret Society,

The organization or method of transmission he (Bacon) established was such as to ensure that never again so long as the world endured, should the lamp of tradition, the light of truth, be darkened or extinguished.”

In closing a comment from Noel Fermor from

Baconiana 1981 “After all, in John Dee we have a man who had a profound influence on Renaissance thought and on the deep laid schemes of Francis Bacon for the betterment of mankind.

Dee wrote, “Farewell, diligent reader; in reading these things, invocate the spirit of Eternal Light, speak little, meditate much and judge aright.”

For more on John Dee: visit The John Dee Society Web Site

Read another article about John Dee : The Menu is Not the Meal by Harla Quinn

Bibliography for this article

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Occult Connections: The Strange Case of Ian Fleming, World War II, and Aleister Crowley Reblogged from: Artistic Licence Renewed

Occult Connections: The Strange Case of Ian Fleming, World War II, and Aleister Crowley

009 / July 23, 2014

Words by Benjamin Welton

Aleister Crowley

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?

From the pseudo-science of ancient astronauts to Alex Jones’s favorite hobby horse the Illuminati, conspiracy theories surround us, especially within the cold confines of the internet.

Just last year, Jesse Walker, an editor at the libertarian Reason magazine, released The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory, a fairly comprehensive study of popular conspiracy theories from the American past and present.

During a 2013 interview with John J. Miller of National Review Online, Walker bluntly responded to Miller’s question (“How rampant are conspiracy theories in the United States today?”) by asserting that: “They [conspiracy theories] are as rampant as they have always been, and they have always been rampant.”

While Walker keeps his book’s focus firmly planted on the United States, he did admit to Miller that there’s nothing special about the U.S. in terms of conspiracy theories.

Americans are no more prone to secret rumblings than Belgians or Algerians, and the conspiracy theory is by no means an American gift to the world.

Case in point: the theory that Ian Fleming, a wartime intelligence officer with the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, wrote his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, as a veiled paean to his interest not only in occultism, but also his former working relationship with Aleister Crowley.

While nowhere near as grave as say David Icke’s notion that extraterrestrial reptilians from the constellation Draco are currently ruling the Earth as the secretive “Brotherhood,” the theory that Fleming and Crowley were closer than any given biography might assume is not only intriguing, but is backed up by plenty of circumstantial evidence.

Before dipping into the particulars about the occult connection between Fleming and Crowley, it’s best to start off by talking a little bit about the “Great Beast 666” and the “Wickedest Man in the World.”

The first and last sobriquet both belong to Crowley, although the first he bestowed upon himself.

The latter was given to him in 1923 by John Bull magazine, a publication that enjoyed how much it loathed Crowley.

Throughout the early 20th century, Crowley and his devious activities were well chronicled by the English-speaking press.

Besides sensational broadsides and glossy exposés, Crowley also saw his likeness in fiction, especially during the brief Edwardian era (1901-1914), which was fascinated with all things ghostly, scientific, and even taboo.

Through their shared membership in the occult group the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Crowley came to know (and later sharply dislike) W.B. Yeats, and it’s rumored that Yeats fashioned the Antichrist in his poem “The Second Coming” in Crowley’s image:

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Of course Yeats was not the first to use Crowley in his work. In 1908, W. Somerset Maugham, the very same novelist who would later work for the Secret Intelligence Service during World War I, turned Crowley into the diabolical Oliver Haddo in his supernatural potboiler The Magician.

A few years later, M.R. James, the king of the antiquarian ghost tale, injected plenty of Crowley into the warlock Karswell in 1911’s “Casting the Runes.

The best-known Crowley-inspired character however is Mocata from Dennis Wheatley’s 1934 novel The Devil Rides Out.

Interestingly enough, like Maugham before him, Wheatley would later work for British intelligence during World War II alongside Fleming.

During this time, Crowley, who was by then a sick old man, associated with members of British intelligence, along with the American army officer Grady Louis McMurty, who would in turn take Crowley’s teachings back to the States.

Crowley: An Unusual Patriot

This attraction to Crowley is no means mysterious. Throughout his life (1875-1947), Crowley lived like a superhuman decadent, and most of his exploits were recorded either by him or others for posterity.

Although an acclaimed mountaineer, chess master, poet, painter, and novelist, Crowley is best known for being a self-proclaimed wizard and the founder of Thelema, his own religion which has as its motto: “Do What Thou Wilt.”

Born into a wealthy Warwickshire family, Crowley’s earliest years were spent under the watchful tutelage of the Plymouth Brethren, a strict and nonconformist branch of Evangelical Christianity.

Sometime before entering Cambridge, Crowley shed his Christian upbringing in favor of esoteric teachings and Western (or Occidental) occultism.

As part of this alteration, Crowley also picked up two habits that would remain with him throughout his life: drug experimentation and licentiousness.

Arguably, Crowley’s love for recreational drugs and sex was stronger than any religious feeling.

By his later years, these vices had rendered Crowley to near senility, and it was this pitiful state that explains why Richard Chopping, Bond’s greatest illustrator, would recall Crowley as a “silly little man” who had shared a dinner with him once in the south of France.

But in his prime Crowley was the world’s most famous black magician, and his reputation only increased with each new exploit. First came the publication of The Book of the Law in 1904.

The Book of the Law, which established Crowley as the prophet for the new “Aeon of Horus,” became the cornerstone for Thelema, a religion based on ceremonial magic as well as Crowley’s libertine life choices.

Famously, Crowley gave Thelema a central base – the Abbey of Thelema. Located in Cefalù, Sicily, the Abbey of Thelema would exist as a depraved “anti-monastery” devoted to pleasure at all costs until Crowley was deported by the government of Benito Mussolini in 1923.

After the forced closure of the Abbey of Thelema, Crowley traveled throughout the world, spending a large part of his time between Paris, London, and Berlin.

Crowley had always been a keen world traveler no matter the circumstances, and yet author Richard B. Spence claims that Crowley’s travels represented more than just extended jaunts or trips made in order to indulge his more prurient desires. In Secret Agent 666, Spence argues that for a large portion of his life Crowley worked for British intelligence as a secret agent.

Undoubtably, Crowley was an unusual patriot, and during the Second World War, he focused a lot of his energies on composing rousing, pro-British poems.

While Spence’s book argues that a majority of Crowley’s official activities occurred during World War I and the subsequent interwar years (a small newspaper article from Jackson, Michigan’s Jackson Citizen Patriot from 1919 claims that Crowley was in “the confidential service of the British government” during the war), Spence does draw attention to one World War II event that supposedly ties Crowley together with Fleming – Rudolf Hess’s 1941 flight into Scotland and subsequent capture.

One of the earliest members of the NSDAP, Hess was Hitler’s first second-in-command.

By 1941, Hess, although still a very powerful man within the Nazi party, was losing some ground within the administration.

So, in a strange attempt to both secure his already vaunted position and bring a struggling Great Britain to the negotiating table, Hess took off in an airplane at 17:45 on May 10, 1941.

His intended target was the Duke of Hamilton, whom Hess incorrectly believed was opposed to British involvement in the war.

Rudolph Hess

Captured by a Home Guard unit near Eaglesham, Hess was soon made a prisoner of war and was interrogated for further information about his failed mission.

At this point, Lieutenant Commander Fleming and the spymaster Maxwell Knight, who is reportedly the inspiration for M in Fleming’s later novels, supposedly concocted a plan that would involve Crowley as an interrogator.

Fleming and Knight believed that Crowley could easily exploit Hess’s interest in the occult for Great Britain’s advantage.

The plan is believed to have been scrapped by higher ups, but that doesn’t mean that Crowley and Hess did not cross paths.

Rumor has it that Crowley, who was known for cooking his guests spicy curries laced with drugs, was the cook responsible for Hess’s many food complaints while under captivity in Scotland.

For his trouble, Knight had known Crowley for some time before the planned interrogation. Knight, who, according to Joseph Cannon, the proprietor of the Cannonfire blog, had met Crowley through Wheatley while he still worked for a private spy network that had ties to the pre-war Fascist movement in Great Britain.

Knight then regarded Crowley as an enemy of Great Britain, and thus spent some time keeping track of Crowley’s movements.

It is rumored that a vengeful Crowley blackmailed Knight about the latter’s secret homosexuality. Supposedly, this tug-of-war between two giant personalities led to the suicide of Knight’s first wife.

Before the war, Fleming’s relationship with Crowley had been nil, but Fleming was not unfamiliar with the occult.

While a student in Austria, Fleming translated a work on alchemy by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Fleming was also know to dabble in tarot cards as well as astrology, but until later critics recognized certain elements in his James Bond novels, the level of Fleming’s association with esotericism has always been assumed as low.

John Dee

The first piece of evidence in favor of Fleming’s deeper interest in the occult is 007 – Bond’s code number.

According to Donald McCormick, who was one of Fleming’s many associates in the wartime intelligence world, “007” was John Dee’s own code name.

One of history’s most enigmatic figures, Dee, an astrologer, mathematician, occultist, and spymaster for Queen Elizabeth I, chose the sign “007” because the two zeroes represented eyes and the number seven had magical properties.

It should be noted that McCormick, who wrote under the name Richard Deacon, wrote many books that have been criticized for misinformation and factual errors, so one must take his speculations with a skeptical eye.

Besides Bond’s supposed connection to Dee, it is widely speculated that two Bond villains – Le Chiffre in Casino Royale and Blofeld – are partially based on Crowley.

In the case of Le Chiffre, historian and columnist Ben Macintyre in For Your Eyes Only argues that Fleming based not only Le Chiffre’s corpulent appearance on Crowley, but he also gave Crowley’s penchant for sadomasochism to Bond’s first adversary.

In Macintyre’s own words,

when Le Chiffre goes to work on Bond’s testicles with a carpet-beater and a carving knife, the sinister figure of Aleister Crowley is there lurking in the background.”

“Say goodbye to it, Bond”

For Blofeld, the Crowley connection is a little more limited, with the most obvious link being their shared interest in legitimizing their own fake heraldic arms.

Insofar as conspiracy theories and rumors go, this one leans more towards being convincing.

Clearly, Fleming and Crowley traveled in similar circles, and without question Fleming used Crowley as an inspiration for some of the more sinister villains in his Bond novels.

But the length to which Crowley and his brand of occultism influenced Fleming is still up for debate.

Furthermore, if it is true that Crowley came very close to interrogating Rudolf Hess at the behest of Fleming and Knight, then that would only lend credence to the idea that the British government thought of Crowley as someone of value and usefulness.

Whatever the case may be, the connection between Fleming and Crowley occupies one of the more tantalizing region

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PressTV – How to identify CIA limited hangout op?

How to identify CIA limited hangout op?

The case of NSA leaker Edward Joseph Snowden is likely a limited hangout operation, says

Tue Jun 18, 2013

By Dr. Webster G. Tarpley

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‘US considers Americans as enemies’

The operations of secret intelligence agencies aiming at the manipulation of public opinion generally involve a combination of cynical deception with the pathetic gullibility of the targeted populations.

There is ample reason to believe that the case of Edward Joseph Snowden fits into this pattern.

We are likely dealing here with a limited hangout operation, in which carefully selected and falsified documents and other materials are deliberately revealed by an insider who pretends to be a fugitive rebelling against the excesses of some oppressive or dangerous government agency.

But the revelations turn out to have been prepared with a view to shaping the public consciousness in a way which is advantageous to the intelligence agency involved.

At the same time, gullible young people can be duped into supporting a personality cult of the leaker, more commonly referred to as a “whistleblower.”

A further variation on the theme can be the attempt of the sponsoring intelligence agency to introduce their chosen conduit, now posing as a defector, into the intelligence apparatus of a targeted foreign government.

In this case, the leaker or whistleblower attains the status of a triple agent.

Any attempt to educate public opinion about the dynamics of limited hangout operations inevitably collides with the residue left in the minds of millions by recent successful examples of this technique.

It will be hard for many to understand Snowden, precisely because they will insist on seeing him as the latest courageous example in a line of development which includes Daniel Ellsberg and Julian Assange, both still viewed by large swaths of naïve opinion as authentic challengers of oppressive government.

This is because the landmark limited hangout operation at the beginning of the current post-Cold War era was that of Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon papers, which laid the groundwork for the CIA’s Watergate attack on the Nixon administration, and more broadly, on the office of the presidency itself.

More recently, we have had the case of Assange and Wikileaks.

Using these two cases primarily, we can develop a simple typology of the limited hangout operation which can be of significant value to those striving to avoid the role of useful idiots amidst the current cascade of whistleblowers and limited hangout artists.

In this analysis, we should also recall that limited hangouts have been around for a very long time.

In 1620 Fra Paolo Sarpi, the dominant figure of the Venetian intelligence establishment of his time, advised the Venetian senate that the best way to defeat anti-Venetian propaganda was indirectly.

He recommended the method of saying something good about a person or institution while pretending to say something bad.

An example might be criticizing a bloody dictator for beating his dog – the real dimensions of his crimes are thus totally underplayed.

Limited hangout artists are instant media darlings

The most obvious characteristic of the limited hangout operative is that he or she immediately becomes the darling of the controlled corporate media.

In the case of Daniel Ellsberg, his doctored set of Pentagon papers were published by the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and eventually by a consortium totaling seventeen corporate newspapers.

These press organs successfully argued the case for publication all the way to the United States Supreme Court, where they prevailed against the Nixon administration.

Needless to say, surviving critics of the Warren Commission, and more recent veterans of the 9/11 truth movement, and know very well that this is emphatically not the treatment reserved for messengers whose revelations are genuinely unwelcome to the Wall Street centered US ruling class.

These latter are more likely to be slandered, vilified and dragged through the mud, or, even more likely, passed over in complete silence and blacked out.

In extreme cases, they can be kidnapped, renditioned or liquidated.

Cass Sunstein present at the creation of Wikileaks

As for Assange and Wikileaks, the autumn 2010 document dump was farmed out in advance to five of the most prestigious press organs in the world, including the New York Times, the London Guardian, El Pais of Madrid, Der Spiegel of Hamburg, and Le Monde of Paris.

This was the Assange media cartel, made up of papers previously specialized in discrediting 9/11 critics and doubters.

But even before the document dumps had begun, Wikileaks had received a preemptive endorsement from none other than the notorious totalitarian Cass Sunstein, later an official of the Obama White House, and today married to Samantha Power, the author of the military coup that overthrew Mubarak and currently Obama’s pick for US ambassador to the United Nations.

Sunstein is infamous for his thesis that government agencies should conduct covert operations using pseudo-independent agents of influence for the “cognitive infiltration of extremist groups” – meaning of those who reject in the establishment view of history and reality.

Sunstein’s article entitled “Brave New WikiWorld” was published in the Washington Post of February 24, 2007, and touted the capabilities of Wikileaks for the destabilization of China.

Perhaps the point of Ed Snowden’s presence in Hong Kong is to begin re-targeting these capabilities back towards the original anti-Chinese plan.

Snowden has already become a media celebrity of the first magnitude.

His career was launched by the US left liberal Glenn Greenwald,now writing for the London Guardian, which expresses the viewpoints of the left wing of the British intelligence community.

Thus, the current scandal is very much Made in England, and may benefit from inputs from the British GCHQ of Cheltenham, the Siamese twin of the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland.

During the days of his media debut, it was not uncommon to see a controlled press organ like CNN dedicating one third of every broadcast hour of air time to the birth, life, and miracles of Ed Snowden.

Another suspicious and tell-tale endorsement for Snowden comes from the former State Department public diplomacy asset Norman Solomon.

Interviewed on RT, Solomon warmly embraced the Snowden Project and assured his viewers that the NSA material dished up by the Hong Kong defector used reliable and authentic.

Solomon was notorious ten years ago as a determined enemy of 9/11 truth, acting as a border guard in favor of the Bush administration/neocon theory of terrorism.

Limited hangouts contain little that is new

Another important feature of the limited hangout operation if that the revelations often contain nothing new, but rather repackage old wine in new bottles.

In the case of Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers, very little was revealed which was not already well known to a reader of Le Monde or the dispatches of Agence France Presse.

Only those whose understanding of world affairs had been filtered through the Associated Press, CBS News, the New York Times, and the Washington Post found any of Ellsberg’s material a surprise.

Of course, there was method in Ellsberg’s madness. The Pentagon papers allegedly derived from an internal review of the decision-making processes leading to the Vietnam War, conducted after 1967-68 under the supervision of Morton Halperin and Leslie Gelb.

Ellsberg, then a young RAND Corporation analyst and militant warmonger, was associated with this work.

Upon examination, we find that the Pentagon papers tend to cover up such CIA crimes as the mass murder mandated under Operation Phoenix, and the massive CIA drug running associated with the proprietary airline Air America.

Rather, when atrocities are in question, the US Army generally receives the blame.

Politicians in general, and President John F. Kennedy in particular, are portrayed in a sinister light – one might say demonized.

No insights whatever into the Kennedy assassination are offered.

This was a smelly concoction, and it was not altogether excluded that the radicalized elements of the Vietnam era might have carried the day in denouncing the entire package as a rather obvious fabrication.

But a clique around Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn loudly intervened to praise the quality of the exposé and to lionize Ellsberg personally as a new culture hero for the Silent Generation.

From that moment on, the careers of Chomsky and Zinn soared.

Pentagon papers skeptics, like the satirical comedian Mort Sahl, a supporter of the Jim Garrison investigation in New Orleans and a critic of the Warren Commission, faced the marginalization of their careers.

Notice also that the careers of Morton Halperin and Leslie Gelb positively thrived after they entrusted the Pentagon papers to Ellsberg, who revealed them.

Ellsberg was put on trial in 1973, but all charges were dismissed after several months because of prosecutorial misconduct.

Assange lived like a lord for many months in the palatial country house of an admirer in the East of England, and is now holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

He spent about 10 days in jail in December 2010.

Assange first won credibility for Wikileaks with some chum in the form of a shocking film showing a massacre perpetrated by US forces in Iraq with the aid of drones.

The massacre itself and the number of victims were already well known, so Assange was adding only the graphic emotional impact of witnessing the atrocity firsthand.

Limited hangouts reveal nothing about big issues like JFK, 9/11

Over the past century, there are certain large-scale covert operations which cast a long historical shadow, determining to some extent the framework in which subsequent events occur.

These include the Sarajevo assassinations of 1914, the assassination of Rasputin in late 1916, Mussolini’s 1922 march on Rome, Hitler’s seizure of power in 1933, the assassination of French Foreign Minister Barthou in 1934, the assassination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, in 1963 Kennedy assassination, and 9/11.

A common feature of the limited hangout operations is that they offer almost no insights into these landmark events.

In the Pentagon Papers, the Kennedy assassination is virtually a nonexistent event about which we learn nothing.

As already noted, the principal supporters of Ellsberg were figures like Chomsky, whose hostility to JFK and profound disinterest in critiques of the Warren Commission were well-known.

As for Assange, he rejects any further clarification of 9/11.

In July 2010, Assange told Matthew Bell of the Belfast Telegraph:

“I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

This is on top of Cass Sunstein’s demand for active covert measures to suppress and disrupt inquiries into operations like 9/11.

Snowden’s key backers Glenn Greenwald and Norman Solomon have both compiled impressive records of evasion on 9/11 truth, with Greenwald specializing in the blowback theory.

The Damascus road conversions of limited hangout figures

Daniel Ellsberg started his career as a nuclear strategist of the Dr. Strangelove type working for the RAND Corporation. He worked in the Pentagon as an aide to US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

He then went to Vietnam, where he served as a State Department civilian assistant to CIA General Edward Lansdale.

In 1967, he was back at RAND to begin the preparation of what would come to be known as the Pentagon papers.

Ellsberg has claimed that his Damascus Road conversion from warmonger to peace angel occurred when he heard a speech from a prison-bound draft resister at Haverford College in August 1969.

After a mental breakdown, Ellsberg began taking his classified documents to the office of Senator Edward Kennedy and ultimately to the New York Times.

Persons who believe this fantastic story may be suffering from terminal gullibility.

In the case of Assange, it is harder to identify such a moment of conversion.

Assange spent his childhood in the coils of MK Ultra, a complex of Anglo-American covert operations designed to investigate and implement mind control through the use of psychopharmaca and other means.

Assange was a denizen of the Ann Hamilton-Byrne cult, in which little children that were subjected to aversive therapy involving LSD and other heavy-duty drugs.

Assange spent his formative years as a wandering nomad with his mother incognito because of her involvement in a custody dispute.

The deracinated Assange lived in 50 different towns and attended 37 different schools.

By the age of 16, the young nihilist was active as a computer hacker using the screen name “Mendax,” meaning quite simply “The Liar.”

(Assange’s clone Snowden uses the more marketable codename of “Verax,” the truth teller.)

Some of Assange’s first targets were Nortel and US Air Force offices in the Pentagon.

Assange’s chief mentor became John Young of Cryptome, who in 2007 denounced Wikileaks as a CIA front.

Snowden’s story, as widely reported, goes like this: he dropped out of high school and also dropped out of a community college, but reportedly was nevertheless later able to command a salary of between $120,000 and $200,000 per year; he claims this is because he is a computer wizard.

He enlisted in the US Army in May 2004, and allegedly hoped to join the special forces and contribute to the fight for freedom in Iraq.

He then worked as a low-level security guard for the National Security Agency, and then went on to computer security at the CIA, including a posting under diplomatic cover in Switzerland.

He moved on to work as a private contractor for the NSA at a US military base in Japan.

His last official job was for the NSA at the Kunia Regional SIGINT Operations Center in Hawaii.

In May 2013, he is alleged to have been granted medical leave from the NSA in Hawaii to get treatment for epilepsy.

He fled to Hong Kong, and made his revelations with the help of Greenwald and a documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras.

Snowden voted for the nominally anti-war, ultra-austerity “libertarian” presidential candidate Ron Paul, and gave several hundred dollars to Paul’s campaign.

Snowden, like Ellsberg, thus started off as a warmonger but later became more concerned with the excesses of the Leviathan state.

Like Assange, he was psychologically predisposed to the world of computers and cybernetics.

The Damascus Road shift from militarist to civil libertarian remains unexplained and highly suspicious.

Snowden is also remarkable for the precision of his timing.

His first revelations, open secrets though they were, came on June 5, precisely today when the rebel fortress of Qusayr was liberated by the Syrian army and Hezbollah.

At this point, the British and French governments were screaming at Obama that it was high time to attack Syria.

The appearance of Snowden’s somewhat faded material in the London Guardian was the trigger for a firestorm of criticism against the Obama regime by the feckless US left liberals, who were thus unwittingly greasing the skids for a US slide into a general war in the Middle East.

More recently, Snowden came forward with allegations that the US and the British had eavesdropped on participants in the meeting of the G-20 nations held in Britain four years ago.

This obviously put Obama on the defensive just as Cameron and Hollande were twisting his arm to start the Syrian adventure.

By attacking the British GCHQ at Cheltenham, Britain’s equivalent to the NSA, perhaps Snowden was also seeking to obfuscate the obvious British sponsorship of his revelations.

Stories about Anglo Americans spying on high profile guests are as old as the hills, and have included a British frogman who attempted an underwater investigation of the Soviet cruiser that brought party leader N. S. Khrushchev for a visit in the 1950s.

Snowden has also accused the NSA of hacking targets in China — again, surely no surprise to experienced observers, but guaranteed to increase Sino-American tensions.

As time passes, Snowden may emerge as more and more of a provocateur between Washington and Beijing.

Limited hangouts prepare large covert operations

Although, as we have seen, limited hangouts rarely illuminate the landmark covert operations which attempt to define an age, limited hangouts themselves do represent the preparation for future covert operations.

In the case of the Pentagon papers, this and other leaks during the Indo-Pakistani Tilt crisis were cited by Henry Kissinger in his demand that President Richard Nixon take countermeasures to restore the integrity of state secrets.

Nixon foolishly authorized the creation of a White House anti-leak operation known as the Plumbers.

The intelligence community made sure that the Plumbers operation was staffed by their own provocateurs, people who never were loyal to Nixon but rather took their orders from Langley.

Here we find the already infamous CIA agent Howard Hunt, the CIA communications expert James McCord, and the FBI operative G. Gordon Liddy.

These provocateurs took special pains to get arrested during an otherwise pointless break-in at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in the summer of 1972.

Nixon could easily have disavowed the Plumbers and thrown this gaggle of agent provocateurs to the wolves, but he instead launched a cover up.

Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, equipped with a top secret security clearance from the Office of Naval Intelligence, then began publicizing the story.

The rest is history, and the lasting heritage has been a permanent weakening of the office of the presidency and the strengthening of the worst oligarchical tendencies.

Assange’s Wikileaks document dump triggered numerous destabilizations and coups d’état across the globe.

Not one US, British, or Israeli covert operation or politician was seriously damaged by this material.

The list of those impacted instead bears a striking resemblance to the CIA enemies’ list:

– the largest group of targets were Arab leaders slated for immediate ouster in the wave of “Arab Spring.”

Here we find Ben Ali of Tunisia, Qaddafi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, Saleh of Yemen, and Assad of Syria.

The US wanted to replace Maliki with Allawi as prime minister of Iraq, so the former was targeted, as was the increasingly independent Karzai of Afghanistan.

Perennial targets of the CIA included Rodriguez Kirchner of Argentina, Berlusconi of Italy, and Putin of Russia.

Berlusconi soon fell victim to a coup organized through the European Central Bank, while his friend Putin was able to stave off a feeble attempt at color revolution in early 2012.

Mildly satiric jabs at figures like Merkel of Germany and Sarkozy of France were included primarily as camouflage.

Assange thus had a hand in preparing one of the largest destabilization campaigns mounted by Anglo-American intelligence since 1968, or perhaps even 1848.

If the Snowden operation can help coerce the vacillating and reluctant Obama to attack Syria, our new autistic hero may claim credit for starting a general war in the Middle East, and perhaps even more.

If Snowden can further poison relations between United States and China, the world historical significance of his provocations will be doubly assured.

But none of this can occur unless he finds vast legions of eager dupes ready to fall for his act. We hope he won’t.


Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 1946.

A philosopher of history, Tarpley seeks to provide the strategies needed to overcome the current world crisis.

He first became widely known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read.

During 2008, he warned of the dangers of an Obama presidency controlled by Wall Street with Obama: The Postmodern Coup, The Making of a Manchurian Candidate and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography.

His interest in economics is reflected in Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human History Against Oligarchy.

His books have appeared in Japanese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish.

Tarpley holds a Ph.D. in early modern history from the Catholic University of America. More articles by Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley

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Whistleblowers ‘too good to be true’?

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— Reblogged with thanks from @ web.archive.org/web/20130619040759/http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/06/18/309609/how-to-identify-cia-limited-hangout-op/

GRABBING NEONNETTLE BY THE…: YourNewsLiar’s Evil Twin: CLICK BAIT HEADLINES, Misleading Half-Truths, and Sources of MISINFORMATION and DISINFORMATION; Why Are You STILL POSTING THEIR ARTICLES? Reblogged from @ https://throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/grabbing-neonnettle-by-the/a

Misinformation and Disinformation Yournewswire & NeonNettle @ The Top Of the List!

Tabloid Author’s Mother Churns Out Stories for the Master of Fake New

SOURCE To Inform Is To Influence .com

Sean Adl-Tabatabai, left, with his partner Sinclair Treadway at their wedding in London in 2014


The man behind one of America’s biggest “fake news” websites is a former BBC worker from London whose mother writes many of his stories.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai, 35, runs YourNewsWire.com, the source of scores of dubious news stories, including claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK voted against Brexit.

The story was shared more than 23,000 times on Facebook.

His site was also instrumental in spreading a conspiracy theory before the US election, which falsely claimed there was evidence connecting Hillary Clinton to a paedophile ring in Washington.

After his website and others linked the fictitious child-sex ring to a harmless pizzeria in the city, a man armed with an assault rifle turned up at the restaurant to “self investigate”.

Adl-Tabatabai told The Sunday Times he condemned the actions of the gunman, who was later arrested, but insisted that “Pizzagate” “warranted proper investigation” and stood by his site’s reporting.

YourNewsWire.com has now been blacklisted by a number of fact-checking bodies, including the European Union’s East StratCom Task Force, a Brussels unit that debunks Russian propaganda.

It criticised the site for publishing “fake media stories that support Russia’s policies”.

One story published on the site this month warned of a “plot by the US Deep State to assassinate president-elect Trump, blame the incident on Russia and then allow President Obama to continue in power under ‘martial law rule’”.

Joel Harding, a former US intelligence officer and Kremlin propaganda expert, said YourNewsWire.com was “used by the Russians as a proxy site to spread disinformation”, whether its owner was aware or not.

YourNewsWire.com is one of the biggest,” Harding said.

He’s prolific.

He really is very good, in that he produces a lot of high-volume stories that are actually picked up by a lot of others, cited and referenced.”

Adl-Tabatabai claims the site is a legitimate news organisation, and said any alleged links with Russia were “completely baseless”.

The entrepreneur came from humble beginnings, living with his parents into his twenties in a small terraced council house in Barnet, north London.

After working as a television producer for the BBC and MTV, he took a job helping to run the conspiracy theory site of David Icke, a former BBC sports presenter who claims the world is secretly run by alien reptiles in disguise.

Adl-Tabatabai made his first appearance in the mainstream media in 2014, featuring in articles as one of the first gay men to marry in the UK.

He now operates out of a luxury apartment block overlooking a golf course in his husband’s home town of Los Angeles.

His site carries a mixture of conspiracy theories, real news stories, such as last week’s Supreme Court vote on Brexit, and demonstrably fake news, including a recent report that the Queen had been “placed under house arrest”.

His mother, Carol, a holistic medicine expert, is one of his main contributors, with thousands of articles under her name.

She said that although some of her pieces are “a bit weird” and “maybe a little satirical”, she is “giving people food for thought”.

The spectre of fake news is one of the greatest threats to our media


Another prolific writer on the site goes by the name of Baxter Dmitry.

The photograph next to the author’s name was in fact that of a Latvian computer programmer, who told The Sunday Times he was not Dmitry and his identity had been stolen.

The photograph has since changed to a picture of a different man.

Adl-Tabatabai said: “We don’t produce ‘fake news’.

What this all really seems to be about is an attempt by certain mainstream publications to conflate independent news organisations such as ours (and many others) with the small handful of genuinely fake news sites mostly run from Macedonia.”

This weekend Google banned YourNewsWire.com from its advertising platform after receiving questions from The Sunday Times about the site.

It joins more than 200 other publishers banned by Google from receiving advertising revenue since October.

The ban comes as the Commons culture, media and sport committee is about to launch an inquiry into fake news. “I think that the spectre of fake news is one of the greatest threats to our media, and that the platforms that distribute it have a social responsibility to help combat the sources and major distributors of fake news,” said Damian Collins, the committee’s chairman.

Meet ‘David Hardy’ – or is it ‘Baxter Dmitry’ … Sean Adl-Tabatabai’s Clickbait Specialist at YourNewsWire Who Writes Libellous Attacks on David Icke



Does Adl-Tabatabai’s friend David Hardy know that his picture is being used as ‘Baxter Dmitry’?

There is no confirmation either way yet because he has not replied to questions sent to his Facebook page, but what is for sure is that ‘Baxter Dmitry’ has had two completely different people posted as his image.

Can we have an explanation Mr Adl-Tabatabai?

So who is the REAL ‘Baxter Dmitry’ who clearly does not exist??

‘Baxter Dmitry’ image changed from Adl-Tabatabai’s friend David Hardy to two statues as soon as the above exposure was posted! Extraordinary – and hilarious. Yes, and pathetic

Was …

Now suddenly …

Poor old Baxter – starts the day as someone else and ends it as two statues.

Can’t be easy.

But then when we posted the fact that David Hardy/Baxter Dmitry had been replaced by two statues – the move was reversed and returned to a picture of David Hardy – ‘Baxter Dmitry’.

Utterly bizarre.

Richie Allen Suspended From Facebook for Quoting About Sean Adl-Tabatabai of YourNewsWire


August 15, 2016


Richie Allen banned from Facebook for 30 days for posting this website’s response to the activities of Sean Adl-Tabatabai – it happens every time.

Why isn’t this man allowed to be criticised? – David Icke

So who is Sean Adl-Tabatabai?

Sean Adl-Tabatabai is the former webmaster of Davidicke.com, he is one half of Londons first Gay married couple, he is also  the man behind the short lived ‘The Peoples Voice’ streaming TV station.

TPV was fronted by David Icke, however Sean Adl-Tabatabai was allegedly the man behind the operation, and as it turns out the man who controlled the £471,000 that was raised by public donations.

TPV was on air for only 4 months before being closed down.

Its reason for such a short life was due to the announcement that David Icke was leaving the station, shortly after Icke’s departure TPV pulled the plug.

The exact circumstances behind David Icke’s sudden ejection from TPV is not known, but it’s clear it did not end well!

David Icke made the following statement at the time:

I have now been told by the TPV director, Sean Adl, and his marriage partner, that my input is no longer required and that I should not ‘interfere’ in what Sean Adl calls ‘his business’.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai then left the UK to start a new venture in Calafornia, Yournewswire.com.

Most people who follow the Alternative Media will of come across Yournewswire at one time or another, the website offers Alternative news articles much the same as activistpost.com or Infowars.com and the countless other sites.

The site has some good stories, it has plenty of ‘click bait’, and it is also an outlet for Sean Adl-Tabatabai’s personal hate campaigns.

If you take a look at the sites article’s relating to David Icke here I think you’ll agree this man has a serious chip on his shoulder.

The most recent article from Yournewswire , ‘David Icke To Speak In Raqqa, Syria, In Front Of 1000 ISIS Militants’, was returned with a response on Davidicke.com:


Why do you have such hatred Sean Adl-Tabatabai at Yournewswire.com?


Why do you continually shoot yourself in the foot trying (trying) to damage me? People deserve to know – what is your motivation?


And who benefits?


It is the above statement that Richie Allen quoted on a Facebook post, that resulted in his 30 day facebook ban.

It’s not just Icke that has been subject to these malicious attacks published at Yournewswire.com ; Zen Gardner has also been in Sean Adl-Tabatabai’s cross hairs:

‘David Icke’s Friend, Zen Gardner, Confesses He Ran Pedophile Cult’ – Yournewswire.com

and in another article from Adl-Tabatabai we see Noel Edmonds get dragged into this ‘hate’ campaign:

‘Noel Edmonds Moves To The Home Of Conspiracy Theorist David Icke’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai is not someone we’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, but regardless of the reasoning behind Sean Adl-Tabatabai blatant hatred for David Icke, publishing malicious lies purely as an attack on anyone is unforgivable and really quite pathetic.



Putin Fan Fiction

SOURCE https://nobsrussia.com/2016/09/20/putin-fan-fiction/

I’ve written in the past about how many viral news sites like to appropriate Putin in order to make him speak out in favor of whatever cause they happen to support.

These are typically related to issues like vaccines or GMOs. Now, dear readers, this bizarre practice seems to have reached a new level of insanity.

Check out this story from a serial offender called Yournewswire.com.

It claims that Putin recently survive an assassination attempt at the hands of the “New World Order.”

Apparently the NWO is getting lazy these days because the best plan they could come up with was to ram the president’s apparently un-escorted car head on with another car.

Not a car laden with explosives, mind you, but just a car. This was the plan to kill someone who would almost certainly be riding in the back seat…

Alright, yeah I know it’s stupid to even begin “debunking” a story that is so obviously bullshit.

Had anything close to this actually happened, Moscow would probably be on lockdown and I would be packing my bags so as to escape before the the whole country goes completely bonkers.

Still, it’s hard not to dissect this story.

What I find fascinating about this story is how it has developed the bizarre practice of Putin appropriation.

In the past, you just pretend he represents whatever wacky political ideology you support.

You’re a right wing Christian fundamentalist? So is Putin!

You believe in absolute gun rights? So does Putin!

You hate it when people slurp their coffee?

Putin actually executed a guy for doing exactly that! This, folks, is not that.

This is something different.

We have reached a point where Western Putin fanboys are now basically writing fan-fiction about their hero.

I’m actually quite surprised that the author of this story didn’t include a scene where Putin, emerging from his totaled Mercedes, stands looking up at the sky and with fists clenched screams, “Is that the best you can do?! It’ll take more than that, New World Order!” 


If Russia is known for wacky alternative history novels, America might soon supplant it with alternative present news stories.

Some are naturally going to speculate that Yournewswire.com is some kind of Kremlin-linked Russian outlet.

Personally I’m not so sure. The author with a blurry photo of himself in St. Petersburg is supposedly named Baxter Dmitry.

It’s written as though Dmitry is his surname. My experience says that Russian paid trolls won’t use any Russian-sounding name or first name when they engage in their shenanigans.

More importantly, I’ve never seen confirmed Russian propaganda outright fabricating Putin quotes or in this case, inventing scenarios for the president out of thin air.

I suspect that such activity would be seen as potentially disloyal or harmful by the people who run such operations.

If you follow Russia news you might find Yournewswire.com “stories” popping up in your Facebook feed as related articles.

Who knows what adventures they’ll cook up for the Russian president in the future? Let’s just hope they don’t take a dark turn into erotic fiction.

A New Joker in the Deck

SOURCE http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1101225/pg1#pid20261304

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 03:24 PM

A thread was recently started concerning a “report circulating around the Kremlin” to the effect that Putin holds GMOs, vaccines, and junk food responsible for turning Americans into fat zombies.

This supposed report certainly appeals to some folks’ confirmation biases, as it was no doubt intended to.

The Kremlin “tell” is misleading, though. This non-news was not produced by our old friend Sorcha Faal. but rather a new fabulist writing under the handle “Baxter Dmitry.” Here is a screen capture of the most recent articles he has contributed to yournewswire.com


Here is the complete list:

Putin: Russia Is Ready To Show Proof That 9/11 Was An Inside Job 

(this has already caused some trouble on ATS.)

Queen Elizabeth Promises To ‘Take Back America’ If Trump Elected 

Vatileaks: Pope Says US Democracy Is Dead, Obama A “Dictator” 

Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines 

There is a thread devoted to this.

Pope Warns “End Of Days Begin Now” As Iran-Saudi Crisis Develops 

I don’t frequent the Prophecy Board, but….

Putin Unleashes Cyborg Rats In War Against ISIS 

My nomination for the “Flying Saucers Versus the Nazi Dinosaurs” Prize.

North Korea Threatens Retaliation As Kim Jong-un Deported From UK 

Putin: The Illuminati Hope To Start World War 3, I Won’t Let Them 

Queen’s 2015 Christmas Message: “Enjoy Your Final Christmas” 

Donald Trump Strongly Denies Gay Putin Rumors 

Iran’s Supreme Leader Says New World Order To Be Thwarted In 2016 

Putin: ISIS Was Made In The USA, And We’re Going To Destroy Them 

Former Nanny Says Kim Kardashian An Illuminati Insider 

Putin Has Proof Princess Diana Was Killed By British Royal Family 

(Pics! What more proof do you need?)

Putin’s 2016 New Year Speech – I’m Going To Defeat The Illuminati 

David Icke Didn’t Expose Jimmy Savile Before He Died, But Tells Fans He Did 

Some of these articles are extremely funny, and I would like to think that they are clever satire. Here’s the problem:

this is not a satirical site like The Onion.

They intermingle real news with shoddy propaganda and outright hoaxes.

The editor is a man going by the name of Sean Adl-Tabatabai .

(Nice Irish-Arab name, eh?)

He definitely has a point of view. Let’s examine one of the stories bearing his byline:


Netanyahu Cancels Elections, Vows To Serve Until At Least 2023


Israel have canceled a planned primary election for party leadership, placing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the leader of Israel until at least 2023. 


[Edit for brevity. –DJW00]

Netanyahu has been Israel’s prime minister for almost a decade.


yournewswire.com…[Emphasis mine. –DJW001]

Sure sounds like Netanyahu has mounted a coup. Here’s the problem, the article intentionally does not explain that the election that was cancelled was not a general election.

That’s right, it was a primary election to determine party leadership… and yet, the author claims that Netanyahu will be the leader not of the Likkud Party, but leader of Israel until “at least 2023.”

Even Sputnik, the source cited, made that distinction clear:


Here is another article by the editor:


World War 3: Washington Has Iran-Middle East War On Agenda


Iranian naval Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi has accused Washington of going ahead with their plans of a Middle East war amid ongoing and deliberately orchestrated chaos and violence originating from the Pentagon.


The Commander says that Washington is intentionally provoking Iran into military escalation, due to a desire for World War 3.

Globalresearch.ca reports:


His remarks followed seizure of two small US vessels illegally operating in Iranian waters, briefly detaining their crew members.

Before their release, “the US navy and a US aircraft-carrier showed unprofessional behavior for about 40 minutes and made some moves in the air and the sea in the region,” said Fadavi – provocations risking direct confrontation.

Now this does sound like something an Iranian hardliner might say, so I tried to trace it back to its source. First stop: Globalresearch.ca!


Does Washington Plan Greater Middle East War? Is War on Iran Still on the Pentagon’s Drawing Board?


The region already is cauldron of endless violence and chaos. Is Washington planning a scenario of military escalation.


Iranian naval commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi accused Washington of reckless moves, risking war with the Islamic Republic.


His remarks followed seizure of two small US vessels illegally operating in Iranian waters, briefly detaining their crew members.


Before their release, “the US navy and a US aircraft-carrier showed unprofessional behavior for about 40 minutes and made some moves in the air and the sea in the region,” said Fadavi – provocations risking direct confrontation.



Think about it. At least Globalresearch.ca had the honesty to phrase the headline as a rhetorical question rather than a fact!

For the record, here is the FARS reporting that inspired this echo chamber:


US Reckless Moves in Persian Gulf Could Trigger War


TEHRAN (FNA)- IRGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said the US warships were making irrational and unprofessional moves after ten American marines were arrested for illegally entering Iran’s territorial waters on Tuesday.


Admiral Fadavi’s remarks came after the IRGC seized two US Navy boats Tuesday and detained them on Iran’s Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf.


“After that the US navy and a US aircraft-carrier showed unprofessional behavior for about 40 minutes and made some moves in the air and the sea in the region…but calm was restored to the region with the timely action of the IRGC forces and came under our 100 percent control,” Admiral Fadavi said.


The IRGC Navy commander reiterated that his forces are in full control of all waters of the Persian Gulf and Hormuz Strait.



Note that the Iranian source does not attribute intent. Instead, it warns that clumsy moves could destabilize the srategic situation.

You will note that the Admiral does not characterize the American ships’ actions a being provocative.

Rather, the point seems to be that the Americans had poor discipline, leading to a confused situation that the IRGC was able to restore to order.

In conclusion, ATS members should approach yournewswire.com with all due skepticism, and treat anything that Baxter Dmitry posts as a [HOAX!].

Through the Looking-Glass

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Tabloid Author’s Mother Churns Out Stories for the Master of Fake News

SOURCE To Inform Is To Influence .com

Sean Adl-Tabatabai, left, with his partner Sinclair Treadway at their wedding in London in 2014

The man behind one of America’s biggest “fake news” websites is a former BBC worker from London whose mother writes many of his stories.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai, 35, runs YourNewsWire.com, the source of scores of dubious news stories, including claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK voted against Brexit. The story was shared more than 23,000 times on Facebook.

His site was also instrumental in spreading a conspiracy theory before the US election, which falsely claimed there was evidence connecting Hillary Clinton to a paedophile ring in Washington.

After his website and others linked the fictitious child-sex ring to a harmless…

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